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the take over part 1 (kibas date)

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by nirvanainanutshell, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. nirvanainanutshell

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    Sep 6, 2006
    this is a fanfic about kiba and his ummh girl......freind

    Spoiler: kiba meets his match
    (some time in the near future)
    "i cant beleive im a chunnin" says kibba with an added woof from akamaru.
    "hey your a chunnin so am i" says a distant voice.
    kibba turns around and sees a buatiful girl with short crimson red hair wearing a blue mini skirt and short white tank top with a balck cat perched on her shoulder.
    "we should go out some time i know a great place that serves delicious food its called heavens palace wanna go." says the girl
    "y..y..ye..yeah s..sure" said the nervous dog man.
    (Heavens Palace)
    "my names kendra and this is destiny my cat" (the cat yawns)
    "im kiba and this is akamaru" (akamaru growls at her)
    "akamaru whats the matter boy" says kiba
    "oh such a cute dog " (tries to pet akamaru and akamaru bites at her)
    "AKAMARU whats your problem" says kibba (akamaru growls and stands in a fighting position)
    "i shoul probably leave now" says kendra
    "uhm we sh.. should go uhm out again" says kiba
    " that would be nice" says kendra
    (kiba's house)
    "what is your problem akamaru"
    "there is nothing wrong with her"
    "woof woof"
    "she is not"
    "i will without you"
    (flower shop)
    "who are those for" says the shop keeper ino
    "a girl" says kiba
    "get these there better" says ino
    "thanks ill take them" says kiba"
    (The Park)
    (Kiba and Kendra are walking in the moonlit park)
    "so wheres your dog" says kendra
    "he...hes at home"says kiba
    "whats the matter" says kendra
    (kendra leans to kiss kiba)
    just then three ninja come from the sky
    "who are you"says kiba
    without answering the three ninja lung towards kiba
    "man beast clo...."
    just then kiba realizes what a horrible mistake he has made and as he thinks about it one of the ninja kicks him in his face and the next grabs him.
    kiba thrusts his elbow into the ninjas stomache and turns around to punch him but just then one of the ninjas falls from the sky with a balled fist and lands a solid punch to kibas face as kiba falls he notices kendra luaghing.
    his emotions start to rage feroucisly.
    he reaches into his pocket and throws a smoke ball to the ground.
    the three ninjas are looking for him but he is no where to be found.
    then kiba lets out a loud howl and punches one of the ninja so hard his entire face starts to bleed as he falls but kiba is not done with him he does a front flip and kicks him in the face.
    as the ninja lies dead on the ground kiba smiles and starts to luagh at him and then howls deep into the mid night moon.
    then he notices one of the ninja running straight towards him kiba holds out his fist and lets the ninja run straight into his fist and then grabs him by the throat and lifts him to the air and punches him hard in the stoumache and luaghs as the ninja spits out blood.
    kiba throws a kunai and kills the last ninja without hesitation.
    then stares deep into kendras eyes and grabs her by the arms with his blood soaked hands and asks.
    "why.....why did you"
    "im sorry" says kendra
    just then kibas breath goes out and he cannot breathe.
    kendra turns around and walks away as a solid steel cage drops down onto kiba.

    tell me if you like it so i can make part 2