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The Boogaloo Crews | Strive For Greatness

Discussion in 'Konoha Ad Board & Job Center' started by Negative, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Negative Full of Negativity

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    Feb 22, 2011

    The purpose and the intended goal of the Boogaloo Crews is building a community composed of remarkable people, regardless of their background, to a welcoming hub that focuses on creativity. The Boogaloo Crews is more than a simple general forum; it strives for appreciation of works. Furthermore, there is a heavy emphasis on accuracy, historical events, and documentation on various topics matters. Finally, The Boogaloo Crews encourage you to participate in these topics with courtesy, open-mindedness, respect to engage in these powerful, but challenging conversations.

    We have tons of goodies and awards based on posting, other things such as amount of likes/reputation and joining competitions. We currently have a Pokemon Competition (defined as Pokemon Cup that uses Pokemon Showdown), an Art Competition (namely, Boss Ross Competition) and the sort.

    An example of the Bob Ross Competition is the Waifu-Husbando Event, which shows the fruits of when artists come together and give it their all. You will received feedback on how to improved your artwork and take it to the next level. We pride ourselves into boosting the Art Garden (an art section) into new heights, gathering artists from all medium. Furthermore, there's an writing section where members can post their stories, have thread discussions regarding them, with feedback to boost your writing abilities.
    We have much more, such as an RP section, including an continuity-wide RP section known as BoogaVerse, an dedicated anime section, an dedicated gaming section and so much more.

    It was originally an forum for a small group of friends, but now, I've decided to expand the forum to bring in new people and build a more powerful and great community step by step. Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully, we see you there and engage this odd community! The Boogaloo Crews signs out!

    URL: Waifu-Husbando Event