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The Great Uzutobi/yondtobi theory! (Not a Tobi=something theory)

Discussion in 'Naruto Theories' started by Goodfellow, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. Goodfellow

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    May 27, 2006
    To begin with, One, this is NOT a Tobi=Something theory, the Tobi parts is from Sarutobi.

    Two, if you haven't read the latest chapter [327], then make yourself a service and don't click the spoiler I graciously placed bellow.

    Three, This is not a fully serious theory, it's more some crap I had to say. might seem a bit Ando-ish <.<


    This is a post in telegrams (currently) where some skilled and "very" serious artist are trying to piece togheter AL's face. Now, after a while, people start thinking that he looks like yondaime, but ginger. People also thinks he looks like Sarutobi. Oh, and he has strange eyes.

    Now, what does Yondaime and Sarutobi have in common. They were both hokages? Well, yes, that is true, but not it. What else do they have in common? They are dead. And why are they dead? Becouse they are INSIDE the death god's belly!

    Now, what if it is like some people say, and the goal of akatsuki is to incarnate the death god as a living thing on earth o.O?! Then why would they do that? Well, maybe becouse their leader is the manifestation of the death god, and the al manifest as a mix of all the people that are inside the death god's belly. Probably including their abilities as well.

    This would mean that the AL is a mix of Sarutobi, the god of ninja, and Yondaime, also a very kickass ninja! And he shalt be called, Yondtobi!

    Also, maybe he is part Madara as well considering the eyes. Maybe Madara was also swallowed at some point o.O?

    Heck, while we are still at it, one of Yondaime's buds looked Uchiha-ish, with black hair and the the typical uchiha //o.o\\ parting hair thinghy at the temple. Maybe Yondaime and Uchiha Madara had a Naruto-Sasuke relationship? And they teamed togheter while fighting the Kyuubi o.O? No one has implicitly said Madara had MS after all, actually, Madara was compared to Sasuke (non-MS) by the Kyuubi, who should know him, becouse Madara and Yondaime sealed him up in Naruto to begin with!!


    Okay, and lo, I finish my slightl wierd and hyper theory, that I just had to scream out to the world!

    Don't neg rep me becouse you don't like it >.<!