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The New Ninja, Vicaro. Epidosde 1 Vicaro, the Zanzuo Clan member.

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Vance, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Vance

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    Sep 11, 2006
    It's nice and sunny outside the Hidden Leaf villiage. Between the gleaming sun, and the rustling wind, nothing could be better. A tall, maroon haired ninja walks into the entrance, greeted by two Chuunin. "Excuse me, what is your business here?" one of the smaller Chuunin ask. The boy, who had a clean blue shirt, with white pants smiled. He looked up. "Oh, just to test my skill against the best warriors here. You may have heard of my arrival, I'm Vicaro Zanzuo" the boy said. "Ahhh, yes, you are here from the Villiage Hidden In The Sound, please, come on in." the bigger Chuunin greeted warmly. The boy slowly walked in. After settling down in his Hotel, he looks around. He finds many Academy Students, and even Asuma,the Jonin. "Hello, are you the new kid, whats his name.... Vicaro?" Asuma asks. Vicaro smiles and says "Yep, thats me; excuse me for being so up front, but, where are the ninjas, ya' know the Genin. I've been looking around, and I can't [heh] really find anyone, just Academy Students." Vicaro answers. Asuma smiles. "Oh, there down that way, don't get hurt now, I just heard Sasuke is back from his battle with Shino, so, he may be wanting to fight some more." Asuma pointed with a hefty laugh. Vicaro whispered "Sasuke." Asuma stopped smiling. "Sometin' wrong?"Asuma asks. Vicaro keeps his cool, and answers Asuma. "No, thank you for telling me where the Genin are." Vicaro then bows to Asuma, and runs off toward the direction of the Genin. Asuma scratches his head, and goes. "Weird." Then, he turns back and goes away. Vicaro finally makes it to Squad Seven's position. He walks casually, but Sasuke knows he's there. "Okay, whadda... Oh, your the new guy, right." Sasuke boldly says. Vicaro smiles. "Yeah." Sasuke steps forward. "Beat it, I have no time to be bothered with a weakling like you, scram!!" Sasuke nastily insults Vicaro. Vicaro smiles, an untrustworthy smile. "Why can't I walk around? Sasuke, are you the boss of this villiage?" Vicaro sarcastily says. Sasuke is fired up now. "I'm part of the Uchia..." he was cut off by Vicaro forming his battle stance, and shouting qucikly "I'm going to fight you now, and don't think I'm going to be afraid of the stupid Uchia Clan!" - To Be Continued