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The Arcade Convo Thread - Stay home and play video games

I mean yeah, okay, in theory that's great news. But then you hear Ubisoft is working on the next SW game and you realize the games will still be made by the same bland AAA companies that make the same generic bloated openworld games overfilled with quest markers and shitty skill trees that everyone still complains about.

Dont get me wrong, a Star Wars open world game could be great. Just don't think a Ubisoft made openworld is gonna pull me in. I never played the Division for a reason.

Now a Star Wars fighting game made by the Soul Calibur Team. Now that shit I'd be on board with. :bury

He was obviously out of place, but Vader was fucking cool in SCIV

Or shit, imagine a NRS made SW fighting game :catmako


deeply unsettling
To be fair, he's absolutely right. "Xbox Series X" is an awful name and I'm glad I'm not the only one ranting incomprehensibly about that.
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