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The Explanation about Hashirama strength

Discussion in 'Konoha Library' started by Edo Madara, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Edo Madara Kamui Dimension

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    Okay there's big debate about Hashirama's strength and power level
    it stated in recent chapter that 1st hokage is the strongest shinobi in the world with godly power, his power compared to RS and it not just hype

    the guy beating the shit out of madara and kyubi and having many bijuu in his control before giving them to other ninja countries to balanced power and madara, yamato, tobi, danzo, zetsu which have his cell in their body, they all showing the fraction of his powers and kishi shows to us how all these character level of mokuton is nothing compared to the man himself

    the man standing on top of ninja world and living as legendary king and god of shinobi world but before all this crazy feat and hype in part 2 we got very different hashi in part 1 when he become oro's edo he's not all that impresive, all his jutsu not as great as we believe now, very different than part 2 hashi kishi show us

    he and his brother tobirama owned by old, tired hiruzen not that great compared to edo madara which beating 5 kage like nothing that makes we think it retcon by kishi becuse he's madara's rival

    but I think I find the logical explanation of it, about how part 1 hashi is different than part 2 hashi

    we all knew famous vote fight, about how hashi 'killed' madara in that mighty battle then its revealed that madara survived that fight and gained hashi cell or part of him

    what if the part of hashi that madra taking from him is make his power reduced greatly, making him weaker than his previous self or what we will called prime hashirama

    so hashi that killed in the war as explained in databook and hashi that revived by oro and fighting hiruzen isn't prime hashirama, but hashi post vote that weaker than his previous self

    well I think it can explained the retcon about hashirama's strength in part1 and part2
  2. Turrin 玄武

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    It seems likely to me that Kishi will have it stated that Hashirama was weakened post VOTE fight and that is why he lost in the war and didn't perform so well against Hiruzen, if Kishimoto cares to explain Hashirama's poor performance.

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