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The Return of Crocodile

Discussion in 'Ohara Library' started by yuLeopard, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. yuLeopard Pink Haired Pirates

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    When do you guys think that Crocodile will return? I think that a poneglyph or the Whitebeard Pirates/Weevil will come into play, since Crocodile faced a humiliating defeat and he has a secret no one else should know.

    Maybe, just maybe ... He is the child of a "Rocks" member just like Ace and wanted to make it out on his own instead of rely on the fame of his predecessors. Especially, since he is somewhat of a parallel to Doffy. It wouldn't surprise me that he was descended from a legendary pirate and Doffy gets the Celestial Dragon background. It also makes sense for him to know about "Rocks" since he was a young adult during the time of Roger's execution, he wasn't a kid like Smoker and would have known far more about the pirate world during that time. In addition to him sporting a pistol as a child (he also isn't dirty which means he did not grow up poor like Blackbeard).

    But this could all be turned on its head and have Blackbeard be the child of Rocks with multiple personalities stemming from abandonment like a twisted Usopp.

    Tell me what y'all think or what the prerequisites will be when he arrives?

    Btw does anyone think it is possible that Croco-Boy had something with Robin just like how Doffy and Viola had something?
  2. ~Avant~ Eveningstar

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    Croc definitely hit that. As for when he'll be relevant again, probably not until after Wano.

    Although my head canon idea would make him reappear in Wano