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The Arcade Convo Thread - Stay home and play video games

I mean yeah, okay, in theory that's great news. But then you hear Ubisoft is working on the next SW game and you realize the games will still be made by the same bland AAA companies that make the same generic bloated openworld games overfilled with quest markers and shitty skill trees that everyone still complains about.

Dont get me wrong, a Star Wars open world game could be great. Just don't think a Ubisoft made openworld is gonna pull me in. I never played the Division for a reason.

Now a Star Wars fighting game made by the Soul Calibur Team. Now that shit I'd be on board with. :bury

He was obviously out of place, but Vader was fucking cool in SCIV

Or shit, imagine a NRS made SW fighting game :catmako


deeply unsettling
To be fair, he's absolutely right. "Xbox Series X" is an awful name and I'm glad I'm not the only one ranting incomprehensibly about that.

Utopia Realm

Looking for strong opponent's to fight.
Just dropping a notice but in a couple days, I'm gonna post a livestream of .Hack anniversary and news. Its on CyberConnect channel (I can't remember the exact youtube title. My possibly final chance at a reboot/remake of the original .Hack 4 part series and maybe a new series in the works could be announced.

EDITL Here's the video. Its gonna be runnign on the 21st. I dunno if that's American or JST but I assuem the later.

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I've assumed for a while that the reason we're like that is the same reason Germany is culturally disgusted with the idea of pride in one's country (or so i've heard, someone correct me if i'm wrong). It's guilt. What with the internet being a thing, a lot of people know way more about American history than we used to, cuz we collectively super didn't before. They're cross reference it with the many catchphrases and platitudes that make up the country and don't really like what they see, so as things progress, we're getting increasingly gun-shy about a lot of stuff that can be seen as morally off/insensitive with the idea that tolerating people with contentious ideology allows that ideology to grow. It just so happens that our morals are directly linked to our politics.

In some ways i kinda get it. if ya feel strongly about something, no use in lining the pockets of a company or person that stands for what you're against if you're getting nothing out of it. The problem, of course, is the red-faced, hoarse-throated arrogance that usually comes with it. Just the worst types of people chomping at the bit to scrape over every perceived slight with a fine-tooth'd comb. The amount of shitty behavior I've seen get tossed about because of this desperate need to be the good guys is sorta embarrassing and makes my head hurt. Though to be fair,a big part of the blame is Twitter and all who use it. Calling for a guy's career to end because of some dumb opinion is stupid. Being self-important enough to voice said opinion on a 300 character limit vanity website ... is also pretty stupid.

We're all just really stupid now.
i guess it would've been easier to just say that now that i think about it... but, fuck it, i spent 15 mins typing this and deleting it would just be admitting that i enjoy wasting my life. No thanks. :catprone
Resetera exists because they were harboring pedos on Neogaf ( along with Discord to this day) and screaming about Sexual harassment allegations so they have a very trigger happy community to begin with
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