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Taila of the Blades Chap. 1 (Genre:Action)...SUPER AWESOME!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by KarixGaara, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. KarixGaara

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    Oct 18, 2006
    Taila, of the Blades
    I wheel my horse around to deflect several kunai headed my way. Reibu, my steed, flicks his spiny steel tail, shooting Shadow Clone kunai to fend off shuriken aiming for his neck. He looks at me smugly, but rears in surprise as about fifty shuriken fly towards us. I spring off of his back, and as I hit the ground I feel excruciating pain. I look down?(how did I miss them?) Two kunai savagely bolt my feet to the ground. It?s not as If I can run away, anyways. Reibu disappears from my sight as I drift into darkness.
    Chapter One. Like a Rock.
    ?Lord Hokage-sama, we found an unconscious girl barely outside the village.? ?Oh?? Tsunade, the fifth Hokage raises her brow. ?From what village is she?? ?I don?t know, Tsunade-sama. Her village symbol is unknown to us,? replies the ninja. Tsunade?s eyes narrow, and the ninjas shift uneasily. ?Where is she?? Tsunade demands. ?She?s in the hospital with mild injuries, but she should wake up soon.? Tsunade gives a smirk. ?Bring her to me when she is healed.? ?Yes, of course,? say the ninjas, and they leave to oversee the village.
    ?An unknown village?not the Sound. Possibly one overseas?? Tsunade wondered aloud. ?I will keep a watch on this girl; nothing exciting has happened since Uchiha Sasuke left the village.? She shook her head as if to clear it. ?We?ll see what happens.? She stepped out for some sake.
    ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
    Rock Lee was just passing by the hospital when he heard that there was a new patient. He smiled. There hadn?t been many of those for a while. He stepped inside the hospital, and asked the nurse who the new patient was. ?I have no idea, Lee-kun. She was found out cold outside of Konoha. Poor girl.? She then gave Lee permission to see her. So, it?s a girl, Lee thought as he headed towards the room.
    When he opened the door, he was unprepared for what t he saw. There was an attractive blond girl (about his age) clad in harsh blacks and silvers resting on the bed. In her arms was a black toy horse. Her village band was around her neck, and had a symbol alien to him.
    He then looked at the toy horse, which seemed to be alive. It looked like it was resting, and lee shivered. He sat down in a chair across from the girl. What was he waiting for? Her to wake up? To wake her? He just felt compelled to sit there. His eyes suddenly grew heavy, and soon he was asleep.
    I open my eyes. Am I dead? No. There?s a teenage boy snoozing soundly in the chair across from me. Who is he, and how long has he been there? I look to his village band, which is on his waist, and sigh. The symbol on the cold steel is that of Konoha. So I made it after all.
    I look around. I am in a hospital, and the boy had probably wondered who I was and ventured in. I smile. If only he had known that when I am seen sleeping, the person that sees me grows drowsy.
    He is not ugly, but is not extremely attractive. He sports the color green and has black hair. I look down at myself. I have healed slightly, and the toy horse in my arms?my smile grows. Reibu?
    I shall wake the boy, I think. With a sigh, I say, ?Wake boy, please wake.? As if by magic, he shifts, and groggily opens his eyes. He blinks, and has an expression of surprise on his face. I usually have that effect on people, for my maroon eyes are striking.
    ?Who are you?? I ask, in no way demanding. ?I could say the same,? he replies, smiling. His eyes are black, and his voice is full of determination. ?I am not well enough acquainted with you to give my name,? I say wisely. I?m not joking.
    He looks at my neck?s village band. He then returns to my face, saying, ?I am Rock Lee of Konoha.? Just by the way he is instantly kind, I can tell we are to be friends. ?And you are??
    I look to the ceiling with a weak smile on my face. ?I am Ketukiba Taila of the Blades.? His mouth is still in ?friendly smile? position. He cannot seem to remove it. ?Ketukiba Taila?? He is puzzled. It looks like I will have to reveal my past.