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Naruto The First Ever Abumi Zaku Fanclub!


The Convicted Cinephile!
The First Ever Abumi Zaku Fanclub!(Reopened)

lol, Ill post reasons why to like him throughout the day.

1)First being, him and Dosu combined managed to bring down Lee, Sakura, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji without hardly a scratch.

Now that is teamwork!

2)Without his air valves, his stats are close to Choujis DURING sandaime arc.

3) he was like Naruto...........except found Orochamaru instead of Iruka................


Shino's a Bad Man
Sound-Nin Kin Tsuchi
Lain Iwakura
Uchiha Kin
Crazed Zaku fangirl

Alliances: The Kin fc, the Dosu fc.
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Ignostic Buddhist
Actually to be honest, he was almost exactly like Haku or Kimimaro...less like Naruto

Having stats close to Chouji isn't exactly impressive. Chouji's stats are almost kunoichi level...Tenten's stats might even be higher.

But its cool to like him. He has his merit. He's dedicated to workin for Orochimaru. He even has a backstory unlike Dosu.


The Convicted Cinephile!
But for that time, and due to the fact his air valves aren't included, that at least makes him decent even after his time.

As for him being like Naruto, you're actually right. Hes more like Haku. Except his personality is more like Naruto's.

Except I think most of his flashback is anime-only. I hear his backstory was about as developed as Kimimaro's.


The Convicted Cinephile!
I actually am going to see if I can get this trashed. Im not going to have much time the next week anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,don't want the responcibility,


Uhh... (cough)
Dang, I somehow missed this FC. Good thing I did a search... Zaku rules! He is a great character. I found the events leading to his demise to be rather tragic and depressing. His whole life was either in the frying pan or in the fire. XP But he was an overbearing jerk type of villain at the same time.

And his outfit is really, really cool. I love the giant japanese letters on his shirt... And they mean "Death"! How can you go wrong with that. Then there's his air hole hands of course. His metal sideburns were spiffy too. And the Japanese voice used was perfect for his character IMO.

Anyways, I join. =]


wow a fanclub for him?:blink He is the character I hate most in par with Dotou in the entire series.Both for what he did to Sakura and the cocky attitude I soo despice.He had no manners at all.The voice actor was awfull too.I loved how Sasuke first and then Shino owned his ugly ass.Dosou and Kin were cool though.*End of rant*

Iam not joining but good luck with the fanclub just wanted to point out my oppinion about him if you don't want this post to exist pm and I will delete it.:thumbs


The Convicted Cinephile!
Bad Gzxero! Bad!

I agree he had no manners(like Kiba and Naruto are that much better) and his appearence was quickly done and pathetic. Liked his dub voice though.........

Anyway, this fc is dead so.................Cholisose, if you want to take over as leader. do so.

Just make me co owner. lol


[Sasuke Must Die]
Why I like Zaku? He was pretty strong while still around, those hose/pipe things in his arms that released the air for his attacks were cool.


The Convicted Cinephile!
I like Zaku because hes the backbone of his team.

Dosu is the brains and the overall strongest, and Kin fills in the gaps, but Zaku can attack you from any angle while Dosu can't always if he is too far and Kins attacks aren't very damaging,

Sakura was smart to try to go after him first. Too bad she failed.


Kirigakure no Kijin
i seriously need to be a part of this FC! Zaku Rocked!
i was seriously pissed when i found out he died as a sacrafice to summon an Hokage.. talking about upsetting! he was such an interesting character who much like his partners had so much potential to be a lasting character. his personality was awesome, i loved how he was cocky, but he just wasnt cocky he had the skills to back it up, and i always thought seeing him in an team effort with Dosu would have been awesome (other than attack on Kabuto; and Lee)

His look was interesting and he did something iv always wanted to do.. beat the hell outta sakura! in all truth it pissed me off he lost during the exam but im more happy he lost to Shino than Sasuke. the fact he came back after having both arms snapped by cursed seal sasuke and still wanted to take part in the exam's little tournament portion should get him respect from anyone who payed enough attention.

Let me going this FC. O_o

Shino's a Bad Man

Hail Vape Oron!
sure, ill share

his powers were original and, like dosu and kin, were based on sound. something the sound 4 cant boast. he was a home team player.

he was extremely strong, one of the best long-range fighters in series

and becuase he was extremely loyal.


Uhh... (cough)
warcraft said:
I like Zaku because he was confindent in himself and never gave up until the end

Yeah, that's the Naruto Way... never give up... and always be determined!

Oh, and never forgive the enemy!


The Convicted Cinephile!
yeah, I know.

Anyway, what I like about Zaku............................

despite the fact he was arrogant, he put the mission before anything. He never once argued with Dosu other than scolding Dosu for being afraid.

we see Kiba and Naruto argue with their team leaders, guess Lee is okay, but Lee aint arrogant.

He was powerful, and even more dangerous.

Also, his loss to Shino was a fluke.

Dont get me wrong, I think Shino>Zaku.

But Zaku's style is terrible against him. Zaku's entire style is based on keeping the enemy away, Zaku wouldn't attack like that...............


The Convicted Cinephile!

Zaku fights in the preliminaries.

Review if you read please.
Anyway, if Zaku had lived, what kind of jutsus would he have?
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