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The HoU Head Banner with a Summer glow! ❁

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki Archives' started by Rinoa, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Rinoa Comfy Crew Super Moderator

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    House of Uzumaki Banner Contest

    Summer Glow

    The HoU Banner Contest this time is centered on Summer time. This means that the banner will have to include something to do with the Summer and Naruto manga/anime!

    Without further ado, let's get straight on with the information you'll need.

    General guidelines

    • Banner must fit the theme of the contest.
    • Your submitted image MUST follow the forum rules —
      no inappropriate material, flaming/bashing, etc.
      Please don't submit a picture of your car, or a drawing of a tree.
    • The banner size should be between 230px (width) and 88px to 120px (max height); the filesize should be less than or equal to 1MB.
    • The banner has to be sent via PM to until July 23rd.

    Voting Process
    • Submissions will be posted anonymously.
      The authors will be revealed after the winner has been decided.
    • Do not reveal your entry, this contest is supposed to be as neutral as possible!
    • Voting will start on 23rd of July and ends on the 30th at 12 AM, GMT. (7 days)
    • To vote, please send a PM with your top 3 choices to .


    • The banner will be displayed as the HoU's head banner, usually until the next banner contest rolls around!
    • The winner may choose between the following rewards for the duration of 1 month
      • HTML user title (bold, colored, marquee, image, etc)
      • Sparkley user name
      • 175x250 Avatar

    • Good Luck to all!!:skysun

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