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Convo The HoU Convo-81: ComfyCrew ! (:3ꇤ[▓▓]

You open your favorite video sharing platform. What do you watch?

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Apparently this month’s moon is called Snow/Storm.:kittenpeek

Morning :blobhide

I actually think it's very pretty :pattycake

How did you do to get a close shot of the moon?

Aye will do :nezukocomfy

I've checked it. Pretty nice album we got :blobcookie

Surprised to see the photo with the duck. Completely forgot about it :blobwitch

Thanks! I used a Iphone + Telescope to get the shoot.

Took many attempts to get at least a decent one lol.

Alibaba Saluja

ॐ Bhakti Om Prajna Niyama ॐ
Apparently this month’s moon is called Snow/Storm.:kittenpeek

Thanks! I used a Iphone + Telescope to get the shoot.

Took many attempts to get at least a decent one lol.

That was a great idea actually :pattycake

I never thought about doing that

If I ever get my hands on a telescope I'll try doing something like that too :blobwitch


Final Model




What's this?? I haven't seen it before.

I really love Tsunako's art alright

Miku looks amazing here :uguu

So colorful and full of light :wtf

Amazing :blobcookie
It has some resemblance to Yoshino too


From what I gather it's an after-event from Miku Expo (the roughly bi-annual Miku concert event hosted in countries outside of Japan) where creators of Miku content gather. This year was virtual again cuz of 'Rona.

Yes I see the semblance :yes!
Oh I never remembered to see her works before

She also made the Hyperdimension Neptunia characters.

So that's why the DAL fans go crazy over those too :hmm

Lol for me I knew about Neptunia before, so when I saw DAL content I was like wait a minute... it's the same artist!

Except for Kurumi. She doesn't really look like anybody else so it's hard to tell she's a Tsukano character.


Final Model
Allo Mystic :nezukorun
Sounded like a comfy day.

Maybe :kittenpeek I’m just trying to add pics that u guys share around the convo to the HoU album, link is under the kitten pic in the Convo OP.

They were great but my fave one was N. :ano

Today actually we got sun and it seems the weather is going to get a bit warm. :pattycake It was more comfy than past weeks.
Are u getting snow? :blobkwtf

True ... i miss the old times when this thread was so active than u guys made me have to create a new one around every 2 weeks ahah.

Maybe we need some Fusion spam.

How have u been ? :catflower

Yay!! :nezukorun It seems DS is on a :kittenroll

Let us to know when you start watching. :nezukorun I’m already adding them, check the album. Link is in the convo OP.

Oh did u take the pic Rai ? Looks pretty.

I miss the quotes before upgrade aaaa
Pretty restful. Been working from home for a few weeks now because there was a new outbreak.

Connection to work computers is sometimes problematic but good that there's no need to travel.

Some vaccines will be arriving in Thailand this week. But it will a while until there's any significant effect on social restrictions.

How are you?
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