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Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki Archives' started by occasionalutopia, Jan 14, 2005.

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  1. occasionalutopia Active Member

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    Oct 9, 2004
    Here's a handy list of common questions and frequently discussed topics which will hopefully make your forum experience more convenient. But remember, if it isn't here, or if you can't be bothered to skim through the list ...

    The SEARCH FUNCTION is your best friend :occa

    Feel free to PM me or moderators of Naruto Avenue sections if you have suggestions on how to improve the FAQ. Have fun!

    *Note for anime-only folks: Some questions link to Konoha Library threads, so be sure to check which section the thread is located in first when it loads before reading to avoid spoilers.

    Insanely popular discussions datte-freaking bayoooo!! @Д@

    Naruto related to Yondaime!?: Who are Naruto's parents? Is Naruto related to the 4th Hokage!? Discuss it here!

    Naruto vs. Sasuke: Who was really superior @ the Valley of the Gorge? Rasengan or Chidori? Blond hair or black? Dumbarse > Tightarse or vice-versa? It's all here.

    The Itachi debate thread: His strength, motivations, future developments - everything including his impact on your relationship with your mother-in-law belongs here. PLEASE.

    The Naruto pairings thread: Naruto x Sakura? Kakashi x Anko? Gamabunta x Itachi? Vote and have your say!

    Just plain fun: The Naruto Captions Thread II!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Want to discuss the Naruto dub on Toonami? See this section! Note that NO SPOILERS (meaning mention of anything from the Japanese anime/manga) are allowed - if you post spoilers in this section you will be instantly banned for 2 days, no exceptions.

    Where can I download Naruto episodes?

    Where can I download the Naruto movie?
    For starters, you can try downloading the movie and regular eps through bittorrent, here are links to some relevant sites.

    Where can I get Naruto OST III?
    You can download OST III (and other Naruto music downloads) from Narutofan here.

    What is this timeskip I keep hearing about?

    I want to know in which chapter XXX event occurs ...?

    I want to know in which episode XXX event occurs ...?

    I heard this song from the anime - what's the title and which OST is it from?

    Where to buy the English manga?

    Where to buy the Japanese manga?

    Naruto card game queries - translations, scan requests etc.

    How can I contact Kishimoto? (unanswered, but keep trying if you like)

    What is the Character Databook about?
    There are two Character Databooks, book I and book II. They contain information about Naruto characters such as age, blood type, personality traits, ninja stats and other miscellaneous information.

    To obtain RAW versions of both Character Databooks, see this thread. To view some partial translations from the first Character Databook, see here.

    To request specific translations from Character Databook II, see Pazuzu's and hisshouburaiken's threads.

    What is Yondaime's name / What were the other names on Jiraiya's frog summoning scroll?

    Ino-Shika-Chou parents' names?

    How did Naruto live without any family?

    How can Naruto be in the same class as Sasuke and Sakura if he failed the exam multiple times?

    What does the symbol on Jiraiya's forehead protector mean?

    Are Asuma and Sandaime related?

    Haku: Boy? Girl? Tranvestite?

    Is Yashamaru a guy / girl?

    Can Orochimaru use his arms again?

    Orochimaru = Michael Jackson!

    Stop with the Orochimaru = Michael Jackson! :yell

    Hey, that Monkey Hand Seal is Weird!

    Japanese legends and Naruto

    Valley / Gorge of the End statues - who were they?

    What time period is Naruto set in?

    Technology in Naruto universe

    Naruto Sheet Music And Guitar Tabs

    Japanese terms and translations:

    What does 'datte bayo' mean?

    What does Sannin mean?

    Naruto characters' names in Japanese

    Naruto: Name meanings and origins.

    What does the name "Uzumaki Naruto" mean?

    What are the names / meanings of the Hidden Villages?

    -kun, -chan, -san etc. : About Japanese suffixes

    On Hokage titles: Shodai, Nidaime etc.

    What does Anbu stand for?

    About the Hidden Villages

    Jutsu, bloodlines and fighting styles:

    About Jutsu Ranks: YamazakiSusumu's Translation

    Which jutsu style is the best (nin, gen, tai)?

    Which kind of jutsu do you like most? (ninjutsu, fuuinjutsu, kinjutsu etc.)?

    Rasengan vs. Chidori!

    Difference between Chidori and Raikiri?

    Have a question about summonings? Ask here!

    Best bloodline?

    Which Bloodline/Clan jutsu do you prefer?

    If you could have one Bloodline...?

    Sharingan or Byakugan?

    If a Sharingan user and a Byakugan user had a child...?

    Discussion of Sharingan properties: Thread 1 Thread 2

    Mangekyou Sharingan Theories: Thread 1 - Also browse/search the Naruto Theories section for many more theories on the Sharingan and Mangekyou.
  2. occasionalutopia Active Member

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    Oct 9, 2004
    Speculation threads:

    Naruto plot predictions

    How will Naruto end?

    Will they change Naruto's voice for Part 2 of the anime?

    Future jutsu / moves - or create your own!

    What move / jutsu should Naruto create? (House of Uzumaki thread)

    What is Naruto's new jutsu (251)? And what would you like him to create? (Library thread)

    What new jutsu will the genin have in Part 2?

    Future manga fights

    What will the Naruto characters look like after the timeskip?

    Ninja ranks after the timeskip?

    Will Orochimaru take over Sasuke's body ...?

    Will Sasuke ever kill Itachi?

    Kabuto's Red Eyes - special power?

    Kabuto theories: Thread 1 Thread 2

    Akatsuki members theories (also browse / search Naruto Theories section for more)

    Favourites, least favourites, bests and worsts:

    Favourite scene / moment

    Favourite manga moment

    Favourite episode

    Favourite quotes / lines

    Favourite character

    Favourite fight / battle

    Favourite fight / battle (Anime)

    Favourite attack / jutsu

    Favourite Naruto attack / jutsu

    Favourite village

    Favourite outfit / costume

    Favourite music from Naruto

    Most hated character

    Most tragic past?

    Most underrated character?

    Most overrated character

    Most unpopular character?

    Most perverted?

    Biggest badass?

    Biggest dumbass?

    Coolest Legendary Sannin?

    Cutest Naruto chibi?

    Cutest character

    Hottest character?

    Hottest female?

    Hottest male?

    Hottest male nin?

    Hottest mom?

    Hottest dad?

    Scariest character?

    Funniest scene / moment

    Funniest lines

    Sweetest moments

    Saddest moments

    Strongest Hokage?

    Strongest Sannin?

    Strongest Genin?

    Strongest nin?:

    House of Uzumaki thread
    Konoha Library thread
    Konoha Library thread - strongest nin ALIVE
    Konoha TV thread
  3. occasionalutopia Active Member

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    Oct 9, 2004
    Character Discussion:


    Naruto's strength is overrated

    Will Naruto become Hokage someday?


    Sasuke is awesome!

    Sasuke sucks!

    Sasuke: Like or Hate?

    Why do you hate Sasuke?

    Sasuke is gay / not gay!

    Sasuke - Main Character?


    Sakura's awesome!

    Sakura sucks!

    Lurrrve @ Pairings threads:

    Naruto Pairings Debate

    Best and Worst Pairings?

    Least liked/most hated pairings

    Does anyone think Sakura could eventually fall in love with Naruto?

    Will Naruto choose Hinata over Sakura?

    Naruto and Hinata?

    Will Hinata ever confess her love to Naruto?

    Why does Sakura like Sasuke?

    Does Sasuke love Sakura?

    Should Sakura give up on Sasuke?

    Will Sakura always love Sasuke?

    Why NejiHina?

    Best Yaoi couple? Make your votes!

    Yaoi and Naruto: A fandom discussion

    Best Yuri Couple!

    More to come, in the meantime do a search (e.g. keywords like ShikaTema, Chouji + Ino) before making new threads!
  4. occasionalutopia Active Member

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    Oct 9, 2004
    Miscellaneous popular threads:


    Naruto tattoos - discuss or post your tattoo image requests here!

    Poorly Drawn Naruto Scenes

    Naruto ringtones

    Naruto MMORPG?

    Naruto spin-off?

    Preference: Manga or anime

    Manga to anime: List of differences

    How far was the manga when the anime started?

    Naruto music: General discussion

    Voice actors - Naruto's voice is a woman's!

    How did you get into Naruto?

    How obsessed are you?

    Do you know/perform all the hand seals?

    Naruto Sasuke and Sakura the new Sannin?

    Who is Naruto's family / is he related to Yondaime?

    Naruto is Yondaime reincarnated?

    Where are the other parents (Rock Lee's, Tenten's etc.)? House of Uzumaki thread Konoha Library thread

    The Fourth / Yondaime alive?

    Who will be the 6th Hokage?

    Favourite Naruto Couplings: The Naruto Pairings Thread

    What Naruto merchandise do you have?

    What animal would you like to summon?

    Which summons would the other ninjas have?

    Character Voices


    Which Naruto character would you like to be?

    Which Naruto character do you resemble the most?

    Which Naruto character would you want as your girlfriend?

    Which Naruto character would you have a one night stand with?

    Ninja nicknames

    Ninja you ... your fighting style of choice!

    Create your own jutsu!

    Customise / create your own character!

    If you were in Narutoverse...?

    Sharingan contact lenses!

    Songs for Naruto - characters and situations

    Pick your own Genin team!

    Naruto Merchandise

    How are Chuunin promoted to Jounin?

    What's under Kakashi-sensei's mask?

    Lines/Things Naruto characters would never say!

    What real world songs match the Naruto characters!?

    Everything but the kitchen sink:

    Naruto forum games I can play?

    Answer the Naruto question of the person above you

    Naruto 20 Questions!

    Stupid question, stupid answer thread

    The Liar Game

    ***Please note that all games will be trashed after the thread reaches 2000+ to prevent member spamming
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