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The Bathroom Goddess

Discussion in 'Akihabara Novel Corner' started by Mizura, May 8, 2016.

  1. Mizura Meh Advisor

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    The Bathroom Goddess


    Author: Kogoe Soh
    Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
    Translator: oniichanyamete

    Review: The weird premise of the story can be summarized into two main points:
    • Firstly, this series reads like one of those Zelda trading games. While she's taking baths, Izumi's window sometimes randomly opens up to a scene in the other world. Izumi herself has no control over it and no idea what she has to do, however it quickly becomes apparent that with each instance, Izumi obtains something that will serve in the next instance.
    • Secondly, unlike most novels, the series centers not on Izumi's growth, but on the characters she interacts with. Although the story is often told from Izumi's POV, Izumi herself is more like the support character that affects the lives of other characters and the relationship between them.
    What this results in is a surprisingly decent world and character-building. Every chapter, Izumi faces a different situation with different characters: from battle instances, to political plotting, to just relationship issues, the situations Izumi faces are quite varied, unique, but also interconnected. The things she sets off in one country, for example, affects what happens in another.

    Likewise, the characters she interacts with have very different reactions towards her, treating her either as a benevolent goddess/angel, or as an evil witch, or even just as a shameless exhibitionist (much to her chagrin). The 'bathroom' premise is actually used to pretty good comedic effect, not by repeating the same gag, but rather both Izumi and the characters she interacts with are equally in a 'wtf?!' state, and Izumi ends up needing to find different ways to cope with each situation.

    The story isn't long, so it's not a sprawling epic, but it exploits its premise pretty well, has a lot going on in the world, and makes for a pretty interesting and enjoyable read. Check it out for something different.

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