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The better character: Obito vs Itachi

Who's the better character?

  • Obito

    Votes: 14 42.4%
  • Itachi

    Votes: 19 57.6%

  • Total voters

Draco Bolton

Well-Known Member
yeah, so you'd say that wasnt awkward enough to affect his character?
Hags makes more sense cuz he's an alien and some sort of ninja god.
He has space time ninjutsu and Alien God Hagoromo chakra. So no it's like Hagoromo and even in better since he has space-time ninjutsu.

Here how I see things with space-time and Pure/Impure Land



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Obito as the Masked Man is easily the best for me, he was just ruthless and had that menacing feel about him whenever he appeared on screen. Also, Kamui made him beyond broken.

He was the man who caused a majority of the problems in Naruto. Who attacked the leaf with Kurama? It was the Masked Man. Who helped Itachi with the Uchiha Massacre? It was the Masked man. Who manipulated Yagura? It was the Masked man. Who manipulated the Akatsuki and gave Nagato his Rinnegan? It was the Masked man (or at the time we believed it was).

And he came of as unbeatable. Survived Deidaras C0, survived Itachis Amaterasu, survived all the little scuffles he had, and when you think Konan was going to kill him off with 600 Billion Paper tags, he still survived, and menacingly killed her off right after that, while revealing how Nagato got his Rinnegan to her.

Then the mask came off, and his morals and motives were sorta revealed, that and the Rin factor, killed off my enjoyment for the character. Anyway it turned out he was manipulated by someone who was manipulated by someone who was working for some Alien Goddess Mother thing.

I didn't mind Itachi but he got insanely annoying as an Edo because he could do virtually anything.


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I like Obito more, and Narutoforums in general seems to feel the same way, but ppl outside NarutoForums and such tend like Itachi more.


Well-Known Member
Tobidara is the best, Obito is a deeper character (goes from one extreme to another, he represents the consequence of the ninja world). Itachi is just the embodiment of a true ninja, love him or hate him, oh and he sos my fave (Asspullnato).


About equal. But I voted Itachi.

But... it's like %52 Itachi 48% Obito for me.

I only have a very-slight prerence for Itachi.


Hiruzen is the best character though, he is the master of the six shuriken and neg diffed every fodder in the Narutoverse.

(His sexy jutsu is untouchable as well)
Hiruzen ordered the slaughter of a clan, including its children.

He also reigned over the practice of throwing mainly children (Genin) to their deaths so they a few off them gain a higher military rank (Chunin exams).


New Member
What next, Naruto v Sasuke, or.... Sakura v Hinata? :hm

I liked Obito more. I like all versions of Obito — the helpful/cheerful kid, troll-ish Masked Man persona and the unmasked version with his ideals and motivations revealed, though I do admit it can be perceived to leave much to be desired, and the redeemed version that acknowledged and tried to atone for his crimes.

I never really felt much of anything for Itachi as far as I remember. Obito would probably make my top five if I ever really thought about one; Itachi might barely make the top ten or maybe not even at all.

Six Paths Scaling

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Obito literally saved Kakashi from Kaguya's attack because he wanted to be all alone with Rin :mjlol:mjlol:mjlol

Little did Obito know, that when Kakashi dies he'll cuck him again in the afterlife, since Rin loved Kakashi!
atleast Obito was able to have more than 5 seconds alone time with a girl, even if its in the afterlife. Madara literally died without even knowing women existed. It's especially sad knowing that Hashirama proceeded to no diff Madara in their fight, and then go home to bang his wife.

Madara been getting cucked before Obito existed :mahbro


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And he started sucking when he removed mask

'Because...you let rin die"
Just as bad as Itachi excuses to Sasuke

"Because you didn't know anything"

Acting like they weren't any other children in the Uchiha clan that Itachi had no issue killing
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Primordial Pessimist
Yeah, I have already told the mods of your fondness for children. Something seems to have come of it.
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Then again, you’ve got your own affliction with you being a homo and all. Therefore of course you literally can’t think straight


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Itachi had some issues, but I found him to be a much better character than Obito. Obito was great pre reveal tho. He had a very intimidating presence and I liked his mystery. But yeah, my vote goes to Itachi.

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men
Lmfao imagine being that stupid, couldn’t be me

Bro, you're literally one of the stupidest posters on this side of the forum lol.

You literally think anything bad that happens to Madara is ''plot'' :bury

Then again, you’ve got your own affliction with you being a homo and all

Imagine calling being gay an ''affliction'' :russ

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Forever Charmed
Just as bad as Itachi excuses to Sasuke

"Because you didn't anything"

Acting like they weren't any other children in the Uchiha clan that Itachi had no issue killing
So would you say, Itachi was a good brother to Sasuke, overall? Or not?
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