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The Viz "Clear Up" Thread

Discussion in 'Naruto Directory' started by Cyphon, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    People always want to know what the official Viz wording is for certain statements of hype or things about characters and a few people have asked me to make a thread where I can be asked for these specific items in question.

    So here it is.

    1. Please don't ask me for entire pages of what the Viz says. If you have specific quotes or things you are looking for then that is fine or if there isn't too much wording on the entire page.

    2. If you ask please provide the chapter and page number that is in question. Try not to be vague and say "Cyphy Can you post the one quote from Naruto to Sasuke". Its best to simply provide a link to the page in question but that isn't necessarily needed.

    3. As people ask I will post the resulting items in the OP for quick reference because I know old arguments continue to arise over and over again. Please check there so I don't get repeat requests.

    4. I will keep everyone updated on when I get new books and currently I am completely up to date. You will be able to find that info below labeled as "chapter cutoff" which is basically the last chapter of information I have available.

    Chapter Cutoff: Pretty much up-to-date
  2. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    Naruto Chapters 1–500

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 7
    Sasuke: Only I can kill him.
    Sakura: Who? You mean master Kakashi?
    Sasuke: He made me cry..
    Sakura: You cried?
    Sasuke: My...
    Sakura: What... What are you talking about...!?
    Sasuke: My only goal is to have my revenge. I have to become stronger than he is... now.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 70
    Kakashi: Even if you are one of those 3 ninja...The man I am today can take you down.
    Kakashi: Did I miscalculate?! What kind of a fool am I?!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 94
    Sarutobi: Besides, none of the shinobi in Konoha right now are any threat to him.

    Anko: ...

    Sarutobi: I expect that not even I could face him.

    Anko: If only the Fourth Hokage were still alive.

    Sarutobi: Do not say such things. He sacrificed his life to save this village. That was 13 years ago.


    Iruka: You've come at a perfect time, Sir. Please, over here...
    Sandaime: All right.
    Iruka: This is the very person whose face is above you, third from left... The Third Lord Hokage! The Third Hokage was a genius who was nicknamed "The Professor"... And it's said that he possessed superlative strength, even compared to the other Hokage!
    Sandaime: Iruka! Why are you using the past tense?!
    Iruka: Ah! S... Sorry.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 115
    Sandaime: Are you inciting war?!
    Orochimaru: Indeed.
    Sandaime: Let us avoid violence and instead reach a settlement through negotiation... Lord Kazekage. There is still time for that...
    Orochimaru: Ho Ho... Old age has made you feeble-minded... Master Sarutobi!!
    Sandaime: ... You...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 121
    Orochimaru: My, my, how we've aged. I've never seen you struggling like this... Heh heh heh heh...
    Sandaime: What's... so funny...?
    Orochimaru: It's so pitiful... That even you, who has been hailed as a shinobi god, are vulnerable to the passage of time...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 126
    Sandaime: (Thinking) This can't be it... I've come so far... Are you saying... I don't even have enough strength... to pull out his soul...? That this aged body... is too decrepit, even though I have resolved to die...?!
    Orochimaru: (Thinking) If you had been even just 10 years younger... You might have been able to kill me... Heh heh...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 135
    Gamabunta: That poor host, he's got chronic insomnia from being possessed by Shukaku... Look at those rings around his eyes.
    Naruto: Insomnia?!
    Gamabunta: Those who become possessed by the demon Shukaku stop being able to truly sleep soundly... out of fear! If they were ever to totally fall asleep, Shukaku would gradually devour their personality until they eventually stopped being themselves!! Because they are so chronically sleep-deprived, the host personality tends to become unstable after a while...!! Normally... while the host is awake... Shukaku's true strength is suppressed... but... if the host voluntarily enters sleep...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 140
    Orochimaru: That all would not have been necessary if we had been able to rope in Uchiha Itachi from the beginning... But that dream has died...He is stronger than I.

    Orochimaru: Sarutobi... You...!
    Kabuto: Well, we knew it wasn't going to be easy. After all, we did take on the Hokage fully knowing his reputation as the strongest leader of the five principal territories. Besides, you did extremely well. Even summoning two of the five shadows ...!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 142
    Kakashi: What speed...! I couldn't follow his sign-weaving at all...Furthermore, that he would use the shuriken in his right hand as a decoy to distract me...While launching a suiton attack at my feet. Impressive.
    Itachi: Trust you, Kakashi, to have such a sharp sense of perception...Indeed.
    Kurenai: A Shadow Doppel-ganger?!! He's super human...!!![

    Asuma: I can't believe he's this good...
    Kakashi: No, actually, he's better. He hasn't even begun to show his true strength.

    Kurenai: What's wrong, Kakashi...?
    Kakashi: Keep your eyes shut!
    *The bubble points at Kurenai but it doesn't make sense why she would say this.
    Asuma: What's going on?! One second that guy's talking and the next second you hit the ground!!
    Kakashi: (Thinking) Unh... I see... Three days in that realm and less than a moment passed in this one... Why not kill me? If he wanted to he could...
    (Saying out loud) Ugh... It's still... affecting me...
    Kisame: Hm....after all that the fool's spirit is intact...meanwhile you've overused those eyes of yours, you know that's dangerous.

    Itachi: If you spar with him head-on, you won't get away scot-free... And if you take too much time, you'll give other shinobi a chance to arrive.
    Kisame: But...
    Itachi: Do not forget our purpose... You did not come here to suffer injuries!
    Kakashi: ... And pray tell, what might that purpose be...?
    Itachi: ...
    Kakashi: ...
    Itachi: We know what we're looking for is here...
    Kakashi: ... Looking for...?
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 143
    Jiraiya: Kakashi...Sooner or later, Naruto's going to have to deal with who and what he really is...That's the boy's destiny. For now, focus on Sasuke...Its up to you to teach him how to use his Sharingan...Especially since Itachi's part of the organization.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 144
    Kisame: Even if you might be able to take him on, I'm not so sure about me...He's in a different league.
    Itachi: Yeah... If we faced off, we might end up killing each other. At the very least, we'd hurt each other badly...And even if I had more backup, it probably wouldn't change the outcome.
    Kisame: It was great finally finding him at the ramen shop, but... His babysitter was one of the three great shinobi of Konoha legend. With him as our enemy, even the titles Konoha's Uchiha clan and seven ninja swordsmen of the mist pale in comparison.
    Itachi: Yeah... However...Even the strongest heroes have their weaknesses...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 148
    Jiraiya: How did they get out?...And what are these black flames?

    Jiraiya: Humph. If you go now, you'll just be killed...There's too much of a gap between you and them. I mean, it even took me a huge effort just now...To distance them from you.
    Naruto: Are you saying that I have to keep running and hiding from them for the rest of my life?! Live each day shivering in fear?!!
    Jiraiya: Shut your mouth.

    Kisame: Why did we have to retreat...? With your power...
    Itachi: There's no need to be impatient... None. Besides which I must also... rest my body in one place for the foreseeable future. For not only Tsukuyomi, the nightmare realm... But I was forced to use the Amaterasu as well...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 151
    Naruto: It took that genius ninja lord fourth...Three years...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 158
    Jiraiya: Aw come on, everybody pales in comparison to the fourth lord. As a shinobi his capacity was unparalleled, a true one-of-a kind. He was overflowing with talent for jutsu and intelligence....He was socially popular...And well, he was quite a looker, just like me.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 166
    Orochimaru: Even with us both having handicaps, its no contest....Give it up.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 221
    Teacher: The honor is mine. Itachi was the most gifted student I ever had the pleasure to mentor...I've never seen such a remarkable student. We barely had to teach him anything at all.
    Fugaku: You exaggerate.
    Teacher: No, No.

    Sasuke: Itachi...Graduated from the academy in one year...Times have changed...And he's a special case.

    Fugaku: Keep this up, and you'll be amazing, just like your brother.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 223
    Sasuke: And...Its been awhile since then but...There's tension between Itachi and father.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 224
    Sasuke: The other day...Father said, that's my boy. Thats's what father always says to Itachi...So I was really happy.
    *Mom says something*
    Sasuke: But...Father and Itachi aren't getting along lately so...Maybe I'm...Just a substitute for Itachi.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 231
    Sasuke: Heh, Heh, Heh, Heh... Guess this is it. Once I unleash this power.... I don't even know what'll happen to me, but... You leave me no choice.... Naruto.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 239
    Kakashi: So... It's the bridge? You're saying this is an infiltration mission.
    Minato: Right! Team Kakashi... Your mission is... Steal into the tail end of enemy territory... Destroy the supply bridge, break up the support operation... and promptly evacuate.
    Team Kakashi: Yes Sir!!
    Minato: ...
    Obito: And you... Master?
    Minato: I'll be at the battlefront, hitting the enemy head-on. That should distract them, if nothing else.

    Mahiru: They detected me... Color me impressed. (Looks over) ! (Recognizes Minato) That's... No... He can't be... For now, I'd better just watch...
    Minato (thinking): Is he... alone? Hm!

    Minato: Be alert, everyone... There're at least twenty... But I believe they're shadow doppelgangers.
    Kakashi: Yes, that seems likely... Master... If I charge, will you back me up?
    Minato: Let's not rush, Kakashi. Why don't you back me up instead.
    Kakashi: Pardon me, Master... You did say I'm in charge today? I want to try a new jutsu I'm working out right now.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 240
    Kakashi (thinking): The kunai knives pinpointed all of your locations. Now here I come!
    Mahiru (thinking): He's fast!


    Minato: Kakashi's father is Sakumo, the genius ninja feared as The White Fang of Konoha. In his time, the "Three Great Shinobi" of Konoha legend paled beside him.

    Growing up beside a man like that...it's hardly a surprise that Kakashi's standards for others are unnaturally high.

    Obito: The White Fang...come to think of it, I'm sure I've heard of him. He's some hero who saved the village, and died in the line of duty. Funny, I've never heard Kakashi say a word about him.

    Minato: He was a great man revered by everyone...including, of course, Kakashi. That is, until the incident...

    Obito: ...Incident?
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 244
    Kakashi (thinking): Where am I?
    Minato: Hm... You're awake...
    Kakashi: Master!! But how?!
    Minato: The jutsu formula in this kunai knife sets a mark, allowing me to quickly hop around with my transportation technique.
    Kakashi: And the... enemy?
    Minato: I dealt with all of them...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 251
    Page 14:
    Jiraiya: ...Just don't use that jutsu...
    Naruto: I know...
    Jiraiya: Kakashi... Keep an eye on him. Don't let him go too crazy. I'm counting on you...!
    Kakashi: Don't worry...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 255
    Tendo: "Use that jutsu..."

    Who?: "In that case, I'll go...
    I'm already frustrated about not finding our Jinchuriki sooner..."

    Kisame: "No... I'll go.
    Fate has given me a score to settle with him..."

    Tendo: "True, that jutsu is suitable for you, since you have the largest amount of chakra... Kisame.
    We're still using 30 percent of your chakra."

    Who?: "Hmph..."

    Kisame: "Well, well... Finally..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 257
    Page 7:
    Chiyo: What a nuisance...Who is he...?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 260
    Itachi: No wonder my genjutsu doesn't effect you. This is a Shadow Dopple-ganger

    Kakashi: Naruto! Attack him and my Shadow Dopple-ganger!

    Naruto: I'm on it!


    Kisame: "You're done too, huh?"

    Itachi: "Yeah... I'm out of chakra.
    ...But that was enough to delay them."

    Kisame: "Well...
    ...We did give the "sacrifices" 30 percent of our chakra...

    It's a useful jutsu, but the substitutes...
    Because we don't allot them much chakra...
    ...Are limited in strength and in jutsu they use."

    Itachi: ...
    (Sfx: SHF)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 262

    Deidara: I'm sure I shouldn't say this, but....Sasori is stronger than I...probably yeah​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 266

    Chiyo: The third Kazkeage was exceptionally strong, stronger than either of his predecessors. Yet his body did not turn up.
    Naruto: You're not taking Gaara!!
    Deidara: You are quite the oddball. A jinchuuriki host is supposed to be sullen and misanthropic... hmmm? And this Gaara is no less strange. I've never seen a host as beloved as he. To date we've destroyed two jinchuuriki hosts... Not including him, of course. But no one ever tried to save them. Not their friends, not their neighbors. Not a soul. Hmmm? In fact, to some their deaths came as a relief. Heh heh heh...
    Naruto: ...
    Deidara: Perhaps you can't ignore one of your own kind? You feel too connected to this pathetic creature? Hmmm? Well, anyway. When I removed his One-Tailed Beast, it was the end of Gaara. The point is, you are doomed... all the same.
    Naruto: ... You filth... You're all dead.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 275
    Chiyo: No by rights, It was I that should have been defeated.

    Sakura: ?

    Chiyo: Sasori anticipated my final attack, but for some reason he couldnt dodge it. He was off guard for a moment.

    Sakura: ...It that?


    Naruto: Master Kakashi!..Not yet?!

    Kakashi: Be patient. I don't have as much chakra as you...It takes me a little long but.....I'm just about ready. Let's go, Naruto.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 309
    Kyubi: You can actually see me...thanks to that abominable sharingan...a product of your accursed bloodline.

    Naruto: ?!

    Sasuke: Seems this isn't your first encounter with these eyes...which means...

    ...You must be the legendary nine-tailed fox demon.

    Naruto: ?!

    Kyubi: your occular powers and that vile chakra you exude.... remind me of Uchiha Madara..

    Naruto: ?!

    Sasuke: I know...no such person.

    Kyubi: I can't believe you are even able to suppress my power...

    Naruto: ...

    Kyubi: It may be my undoing, but.. let me... tell you...one thing...d..on't..kill...na..ruto...

    Naruto: ...!

    Kyubi: ...Y...ou'll...re...gret..it​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 312
    Hidan: Well girl, you did pretty well...but...

    SFX: SHUP...

    SFX: SHUP...

    Hidan: Hmm...then again, my attack speed is the slowest and my aim worst among the Akatsuki...

    ...so I probably can't hit you anyway, but...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 319
    Page 9:
    Kakashi: Listen, change in nature skills normally take many years to hone. Even leaf cutting usually takes at least half a year. If you consider that you cleared that in only a few hours, you don't need to rush. You're advancing much faster than I expected. Even Sasuke...When I taught him the Chidori, took quite a few days to achieve lightning change of nature.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 321
    Page 11:
    Kakashi: Its because I truly believe...That you're the only shinobi that can surpass the fourth Hokage.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 343
    Page 2:
    Orochimaru: Not a drop of blood on him...They called me a genius, but compared to him...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 343
    Page 9:
    Kakashi: You're strong, Naruto. You may even surpass me.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 353

    Kisame: I wonder about that... There are only a few left, no? Our Leader said that we have to seal Nine Tails away last... or else it'll disrupt the balance... and the statue will come crashing to the ground. We have to capture the jinchuuriki alive anyway... so why can't we trap him now and just keep him imprisoned?​
    Page 14:
    Kisame: It's been ten years since he left the Akutsuki...Well, at least we've been sparred the task of killing him ourselves. But pretty impressive work, to have taken down someone so powerful. Who did it?​
    Page 15:
    Kisame: Heh...Itachi's little brother eh? Apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 357
    Deidara: "What are you doing, Tobi?!
    Don't let your guard down with this brat just 'cuz he's a kid, hmmm?!"

    Tobi: "His teleportation jutsu makes him too fast for the both of us!"

    Deidara: (Let me size him up with some chakra level C1 explosives first.)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 359
    Page 12:
    Kisame: From the get-go...The moment you looked into Itachi's Sharingan, you were trapped.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 363
    SFX: NOD (Tendo)

    Tendo: "So... What of Sasuke?"

    Obito: "He's coming along nicely... His Sharingan is at full power...
    ...His eyes will eventually surpass Itachi's...

    Then the time has come. I'm sure his mind is made up... Since he doesn't have much longer."

    Tendo: "What about nine tails?"

    Obito: "You hunt it. As leader, I will not tolerate failure."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 367
    Page 11:
    Jiraiya: Oh, No, Minato was a rare genius. You don't see the likes of him very often. He was kind and gentle, yet fierce of full of grit. Became the fourth Hokage in the blink of an eye​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 369

    Jiraiya: Unbelievable. No matter how powerful this Pain might be...There truly were no shinobi that didn't know the name of the previous Amegakure leader, Hanzo of the Giant Salamander.
    Jiraiya: Unbelievable that he could take Hanzo down by himself.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 370
    Jiraiya: And yet Minato bequeathed that key to us... so it was meant to eventually go back to Naruto

    Gamatora: It's too soon.! Don't tell me you've already forgotten what happened when you sweet talked me ...into loosening the Tetragram Seal.

    Jiraiya: No I haven't but I really believe that Minato entrusting me with this spell key.... indicates his will to have Naruto complete that jutsu one day.

    Gamatora: You really think Naruto requires such a jutsu?!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 375
    Page 10:
    Jiraiya: He who possessed the same pupils as the Sage of the Six Paths not only mastered every jutsu I taught him...He demonstrated the ability to achieve all 6 changes in nature, which is unheard of in a single person. He possessed power that was well versed in all mainstream ninjutsu...And had mastered all sorts of jutsu by the mere age of 10.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 376
    Fukusaku: "So... Where is this... Pupils o' six paths? I don't see 'em anywheres."

    Shima: "Yer eyes must be degradin' with age."​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 382
    The Shinobi world is not a way of life, but a manner of death...A shinobi's life is not measured by how they lived, but what they managed to accomplish before their death ...and looking back, my life's was full of failure...

    Continually rejected by Tsunade...Unable to stop my friend....unable to protect either my disciple of my teacher..compared to the great deeds of the Hokage my actions are trifling, insignificant things indeed.

    I wish I could have died like each of the Hokage. A tale is only as good as it's final turn of events, the plot twist. And mistakes are an important part of the plot too! I've lived my life always believing the lessons I learned are what honed me. In return I swore I would accomplish a deed so great that it would obliterate my all of my failure... and die a splendid shinobi death! At least that is how it was supposed to go...HO Ho...But with my plot twist, my tale ending like this

    The great lord elder prophesied that I would guide that revolution. A person who will make a great choice that will either bring stability or destruction to the world of shinobi...I thought I would defeat Pain, stop the Akatsuki, and save the world from destruction...but in the end, I failed in that selection too. So pitiful...That this will be the twist to the tale of Jiraiya the Gallant..What a worthless story.

    Minato: No, No I don't think so.

    Jiraiya: !


    [/b]Orochimaru:[/b] Shinobi talent lies in whether or not one can learn and master all the jutsu in the world. As the name suggest a ninja is one who wields ninjutsu.

    Jiraiya: Shinobi talent has nothing to do with that. You still don't get it....

    Orochimaru: ....!

    Jiraiya: A ninja is one who endures!

    Orochimaru: A difference of opinion, eh?

    Jiraiya: One thing I am going to teach you.... the most important thing for a shinobi is not the number of jutsu, the important thing is..

    Kabuto: !

    Jiraiya: having the guts to never give up!

    If never going back on your word and never giving up is your shinobi way. Naruto as your mentor and teacher I have no business for

    Jiraiya: GGG!!

    Pa: Jiraiya boy?!

    It's generally agreed upon that a disciple inherits his shinobi way from his teacher.

    Pa: He fought his way back by sheer will power.

    Deva Pain I thought his heart had stopped

    Pa: Ok

    Pa: Urg...All right message received

    I'm not gonna give up, THAT was the choice I was supposed to make.. Naruto YOU are the child of prophecy, I'm sure of it now! ...And the rest I leave in your hands.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 383
    The tale of Jiraiya the Gallant...Now it'll be a bit better I hope. The final chapter. 'A story of the frog in the well knows nothing of the great ocean' eh. Ho Ho. Just barely glorious, but glorious indeed. .

    Now it's about time I put my pen down. Ah that's right..!What should I name the sequel? Yeah let's see...

    "The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto" Yes that has a nice ring to it...​

    Page 13:
    Pein: Jiraiya of the Legendary Three... Actually dead... If we didn't have this secret of ours, we probably couldn't have won... Let us make sure to extol our former teacher's praises. ... But otherwise... Why don't you show yourself? (referring to Zetsu)​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 385
    Itachi: The first man to tame nine tails with his eyes. An immortal man, who is both my comrade and my mentor. And the exceptional individual who uncovered the one other secret of the Mangekyo Sharingan. That is Uchiha Madara.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 385
    Itachi: Madara used his new power to unite one shinobi clan after another. And he ultimately allied with the Senju Clan of the forest, touted as the most powerful and established a new organisation. That which would one day be known as Konohagakure . Later Madara confronted the leader of the Senju Clan, the future first Hokage, over the course the village would take. He may have lost that fight for leadership, but Madara lives on, along with his ocular power.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 386

    Itachi: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. By gaining a new host, the younger brother's eyes obtained eternal light. Further more, another change emerged. Distinctly new occular jutsu were born from thos eyes. However, this give and take could only take place within and between clan members. And not everyone obtained new powers from this method either. These truths were only gradually discovered over time, after many, many sacrifices. That is the other secret of these eyes.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 387

    Sasuke: The end of my journey…

    Itachi: You say you see me dead at your feet…
    …but you cannot win against my Mangekyo.

    So your goal shall unfortunately end a fantasy.
    For you do not possess the Mangekyo.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 389
    Black Zetsu: "Continuing to use genjutsu will lead nowhere. From the moment Sasuke broke through Tsukuyomu, a genjutsu battle became pointless.

    White Zetsu: "Which means it's going to be a direct ninjutsu slugfest from here on out, eh!

    Black Zetsu: If the left eye's Mangekyo possesses the most powerful genjutsu... ...The right eye's Mangekyo possesses the most powerful physical attack...

    The Amaterasu produces black flames that are said to never extinguish until they've burned to ash whatever it's caster's eye had sighted...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 390
    Sasuke SFX: QUISSH

    White Zetsu: "W-whoa... He put out flames with flames!"

    Black Zetsu: "One needs only to sight one's target, and the black flames come to life right on point."

    The black flames never go out unil they have burned their target to ash... Even if that happens to be be other flames!

    Sasuke SFX: SHUP

    Itachi SFX: FZZ SHHH!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 391
    W/ Zetsu: "And what does that have to do with..."

    B/ Zetsu: "He doesn't have to use his own chakra...
    ...But just take advantage of the enormous ambient atmospheric energy...

    ...To create a Lightning Style jutsu!"
    (Sfx: Chirp Chirp Chirp)

    W/ Zetsu: "Which one?"

    B/ Zetsu: "Doesn't matter. Whichever one it is, it'll be on a totally different scale than what anyone else can create using change in chakra nature alone!"


    Itachi: ...

    (Sfx: Shoom)
    (Sfx: Tmp)
    (Sfx: Rumble Rumble Rumble)
    (Sfx: Zizzle)

    B/ Zetsu: !
    "I see...
    So Sasuke deliberately lured Itachi outside so he could use the heat generated by the Amaterasu."
    (Sfx: Zizzle)


    Sasuke: "This jutsu guides the lightning striking down from the heavens...

    (Sfx: Whoosh)

    ...In short, I merely direct it's power toward you."

    B/ Zetsu: "Just as I thought... Which is why it cannot be evaded..."

    W/ Zetsu: "Why not?!"

    B/ Zetsu: "The speed of lightning is 1/1000 of a second... It's faster than sound!"

    Sasuke: "This jutsu is Kirin..."
    (Sfx: Fsh)
    (Sfx: Krackle Krackle Krackle)

    (Sfx: Rumble Rumble)

    Itachi: !

    W/ Zetsu: "Wh-what?"

    B/ Zetsu: "Sasuke has tamed lightning?!!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 392

    Zetsu: The blade itself is imbued with a sealing jutsu and is a variant of the Kusanagi blade​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 394

    White Zetsu: Itachi went down...? Huh? ... No way...?! Itachi's... not dead?
    Black Zetsu: It's Sasuke's victory.
    White Zetsu: I still don't get it...
    Black Zetsu: Get what?
    White Zetsu: I know Itachi's stronger than this... He's moving strangely... Don't you think something's not right?
    Black Zetsu: For sure... He should have been able to evade those attacks. He coughed up blood... Itachi may have been harboring some serious damage from beforehand...
    White Zetsu: Did he overuse the Sharingan?
    Black Zetsu: Not sure... I don't think we can draw any conclusions...
    White Zetsu: He was so close to getting Sasuke's eyes, too...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 395
    Kakashi: (So used some other form of teleportation ninjutsu...?
    No... There's no way...)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 396
    Obito: "You're late."

    Zetsu: "I'm not you.
    I can't shift as fast you."
    Sfx: Zwoo...

    Obito: "You better have recorded the battle."

    Black Zetsu: "Relax. I captured the whole thing."

    Obito: "Later on, I'd like to review it closely.

    We're taking Itachi's corpse, too.

    We should go now."

    Last page
    Tobi: "I am, like you...

    ...An Uchiha survivor...

    ...And one who knows the truth about Uchiha Itachi..." ​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 397

    Tobi: Leave it to Itachi to set a post-mortem trap. I can't believe how well he plans ahead.
    Sasuke: ...What are you talking about.
    Tobi: In order to kill me, Itachi placed a jutsu in you.. or at least to keep me away from you.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 398
    Sasuke: "... You..."

    Obito: "But thanks to that, I was able to fully awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan..."

    And with that power, I fought the Senju clan countless times.

    Of course, I inevitably faced Hashirama, the head of the Senju clan.

    Senju "Wood Style" Hashirama, the future first Hokage.

    The shinobi who stood at the top of the ninja world and the person I respected the most."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 399
    Tobi: I returned as an avenger, and declared war on Konohagakure.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 401

    Sasuke: It's nonsense. He tried to kill me over and over.
    Tobi: If Itachi had really wanted to kill you .... you would most most certainly be dead.
    Sasuke: He used the Mangekyo Sharingan on me. So...
    Tobi: Even your contingency plans were part of his calculations. Itachi had to pressure you during that battle.
    Sasuke: .....!
    Tobi: I'm sure you already understand why?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 404

    Kisame: Now I am relieved... Knowing that it is you calling the shots makes my job easier... Lord Mizukage emeritus.... I mean Madara
    Tobi: I shall continue to count on you, Kisame.


    White Zetsu: You don't think Itachi was aware that we knew his true intentions, do you? So why…?

    Tobi: True intentions aside, he probably feared I would try to recruit Sasuke.

    Black Zetsu: Still… Losing so many members just to get this far…

    Tobi: Well, we ran into problems here and there… But they all served the Akatsuki by their own will.
    Deidara, Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu… Without them, we wouldn't have gotten as far as we have.

    And thanks to them, everything is following my plan.

    Most importantly....I have tamed and won over Sasuke.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 405
    Obito: "Then the third Hokage actually tried to resolve the situation through other means.
    He tried to open negotiations with Uchiha to reach some sort of compromise."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 408
    Fodder: We of the Yotsuki clan...will never betray one of our own! That's...

    Sasuke: A fearful heart is more likely to crack.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 413
    Page 7:
    Sasuke: Although he has definitely got speed and power he only moves in a linear fashion. So with the Sharingan I should be able to see him coming.


    Karin read his chakra and anticipate his movements. I need you to relay his location to us at all times.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 415
    Jugo: You seem quite affected physically. Especially since in addition to no longer having Orochimaru's curse mark....you haven't quite healed from your battle with Itachi...

    Sasuke: Yeah..Though I really didn't expect we'd have such a fight on our hands.
    But now...

    Pa: It appears Ya've mastered toad oil assisted control
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 418
    Shikamaru: "We already know that the Akatsuki don't follow the laws of nature, physics, or logic.
    There have been others who were immortal."

    Glasses chick: "In any case, let's keep hypothesizing...
    ...All possible scenarios until we get reports from the others."

    Sign: Konohagakure Intel Division

    Inoichi: (So many genjutsu blocks... No wonder truth serum didn't work on him.)

    "It's no use... someone's placed blocks inside his mind.
    It's going to be difficult to navigate past them."

    Ibiki: "I suspect it's some jutsu of Pain's or something.
    Be careful. There may be genjutsu traps set in there as well."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 419
    Page 17:
    Bee: Well, that Sharingan dude's probably the toughest fellow I've ever fought.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 423
    Kakashi: His jutsu allows him to pull in or push objects away.
    Similar to the magnetic laws of attraction and repulsion…

    But he can't use this jutsu continuously. He needs a moment to recharge.

    Choji: Everyone else has been taken down! If he can repel all attacks, how do we defeat him?

    Choza: And if his recharging period is really brief… We can't get in close.
    However… if that's our only window…

    Kakashi: I've got an idea… Please work with me.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 425
    Ibiki: Ninja who possess the same eyes as the Six Paths Sage…the legendary Rinnegan-bearing forefather of all shinobi…
    If they truly exist…it would not surprise me that they use all kinds of jutsu…

    ANBU fodders: [Wind Style! Art of the Wind Blade!!]
    [Lightning Style! Four-pillar Trap!!]​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 430

    Gamakichi: Gramps, doesn't he remind you of the two...?
    Fukasaku: Indeed.... (thinking: Naruto-boy has surpassed his predecessors.)​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 440

    Minato: There was a mastermind behind the Nine tails who manipulated him, made him assault the village.​
    Page 9:
    Minato: Quite a formidable shinobi. Someone you need extraordinary strength to stand against and hope to have any chance of defeating.​
    Page 11:
    Minato: Back then...He saw right through all of my moves... He's no ordinary shinobi... In fact, I think he's the one using Pain.​


    Naruto: Lord Fourth… Please tell me…
    What should I do?

    Minato: … You have to find that answer yourself. For even I don't know it.

    Naruto: How am I supposed to do that? Even Pervy Sage… Even you… have no clue how!
    You're all selfish!!

    I'm not smart!
    I'm not a great ninja!!

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 453

    Suigetsu: This Naruto fellow defeated Pain all by himself?
    Zetsu: That's right he has become extremely strong...In fact I think he is stronger than Sasuke right now.


    Black Zetsu: That went well.

    Tobi: Well… I never thought that Nagato would use that Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth that he developed for me, and for such a thing…
    …I can't believe he betrayed me…

    Thus even if Sasuke surpasses Nagato, it is completely meaningless if we can't control him.
    So I have no intention of linking him to the Gedo Statue any time soon. I think it would be wiser to just keep an eye on him.

    Black Zetsu: I can't believe you had actually foreseen the possibility that Nagato might die…

    Tobi: As a precaution… But we've definitely falled off my ideal path. Thanks to Uzumaki Naruto… He's caused our plans to shift.

    Black Zetsu: What next then? Do we go too?

    Tobi: We're done with moving ahead with caution.
    Put a rush on Project Tsuki No Me!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 455

    Naruto: That's when the Fourth Hokage told me... The Akatsuki guy who wears a mask was behind the nine tails mess 16 years ago. He's so strong even the fourth Hokage struggled against him.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 462

    C: Lord Raikage's nerve transmissions and his reaction speed are on par with that of Konoha's yellow flash.....Impressive these folks are keeping up as well as they are. But Lord Raikage has manipulated raiton chakra to augment his reflexes! Not even the sharingan will be able to keep up with him. Plus, there's still...​
    Page 12:
    Tobi: Myths are often based on truths…
    Long ago, the Sage of Six Paths clarified shinobi creed and attempted world peace… His end came before he could fulfill his dream.

    The Sage bequeathed his will and teachings to his two children.

    The older son had been born with the Sage's eyes… granting him chakra powers and mental energy…
    He knew strength was necessary for peace.

    The younger son had been born with the Sage's body… granted him with stamina and physical energy…
    …And he knew love was necessary for peace.

    On his deathbed, the Sage chose a single successor…
    …A decision that created the eternal Curse of Hatred.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 463

    C: He manipulated the black flames?! Changed their chakra form too!! He's even better than Itachi?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 466
    Page 6:
    Sasuke: All my cells hurt... So this is the Susanoo's side effect... If you use it continuously... So much pain, and I haven't even achieved complete possession form yet... How bad was it for Itachi...?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 467
    Karin: "...Where is this?"

    (Sfx: Tak; landing)
    Obito: "Now... Are you finally prepared to listen... ...All?"

    Gaara: "Why are you trying to win Sasuke over?"

    Obito: "Sharingan that actually acquire the Susnano'o are rare... I like to stock good eyes.
    If he battles the Gokage, he'll hone his ocular powers even further... ...Which is why I sent him here.

    I was hoping to weaken the Gokage, take some hostages...
    ...Guess that was too much to ask."

    Mei: "Hostages...? Whatever for?!"

    Obito: "To ensure the smooth fulfullment of Operation Tsuki no me, the eye of the moon!"

    Ohnoki: "I am truly surprised that the infamous Uchiha Madara is still alive...
    But I am also confused... Why do you of all people have to engage in such roundabout tactics?
    With your power, you ought to be able to easily bring any plan to fruition."


    Tobi: The nine Biju, from One Tail to Nine Tails, are merely creatures containing Ten Tails' chakra split up…
    …by the Sage of Six Paths' hand.

    Kankuro: I don't like where this is heading…
    So that's why the Akatsuki were collecting the Biju…

    Tobi: The Sage of Six Paths developed a certain ninjutsu in order to protect the world from Ten Tails…
    …and that ninjutsu is still being secretly passed down to this day. It is the sealing jutsu process of Jinchûriki… The Sage…

    …was Ten Tails' Jinchûriki.
    He sealed Ten Tails within himself to suppress the monster.

    For saving humanity, the Sage was revered like a god.

    But the Sage feared that upon his death, the seal would come undone and Ten Tails' immense chakra would re-emerge.
    So in his final moments, the Sage of Six Paths used the last of his strength to partition the Ten Tails' chakra into nine pieces and scatter them all across the world.

    He sealed away the chakra-less body of the monster and hurled it into the sky.
    And it became the moon.

    Darui: This tale is ridiculous… What human can do such things?

    Tobi: As Ten Tails' Jinchûriki, the Sage of Six Paths had already advanced beyond the realm of humanity.

    Mifune: So you're trying to reassemble those nine separated chakras…
    …in other words, all of the Biju, and obtain that immense, inhuman power. I understand that.
    But… what are you planning to do with that power?

    Tobi: Revive Ten Tails! And become Ten Tails' jinchûriki.
    I wuld then use that power to multiply my ocular powers and launch a certain jutsu.

    Onoki: A certain jutsu?!
    What jutsu?! What are you plotting?!

    Tobi: A super-genjutsu where I project my eye off the Moon's surface.
    An infinite Tsukuyomi…


    Tobi: Eight tails capture failed and he escaped. Now he is a shinobi who is perfect Jinchuriki material.... and he lives up to being your little brother.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 469
    Naruto: What... did you... just say, Sakura?! Did I hear you right...? Maybe say it again...?

    Sakura: Naruto... I said, I love you!
    Sasuke doesn't mean anything to me anymore! I was totally wrong to ever like him in the first place... You ought to listen carefully when a girl confesses her feelings to you!

    Naruto: ...
    But why?... Why tell me...? If this is a joke, it's not funny... Sakura.
    What... is going on...?

    Sakura: Nothing, really. It's just that I finally woke up. I can't continue to love a rogue shinobi, a criminal. I'm not a child anymore... I can separate reality from fantasy.
    So, Naruto... You can forget your promise to me... You can stop chasing Sasuke...

    Naruto: ...

    Yamato: What do you mean...

    Naruto: What's happened to you, Sakura? You just suddenly start liking me...?

    Sakura: I told you, nothing's happened! As for why I fell in love with you, it's obvious...

    Sai: ...

    Kakashi: (Thinking) Sakura... You...

    Sakura: Sasuke just keeps running farther and farther away from me... But you, Naruto... You have always stuck by my side... Cheered me up... And I... finally saw it... Your true self.
    The hero who defended our village... Right now, everyone loves you... I am simply one of them... You used to be a mischievous prankster loser... But now you've become something wonderful and splendid... And I've watched it all happen. Front row seat.
    Meanwhile, Sasuke keeps adding to his crimes... and crushing my heart... Always becoming more of a stranger that I don't recognize.

    Naruto: ...

    Sakura: But, Naruto... I'm able to be close to you, like this... And you give me comfort... So right now, from the bottom of my heart, I truly care...

    Naruto: Quit it, Sakura! This joke is not funny!

    Sakura: What are you so mad about? I just told you I like you instead of Sasuke. You know the saying, right? "Women are as fickle as autumn weather."

    Naruto: I... hate people who lie to themselves!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 470
    Sakura: I'm... lying to myself?

    Naruto: ...

    Sakura: I think I know my own heart. I know how I feel!! If you hate me, just come out and say so!! Don't make some lame excuse.

    Naruto: But it's just weird! You came all the way here just to say this to me?!

    Sakura: Just...?!
    Just?! You think it's so easy for a girl to profess her love?!! And what do you mean, came all the way here?! Of course I'd come all the way here! You're always talking about Sasuke this and Sasuke that, and chasing after Sasuke. Getting yourself into dangerous situations!
    You're the Nine-Tails jinchuuriki, targeted by the Akatsuki! Why don't you worry about your own skin for a change?! You see, I...! I'm trying to tell you that you don't have to chase after Sasuke to the point of putting yourself in danger! I came here to find you because I want you to return to the village right away! That's all!

    Naruto: It just sounds like an excuse. I mean, I get where you're coming from, Sakura.

    Sakura: So why don't you understand? I don't care about Sasuke at all anymore now that he's a criminal! So the promise between us doesn't stand anymore, either!

    Naruto: But it's not just about that promise. Maybe I understand more now... why Sasuke has become obsessed with revenge and is causing so much damage...

    Kakashi: ...

    Naruto: Sasuke really loved his family and his clan... And I think it's because his love is so deep, it's hard for him to forgive.

    Kiba: Then why, after defeating the unforgivable Itachi... did he ally with the Akatsuki?

    Naruto: That's not how it went down... What really happened...

    Kakashi: Naruto!

    Naruto: !

    Sakura: ?

    Kiba, Lee: !!

    Naruto: Anyway, it doesn't matter... Even if there's no promise between us anymore.

    Sakura: !

    Naruto: Cuz I want to rescue Sasuke for my own sake.​

    Page 11:
    Kisame: A pencil whose penetrating power has been enhanced via high frequency oscillations generated by raiton huh. What impressive super vibrations to be even more penetrating than Futon. If it hits me even I could get a hole in me​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 471
    Kisame: (Samehada is so abuzz it's tripping over itself. This chakra volume and quality are off the charts, even compared to earlier!
    He definitely lives up to being just one less than Nine Tails… I'm amazed he can control this much chakra without losing his mind…

    It just won't be able to devour this much chakra…)​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 474
    Sai: That she can't leave Sasuke to continue progressing toward evil. It's because she loves him that she wants to save Sasuke from the path of darkness..

    Even if the only way to do that is to kill the person she loves by her own hand. That is what she has resigned herself to..For having fallen in love with him.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 478

    Sasuke: RAAAAWR!!! (Danzo's Seal Fading) Ugh...
    Danzo: (Thinking) Is that the Susano'o...? It's almost completely different from before!
    Karin: ...! (Thinking) This is Sasuke?! His chakra... He's almost completely different from before!
    Tobi: Good... (Thinking) His rage has matured and gained in power... and his body is merely responding to it... This is going well... To undo the curse mark is impressive...​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 481
    Danzo: No!! You are the Hokage!! There is no greater shinobi in our village!

    Tobirama: My dear Danzo :caticon you have forever been vying with Saru over one thing or another...
    However, what is necessary here is for you to unite and work together as comrades. Do not bring in any personal conflicts.

    Danzo: ...

    Tobirama: That you were late in making your decision is a fact.
    You must first examine and come to understand yourself dispassionately.
    Or else at this rate, you will place your comrades in danger.

    In any case... Danzo, Saru, you need not be so eager at your young age.
    Your day will come eventually. You should... preserve your life until then.


    Sai: Please be quick… It's becoming a rather dire situation.


    Tobi: That was a collateral damage sealing jutsu. It drags you into his corpse, sealing you inside… The jutsu was set to activate at his dying moment.
    That was close…

    Sasuke: Now…
    …Onward to Konoha!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 484
    Sasuke: And your voices sound like they are filled with contempt and jeering to me!!
    I want to change them to shrieks and wails!!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 486
    Tobi: I ought to collect the Rinnegan before the war begins.
    Zetsu: Sasuke's… in a pinch… Whaddya wanna do?

    Naruto: ... We die.
    Sakura: !?
    Kakashi: ...!
    Zetsu: ...?
    Tobi: ...

    Naruto: If you invade Konoha... I will fight you... Until that day, you need to keep your hate in check... And throw it all at me then. I'm the only one who can handle all the hate! Only I can fulfill that duty! I bear the burden of your hate, and I'll die with you!
    Sasuke: ... What is it with you? What do you want?! Why do you keep messing in my business?!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 487
    Kakashi: All right..I'll leave Sasuke to you, Naruto...But...Watch over my body....I'll get rid of Madara right here right now
    Tobi: Don't bother Kakashi. That jutsu won't work on me.
    Kakashi: ...!
    Tobi: Let's go Sasuke.

    Tobi: So what did you want to discuss?
    Sasuke: I want Itachi's eyes.
    Tobi: ...! So you're finally ready. You've overused the Susano'o. I was aware that your vision was almost gone. It's good timing.
    Sasuke: Implant them immediately.
    Tobi: Such a sudden.... change in tune....What's brought this on?
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 488
    Naruto: I'm not gonna protect Sasuke...
    Neji: Sasuke was greatly weakened from his fighst at the Gokage summit.... and against Danzo. Why didn't you just finish him off when you had the chance?
    Sakura: Madara was there, too! It wouldn't have gone that easily...besides which...
    Kiba: That' still no excuse for letting him get away. Naruto you're real strong. You're the hero that too down Pain, remember?! You ought to have been able to...
    Naruto: That's not the point... You can't beat Sasuke just by being strong... Now I know... Inside him is...

    Tobi: You must rest. You must become accustomed to the Mangekyo. It takes time....Does it hurt?
    Sasuke: No. They actually fit quite nicely... I already feel Itachi's occular power. I have already become stronger.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 489
    Naruto: Uzumaki Naruto! C'mon, could ya remember my name already, Giant Gramp's Sage?
    Great Toad Sage: Aah, right! That's right! ...Naruto. My dear Naruto, I have seen a dream involving you. You will soon be meeting an ocotopus.
    Naruto: An octopus?
    Great Toad Sage: I could not see it clearly, but I'm sure those were octopus legs. Afterwards, you will come to battle a lad whose power lies in his eyes...and...
    Naruto: ?...

    Naruto: Yea, I know.
    Fukasaku: What do you mean, you know?
    Great Toad Sage: You...have seen it?
    Naruto: Yeah.
    Great Toad Sage: This lad whose power lies in his eyes. You know who and what he is?
    Naruto: Yup, and I've already made up my mind.
    Great Toad Sage: Gamatora, I also saw a dream where you stored yourself inside Naruto, so you may hand him the key to the Fourth Hokage's Seal.
    Gamatora: All right, but only cause ya said so, Great Lord Elder.

    Naruto: What's this...?

    Gamatora: The key that locks and unlocks the Fourth Hokage's sealing jutsu that's on your belly! With this ya could even let nine tails out to run free. For now, just press your hand down on that square.

    Once ya do, you'll also have a means to perfecting that jutsu Jiraiya told you about.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 490
    Kabuto: Sasuke is merely necessary for part of my research. I desire a living, young Uchiha individual.
    Tobi: ... And if I were to refuse?
    Kabuto: Kushiyose Summoning Edo Tensei!
    Tobi: ...!? Th-that's...!!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 499
    Kurama: (…Isn't this…the Six Paths'…?!)


    Kurama: …You watch out… Naruto…

    Naruto: (…Sorry, Nine Tails… But…

    I promise I won't do wrong by you…

    So just hang in there for a little while.)

    Kushina: You did it, Naruto!

    Naruto: …Yeah…

    Ma, what are you…

    Kushina: Now I can finally join Minato…

    Naruto: …!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 500
    Kushina: The shinobi of Konoha's Senju clan and Uzushio's Uzumaki clan were distant blood relatives.

    Full of shinobi brimming with vitality, Uzushio Village was also known as the Village of Longevity.
    The clanfolk excelled at sealing jutsu. But they were also a bit savage.

    The tetragram seal on your belly was based on a jutsu originally developed by my village.
    I taught it to Minato, your father, along with other sealing jutsu.

    Naruto, that symbol on the back of your jacket…
    …is the crest of Uzushiogakure Village.

    It symbolizes to this day the camaraderie between Konoha and Uzushio…


    Kushina: Do you know about the battle between the first hokage lord senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara? It was during that battle that in order to lend strength to lord Hashirama who had obtained the Nine tails....Lady Mito sealed the Nine tails inside herself using sealing Jutsu and became the nine tails' Jinchuuriki.

    Ever since, Konoha has possessed Nine Tails…
    When Lady Mito approached the end of her life, I was brought in to become Nine Tails' next vessel.

    Naruto: They weren't even treating you like a person?!

    Kushina: I was brought to Konoha without being told the truth.
    Of course, I was completely shocked when I found out.

    Everything was top secret.
    The only ones who knew were Lord Third and a few of the elders. Not even the Three Great Shinobi knew.


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    Naruto Chapters 501–600

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 502
    Hiruzen: All right! Let's go too!!

    Minato: (I've got to alert Lord Third right away about what's going on…)


    Minato: Are you Uchiha Madara? But no... It's not possible... He's dead.
    Tobi: Hmm... I wonder about that...
    Minato: In the end, it doesn't matter who you are... But why attack Konoha?
    Tobi: It seems... whimsical... But also somewhat planned... For the sake of the war... But also for the sake of peace.
    Minato: ... (Thinking) Either way... He's not ordinary! He can control Nine Tails. His teleportation ninjutsu surpasses both the Second Lord's and mine.. And his got some dangerous ideology... If I don't settle this, we'll have bigger problems than Nine Tails.

    Minato: (Thinking) With this much power, I've got to carefully choose where I redirect his attacks...
    Chouza: The jutsu that deflected Nine Tails' attack... that was a teleportation barrier!
    Shikaku: It's got to be Minato!


    Minato: "Are you Uchiha Madara?"

    SFX: FSH

    Minato: "But no... It's not possible... He's dead."

    Obito: "Hmm... I wonder about that..."

    Minato: "In the end, it doesn't matter who you are... But why attack Konoha?"

    Obito: "It seems whimsical... But also somewhat planned... For the sake of war... But also for the sake of peace."

    Minato: "..."

    Minato: [Either way... He's not ordinary! He can control the Nine tails. His teleportation ninjutsu surpasses both the second Lord's and mine... And he's got some dangerous idealogy...

    If I don't settle this, we'll have bigger problems than nine tails.]


    Minato: (If I transport myself to the village... he'll come to the battlefield with me... it'll be chaos...
    If he's anything like Madara, he shouldn't be able to maintain Nine Tails in real space for that long...
    I have to entrust the village to the Third Lord... and just take this guy down right here, right now!!)

    Tobi: Gak!! (Thinking) He transported himself to the position of his kunai!!
    Minato: Flying Raijin, Level 2.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 503
    Tobi: (Ugh!

    Flying Raijin Jutsu!! He must have planted symbols on me!!)


    Minato: (Kushina… Forgive me…)

    Hold Nine Tails down!

    Gamabunta: That's gonna be tough, even for me!

    Minato: I'm going to need a lot of chakra to transport such a large object away!


    Minato: I've got to erect a barrier right away...! (Thinking) But not much chakra left...
    Kushina: ... I can still... do it... Minato...


    Minato: I'm going to seal the rest of your chakra inside Naruto. It'll be part of an eight-signed seal.

    And then I'll take the Nine Tails with me…
    …with the sealing jutsu that I can do, not being a jinchûriki…
    …the Shikifûjin Reaper Death seal!

    Kushina: …!
    But… that jutsu results in the caster's death…

    Minato: Furthermore… I'm only going to seal away half of the Nine Tails…
    Partly because it's physically impossible to seal such a large volume of power…
    …but also because it's not strategically wise…

    If you take the Nine Tails with you, there will be no jinchûriki until he reemerges, and the Biju balance will be upset, which isn't good.
    With the Reaper Death seal, we can at least seal away half of Nine Tails forever. And the other half…

    Jiraiya (flashback): Perhaps… you're the child of prophecy…

    Minato (flashback): Huh? The what?

    Jiraiya (flashback): In the future… terrible things are likely to befall the shinobi world.

    And the savior that shall emerge is this child of prophecy…
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 504
    Minato: I said I was his father… Dying for him is my right.

    Kushina: I'm his mother. It's my right too!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 505
    Bee: "Was that teleportation Jutsu...? First at bat, quite a smash♪
    That was just like...

    ...The Yellow Flash!♪
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 506
    Kisame: Your fist moves through the air so fast that the friction causes flames to erupt… A taijutsu that destroys one's opponent via both those flames and the shock wave of punched air!

    You really are a beast… A shinobi this skilled in taijutsu is rare! Although I have known two others…

    Gai: Perhaps I am a beast, a blue beast!
    This next taijutsu is a special single-blow attack that even my last move doesn't come close to!! Hardly anyone has ever seen it...

    Kisame: (Impressive, that his blue chakra pushes aside the water…)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 509
    Tobi: I was also the one who gave Nagato the Rinnegan.

    Konan: …?!!

    Tobi: So perhaps it would be more correct for me to as for it back

    But never mind… IMO you're just an ignorant little girl who knows nothing…
    …except for…the location of Nagato's Rinnegan…

    Once I capture you, I'll have my way.
    Do not mock Uchiha ocular powers, girlie!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 510

    Tobi: The Izanagi…
    An Uchiha forbidden jutsu where, in exchange for losing sight in that eye, a user can tie illusion and reality together…

    An ocular jutsu that only those that possess both Uchiha and Senju powers can perform!

    Konan: Both Uchiha and Senju powers…?
    But that's… Six Paths power… You don't have…

    Tobi: Heh heh… We were once comrades…so I guess you deserve to know that little bit of my history…


    The Izanagi jutsu is simply the practical application of what you already know as the Sage of Six Paths' Creation of All Things.

    The Uchiha and Senju were once one.
    Their originator, the Sage of Six Paths, possessed the blood and powers of both, and created many things.

    Inton, Shadow Style power, founded upon mental energies that govern imagination…
    …can be used to create form out of naught.

    And Yôton, Light Style power, founded upon physical energies that govern life…
    …can be used to instill life into that form.

    The Biju are but one example…
    The Sage used the powers of Shadow and Light Styles to create the nine Biju from Ten Tails' chakra.

    Jutsu that can make fantasy reality…

    That is the Izanagi.


    Konan: Who… What… are you…?

    Tobi: The world believes that Uchiha Madara lost to Senju Hashirama… but what is the real truth?
    Victors are those that look and plan ahead. The true contest is just beginning…
    I only engaged in our previous battle so I could acquire his powers.

    I am Uchiha Madara. And I possess the power of Senju Hashirama!
    I am unique. I am the second Sage of Six Paths!

    Heh heh… There have been a few who managed an incomplete Izanagi, but they were unable to truly control the power of Hashirama.


    Obito: "You'll be seeing Nagato soon."


    "When you do, you and he can discuss... ...Ad nausem how you both fell for Naruto's foolish dreams."

    Obito: "There is no such thing as true peace! No hope!

    Nagato was pathetic to believe in Naruto!"

    Konan: [This can't be]

    Yahiko: [Nagato is the viaduct to peace. I will be the pillar that supports that viaduct.]

    Nagato: [Yahiko is the viaduct to peace. That is, his will itself is.]

    [Seems this is the end for me... Naruto... I believe you of all people... Can...]

    Obito: "The never-ending Amegakure rain is letting up...? What's going on?"

    Konan: "Yahiko! Nagato! ...Their wills shall not be extinguished!

    I too believe in Naruto!

    That he..."


    Konan: !!


    Obito: "You called me darkness."

    Konan: "Ugh... Unh..."


    Obito: "Well then, I shall wilt you... ...And... Cause this sparkling rainbod bridge of yours... To fade in the darkness as well.

    When I have finished casting this genjutsu, you shall be finished too. ...After I've made you spill the location of the Rinnegan first, that is..."


    Tobi: You… were the third Sage of the Six Paths…
    You exerted so much power that your red hair—proof of your Uzumaki clan lineage—turned white…


    You betrayed me! And still you laugh at me…?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 512
    Kabuto: The First Hokage clone known as Yamato is always at Nine Tails Naruto's side.
    I want him for my experiments.

    If I can't get him, I can make do with Zetsu. You don't mind sharing a piece of him, do you?
    It won't delay Ten Tails' resurrection in the slightest?


    Tobi: You seem to be very informed.
    Orochimaru kept you full of stolen intel…


    Kabuto: So this…
    …is the Gedo Statue.

    Tobi: Down here.

    Kabuto: !
    This is…!

    Tobi: Yes.
    It's alive…


    Tobi: First Hokage Senju Hashirama.

    Or rather, something replicated from living cells that I stole from him during that infamous battle.
    It has no consciousness. But that doesn't matter.

    What I want to show you is much further below…​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 514
    Onoki: He didn't go after Nine Tails and Eight Tails…
    It's hard to tell whether he was looking for any hostages to interrogate or wanted that Wood Style user in particular…

    But either way, we'll have to worry about an intel leak!

    Aoba: Master Yamato is not that easily broken, sir!!

    Onoki: That's not the issue.

    Aoba: ?

    Onoki: He's up against Madara, he of the powerful ocular jutsu.
    No matter how strong Yamato's will, it's no match.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 518
    Sasori: You attached your strings to mine and reeled me in…
    Your string-handling skills have improved some… Kankuro.

    Kankuro: While it does tickle me to be praised by you, a Red secret technique performer…
    I, of the Black secret technique, am the better player now.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 519
    Bee: It's easy to achieve Biju state. But when still human, the change in form is difficult, almost impossible!
    If you add rotation, that makes it more plausible!!

    Naruto: But… it's not working as well as my regular Rasengan…

    Bee: Biju chakra is composed of positive black chakra and negative white chakra and their ratio is the key!

    When you're compressing it, make the white to black ratio two to eight and it'll form a sphere!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 520
    Kabuto: Unusual abilities such as the Six Paths Rinnegan and Itachi's Sharingan are restored as well.

    It's just that… I could not locate Uchiha Shisui's body anywhere. And Jiraiya's was too deep undersea, at a water pressure intolerable to human intrusion.
    However, perhaps there is still enough of their personal information material remaining in Danzo's right eye and the six Pains' weapons, respectively…

    Tobi: Don't push your luck…

    Kabuto: …Well, never mind then… I suppose I have enough pawns for now…​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 525
    Ay: ? Where? What's going on?

    Gengetsu: My, my. A friendly reunion of past adversaries. Wait, I don't know you.


    Mu: This is a foul jutsu of the Second Hokage. Recalling the dead from the underworld and enslaving them. I was forced to summon you all here.


    Gengetsu: The dead?! What do you mean?!

    Mu: Have you forgotten? I killed you. You've been dead for a long time, Second Mizukage.

    Gengetsu: Aah, yes.

    But, wait!! You also died that day! I killed you–

    Mu: Never mind that now. Listen to me. Where's the Second Hokage?
    I don't sense him anywhere. But I sense someone else.

    A chakra that feels the same as this newcomer,
    and an army.

    Ay: I know you. You're…

    Rasa: I'm the Fourth Kazekage.
    My predecessors have told me of your exploits.


    By my time, the Second Hokage was long deceased, but…
    there was one who had mastered the Edotensei Jutsu. Orochimaru.


    Ao: Who are these two?! They have Nine Tails' chakra! Incredible!

    Ay: Gah!! There's no mistake, it's the Gold and Silver brothers of Kumogakure!!

    If that's true, I must join the ranks on the battlefield myself!

    Shikaku: Please reconsider, sir! You're the supreme commander of the Allied Shinobi forces, Lord Raikage!
    The supreme commander must remain safe and continue to give orders until the final stages of the war! That is your responsibility toward your charges.

    Tsunade: (Even Dan has been revived?)


    Tsunade: The Second Tsuchikage is no ordinary shinobi. In fact, only the Fencesitter can face him.

    Shikaku: Not ordinary?

    Ay: He possesses a Kekkei Touta, a heritable trait more powerful than Kekkei Genkai.

    Shikaku: Kekkei Touta!
    But I thought you we the only wielder, Third Tsuchikage! Not the Second as well!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 526
    Darui: [Lightning Style! Black Panther!!]

    Fodder A: Black lightning!

    Fodder B: Lord Raikage only ever let Captain Darui get a 雷 tattoo!


    Ginkaku: Pitiful! Snared by the Second Hokage, when we beat him before, eh, Kinkaku?

    Darui: I'm sorry to cause you shame, Lords Kinkaku and Ginkaku. It's hard for me as well to dishonor those who've been sung as "two rays of light among the clouds."

    Kinkaku: Ginkaku, Look! This kid bears the Third's lightning mark! He might be able to give us a good fight.

    Darui: I'm sorry for the disrespect, great senpai, but I'm going to have to shame you both a bit more.
    I might even end up stripping you of your gold and silver…

    …with my Storm Style!
    You'll be so drab!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 527
    Tsunade: Calm down, Raikage. You're the supreme commander, remember?

    Ay: You don't know how fearsome the Gold & Silver brothers truly are.

    They're the worst criminals in all of Kumogakure history.

    A while back, on the occasion of the formal ceremony to cement our alliance with Konoha…
    …they staged a coup, launching surprise attacks against both the Second Raikage and Second Hokage.


    Tsunade: They wielded the five treasured tools of the Sage of Six Paths. They drove the Second Hokage to the brink of death.
    But I'd never heard that they possessed Nine Tails' chakra.

    Ay: Apparently Kumogakure tried to capture Nine Tails.
    Nine Tails then devoured the Gold & Silver brothers.

    But they were so unruly that Nine Tails finally couldn't stand it anymore and vomited them both back up.
    Since then, they've both borne Nine Tails' chakra. They were inside Nine Tails for more than two weeks.

    Tsunade: That's quite a far-fetched tale.

    Ay: No ordinary human can wield those treasured tools. They drain such a massive volume of chakra that most who try die.
    But they are now more like monsters, with infused chakra of the nine-tailed beast!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 529
    Shikamaru: (So we're supposed to fight this legendary monster Kinkaku who once messed up the Second Hokage! Bothersome.)​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 530
    SFX: SHOOM (TenTen's fall)
    SPLASH (Landing on water)
    TenTen: !

    SFX: SLOSH x3 (Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji running on water)
    Ino/Shikamaru/Chouji: !

    Chouji: "That's...!"

    Kakuzu: "Long time no see, Ino-Shika-Cho brats."

    Shikamaru: "You are Kakuzu?

    We've taken the Kin, the Shogi gold general.
    We know the moves of the Kaku, the Shogi bishop. We know how to take you down too!"

    Kakuzu: "So, shadow brat, you took down Hidan?

    Did you chop off his head while he was meditating again?
    I'm assuming since you don't have his body that he's not actually dead, though."


    Ino: "Who cares if he's dead or alive?!!"

    Kakuzu: "So I'm on defense, with no Hisha, my rook, and my gold and silver generals also taken?"

    SFX: ZWOP... (Removes heart)
    SFX: BADUMP BADUMP (Heartbeat)
    Kakuzu: (And this one makes it five.)

    Shikamaru: "He's got five hearts. That means we have to take him down five times!"

    Kakuzu: "I think it's time for me to get started in true Kaku mode."

    SFX: ZLURRP (Monsters exiting)
    SFX: SNAP x7 (Body tearing)
    Kakuzu: "Aaargh!!"


    Kakuzu: "...Your former teacher, son of the third Hokage, Sarutobi Asuma!"

    Ino: !

    Shikamaru: !!

    Chouji: "Master Asuma!!!"

    SFX: TAK x2 (Jumping)
    Kakuzu: "So you're not the only ones who've taken your opponent's pieces.
    There are still more!"
    SFX: TAK x2 (Jumping)

    SFX: BOOM (Chouza's staff)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 539
    Nagato: We were both being used.
    They only kept us around for our ocular powers.

    Itachi: With your Six Paths' power, the Rinnegan, and my Mangekyo Sharingan,
    we could do anything, Pain.

    Our reanimator will use my ocular jutsu soon.

    Nagato: Itachi, you have always been wrapped in darkness.
    Even when you were within the Akatsuki.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 540
    Shikaku: Someone from the outside must be using some sort of control genjutsu.


    Ao: Uchiha Itachi is the only one I know of who would be undetectable by my sensory unit, yet still be able to manipulate with genjutsu.
    But wide-scale controlling of this many individuals in multiple locations simultaneously is impossible even for Itachi!

    Inoichi: !
    Hold on! I'm getting a report from the medical unit!
    It's White Zetsu impersonating Allied Forces shinobi.
    They're able to mirror chakra imprints!

    Shikaku: Of course!

    Inoichi: Any shinobi that the Zetsu units absorbed chakra from during the battle could be a sleeper agent!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 541
    Tsunade: (Nine Tails Chakra Mode is able to match the Raikage's speed!)

    Ay: There is no shinboi faster than me.
    Ever since the Fourth Hokage died!

    Naruto: !
    You knew my pa?!

    Ay: We exchanged blows several times.
    A noble man. A finer shinobi never lived.

    One of Konoha's Three Great Shinobi, Jiraiya…
    …called him a child of prophecy, a savior.

    But even so, with all his power, why do you think he is not here today to help stop this crisis?
    Because he underestimated the danger of the tailed beasts!
    You are his son. And you have learned nothing from his sacrifice?

    You talk of uncertain outcomes.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 542
    Bystanders:Another failure. This rampage, eight victims.

    Eight Tails is much more difficult to contain than Two Tails.

    How much longer will we have to go through this?

    Isn't he the next jinchûriki? That child?


    Ay: Bee, we've got a long way to go before the Double Lariat is where we need it to be!
    I'm still toning down my strength to match yours, you gotta get stronger!

    Bee: I-I know— F-fool, ya fool, yo~

    Ay: Don't ever call me a fool, little bro!!
    You want the iron claw then!! Here!!

    Bee: NOOOO!!!

    I'll be stronger than you someday~
    Then I'll win when we play~

    Ay: Double Lariat requires our strength to be equal!
    So go ahead, get more powerful than me. Then you'll just have to tone your strength down!!

    Bee: Oh, I will~ and I'll get stroner still~

    Ay: Gwahahahaha!! Such delusions will have to wait until you've honed your Lariat!


    Cloud fodder: Th- that blond hair! Teleportation jutsu!
    It's the Yellow Flash?! Retreat!

    Ay: So it's him.
    The shinobi that stopped our Nine Tails recovery!

    Minato: And you're Unruly Ay, son of Kumogakure's Third Raikage.
    I've heard you're quite fast yourself.

    Bee: We can take him, the two of us, bro, fool, ya fool!


    Minato: You're brave.
    You overcome being the Eight Tales jinchûriki to be your own ninja.

    Ay: Humph! He's more talented than even I!

    Minato: No. It's more than that.
    He already has something even more important.

    Ay: Hunh?!

    Minato: Ay, your lineage is strong.
    I suspect that the next time we meet, we'll be fighting as one Kage against another.
    But if you don't figure out soon what your little brother considers most precious to him…
    … he won't be jinchûriki or even human.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 543
    Bee: I'm prepared to engage in a mutual strike!
    So shall we stab each other, death by spike?!

    Minato: I'm growing fond of you, enemy.
    You've definitely got the moves of a shinobi killer.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 544
    Ay: Heh. My attack was simply a test.
    You're only the second to have ever outrun my fastest punch.

    Naruto: …!

    Ay: We have a savior after all.
    It's you.

    Go forth.

    Naruto: Yessir!!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 545
    Tobi: (If Kisame's intel is correct…
    Naruto has the same ability as the wife of the First Hokage, Mito. He can sense encroaching danger.

    Naruto will have no choice.
    He'll have to battle White Zetsu.)

    All according to plan.
    Today Senju's Will of Fire shall be extinguished.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 547
    Rasa: You're no longer a jinchûriki?!
    What do you mean?

    Gaara: Those that control you removed Shukaku from me, and it killed me.
    Granny Chiyo and her friends revived me.

    Rasa: Granny Chiyo?!
    You said friends?!

    You have friends?!

    Gengetsu: You think your son would just be alone?
    Kids have friends.

    Gaara: Six times you tried to kill me, father. Each time I was more afraid of you.
    But I don't hate you. I even understand why you did it.


    Gengetsu: What you lack in eyebrows you make up for with charisma! I'm just the same!

    Mu: Uh, so what about your mini goatee, then, Mizukage?

    Ay: He's your son, eh. He's a good shinobi.

    Gengetsu: OK, I'll cheer you on if you're going to start killing someone, start with the mummy!


    Rasa: He's too small. A premature birth. Are you sure he'll make it?

    Chiyo: He's adapting.

    This is our third child. So far he's the only one that's compatible.
    His upbriging will require great care.

    Kurara: Let me see my baby's face.

    Rasa: Are you all right, Kurara?!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 548
    Gengetsu: Hey! Don't underestimate my jutsu! You seriously need to stand back!!
    Here are my weaknesses!

    I'm a Shadow Style ninja. And my summoning creature is…

    …a giant clam!!


    Ay: I'm Lighning Style!
    Attack me with your Earth Style ninja!!

    Temari: Thanks for the intel! Any more detail for me?!

    Ay: My body moves of its own accord! There's no time for more talk!

    Onoki: Don't count the old man out just yet!!
    [Stone Doppelganger Jutsu]


    Nagato: No way.

    Itachi: Are they close?

    Nagato: I feel nostalgic.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 549
    Nagato: Nice move, Naruto!

    Naruto: I'm a lot stronger now than when I fought Pain!

    Itachi: You'll have to take care of Sasuke.

    Naruto: I was always gonna!

    Itachi: I was right to believe you could finish this.


    Itachi: "Behind you."

    Bee: "Got it!!"​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 550
    Kabuto: I underestimated him. Uchiha Itachi is clearly different! He resisted the Edo Tensei.
    Itachi: Success!
    Nagato: Ah. I see.

    ItachiEasy. I'm no longer being controlled. I used a new genjutsu against this enemy jutsu. The Edo Tensei is undone. This genjutsu orders me to protect Konoha. That crow it emerges in response to my Mangekyo Sharingan. Juts in case...
    B: What do you mean?
    Itachi: It's implanted in the Crow's eye.
    Kabuto: It's his eye! Th-There's only one genjutsu that can do that.
    Itachi: Uchiha Shisui's Mangekyo Sharingan. The ultimate genjutsu Koto Amatsukami! The genjutsu restored my control. The Mangekyo had already worn off though.
    Naruto: Uchiha Shisui?
    B: You name checking the Uchiha's most powerful genjutsu user, Shisui the Teleporter?
    Itachi: Shisui's ocular powers are unique. They create a powerful genjutsu that allows you to control someone without them realizing. I programmed the genjutsu... to protect Konoha into Shisui's eye. I put the command in the crow's eye and then gave the crow to you, Naruto. I never realized of course, that I'd be using it against myself someday.
    Naruto: Why'd you have that eye and why'd you give it to me?
    Itachi: ... True shinobi do not seek glory. They protect from the shadows. That is the mark of a true ninja. Shisui taught me that.

    Itachi: You said you consider Sasuke a brother. I knew you were the only one who could stop Sasuke. I knew Sasuke would at least try to put my eyes into himself. He wanted that true power, the Eternal Mangekyo. The crow was set to emerge from you when coming into contact with my eyes. The crow would cast the Koto Amatsukami to protect Konoha upon Sasuke. That was my plan.
    B: ... Why didn't you just use Shisui's eye to cast that jutsu upon Sasuke from the get-go?!
    Itachi: I couldn't. Not then. It takes 10-plus years for Shisui's Mangekyo to reactivate. Unless you possess Senju Hashirama's chakra. I had to concentrate on what my death would do to Sasuke.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 551
    Naruto: Duh! Right!
    Absorption jutsu! I'm so stupid!

    Nagato! But what's this jutsu? Tell me!

    (He's got total hold of me!)

    Nagato: (Jigokudo!)


    Naruto: !!

    (Wait! It's reviver Pain's jutsu)
    What's he doing?!

    Kabuto: (I'm going to have Ningendo extract their souls and kill them off.
    He'll hide their bodies and souls using the Jigokudo, bring them back to me, then revive them.

    I can make the two jinchûriki mine without Madara discovering what I'm up to.
    Now, what other tricks can he do again?)

    Naruto: My life force? No way!
    I'm getting weak. Not good!


    Itachi: So I suspect destroying it is the answer. All three of us need to simultaneously unleash out most powerful long-distance ninjutsu at that core!
    Naruto: But I can't aim well under these circumstances!
    Itachi: Don't worry. It'll hir even if you don't aim at all. This tactic takes advantage of the core's too-strong gravitational pull. Every jutsu has a weak point! You just have to find it!
    B: Ok!!
    Naruto: That was fast!! All right, me too!!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 552
    Kabuto: (Thinking) Nagato! He's not mobile enough. I thought the synchronized sight of the Kuchiyose Rinnegan would help. But Itachi uses blind spots to hit his targets with kunai!! There's no way to get out of the line of fire! (Aloud) I guess... I'm going to have to bring out my special reserve!


    Gengetsu: Hey, I told you not to attack this me!!
    This me is a mirage!

    Fodder: So what should we do?!

    Gengetsu: First, you need to defeat my giant clam!


    The clam's creating the mirages?!


    Gengetsu: No! Will you listen?! I keep telling you!
    That clam is also a mirage, fools!!
    You have to go after the real one!!!

    Fodder: All right!! But where is the real one, eh?!

    Gengetsu: Like I said, he's hiding somewhere behind me, using the mirage as a cover!!

    Gah! I said it's no use attacking this me!!

    Fodder: Er, I was actually aiming at the clam behind you.
    Argh, I'm so confused!!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 553
    Page 10
    Temari: Our only choice is to batter him with consecutive, top-speed blade dance...!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 555
    Kabuto: (His invincible spear shall pierce through Naruto's arms and legs for sure!
    I shall have him brought back to me half dead…)

    Naruto: (This sage mode Frog Pair.. has a wider danger-sensing range, and it's faster!
    I just need to get out of the way really fast!)​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 561
    Kabuto: "So this is Six paths' power... Magnificent."

    Madara: "Heh. This landscape brings back so many memories."

    Madara: (Sfx: Grrr)

    "...Kabuto, was it...?
    How much do you really know... About me?"

    Kabuto: "This is just a guess... But back when you battled the first Hokage Hashirama in the final valley...

    ...You did not die.

    ...On that day...

    ...The skirmish you may have lost to the first hokage...

    ...But you gained a piece of Hashirama's power in return.

    Am I wrong?"


    (Sfx: fsh)
    (Sfx: Unh?)

    Madara: "Aah, thats why I can see what's coming so well. You are also aware of our plan, then?"

    Kabuto: "Not really. Remember, I am your ally...

    ...While i do not know if that fake Madara intends to carry out your plan exactly."

    Madara: ...

    Kabuto: "By the way... There are still some survivors here and there... The Tsuchikage and Kazekage are especially persistent...

    What should we do?"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 562
    Katsuyu: Lady Tsunade!

    Tsunade: Mabui, right? Prepare your ethereal transmission jutsu and come with me!

    Mabui: The ethereal transmission jutsu is for transporting objects! It's not like Kuchiyose Summoning and reverse Kuchiyose Summoning - it's not meant for people! Really!!

    Tsunade: There's no time to debate fine points! We won't know until we try it, eh!

    Mabui: We DO know! The transmission rate is so fast that the body cannot keep up, and one just comes out torn apart and dead on the other side!


    Mabui: The only one who has ever successfully travelled using this jutsu is the third Raikage!

    Mabui: And only then because of his extra tough physique! Perhaps it WOULD be possible for the fourth Raikage, being of the third lords blood, but certainly not for you, Lady Hokage!

    Shikaku: I've got an idea... The Flying Rajin Jutsu. We could summon Genma's platoon here... put jutsu formulae on a Katsuyu that Mabui then transmits...

    Katsuyu: Since I have the ability to survive being split in to pieces...

    Tsunade: No need! I'll use THIS!


    Mizukage: "Instantaneous transportation... Wasn't that the fourth Hokage's jutsu?"

    Gemna: "We three shinobi were formerly part of the fourth hokage's personal guard platoon... And now the fifth's...
    The fourth hokage taught us his flying Raijin jutsu!"

    Raido: "Unlike the fourth hokage, who can do it alone, however, it takes all three of us to do it.
    Sorry about the close quarters..."

    Chojuro: "Lady Mizukage, please go take Madara down hard!!
    I'll defend this place to my last, as one of the Seven ninja swordsmen!"

    Mizukage: ...
    (...This boy... He's grown so much since leaving the village...)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 571
    Page 2-3
    Kakashi: Fool! If you do that, you'll die!

    Gai: Yes, but...!!​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 572
    Sage: "I will not live much longer.

    "Shukaku, Mataabi, Isobu, Songoku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, and Kurama...

    Even if you are far apart, you will always be together, and eventually, the day will come when you will be united again..."


    Each of you with a unique name... And a different form than before.

    And unlike when you were inside me, you shall be led properly. I hope you learn what true strengh is... ...Before that time..."​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 574
    Suigetsu: Heh Heh! I would love to break those two losers up for good!

    I want to break everything in two!

    I can't help it!!

    Jūgo: // You're reprehensible, you know that?

    Suigetsu: !

    Suigetsu: Humph...

    But Sasuke is the most reprehensible of all!

    Suigetsu: // I HATE YOU ALL!

    I lead you idiots to water!

    And you just splash it in my face instead of drinking!

    Jūgo: GAAAAR!!



    White Zetsu: ...It's war...take...down...the enemy...

    Sasuke: So Tobi's launched things.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 575
    Tsunade: Everyone, beware of the pollen! Don't inhale any!

    (Not just Deep Forest Emergence, but the Deep Forest Bloom as well…
    …How dare Kabuto…!)

    Kabuto: (There is no shinobi alive who is as powerful as the First Hokage Senju Hashirama.
    In fact, many doubt that his power was ever as strong as legends say. Just like they think the Sage of Six Paths' power was also a fairy tale.

    It's time to show them all they are wrong!)


    Madara: "But your step is still too shallow."

    A: "..Is that... the first Hokage's face...?!"

    Tsunade: "I didn't want to believe it, but... That's why he's able to perform Wood Style!"

    Kabuto: ("Heh heh... And this is far different from what Lord Orochimaru developed with Danzo. The first Hokage was even more powerful than Madara. This fusion of both will be my ultimate weapon!!

    No one can stop this Edotensei...!!")​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 576
    Madara: He could heal wounds without weaving a single sign.
    He was the ultimate shinobi.

    I fought a real life and death battle against him.

    This is nothing.

    Even if you are a descendant of Hashirama, what can you do?​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 577
    Madara: "You think you can beat me with Hashirama's will of fire?

    Power is not will. Power is only the ability to make things happen."

    Dumbass: You're wrong!
    SFX: Shup
    "The will of the dead shows its power in those they left behind!

    I used that will to develop my medical ninjutsu. It's how I became a Medic ninja. It's how I found medical law!
    SFX: Shup shup

    Dumbass: "Rule one: A medic ninja will not stop trying to heal a member till that ninjas's dying breath.
    SFX: Shhf...

    Rule two: A medic ninja shall never go to the frontline!

    Rule three: A medic ninja should always be the last of their platoon to die!

    This is what I teach my students. But there is actually one more rule!"


    Tsunade: Rule four: a medic ninja who masters the art of mitotic generation...
    ...100 Healings, may break the first three laws!

    Other Kage: !

    Madara: ...100 Healings...?
    Never heard of it...


    Tsunade: It is a forbidden jutsu that only applies to me.
    I am the only medic ninja allowed to do battle!!

    Madara: The particle style jutsu may have dissipated the pollen...
    But the addition of a single medic ninja won't change anything...

    Tsunade: Four wasn't working, so we'll try five!
    I am not an ordinary medic ninja!

    Madara: She's slower than the Raikage.
    ...But her power, greater.


    Madara: You certainly aren't weak, woman.
    But if you step in and die here, then all the others die because of you.
    Since you'll not be able to heal them.

    Tsunade: That's if I die.

    Madara: Hashirama...I don't know what you left them...
    ...But this...this falls far short your abilities.
    You should have taught your underlings how to resurrect themselves like me.
    All that's really left of you is the life force of your cells that cling to me.


    Tsunade: You're already dead...
    Don't spread any more hate!!


    Ei/Onoki/Gaara/Mei: !!

    Madara: Hashirama's dopple-ganger!
    My ocular powers made me the only shinobi...
    ...To ever see through that powerful ruse.
    Now...For the rest of you Kage!


    Dan: "Do not underestimate Madara!"

    Your only hope at stopping him is to stop the one who cast the Edotensei!!"

    Chouza: "...Madara... Is that powerful of a shinobi?

    Even against the five Kage facing him?"

    Dan: "The only shinobi who can bring him down...

    ...Is the late first Lord Hokage!"

    Chouza: "..."

    Dan: "My guard and my barrier maintainer stay here. Everyone else, go after the Edotensei caster! What has HQ been doing about it?!"

    Chouza: "They've been devoting their energy to it, but we've had no good intel..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 578
    Madara: Regeneration without weaving signs...I see, so that's the true nature of your jutsu that is rule four...
    It's just like Hashirama's ability...

    Tsunade: I'd hoped to catch you off guard with that, but...

    Madara: You can't kill me with my own jutsu.

    Onoki: Particle Style! Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!!


    Tsunade: I have a question for you...

    Madara: ?

    Tsunade: Yes, you outwitted the five of us with your wood doppleganger.
    But from another angle, you could say we managed to corner you into having to substitute a doppleganger for yourself.

    Madara: ...
    Well, there is just one of me against the five of you...

    Mei: That's because we must win, no matter what!
    Don't call us cowards or say we're being unfair...
    For in truth, it is a testament to your might!
    You are Uchiha Madara!

    Madara: I won't call you cowards.
    Five-to-one...It's actually quite a nice ratio for games.
    Art of Multiple Wood Dopplegangers!!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 579
    Kabuto: Susano'o, eh?!

    Itachi: Too aggressive, Sasuke! Remember don't kill him!

    Sasuke: He has the power of Orochimaru!

    He's not going to die easy!

    Itachi: Sasuke!

    The hood!


    Itachi: Be careful, Sasuke.

    There are pieces of his chakra everywhere...and no telling which of them is the real him.

    Kabuto: It's the ability to transform one's flesh into liquid.

    To detach and separate using one's own life substance...that's why it looks like a shed.

    I've applied the Hozuki clan's flesh transforming ability to this technique.

    You know who I mean, right? Suigetsu.

    He can transform from human to water...back to human again.

    I could always recuperate quickly.

    A healing technique that I studied from the body of of a woman originally from the Uzumaki clan...


    Kabuto: ...someone you're quite familiar with...Karin.

    Sasuke: ...Karin is Uzumaki?

    Kabuto: A special trait of those with Uzumaki blood flowing through their veins is their red hair...

    ...and their life force is as tenacious as a cockroach's.

    Now then...that leaves one last member of your little team...

    or...perhaps you are no longer comrades...?

    Sasuke: ...

    Kabuto: At any rate, you have quite the expert eye to have chosen those three...
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 587
    Itachi: I'm going to keep him trapped so it's easier for me to cast my original genjutsu on him.

    Sasuke: So... Kabuto's trapped now? In your loop?
    And that's the Izanami...?

    When did you cast it?

    Itachi: The first time Kabuto stabbed me with that blade.

    Sasuke: (All the way back then, huh?)

    So how? How can ocular jutsu work without eyesight?

    Itachi: The Izanami is an ocular jutsu that works with the physical senses of yourself and your opponents.

    Sasuke: The physical senses of two people?


    First panel: The Izanagi is obviously an invaluable jutsu // It was most handy in huge battles that the Uchiha clan could not afford to lose.

    Second panel: But there's a bigger risk than just vision loss to a jutsu that allows the caster to choose their own ending. // Most who used it couldn't handle it and abused the power they held.

    Third panel: If there was only one Izanagi user, it was no problem. // But when there were two or more, there could be endless reworkings of any given situation.

    Fourth panel: That's what the Izanami was designed to stop.

    Last panel: Normal vision-based genjutsu is powerless against ocular powers.


    Itachi: Once one accepts the original outcome and stops trying to run from it, the loop will stop.
    This jutsu guides you toward accepting your fate... instead of relying on jutsu to change it.

    But a jutsu that has an escape is too dangerous to use in actual combat.
    That's why the Izanami is a forbidden jutsu.

    If Kabuto stops trying to transform he can stop the loop.

    Sasuke: ...

    Why bother casting this on Kabuto?
    He could still escape.

    Itachi: He reminds me of the old me.

    I thought I could accomplish anything.
    I thought I was unstoppable.​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 588
    Tsunade: RAAAR!

    Ei: You're getting sloppy in battle, Hokage.
    You'll soon have no stamina left.

    Tsunade: I've put my life on the line for this battle.
    No preserving strength, I'm giving it all I've got right now!
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 589
    Onoki: (The bigun's chakra has stabilized…) Ugh…

    Tsunade: He's so strong. I can't believe grandfather fought him…

    Madara: Only Hashirama could ever stop me.

    And he is no longer with us.

    …Though you could say that actually works out better for you.

    Gokage: ?!!


    Madara: "It's just me... ...So the maps will need to be redrawn just a little."

    Mei: "No way... He leveled the mountains..."

    Ohnoki: "...

    Madara is this strong? Then why... Back then...

    Did you hold back against us?!"

    Madara: "What adult goes full force when fighting mere children?


    ...Are you finished now?"


    Onoki: We may be stumbling in the dark, but we're close to the light at the end of the tunnel!
    Here of all places…!

    Madara: My Susano'o is destruction incarnate…
    A single stroke of the blade contains enough power to smash all things in this universe… It rivals even the Biju…​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 590
    Shisui: When I tried to stop the coup d'état using the Koto'amatsukami… Danzo stole my right eye.
    That one doesn't trust me… He intends to protect the village his way, no matter what it takes or how it looks.

    I suspect he'll come after my left eye as well…
    …so I'm going to give it to you before he has a chance.

    Itachi: (Shisui…)

    Shisui: You're the only one I can count on, my true best friend.
    Please protect this village… and the Uchiha name … both.

    Koharu: We cannot condone this any longer! If they are going to call it a revolution and usurp our power, we have no choice but to judge the Uchiha traitors to Konoha!

    Hiruzen: Wait, Koharu! Do not rush to a hasty conclusion!


    Sarutobi: "The Uchiha are old comrades in arms... I'd like to use words first before arms."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 592
    Mei: "How's this possible?!"

    Madara: "Don't you get it? Your ridiculously juvenile jutsu can't hold me."


    Madara: "Now... The perfect Susano'o... Everyone who sees it dies... Or so they say.

    I'm almost embarassed to have to do this again... I already used it once, but..."​
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 593
    Suigetsu: "Eww!!"

    "What is going on with all of this?"

    Jūgo: "This is called Sage transformation in my village..."

    "My transformation is also originally of this type... But in all of my clones, it's called curse mark transformation."


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    Naruto Chapters 601–640

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 601
    Katsuyu: Yes, Ma'am! I'll reattach you right away--

    Tsunade: No...My lower body...can wait...
    Bring...the other...
    ...Kage to me.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 603
    Obito: "Feh!"

    "So he gets to sleep the whole time while these noisy puppets guard me?!"

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 604
    Zetsu: "Your fighting ability is lower than mine. Plus right now, it's like my big body... ...Is wrapped around and protecting your wounded little body, so..."

    Obito: "So.. What?!"

    Zetsu: "I think it'd be better I did all the fighting...

    Obito: "Remember what Madara said? That only with two together can the Sharingan's true power be unleashed!

    My other Sharingan half, Kakashi, is on the battlefield! Our combo attacks are superior!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 606
    Madara: The Rinnegan cannot be awakened without possessing both Uchiha and Senju powers.

    And the statue cannot be easily handled. //

    You have Senju cells attached to the right half of you...

    Even if you never awaken the Rinnegan, you ought to eventually be able to control the statue. //

    Spiral Zetsu: As Madara said, first we win over and groom Nagato...

    Black/White Zetsu: ...and then we gather the scattered Biju...

    ...and revive Madara using Nagato's Rinne Rebirth. //

    Madara: Obito...I shall teach you the Uchiha Forbidden Jutsu, the Six Paths jutsu...Plus Inton and Yoton, Shadow and Light style jutsu... //
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 609
    Obito: "Return to the trash heap, Kakashi!"


    Bee: "The wood's constrictions's gone weak!"


    Guy: "Owwww...!!"

    SFX: THD

    Bee: "Careful, Naruto! The enemy's Wood paralysis is identical to the first Hokage's!

    It has the ability to bind biju power!"

    Naruto: "So just like captain Yamato, huh!"

    Obito: "..."

    SFX: WSH

    "A Sharingan-relying lightning blade...

    You've really honed and mastered that left eye, even awakening the Mangekyo...

    However... Can you return from the other plane one more time...?

    In your current condition?"

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 611
    Bee: "That hurt, fool, ya fool...!"


    Gyuki: "Bee! I'm going to rest a bit too... I'm also at my limit."

    SFX: ZWW

    Guy: "I can't... Get healed yet?"

    Kakashi: "Pulling something as massive as eight tails in and out... Sure comes with a correspondingly large cost...


    I'm drained already..."


    Kakashi|Guy|Bee: [HAK] [HUFF]

    Naruto: "..."

    Obito: "Seems eight tails and nine tails have temporarily run out of chakra..."

    Naruto: GLANCE
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 616
    Obito: "..."

    "Let me share a little something with you..."

    "It's those connections that made me what I am today!"

    "You ought to know that bonds can be powerful curses too!!"

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 617
    Obito: "Hmph..."

    "The curse mark that once carved never vanishes until death..."

    "A shinobi's curse that the Hyuga's main and cadet branches gave rise to..."

    "An existence where one can only await one's death inside a cage."

    "It's a nice analogy for our current situation."

    "You all are exactly like that brat who just died a pointless death."

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 619
    Suigetsu: "That's... The first Hokage...? The real Hashirama who's been touted as a god of shinobi...?"

    SFX: ZWWW... (Orochimaru possessing Zetsu)

    Hashirama: ...?

    Tobirama: "It's that shinobi Orochimaru again...!"

    Hashirama: "What is going on?"

    Hiruzen: "I suspect he undid the Reaper Death Seal... ...That has been keeping us sealed away.
    And then performed the Edotensei..."

    Minato: "No way... You solved how to undo that sealing jutsu...?
    How, Mister Orochimaru?"

    Orochimaru: "You underestimate me, Minato."
    SFX: ZWP (Footstep)
    "It was originally a sealing jutsu of the Uzumaki clan...
    I simply researched the ruins and scattered documents of the now extinct clan... Ever since I lost my jutsu..."

    Minato: "Lord first...
    It appears we've been recalled into the world of the living..."

    Hashirama: "Hm?!
    Who the hell are you?!"

    Minato: "The fourth Hokage, sir."

    Hashirama: "Ho!! Fourth, eh?!!"

    SFX: SHUP (Suigetsu footstep)
    Suigetsu: ...

    Hashirama: "Nice, nice!! So the village has remained stable for a long time then!"
    SFX: SHUP (Footstep)

    Minato: "Er... I'm not actually sure if it has or not...
    For I died and was sealed away much earlier than the third Hokage."

    Hashirama: "Huh?! Is that so?!
    In a different incident than when I was sealed away with Sarutobi?!"

    Minato: "Yes, sir... A completely separate incident..."

    Hashirama: "So then who's the fifth Hokage?!"

    Orochimaru: "Your granddaughter, princess Tsunade."

    Hashirama: ...
    "Tsuna, eh...
    Is... The village okay?
    SFX: GLOOOOM (Slump)

    Minato: "I-is there something to be worried about...?"

    Hashirama: "Well, she was my first grandchild, so I spoiled her rotten!!
    In the end, she even picked up my gambling bug... Gwa hah ha ha ha!!"
    Little Tsunade: HEE HEE HEE!

    Suigetsu: (He's not quite... What I expected of a god of shinobi...
    How do you put it... Um...)
    SFX: Hashirama's laughter

    Tobirama: "The Edotensei jutsu again, eh...?
    I can't believe the jutsu I devised would be used so casually..."

    Orochimaru: "It's really not that complex a jutsu...

    However... You really shouldn't have conceived of it..."

    Tobirama: ?!

    Orochimaru: "Second Hokage... Many of your policies and the jutsu you developed ended up causing problems later down the line. Even currently..."

    Tobirama: "Are you planning to attack Konoha again?!"

    Hiruzen: "I took away your jutsu in exchange for my own life. Yet you still...?! Gah!!
    And this time you even revived me, your former teacher, to pit me against Konoha?!!"

    Hashirama: Sigh...
    "Always conflict. No matter what the era, eh.
    For sure... It cannot be called that great a jutsu.

    Tobirama... That's why I told you that time to--"

    Tobirama: "Hush, elder brother. I am trying to speak to this stripling."

    Hashirama: "But I..."

    Tobirama: "Shut up!"

    Hashirama: ...
    SFX: GLOOOOM (Slump)

    Suigetsu: (God of shinobi...? So not dignified...!!)

    Orochimaru: "Please do not misunderstand... I don't have any more leanings in that direction.
    That's why I didn't suppress your personalities, see?

    There are certain circumstances at play this time...
    I'm merely creating a stage for discourse per his strong desire."

    Sasuke: "My name is Uchiha Sasuke.
    I want to ask you Hokage some things."

    Hiruzen: !
    "Is that really you, Sasuke?!"

    Tobirama: "An Uchiha, eh...
    Of course you'd stick with a scoundrel..."

    Hashirama: "Tobirama, I told you to stop saying such things!!"

    Tobirama: "You're too soft, elder brother."

    Sasuke: "Never mind me...
    Third Hokage... Why'd you make Itachi do what he did...?"

    Hiruzen: "I see...
    So you've learned of what happened."

    Sasuke: "I...
    ...Killed Itachi to avenge the Uchiha clan..."

    Hiruzen: ...

    Sasuke: "Afterwards, I learned the truth from Tobi and Danzo...
    And leaned towards swearing vengeance against Konoha.
    "However, I want to hear it straight from your mouth.
    Everything regarding Itachi."

    Hiruzen: "So it came to that, eh..."

    Sasuke: ...

    Hiruzen: "Not only did I have him kill his brethren... ...I also had him bear the false charge of traitor...
    ...and keep tabs on the Akatsuki all by himself."

    Hiruzen: "From the time he was a small child, Itachi paid attention to the teachings and signs of our predecessors that one else gave heed to.
    He was a sensitive child who understood our village's past and our shinobi...

    And perhaps due to that, Itachi was never bound by the trappings of clan...
    He was able to think ahead, about the future of shinobi... And of the village... And constantly had misgivings regarding those futures.

    At all of seven years of age, he thought quite like a Hokage...

    We left everything to Itachi, in his hands alone...
    And he executed his missions perfectly."

    Hiruzen: "He slaughtered all of his brethren, stopped a revolt... Prevented a coming war by himself...
    He even infiltrated the Akatsuki as a spy to protect the village.
    On the condition that I protect you within the village.

    Sasuke: ...
    "So... It's all true..."

    Tobirama: "This is all just part of the Uchiha's cursed fate. Though I can't believe they're on the brink of extinction...
    So they even plotted a Coup D'etat, eh.

    I'd envisioned it might come to something like that.
    The rebellious elements bearing Madara's will had been smoldering."

    Sasuke: ...

    Orochimaru: "But you're the one who drove the Uchiha to it, second Hokage... It could be said that the seeds got sown with the Uchiha police force that you created."

    Tobirama: "What...?"

    Orochimaru: "Those who cracked down on crime tend to be easily disliked... Plus, the more authority such a group has, the more conceited it can get.

    By building the police station next too the prison under the pretext of facilitating the monitoring of criminals... ...You conspicuously shoved the Uchiha clan to the margins of the village. That helped foster the Madara adherents."

    Hashirama: "Tobirama! Did I not emphasize to you over and over again not to slight the Uchiha?!"

    Tobirama: "But I gave them positions that they were eminently qualified for! And I believed that even if another Madara were to emerge, he could be dealt with right away!
    As you well know, elder brother... The Uchiha are..."

    Tobirama: "...A clan possessed by evil...!!"

    Sasuke: ...

    Orochimaru: "It's like Madara left a psychological scar upon you. To cause such fear of the Uchiha..."

    Tobirama: "You stripling... You do not know Madara."

    Sasuke: "Second Hokage... A question for you.
    What is it about the Uchiha clan? What do you know?!"

    Tobirama: ...

    Tobirama: "The Uchiha clan and our Senju clan have a long history of battling each other.
    In fact, the two clans were originally enemies."

    Sasuke: "I know that much...
    What did you mean about the Uchiha being possessed by evil?!"

    Hashirama: ...

    Tobirama: There used to be a thought that in contrast to the Senju clan, who based their strength in love as opposed to jutsu...
    ...The basis of the Uchiha clan's strength was the power of their jutsu.

    However... The truth is actually different..."

    Sasuke: ?!

    Orochimaru; Suigestu: ?

    Tobirama: "There is no clan that feels deeper love than the Uchiha.
    And that is why the Uchiha have suppressed and sealed it away."

    Sasuke: ...?!
    "What do you mean?"

    Tobirama: "Once an Uchiha knows love, it's almost as if all of his or her previously checked emotions are released...
    They awaked a profound love and power that exceeds even the Senju's."

    Suigetsu: "But why's that a problem?
    It should help things go smoothly with the Senju too... This super-strong power of love, right?"

    Tobirama: "Except that it is quite problematic. This great power hides within it the possibility of going out of control."

    Sasuke: ...

    Tobirama: "When an Uchiha who has known love then loses that deep love... ...It is replaced by an even stronger hate that changes them.
    I have seen it happen quite a few times. And that's when a certain special condition emerges."

    Sasuke: "Special condition...?"

    Tobirama: "When an Uchiha individual writhes in agony over the loss of a great love or disappointment in himself...
    ...A unique chakra gets released inside his or her brain and reacts with the optic nerves, and changes appear in that person's eyes.

    This is the phenomenon called the Sharingan...
    The eyes that reflect the heart."

    Sasuke: ...

    Tobirama: "The Sharingan taps into the power of that person's heart, rapidly increasing his or her strength... ...Along with the power of their hate...

    There were many sensitive individuals among the Uchiha... And nearly all who were exposed to strong emotions were taken by darkness and feel to evil.

    The deeper the darkness gets, the greater the ocular powers also become, until the person can no longer be stopped... Just like Madara."

    Hashirama: "Madara cared intensely about his little brother... Likely even more so than your brother."

    Tobirama: "I thought I had arranged and guided things such that the Uchiha's power could be harnessed to served the village.
    Although... If they self-destructed for the sake of the village, then so be it.

    Either way, in the end, they were of use to the village of Konoha."

    Hashirama: "Tobirama, will you quite saying such thingd?! Your audience is an innocent Uchiha child!"

    Tobirama: "What is all important is the village. The village is the keystone. I know you know that too, elder brother."

    Sasuke: "It doesn't bother me. ...I am neither innocent nor a child..."

    Hashirama: ...

    Tobirama: (Not the basic pattern... He's got the Mangekyo Sharingan...)

    Sasuke: "First Hokage... I ask you this...

    What does it mean to be a village? And what does it mean to be a shinobi?"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 620
    Tobirama: "The fact that you've upped the precision of the Edotensei since last time shall be your downfall."
    SFX: TMP
    "Now that we've been revived at close to our original power.."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 624
    Just a few things from the last chapter.

    Madara: "No... Hashirama is stronger than me.
    If we fight, we'll lose."


    Hashirama: "Hey Madara...!
    You haven't really given up have you?! You've finally gotten to the same point I..."


    Hashirama: (He'd decided to completely erase his friend.
    To erase me from his life.)


    Tobirama: "Flying Raijin Slice!!!"


    Hashirama: (It was clear to all that the Uchiha clan was in an unfavorable position.
    In fact, defectors soon began showing up.

    That's about when Madara changed as well...

    He had obtained the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.)

    Madara: "My little brother ended up dying from that day's wounds...
    ...Leaving me powers that will help protect Uchiha!"


    Hashirama: (At the end of a battle that lasted a whole day...
    Madara's back touched the ground for the very first time.)


    Madara: "It would be an honor...
    ...To die by your hand."

    Hashirama: "Quit the posturing. If I kill the clan chief like this, the younger Uchiha who follow you shall run amok again."

    Madara: "There isn't anyone left with such pluck among the Uchiha."

    Hashirama: "No... There's always someone...

    Can't we skip stones again, like in olden times? Together..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 625
    A few things from the latest chapter [625]

    Hashirama: "Thank you Madara.
    You really are kindhearted."


    Tobirama: "Plus... Uchiha Madara would never be selected to lead us.
    Everyone knows... That you're the driving force behind this village... Even the Uchiha are willing to acknowledge that.

    Besides which, have you not heard the rumors about the Uchiha?

    That the stronger their hate, the greater their ocular powers. That's the secret of the Sharingan.
    You can never tell what they might do.
    So for the sake of the village's future..."


    Madara: "This stone tablet has been passed down within the Uchiha... It's never been shown to an outsider before.
    The special text it's written with requires ocular powers to decipher.

    This is what it says, as far as I'm able to decode at this point...
    "One god, seeking stability, split into light and shadow.

    And it is these two polar opposites operating together that gives rise to all things in this universe."

    It's a truth that applies to everything.
    In short, it states that true happiness... ...Can be found when two contrary powers cooperate together...

    However... It could also be interpreted differently.

    Hashirama...Do you really think that I don't know anything...?"


    I suspect Tobirama will become Hokage after you.
    And if that happens, the Uchiha will slowly be expunged...
    Knowing this, I reached out to other Uchiha, called upon them to leave and abandon the village...
    But it seems not one person is willing to come with me."


    It's much sounder to just see this world as entertainment... You're the only one who's an even match for me.

    I'm looking forward to the battles we'll fight...
    ...Up until the time I achieve my true dream.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 626
    Some things from #626

    Madara: "You.. Just can't see it...
    What's even further ahead..."
    "Dreams of the far future."


    Madara: "Heh... There is no link.
    And you shall never reach it.

    It's useless to chase after me...
    You of all people know...
    ...That no one is capable of catching me from behind."


    Hashirama: "Chojo Kebutsu, Artifacts of the Buddha!!"


    Madara: "Susano'o's been stripped off!!"


    Hashirama: "Kakuan's Tenth Edict on Enlightenment!!"


    Madara: "You look pretty depressed... Hashirama.
    Can't perk back up this time?"


    Madara: "...I can't believe... My back... Was taken..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 627
    Hiruzen: "However, perhaps I was the most naive shinobi of them all...

    I could not maintain Lord second's village-building well.

    Which is why I ended up...

    ...Burdening Danzo with the village's darkness."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 628
    A few things from the latest chapter (#628)

    Madara: "Fire Style! Majestic Destroyer Flame!!"

    Obito: "Fire Style! Bomb Blast Dance!!"


    Obito: "Naruto... You're fighting only defensively now, protecting everyone.
    Is there any meaning to all this?

    You're just getting weaker..."

    Naruto: "I bet you can't understand, since you wanna be alone...

    But it really makes me...
    Super-happy to have everybody by my side!!

    Just seeing them here gives me strength!!"

    Obito: "If the pain of your comrades' deaths is part of your bond...
    ...Then there's no need to protect them, no?"

    Naruto: "Gah, you quibbling bastard!!
    I totally super-hate that about you!

    Don't put words in my mouth, fool!!
    I can endure any amount of pain if it involves my comrades!! I don't wanna give them up!!

    Even though it might be selfish of me...
    It's even more painful for me... ...Not to have any comrades in here!!! Period!"


    Madara: (Hashirama!!)


    Kitsuchi: "Gah... It's fighting off even this Naruto chakra enhanced Mountain jutsu!"

    Kurotsuchi: "There ain't another jutsu that can stop it any better, Da!!!"


    Kyubi: "Bad news Naruto!
    They're planning a Cataclysm!"


    Juubi: "RAAWR!!!"
    SFX: BLAST (Destroying Kitsuchi's jutsu)
    SFX: WHOOSH (Clouds)


    Madara: "Now begins...

    ...The real fun!"

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 629
    Obito: "To me, Rin is someone wo isn't meant to die... Thus, the dead Rin is also an imposter.
    Rin is only Rin, alive.

    The shinobi system... The village... What's created all these circumstances...
    And shinobi too...

    What caused me to despair...
    ...Is this world itself... This counterfeit world."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 631
    Minato: "Thank you for healing Naruto.
    Are you his girlfriend?"

    Naruto: "Umm...

    I suppose you could say that..."


    Minato: "Ha ha!"
    (She reminds me a bit... ...Of Kushina...)
    "Please be gentle with my son."


    Hiruzen: "Minato, you're as fast as ever!"

    Tobirama: "Fourth, you're even better at teleporting than me!"


    Naruto: "There are other reinforcements too... ...But I guess they're lagging behind."


    (Sfx: Shoom)
    Madara: "It's about damn time, Hashiramaaaa!!!"

    (Sfx: Ahem!)
    Hashirama: "You come later!!!"
    (Sfx: Fwip!; point)


    Hiruzen: "You already placed your markers?"

    Minato: "Yes."

    Tobirama: "You're quick at striking too!"


    "...Four Crimson Ray Formation!!!"

    Hashirama: "Plus, I'll add on...
    ...Sage Arts, Gracious Deity gates!!

    Ten Seals!!!"


    Lee: "A Red barrier?!"

    Guy: "It's said to be dozens of times more powerful than the Four Purple Flames formation...
    ...And takes Four Hokage-class shinobi to create!"


    Naruto: "You sure took your time getting here, Sasuke!"


    Sasuke: "Yeah, I realize you probably can't.
    But it doesn't matter what you think of me.

    All of the previous Kage created these current circumstances.
    So, I will become Hokage and change the village."

    Itachi: "You don't become Hokage to be acknowledged by the village.
    The one who is acknowledged by everyone is the one who becomes Hokage.

    I leave Sasuke to you."

    Naruto: (I got Sasuke!)
    "I'm the one who'll become Hokage!"

    Hashirama: "It does please me to see you so infatuated with becoming Hokage, but can you speed it up?!!
    Charge your chakra, we'll take ten tails down with an all-out attack!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 632
    Mifune: "That ten tails, heh, he scorched himself!"

    Samurai: "But what a barrier that is, not to let through such a blast!"

    Hashirama: "It's not some simple barrier!"

    Naruto: "W-wow...
    The past Hokage truly were incredible individuals, huh!"

    Sasuke: "Looks like they weren't just all talk."


    Hashirama: I'm not done yet!!
    (Sfx: Fwp fwp)
    (Sage Arts Gracious Deity Gate!!)
    (Head Seal!!)


    Hashirama: "Now then... ...Time to deal with you.
    I've kept you waiting, Madara."


    Shizune: "A continuous amassing of chakra over three years, requiring extremely delicate chakra control...
    The 100 Healings mark that I couldn't even achieve!!"


    Sasuke: "Don't drag us down, Naruto!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 634
    Gamakichi: "...Gamekichi!
    Pa's all tied up with some negotiations, so I came!! You surprised?!"


    Aoda: "Lord Sasuke, your desire?"


    Katsuyu: "Sakura, so you've finally been able to invoke the 100 Healings mark! Lady Tsunade would be so..."


    Minato: "I never imagined I'd get to see the triad simultaneously summoned again!"


    Naruto: "Wind Style, Super Odama Rasen-Shuriken!!!"

    Sasuke: "Inferno Style, Susano'o Flame Control!!!"

    Naruto: (So Sasuke and I are compatible after all.

    Yamato: Mmhmm. Wind beats lightning outright.

    Naruto: Nah, that's not what I meant...
    Only wind...
    ...Can assist and Magnify fire.)


    Tobirama: (I've never seen such a flame control before.
    And they combined jutsu with matching chakra ratios!)
    "That's difficult even for a seasoned duo."

    Minato: "A windmill-like shuriken, and an arrow blacker than lacquer...
    Let's name it Scorch Style, Nimbus Gale Jet-black Arrow formation Zero!!"


    Sasuke: "Burn up!"


    Sai: "You heard what Sasuke said earlier, didn't you?
    What are his true intentions?"

    Jugo: "I have no idea."

    Orochimaru: "What a sad sight you are... Tsunade."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 637
    (Sfx: Twitch; Twitch; Twitch)

    Madara: "Obito...
    You are a backup I had cultivated for my rebirth.

    I'll have you repay your debt now."


    (Sfx: Fizzzz)
    (Sfx: Zizzzz)

    Hashirama: "Is that the Six Paths'
    ...Forbidden Rinne Rebirth Jutsu?!"


    Tobirama: (Shadow Doppelganger Jutsu!)
    "Only two? What an embarrassment!"


    Madara: "Predicting that those going to Obito won't be in time...
    ...They're preparing to attack me instead.

    But they must realize...
    ...That doppelgangers aren't enough to stop me."
    (Sfx: Sizz)


    Sasuke: "Aoda, that's enough. You can scram!"

    Aoda: "Yes, Lord Sasuke!"


    Madara: "What a failure...
    Oh well..."

    Alliance member: "That's Lord Fourth Hokage!!"

    Tobirama: "He teleported a doppelganger.
    He had placed a marking on him?"


    Minato: "A Flying Raijin marking never fades.
    I didn't teach you that, did I, Obito?

    If you were alive, I'd have...
    ...Wanted you to become Hokage.
    Why did you...?"

    Sasuke: "Well, that was anti-climactic.
    So now all that's left to seal away the un-reborn Madara, and this war'll be over.
    Plus this giant thing."
    (Sasuke has no respect:lmao)

    Obito: "What makes you think the war...
    ...Is over, fellow traitor?"


    (Sfx: Zwop)
    (Sfx: Voosh)
    Sasuke/Minato: !!
    (Sfx: Gsh; Gsh) (Naruto catching)
    (Sfx: Zwoooo) (Kamui?)


    Naruto: "He shook off Madara's manipulation and...
    ...Was weaving signs to do this from the beginning!!"

    (Sfx: Clench) (Kamui?)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 639
    Naruto: "What the!?"

    Minato: (So swift!)

    Tobirama: "Saru! Fourth! Scram!!"

    Hiruzen: "Roger!"
    (Lord Second's already launched his attack plan!)


    Tobirama: "Elder brother!!"


    Minato: "Lord second sure works quickly!"
    (Flying Raijin Jutsu!)

    Tobirama: "I suspected that might not be enough to kill you...

    I created the edo tensei jutsu.

    Plus ancillary jutsu to go with it...
    Though this is the first time I'm using it on myself."


    Tobirama: (Tandem Explosive Tags)
    "This is how it's done."


    Naruto: "What's going on? I can't keep up!"


    Hiruzen: (He's solid as well as swift...

    Plus he has an attack that turns all to dust in an instant!")


    Hiruzen: ("It's similar to Ohnoki's Particule style, but it's shape is fluid...
    It can shift to be either offensive or defensive, and can be continuously maintained.)


    Hiruzen: (I suspect it's a combination of more than four changes in nature! This is more than a kekkei genkai, or even a kekkei touta...

    ...But there seems to be a time limit to how long he can use each one.)


    Naruto: "Pa! You couldn't teleport old man Third with your jutsu too?!"

    Minato: "I can't teleport anything that myself, or my chakra, isn't touching directly."

    Sasuke: "Quit yapping, Naruto!
    The Hokage are all Edo-tensei.

    They intentionally attacked head-on knowing they won't die... ...In order to check out the enemy's moves and abilities.

    Stop the worrying and analyze the battle instead."

    Minato: (So that's Sasuke, huh. He's bright.)
    "Though it still takes a little while for an Edotensei to regenerate."


    Madara: "I'm done waiting...


    Naruto: "Wh-what the?!"

    Minato: (I see... Ten Tails hasn't synced completely with it's Jinchuriki yet!

    This is our chance to take it down!

    I'll summon my original here, then...)


    Minato: "...It's time for my Rasen-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Stage three. It's been a while!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 640
    Naruto: "Yikes! I thought we were gonna die!!"

    Minato: "Looks like my child is as accomplished as Sasuke."


    Sasuke: "He hit himself with his own attack."

    Minato: "His attack missed!
    It looks like Obito's consciousness is merely clinging to Ten tails' great power...
    He barely has any control over it!"
    (This time, I'll get the Rasen-Flash Super-Circle Dance Howl Stage 3 in for sure!)
    "I'll create an opening, you two immediately hit him with your strongest combo."


    Obito: "Finally...

    (Sfx: Zizz; Kunai being destroyed by 5 element)


    Naruto: "Pa!"

    Sasuke: "Naruto, Stay focused!"


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    Naruto Chapters 641–680

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 641
    Naruto: "Wow!! You can copy Pa's move?!
    Very impressive, Second mountain-side image guy!!"

    Tobirama: "You know, the Fourth is using my move.
    Plus, that's Lord Second to you!"


    Madara: "I'm taking another chunk of you!"


    Tobirama: "He blocked it, huh. He's fast.
    We won't get him by just throwing jutsu in his direction."


    Tobirama: "You're a bit... Of an accidental comedian.
    I'd normally poke fun at your jutsu names...

    ...Except that this guy we're facing's absolutely no joke."


    [Sfx: Swirl; Obito's staff]
    [Sfx: Thwok; Collision]

    Minato: "Sasuke! Naruto!!
    I said that I'd make an opening for you!"

    Sasuke: "I'll create an opening!"

    Naruto: "No, we will!
    Pa, ya'll can be the main act!!"

    Obito: "I could tell you were amassing chakra in your left eye.
    Hardly a surprise attack."


    Tobirama: "Let's go, Fourth."

    Minato: "Yeesh!"

    Tobirama: "A doppelganger's Flying Raijin is too slow.
    The two of us will combine our Flying Raijin.

    Go ahead and put your mark on me too."

    Sasuke: "Naruto, this time, I'll match your chakra level using my Sharingan."

    Naruto: "Sheesh, no need to turn it into a competition!"

    Minato: "Yes sir, plus with these bodies, we can always..."


    Naruto: "Wind style, Rasen-Shuriken!!"

    Sasuke: "Inferno Style, Flame Control!!"


    Minato: "You two are the main act!!"

    Tobirama: "Distracted by what's going on in front of you?!"

    Minato/Tobirama: (Flying Raijin Jutsu!!! Reciprocal Round-Robin)

    Minato: "I name it the Scorch Style, Nimbus Tempest..."

    Tobirama: "Just keep on going as planned!!"


    Obito: (They switched places by teleporting!)


    Hinata: "The two of them...

    ...Are laughing..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 642
    Sasuke: "What a pain."

    Naruto: "This guy's even more perfect than how I imagine myself in my dreams!"

    Minato: "It's like he's truly obtained dreamlike power."


    Obito: "I have come to possess the same power as the founder of shinobi.
    You can no longer measure me by the standards you are used to."


    Tobirama: "I suspect this guy is using jutsu based on Shadow and Light styles that null all ninjutsu!"


    Naruto: "Sasuke..."

    Sasuke: "What?"

    Naruto: "We're gonna have to take the lead, can you keep up?"

    Sasuke: "Don't underestimate the Uchiha!"

    Naruto: "All right!!
    I'll up my Kurama mode and undergo further Biju transformation!!"


    Tobirama: "Are you trying to make our situation even worse?
    You're as goofy as your father, so much so...
    ...That even he's dumb-founded."


    Gamakichi: (Syrup Gun!!!)


    Obito: "You're pathetic...
    You, who died a hero Hokage, are being exposed as a disgrace in front of your son.

    That's right.
    A Hokage is a pitiable existence compared to what I am now."

    Tobirama: (The kid's not a total goofball...
    He's caught on!)


    Naruto: "You, who couldn't become Hokage, have no right to insult any of them!
    Especially not my Pa who actually became Hokage!"


    Naruto: "How dare you put him down!"

    Tobirama: (It's effective! So is just as I thought!
    Ninjutsu may not work...

    ...But it seems Senjutsu does!!

    That Senjutsu using Mount Myoboku toad's attack... ...Wasn't nullified or erased.)


    Minato: (He's even mastered the same Senjutsu as master Jiraiya!)

    Kyubi: "He's grown into quite a son, eh Minato?
    It's no wonder he managed to sweet talk my other half."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 643
    Obito: "I can't believe Ten Tails Jinchuriki has such a weakness.
    And with the Ten Tails inside me, I can't pass through things either. What a bother."


    Tobirama: "He instantly grasped how to use the Flying Raijin with me...
    ...And has even mastered Sage power.

    I feel like I am fighting alongside elder brother!"


    Minato: "Since we can't mark them, I can only take one.
    But there is one way…" (We could…)

    Obito: "You intend to teleport the stalk itself outside? You think I'd let you do that? You cannot save anyone!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 644
    Shikamaru: "Gah!! Nothing's coming to mind, pa?"


    Sasuke "What's your plan, Naruto?"

    Naruto: "Just...
    ...Give me some time to focus..."

    (Let me explain what Kurama and I came up with.
    You tell me if it'll work or not, okay?!)


    Katsuyu: "I noticed it when I healed everyone.
    It seems it had merely shrunk down."

    Bee: "Have ya noticed, Eight-O?♪

    I sense two Nine tails, one light and one dark yo!♪ "

    Hachibi: (This isn't just nine tails...)


    Jugo: "Sasuke, this is looking bad. Let's escape to outside this barrier!

    Use the snake revers-summoning."

    Sasuke: "That was already my plan.
    I'll take you and Naruto with me."

    Naruto: "I haven't given you two any of my chakra yet!
    Get over here, will ya?!"

    Sasuke: "Hmph... What's your chakra gonna accomplish?"

    Naruto: "There's no time! Just do it!!"


    Hashirama: "I can't believe he had shared his chakra with every other shinobi!
    He's got almost as much chakra as I!"
    (No! Actually, this has nine tails' chakra mixed in...)
    (GG, motherfuckers:datass)


    Shino: "It was an art of teleportation"

    Kiba: "Naruto's managed to master that too?!"

    Hinata: "This isn't just Naruto's chakra..."

    Hachibi: (He moved everyone using the fourth Hokage's Flying Raijin jutsu!)

    Tobirama: "Fourth...
    Now you've saved all of shinobi-kind for a second time."


    Jugo: "What did you do?"

    Naruto: "Pa teleported everyone outside the barrier."

    Sasuke: "Everyone, with that jutsu?

    But how?"


    Tobirama: "He's using the principle of shadow doppelgangers.

    Even if you split up and disperse your chakra...

    ...As long as you keep even a little bit there without putting it out...

    ...When the original weaves chakra again to regain control...

    ...All the individual chakra bits begin resonating and link together.

    In short, by joining his chakra to the fourth's...
    ...Naruto linked Fourth to the rest of his chakra residing in everyone else.

    Right, Naruto?"

    Naruto: "Huh?! Did I?"

    Tobirama: "Nevermind..."

    Naruto: "Old man second, you sure know a lot about my shadow doppelgangers too!

    Tobirama: "I came up with that jutsu!
    It's my jutsu!


    Kyubi: "...All four of us, eh...
    You treat us like we're human too... What kind of childrearing has led to this, he? Heh heh heh."


    Naruto: "What you wanna say...

    ...Is ditto Gabby, chatterbox ma, right?!

    See, I know already!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 645
    Naruto: "I feel power welling up inside me!
    Let's go!"

    (Sfx: TAK; jump)
    (Sfx: ZWISH; chakra)

    Sasuke: (Naruto's got this much chakra...?)

    Tobirama: "Naruto, letting loose a vigorous shout and showing off is all well and good...
    ...But don't tell me you've already forgotten that nothing other than Senjutsu works against him?

    I know you're not an idiot... "


    Naruto: "That's right!"

    Tobirama: "Okay, you're an even bigger fool than my elder brother!"

    Sasuke: (All that chakra and it's being wasted on him...)

    Kyubi: "Gwa ha ha! You've already surpassed all previous Hokage...

    ... In stupidity!"

    Naruto: "Shaddup!! Stupid, stupid Kurama!"

    Kyubi: "Gwa ha ha ha! Fools are easily liked and trusted by others!"


    Kyubi: "My power and your Sage power actually synced together."


    Naruto: "Plus, it stuck in my craw that you would rely on Senjutsu when you had my chakra!!"


    Naruto: (I'm absorbing nature energy a lot faster in this state!)


    Sasuke: ...

    (This is Naruto?

    With perfect control over this much chakra?

    How far...

    ...Will you...)
    (Sfx: Clench)

    Obito: (No harm in taking measures early.)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 646
    "Shinju" is rendered as "Divine tree". #646

    Alliance member: "Gah! It sucks all your chakra in one swoop!!!
    Run, or you're dead!!"

    Bee: "Why do I get so many coming at me, eh, fool, ya fool?!!"

    Hachibi: ("This is the divine tree!
    Ten tails' final form!!!
    It knows that you have more chakra than most of the others.")


    Hachibi: ("At this rate, the chakra Naruto shared with everyone is meaningless!!")

    Hashirama: "Ugh!!
    Wh-what exactly is it?!!"

    Madara: "Chakra first originated with this divine tree!
    All of the chakra here, even your own vast chakra."

    Hashirama: ...

    Madara: "It's we humans who stole chakra from the divine tree long ago.
    This thing's just trying to get it back, that's all."
    (Sfx: W; W; ZW
    ZWP; losing chakra)


    Madara: "Long, long ago before they even had a concept of chakra...
    ...People still continuously battled each other.

    The divine tree, with no involvement in such conflicts...
    ...Was worshipped by the masses as a sacred pillar.

    And then one day, the tree bore fruit that was said to be produced only once a millennium.

    I don't know what if any significance it holds...
    ...But according to legend that fruit was never to be touched.

    And yet, there emerged a princess who took and tasted...
    ...Of that fruit in order to reap the tree's power and win her war.

    HEr name was Ohtsutsuki Kaguya.

    Afterwards, Kaguya gained the power of a god...
    ...And was said to have quashed the war all by herself.

    She was the very first person to ever have chakra...
    ...And Kaguya's child was born with chakra already dwelling within him.

    However, the divine tree came alive and started running amok, in order to reclaim it's stolen chakra.
    That is ten tails.

    And the one who stopped it was Kaguya's child.
    His name was Ohtsutsuki Hagoromo, and he is the forefather who preached the teachings of chakra and began the sect of shinobi..."


    Madara: "The man known as the Sage of six paths."


    Madara: "But one thing is off...

    When this divine tree bud blossoms... "


    Madara: "...The eye at the flower's center will be reflected by the moon...
    ...And the infinite Tsukuyomi fully activated.
    But the one...

    ...Who shall accomplish this...
    ...Is me!"


    Tobirama: (Water Style, Severing Wave!!)


    Jugo: "Have things finally settled down?!"


    Obito: "Now, be still...
    ...You've all endured plenty already."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 647
    Sai: "Are you all right, Sakura?

    The Lords Gokage will be here shortly..."


    Orochimaru: "Such words of weakness.
    So very unlike you...


    Master Sarutobi."

    Hiruzen: "Orochimaru, you're quite late! And the Gokage?"

    Orochimaru: "I had them healed, so as long as they don't chicken out, they should be coming."

    Hiruzen: "Hmph. Still as sarcastic as ever, eh."


    Orochimaru: (He seems to be in a foul mood.)


    Hashirama: "So when's it going to bloom?"

    Madara: "Eight tails' and nine tails' Jinchuriki are still alive...
    ...Get it?"


    "However, if it contains even a small amount of each of their chakra, it's fine.
    In short, it's like it cannot bloom."

    Madara: "All that is affected is how long it'll take to bloom.
    There's about 15 minutes to go...

    In that time, I shall stop Obito and switch places with him...
    ...By using your Sage power."


    Sasuke: "You throwing in the towel, Naruto?
    Cuz I'm not.

    Let's go, Jugo."

    Jugo: "Sure".
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 648
    Naruto: "Sasuke!!
    I'll go too!!"

    Sasuke: "Hmph..."


    Naruto: "So...
    ...Sasuke, you do remember that only Senjutsu works against him?!"

    Sasuke: "Don't compare me to you."
    (Sfx: Zwwww; curse mark)


    Suigetsu: "Karin, look!
    Isn't that Sasuke's curse mark patterning?"

    Karin: "I thought he lost the Curse mark power?"

    Orochimaru: "Senjutsu is the source of Jugo's Curse mark.
    And with Sasuke, when I experimenatally injected Jugo's chakra into him, he immediately unleashed the Curse Mark...

    ...So it's not surprising at all that Sasuke's Susano'o would respond...
    ...To Jugo's chakra in similar fashion.

    In short, I supposed you could call it a Senjutsu Susano'o."

    Tobirama: (Uchiha Sasuke...
    An Uchiha who shows the same potential as Madara once did.)


    Orochimaru: (And Sasuke, your power is unlike that of the two behind me...
    Or rather, unlike that of any I've experimented on...

    ...Still hasn't come to its limit...
    I know my gut tells me, based on intel gathered over my entire life...

    ...That you'lll one day be a shinobi who surpasses Madara!)

    Tobirama: (And Uzumaki Naruto...
    ...You remind me so much of elder brother.

    You're a foolish, naive brat who spouts idealisms at the top of your voie.

    And yet, everyone likes and wants to...
    ...Depend on you.)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 651
    Tobirama: "I can't move everyone simultaneously like you...
    ...But I'll still help protect them all with my teleportation jutsu."


    Orochimaru: "However, this dream of Obito's would lead to the elimination of this, my precious laboratory.
    ...So I suppose I can't support it."


    "Shikkotsu woods"

    No major differences otherwise.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 656
    Hashirama: "That wood dragon will absorb chakra from you!
    Now your chakra-absorbing ninjutsu are nullified and meaningless!"


    Shukaku: "Tanuki are mightier tricksters than foxes!
    I ain't gonna be one-upped by no stupid fox!"


    Hashirama: (Naruto's jutsu didn't take him down...
    ...But I've been able to completely immobilize him now.)


    Kyubi: "The ten tails' Jinchuriki aren't like all the others...
    They don't die if you remove the Biju.

    It's cuz ten tails' husk, the Gedo statue, remains...
    It contains a lot of life force."


    Though with nine bodies sucked out of him at once...
    ...He'll be so weak it's like he is dead, and he won't be able to budge for several months.
    Just as it was for the old man, long ago."


    B. Zetsu: "I'll be helping you out this time!"


    Madara: "I'll be going on the attack now."

    Hashirama: "Quit the tough guy act! The war's over!"


    Sai: (Sealing Jutsu! Crouched Tiger Bullet!!)

    Madara: "I'm grateful to you, Naruto..."


    B. Zetsu: "Sorry Obito... This is kinda the reason why I was stuck onto you."


    Madara: (Art of Rinne Rebirth!!!)


    Madara: "Finally, I can fight for real!

    This is the form, the body I needed!

    It's not a battle without raging blood and a pounding heart!!"
    (Sfx: Ba-dmp Ba-dmp)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 657

    Madara: !
    (SFX: VOOSH)


    Sasuke: "Relics of the past should butt out."

    Madara: You're a brat who doesn't come close to my level...
    You stole my line, foolish child."

    Hashirama: ...?!
    (Why'd he shut his eyes...?)

    Naruto: "Sasuke! It's pointless to just lob attacks at him!
    He has the ability to absorb ninjutsu!"


    Hashirama: ...
    "Seems you've been doing a lot of plotting after you left the village."

    Madara: "No... This was added by a subordinate's comrade, completely by chance.
    There apparently was a fellow who thought a lot like me."
    (Me: He could mean Orochimaru and Kabuto)

    ...My coming back to life was exactly to plan."


    (SFX: SWOO..) (Sage markings)
    (SFX: DRUB DRUB DRUB DRUB) (Hashirama's condition)
    (SFX: SWOO...)
    Madara: "So this is Senjutsu chakra, eh...?

    Oh, that is all there is to it...?
    This will be easy to control."


    Sasuke: "This gives us the chance...
    ...To kill you for good...
    ...And send you back to the afterlife.

    Regret that you're not still Edotensei...
    ...As you go to your death!"


    Madara: ...!
    "I can feel it... Your Mangekyo... Are Choku-tomoe, a straight pattern.

    No wonder you have good moves.

    It might not be a bad idea for me to...
    ...Take your eyes until I get my Rinnegan back."


    Madara: "Though... Killing you would be such a waste.
    How about...
    ...You join with me, as a fellow surviving Uchiha?"

    Sasuke: "Yeah, right.
    You're a dead person."

    Madara: "Very well...
    Either way, you don't have a whole lot of time left."


    Madara: (Fire Style! Art of Hiding In Ash!!)
    (SFX: PUFF)

    Naruto: "Wah!
    Ack, hot!"

    Hashirama: (Madara is regaining his past strength!)


    Madara: "...You filthy beasts."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 662
    Tobirama: "Madara... you bastard!"


    Swirly: "I asked you what does it feel like to poo?!

    Well... I bet it's like the refreshing feeling you get after killing someone..."

    Mifune: "That's five natures all at once!"
    (How do we counter that?!)

    Hiruzen: "I see that!"


    Swirly: "To emit the same jutsu simultaneously and cancel them out, wow..."

    Kiba: "Heh heh... Don't you underestimate Lord Third!"

    Shikamaru: (Then again, everyone's exhausted their chakra.
    Edotensei third's the only one still able to fight...)


    Orochimaru: "Seems I should jump in sooner than later, after all..."


    Hinata: (Brother Neji... Please protect Naruto!!)

    White Zetsu: "Uzumaki Naruto... He'll probably cling to life for a bit, since he's an Uzumaki...

    ...But trying to heal him is useless.
    A Jinchuriki whose Biju's been extracted dies..."

    Swirly & WZ: "That's an absolute rule!"


    Madara: "That you possess such eyes proves...
    You continued to seek something despite many great losses.

    However, that too shall end now.

    You'll lose your very self...
    ...What they call a true ending."


    Itachi memory: (That perhaps you could have changed father and mother... and the rest of the Uchiha...)
    (Izanagi foreshadowing I?)

    Sasuke: "I'm not... Dying... Can't... die... Yet..."


    Sasuke: "I can't... Let Itachi's life... To have...

    ...All... Been in vain!"

    (Until I build a true village...
    ...And become a true Kage...)

    Sasuke: "...I'm..."
    (...Not going down!!)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 664
    Karin: "This chakra... Has a really nasty feel to it!"


    Orochimaru: "Karin! If you up the pace too much, you're going to collapse!"


    Madara: "I feel just a tad heavy. Something catching in my chest...

    The sage's ninja tools, eh...? Meaningless."


    Kyubi: "Hold up, Minato!
    Switch your chakra to sensory mode!!"


    Black Zetsu: "Lord Madara..."

    Madara: "Too slow, black Zetsu.
    I decided to come to you."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 665
    Sfx: shiver
    (I sense Sage power... And even stronger than what Obito possessed...)


    B. Zetsu: !
    Sfx: lurgh
    Sfx: strain
    Sfx: strain
    "D-damn it!!"


    B. Zetsu: "You! Lord Ma..."


    Madara: "...As... The savior who rescued this world.
    This world that the sage of six paths directed...

    Has failed.

    Listen, this chakra that the six paths dispersed...
    ...Was meant to be a linking power.

    Something that would connect the mental energies between people...
    ...So all could understand each other's hearts without words, and lead to peace and stability.

    He who preached this as ninshu, the shinobi creed...
    ...And tried to guide the people forth, was the sage of six paths.

    And yet time after time, people used chakra not to...
    ...Connect with others, but only to link the mental and physical energies within themselves...

    ...As a way to amplify and greatly increase the volume of one's chakra...
    ...And convert it into ninjutsu that could be used as weapons in battle.

    Ironically... ...Reverting things back to the way the six paths' mother Kaguya had originally employed chakra."


    Obito: "Those who lead others... Never step over their comrades' corpses...
    ...Even if their own ends up being stepped on..."

    Madara: "Well then, in order to confirm that, you'll need to become a corpse."

    Obito: "I won't let you step on me anymore.

    I know now that letting someone use your name and...
    ...Handle things for you isn't the same as truly entrusting them with the task.

    I am not you."


    Obito: "The current me is he who wanted to be Hokage... ...Uchiha Obito!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 666
    Madara: "I passed through you...
    That's your right eye's power."


    Obito: "Kakashi!! Take Naruto into our time-space!!"

    Madara: (I know your body materializes when you teleport!)


    Obito: (If I try to teleport, he'll come after me.
    My transfer speed's too slow...)

    Madara: "Since you'd been in Sage mode once... .
    ..You were able to steal some Sage power from me too, eh..."


    Sakura: (Madara could've killed me at any point! I was so terrified, I forgot to breathe!!
    He's... Of all the people, he's...
    ...A class apart!!)


    Kakashi: "Our first tag team in a while.
    Don't stumble, Obito.


    Yeah... I'm glad my final op will have been with you."


    Obito: "Are you worried, Madara?
    You once told me that only with both eyes together can the Sharingan's true power be unleashed...
    And thus..."

    Madara: "You're wrong.
    Those are Rinnegan, not just Sharingan."

    Obito: "No, you're wrong...

    I'm talking about these eyes!"


    Madara: (Whichever way they decide, I'll be able to stop Obito again.

    Maybe use Limbo to speed things up...
    No... I shouldn't use it while Obito still has my Rinnegan.)


    Madara: "...
    You both performed the Kamui at the exact same time...
    ...And put out double speed?"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 667
    Kabuto: "That's right, with my medical ninjutsu and much-tinkered Hashirama cells..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 669
    Lee: "He stopped partway?!"
    (The Sekizo is supposed to be a continuous attack that can be shifted up in speed from one to five times...)

    Madara: "A taijutsu move that bombards one with blows of punched air...
    An air cannon, so to speak..."
    (Getting hit by four or five of those would be bad.
    And I should definitely avoid getting hit by the fists creating them.)


    Madara: "One rarely gets to fight the eight inner gates formation! I'm game! I'll play with you!"

    Kakashi: "The release of all eight limiters results in power tens of times greater than that of the Gokage.
    But it's only temporary..."


    Madara: "He's coming towards me by kicking air!"


    Kakashi: "Master, those black weapons of Madara's are troublesome..."

    Minato: "They're not the activating-from-nothing type, but an always-on-standby type that undergo change in form...
    Their impact points disappear... But there is clear sensation if they make contact with you."


    Kakashi: "...
    To be frank though, I'm starting to lose sight in my left eye...
    I'll have to get pretty close to target them accurately..."


    Madara: (He is fast.)


    Madara: "You're the first since Hashirama...
    ...To make me feel this excited!

    You can still dance, can't you?
    Do you have any other moves?

    Give me some more fun!"

    Guy: (He got up from a Sekizo barrage...!)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 670
    Naruto: "Where... Is this...?
    And I... Dead?"

    Hagoromo: "And what makes thee think that thou art dead?
    Thine ethical viewpoint on death differs much from that which prevailed in my time.
    To so easily replace oneself with the term "death"... Thou must gain mettle, o new one."


    Hagoromo: "I am he who shalt achieve peace and order....
    My name is Hagoromo."


    Hagoromo: "On the other hand...
    I had foreseen that thou woulds't end up in such a state as that."


    Hagoromo: "I am an anarchronism...
    Over the passage of much time, cultural traditions and notions... Ethics, have brought about significant change.
    Each time I cross time and meet a reincarnate, I have come to sense greatly the differences between myself and the other....

    I was also to formalistically regulate and learn new mores and words, however..."


    Naruto: "Are you an alien or something?
    I mean, you seem super-dignified, but..."

    Hagoromo: 'Uh, that's a bit much, doncha think?
    An alien? Seriously? Aha ha!
    Well, maybe that ain't too far off... So anyway..."


    Hagoromo: "I am someone from the past. Someone already dead.
    A monk who wanders through this world as chakra, crossing generations, ascertaining the course of ninja creed..."


    Hagoromo: "Ninshu, not ninjutsu.
    My ninja creed was something meant to birth hope.
    Do not confuse it with ninjutsu, which breeds conflict."


    Hagoromo: "Some people called mother a rabbit goddess. Others called her a demon...
    They both worshipped and feared her.


    We brothers, to atone for the crimes mother left behind...
    ...Battled ten tails, an incarnation of the divine tree... and sealed it inside me.
    The divine tree, robbed of it's chakra fruit, went on a rampage in an attempt to recover it."


    Hagoromo: "But there was a huge difference between the two.
    One possessed genes contained my power chakra, and one did not...
    This manifested in the most extreme manner.


    ...Exceptional older brother Indra...
    ...And dunce younger brother Ashura."


    Hagoromo: "Elder brother Indra possessed strong ocular powers and senses from birth...
    ...and was called a genius.

    He always did everything by himself, leaning only on his own strength, and came to understand that his powers were different and special.
    He perceived that power can achieve everything.

    On the other hand, nothing ever went well for little brother Ashura from the time he was small...
    ...And he couldn't do anything all on his own.

    In order to attain the same strength as his older brother...
    ...He always need the cooperation of others in addition to his own effort.
    And then...

    While struggling through training, the power of bodily chakra awakened within him and he attained power rivaling his brother's.
    He came to understand that he was able to become strong thanks to the cooperation and help of those around.

    He learned of the love for others that arises from thinking about others.
    And perceived that it was love that can achieve everything.

    ...I thought I caught a glimpse of new possibilities...
    Within younger brother Ashura's way of living.

    I partitioned the power of ten tails that was inside me...
    ...Named each of the pieces.

    And believed the bond known as cooperation was true power.

    I then named younger brother Ashura leader and guardian of ninja creed.
    Thinking that older brother Indra would cooperate with his younger brother.

    Indra did not accept my decision.
    And thus, from that day on, this interminable conflict...


    Even after their flesh perished, the chakra the two honed continued to reincarnate across time, without vanishing...
    Over and over..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 671
    Hagoromo: "These eyes of mine...
    ...Can clearly see Ashura's chakra clinging about you."

    Naruto: (Could that be...)


    Hagoromo: "Though Madara created a problem before he finished being a reincarnate.
    He was so obsessed with power that he stole some of Hashirama's.

    Which in short, caused the merging of part of Ashura's chakra with Indra's chakra...
    ...And resulted in the derivation of my own chakra's power.
    That's right, the awakening of the Rinnegan.

    I always thought that such a fellow would appear among either Indra or his reincarnates.
    Which is why I left behind that stone tablet, with guidance on reforming one's thinking.

    Though it appears to have been meaningless..."

    Naru: "So you've been watching your...
    ...Kids' quarrels forever and ever, super gramps Sage?"


    Hagoromo: "If power is concentrated within one person...
    ...It will run wild, and that person will become possessed by it."
    (Note: This sounds exactly like what Itachi described about Madara stealing his brother's eyes, and later the Izanagi wars)


    Hagoromo: "The current Madara is a perfect example... He's become just like mother.
    Now, no longer Indra's reincarnate, he's obtained ten tails' power and is close to getting to me...
    ...And is trying to attain even my mother Kaguya's power.

    The infinite Tsukuyomi doesn't just cast genjutsu over you.
    It keeps you trapped inside genjutsu dreams...
    ...So that the caster can use your individual power while maintaining you alive...

    You're attached to the roots of the divine tree....
    ...And turned into living slaves. That's the infinite Tsukuyomi.

    Mother possessed the power of the Sharingan as well as Byakugan.
    She used her ocular powers to cast that jutsu upon the populace... It was ghastly.

    If all chakra were to be reunited into one again, a new chakra fruit would take shape...
    ...That must be prevented at all costs, or this world will come to an end."


    Hagoromo: "Proffer me your dominant arm.
    This time, I shall share my power with you, Indra's reincarnate..."


    Naruto: "Me and Sasuke may not be true brothers...
    ...But I really believe that we can make peace.
    Cuz we're pretty good friends."


    Guy: (Even the Evening elephant.... Isn't enough...)

    Madara: "Ha ha ha... Nice, nice!
    Keep on dancing!!"
    (Lol Britney spears)

    Viz translated the text as "Night Guy".
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 672
    Madara: "Given the state of your heart node...
    ...It seems the next attack will be your last..."

    Guy: "Charge!"


    Sasuke/Naruto: "Time to...
    ...Get going..."


    Sakumo: "At the rate he's training, that boy will become stronger than you.
    They haven't announced the alternatives yet, have they? The academy's not dumb.
    You ought to ask him his name and remember it...
    He'll be a great rival for you."


    Madara: "This chakra of yours! I'll acknowledge it!
    Of all those who have fought me over the years...
    ...There's no one who surpasses you at taijutsu!!"

    Guy: "Flow!"

    Madara: (Fast...!
    he's bending space?!)


    Guy: (Night Guy!)


    Madara: "Ha ha ha... I almost died there, ya bastard!"

    Madara: "Your flame is about to go out... But in gratitude for a good time...
    ...I'll finish you off...

    ...Before you turn to ash on your own!"


    Madara: (He was able to kick away a truth seeker orb?!)


    Madara: "Naruto...?
    You seem somewhat different than before."
    (That Obito, he must've...)

    Naruto: "Yeah, I'm still trying to figure it out myself...
    But I think I can change everything now!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 673
    Madara: (The node's chakra hasn't gone out? What's going on?
    What did he do?

    He stopped the eight gates' endgame?!)


    Madara: (Is it because I haven't finished....
    ...Healing yet?!

    His power's suddenly grown?!)

    Naruto: (Son! Lend me some chakra, will ya?!!)
    Son Goku: (No prob!!)


    Madara: (What?! He evaded....
    ...The Limbo?!!)


    Naruto: (Explode!!!)


    Shinju: (Take me within you.
    Take the divine tree...
    ...Ten tails, all of me, into you...)


    Tobirama: (He touches Madara's rod but isn't affected?
    What happened to him while he was starting to die?)


    Madara: "I see...
    The divine tree itself is...

    Ha ha ha...

    The time when all shall become one has come."


    Gaara: "When you become Hokage...
    ...Let's share a drink."


    Naruto: (Is it cuz I met super gramps Sage...
    ...And got power from him?

    I can feel it clearly even from here...
    ...The other half of super gramps' power...)


    Madara: "You cannot take me down.
    I am essentially immortal now...
    I have obtained eternity."

    Naruto: "You idiot!!
    I ain't taking ya down..."


    Naruto: "We will...
    ...Take you down."


    Sasuke: "Your time has come, Madara."


    Madara: "You awakened Six paths Senjutsu...
    ...And you awakened one-eyed Rinnegan, huh.

    ...I've got both those powers together, remember!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 674
    Madara: (Sage art! Shadow style thunder blast!!)


    Madara: (Sasuke's gone?!)

    Sasuke: (This left eye...
    ...So that's what it can do.)


    Madara: (No...
    It's not that he moved...!!)


    Madara: (Sage art! Storm style Fang of light!!)


    Naruto: "Sasuke, it's headed your way!
    Something I can't see's...
    ...Scrambling about!!"


    Madara: (The Rinnegan's allowing him to see it.)


    Madara: (That Uchiha Sasuke... He awakened the same straight pattern Choku-tomoe Sharingan, just like mine...

    Sasuke and I may share some relationship beyond just blood.)

    "Then... I think that left eye of yours will suit me quite well!!"


    Madara: (So that's your left eye's ability, huh...)


    Sasuke: (The Six paths Sage chakra...
    ...Can affect the shadow Madara too, huh.)


    Naruto: "Feh!
    It's always peeved me when you order me around...
    Some things apparently never change, huh!"


    Madara: (He's postulating the Limbo's duration, activation interval... And how to counter it...
    He's got sharp intuition...
    ...Calm analyzing and judgement skills...
    ...And a Sharingan just like mine...
    If he'd only been born earlier than Obito. I'd have...)


    Naruto: (Sage art! Magnet style Rasengan!!)

    Sasuke: (And I have Six paths power too...
    "Naruto, shoot your jutsu right at me!
    I'll take care of the rest!"

    Sasuke: "Naruto, that jutsu the Sage of six paths gave you...
    You know what I mean, right?!"

    Naruto: "Yeah! This is the moment..."


    Madara: (Looks like his Rinnegan can't reach this far away.
    I'm starting to understand your left eye's abilities, Sasuke.)


    Madara: (Sasuke sure is quick.)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 675
    Madara: "The Curse seal tag I placed on your heart is gone...
    How'd you remove it? You shouldn't have been able to damage it yourself."

    Obito: "I had Kakashi stab through me... and got rid of it that way...
    Since it was in the way... Of making myself into ten tails' jinchuriki...

    I gambled my life on it...
    ...But I wasn't... Going to keep doing what you wanted..."

    Madara: "Heh heh heh. No, no, you did exactly as I'd intended.
    Exceeded my hopes, in fact..."

    Obito: ...!?
    "What's so funny?!"

    Madara: "A Cursed seal meant to make you a puppet...
    ...That'd restrict your movements should you try to remove it from inside the body it's implanted.

    Looks like you knew of it, Obito.

    About these Curse tags I implanted in the two of you...
    Naturally, you couldn't have killed yourselves, either.

    Since you were both my precious pawns."

    Obito: ...
    "The... Two of you...?!"

    Madara: "Call it fate or karma...
    It's ironic that both of you ended up getting rid of them via the exact same method."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 676
    Kakashi: "Madara...
    You have both Rinnegan now, huh."
    (And his lower body's regenerated already...)

    B. Zetsu: "Sorry, but... Obito is no more.
    I've taken over his body now.

    Seems he was hoping to have his mistakes rectified and be redeemed.
    He was praying in his heart, like a child, that could just leave the future to you all...

    How convenient that would have been for him, don't you think? Like a spoiled brat."


    Sakura: (Lady Tsunade, looks like I've finally caught up to them!!)


    Sakura: (Sasuke... Didn't even...)


    Sakura: (That left eye... Is that a Rinnegan?!)

    Sasuke: (Madara's got four shadows now...)


    Madara: (Catastrophic Planetary construction!)


    Gaara: "We retreat for the time being!"

    Lee: "What about Naruto and the others?!"

    Gaara: "He'll pull through no matter what!"

    Sakura: "Th-this is six paths power...?"

    Naruto: "They're bigger than Pain's... And lot more of 'em!!"

    Sasuke: "Don't be distracted by what's above!
    His shadows are on the ground with us!"

    Madara: "They're a bit more solid and larger than raindrops, but..."


    Naruto: "Kurama!"
    Kyubi: "Yup!"


    Sasuke: (Gah! There's no end to them!)

    Sakura: (W-wow...)


    Madara: (According to that stone tablet...
    When one who possesses the power of Rinne...
    ...Should draw near the moon...

    ...The eye that can reflect off the moon...
    ...And grant the infinite dream, shall open...

    shine upon the world.
    ...Infinite Tsukuyomi!!)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 677
    Swirly: "It's finally started...
    Then my job is done.
    Then we don't need this interior anymore either..."


    Shinobi: "Four o'clock! Meteorites!!!"


    Sasuke: (This is really bad!)


    Naruto: "I'm gonna pulverize all of the meteorites with these, so you're safe!
    Both of you just stick real close to me and stay still!"
    (Gotta make sure not to hit Sasuke!)


    Naruto: "Sasuke, don't head down here so suddenly! I could've hit you with a Rasenshuriken--"

    "Hey! Land more sofly, wouldja!!"

    Sasuke: "Just shut up and stay still!"


    Madara: "Now!! Become one!!"


    Madara: "This light can penetrate and see through even shadows...
    None can hide from it... And then, next..."
    (Divine... ...Deep forest emergence!)


    Black Zetsu: "The light can't penetrate that Susano'o?
    His Rinnegan can deter even this jutsu?"


    Sasuke: "Without my ramped-up Susano'o's protection, you'd be bound up in his genjutsu as well!

    Plus, his shadows are outside too...
    If the two of use are done in, it's all over.

    We need to bide our time!"

    Naruto: "Wha...?!"

    Hash: (This is the deep forest emergence!
    He's binding people using the divine tree's life energy?!)

    Tobirama: "Why am I not affected?!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 679
    Naruto: "Dang it!
    (Can't move!)

    Sasuke! If we don't stop him now...
    ...He'll drain everyone else's chakra before ours and they'll die!!"

    Bleck Zetsu: "Don't worry... I'm not going to kill anyone at all...
    Even when Kaguya previously cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi upon the populace, she preserved those people alive.

    In order to form them into her soldiers."

    Sasuke: "Form...?
    What do you mean?!"

    Black Zetsu: "Heh... You seem to be denser than Itachi...
    Can you use ordinary folk in combat?"


    Kakashi: "No way..."

    Black Zetsu: "They're turned into White Zetsu.

    What's left of those who were under the previous Infinite Tsukuyomi...

    ...That's what the white Zetsu are.

    They've become transformed, slowly, over time."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 680
    Sasuke: (Art of Summoning!)

    Naruto: "What're you doing?! Help them, not me...!"


    Naruto: "How?!

    Sasuke: "Kakashi tied one end of a scroll onto his kunai knife...
    ...and used it just like a rope.

    For Obito, he pinned him to the wall with a kunai..."

    Kakashi: (Obito... sorry to have been so rough with you.)


    Kakashi: (She summoned an alternate dimension?)

    Naruto: "Nice work, master Kakashi!"

    Sasuke: "Face forward, Naruto!
    Naruto, I'm going to be frank with you."


    Sasuke: "This world will come to an end if either one of us is killed.
    Only your six paths power of light...

    ...And my six paths power of shadow...
    ...Can seal away that being in front of us.

    If we're not able to, humankind will be exterminated.
    The two of us cannot afford to die, no matter what.

    Kakashi and Sakura... ...Just happened to be near you when the Infinite Tsukuyomi was launched.
    ...That's all.

    You understand what that means, right...?"

    Naruto: "Yeah, I get it..."


    Naruto: "I know what you're saying, and that you're right.
    But... These are the times when your body just moves on its own, remember?
    Like on that bridge..."


    Sasuke: (Byakugan!! Damn it! My hawk's chakra points have been hit!

    I'll have to use Susano'o!)

    Sasuke: !
    (Sfx: Quivv Quivv)
    (Needle in forearm)


    Tobirama: (...To the spot where I sensed that mighty chakra...
    ...I might learn something!)

    Hiruzen: (But... That mighty chakra suddenly vanished...)


    Kakashi: "You're levitating?!

    well... The six paths chakra-enhanced Madara floated too."


    Kaguya: "All chakra...
    ...Belongs to me, and me alone."


    Kaguya: "I shall reunify all chakra once more!!"


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    Naruto Chapters 681–700+10

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 682
    A few things from #682 ["Bet Ya Never Seen this"].

    Black Zetsu: "I don't know what you're scheming...
    ...But mother can absorb any and all jutsu.
    Your actions are meaningless."


    Kakashi: (The power to drag us all into this dimension that's not genjutsu...
    This is a totally different scale... She's like...
    A god...)


    Naruto: "I'm telling ya, I've been secretly practicing this jutsu even more than the Rasengan!
    It's worth giving it a shot, no?!"

    Sasuke: "If there's a chance it'll create an opening...
    ...I'm game. I'll get my left eye ready."


    Sasuke: (Amaterasu!)
    Sfx: Shkeen
    Sfx: Voosh


    Naruto: (Ninja Centerfold...
    ...Reverse Harem Jutsu!!)

    (These sexy-type jutsu tend to work better the stronger the opponent, ya know!)

    Sakura: (You fool!!! What the heck are you thinking!?
    That might work on me, but there's no way that jutsu will work on such a god-like person!!)


    Naruto: (You might be the progenitor of chakra or whatever, but I bet ya never seen this jutsu before!!)

    "This is the history of shinobi, ya fool!!"

    Sasuke: "Now, Naruto!!"


    Naruto: "Yeah!!"
    Sfx: Fft (Kaguya is teleported between them)

    Kakashi: "The number one maverick!
    Who'd have thought Naruto's pervy ninjutsu would save the world!!!
    Are you watching, Master Jiraiya?!!"

    Flashback Jiraiya: "I believe Naruto is the child of prophecy who'll save the world.
    I guess he'd be a throwback from the viewpoint of Konoha's shinobi way...

    ...But he's endearing, being more like me rather than Minato..."


    Sfx: Plink (Kaguya's ice)


    Sfx: Zww (Kaguya's space-time gateway)
    Sfx: Swooo (Kaguya flying in)

    Sasuke: (This ability... She can move between spaces...)


    Kakashi: "This place... Did we shift dimensions again!?


    It feels the same as when we were taken to the previous lava world.
    I'm pretty sure this is the work of the enemy!

    To rewrite the world in an instant and make it reality...
    ...This really is like genjutsu..."


    Sasuke: (Amaterasu!
    Flame control!)
    Note: The lines that appear are slash marks


    Sasuke: "We're doing it my way next... You better help."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 683
    Few things from latest chapter [#683: "I dreamt the same dream"]

    BZ: "Now...
    ...You can't seal mother away.
    First, we'll suck you dry of your chakra!"

    Sfx: Zwp [Kaguya's arm]
    Sfx: Tak [Naruto moving away]

    BZ: "Nice reflexes."


    "The child's quite fast."
    [Not sure if this is BZ or Kaguya]

    Naruto: "So I don't know where she'll strike from, huh..."


    Obito: "I... Thought I... Died..."

    Naruto: "I healed you."


    Minato: "I chopped off a tree branch entrapping people...
    ...To try and free them, but they didn't awaken.
    And another branch just whipped down and wrapped them right up."

    Tobirama: "In order to confirm Madara's status... ...And find out what happened, we should use that lower body half to revive him with Edotensei...
    Then we make MAdara talk."

    Hash: "But we need a living sacrificial victim to do that!
    There's got to be another way..."

    Tobirama: "How can you say such a naive thing at this point?!"


    Hagoromo: "You truly are a kindhearted fellow...
    ...Previous reincarnate of Ashura."

    Hash: "And you are...?"

    Hagoromo: "Name's Hagoromo. As the founder of Ninja creed...
    ...I am also known as the sage of six paths."

    Sasuke: "Nothing seems to work."


    Naruto: "Ugh!
    She's merged with nature!!"


    Obito: (That's a type of time-space.)

    Naruto: (Okay, I've made it look like I'm restrained...
    All's left is to go at her when she gets close enough!)

    Obito: "You said you suddenly stopped sensing Sasuke?
    I suspect he was taken to another dimension."


    Obito: "She emerged from a time-space.
    It's an ability similar to my ocular power.

    If I resonate my Kamui the next moment she connects...
    ...And opens the time-space...
    ...I'm positive I can enter it."


    Obito: "...I'll need an enormous amount of chakra to do it...
    ...Since it's not my time-space.
    If my chakra runs out while I'm there, I'm done for."

    Naruto: "Then I'll go with you!
    My real body won't go down that quickly... I'm strong."

    Obito: "Your doppelg?nger chakra isn't enough."

    Sakura: "Would it still be inadequate with my 100 healings chakra?"


    Obito: "That would give me the bare minimum.
    Both of you come with me.

    We don't even know if Sasuke is inside that time-space.
    But we'll start by entering her lair...
    I swear to find Sasuke and deliver him to your real body."


    Obito: "I'm Kakashi's friend...
    ...Your pa's subordinate...
    ...Sasuke's relative...

    ...Your senior who dreamt the same dream...
    ...As you.

    I'm not goin to waste time on speeches. I'm almost out of time.
    ...I just ask that you let me walk in front of...

    ...And die for you."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 684
    A few things I think people will find interesting from chapter #684 ("We Ought to Kill Him")

    Sakura: (Then it's true...
    ...Can't be saved...
    So he'll willingly die for us...)

    Obito: "Naruto...
    ...And Sakura, is it?

    Keep a hand on me, so we can teleport elsewhere at any moment."


    Kakashi: (We're not worth her attention, eh.)


    Naruto: (That's right, come down here!
    You really want my chakra, don't you?!

    Ain't worth launching a stupid big jutsu if she's just gonna absorb it.
    I think what'll work best on her is...

    ...A feint...

    ...And taijutsu!!)


    Naruto: (Can't use a pervy joke move to distract her anymore...
    ...So I gotta go back to the basics!!

    And corner her!
    So if she tries to escape through that weird window again, I can enter it with her!

    That's where I'll search for Sasuke!
    I can still sense Sasuke's chakra clearly!!)

    Kaguya: "This is my time-space!
    You are powerless here!"

    5 tails: "You ready, Naruto?!
    I'm going to boost your chakra to the boiling point!!"


    5 tails: "For unparalleled physical strength!!"


    Kyubi: "I've built up chakra for you, Naruto!"


    Naruto: "Right now, this place...
    ...Is my time-space!!"


    Naruto: (I'll send my real body!!!)


    BZ: "It seems a number of them managed to enter...
    ...But the other two must have run out of strength and vanished...

    Looks like your doppelg?ngers didn't have enough chakra...
    So you're the original, huh..."

    Naruto: "So what?!"

    BZ: (Mother... He's come into this root time-space.
    It's not good that he's here in this place that connects directly to the other five time-spaces...

    He might be able to get to where Sasuke is, using the resonance of the opposite powers...
    Like with that weird jutsu earlier, this shinobi Naruto...
    ...Has always been totally unpredictable.

    We ought to just...)


    BZ: (...Kill him now!!)

    Kaguya: "No, no. I must absorb those children's chakra..."

    BZ: (You use a huge amount of chakra whenever you change the time-space of the world, mother...
    You need to preserve the chakra you've got for any emergency.

    It's better if you don't keep engaging him... If you get sealed away, everything will be for nought.
    For sure, you'll lose out on a lot of chakra, but you don't need his!

    It's better than having our long cherished plans go up in smoke.)


    Kaguya: (die from this... Murderous Bone Ash!)


    Obito: "Thanks to Naruto, we were able to successfully hide inside my time-space...
    ...But he's gone, even as a doppelg?nger...

    You're the only one I can rely on, Sakura."

    BZ: "We killed the original! So why haven't they disappeared?!"

    Kakashi: "Looks like we succeeded in getting in...

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 685
    A few things I found interesting from #685 ["All that I've Got"].

    Sakura: "There's a reason I put myself at the front, you know!
    And at this point...
    ...I'll do even more than Naruto!"


    Obito: "I've marked this spot, so I can hide in my time-space for the time being!
    You two, Sakura."

    Sakura: "Huh?"

    Sfx: Zwoooooo [Kamui]


    Naruto: (I've gotta keep 'em too busy to go back over there...)


    Obito: (What an incredibly vast time-space.
    To be able to connect them in an instant... What the heck is Kaguya?!)


    BZ: (Be careful about making a gateway, mother.
    He'll get closer to Sasuke.)


    Sasuke: "I thought it was around here..."
    (This is definitely where I sensed Naruto's chakra strongly for an instant...)


    Sakura: "Haah!!"
    (Oh, yeah!!!)


    Sasuke: "It's one of my abilities.
    I can shift myself between spaces... Though only over a finite distance.

    But I made it here thanks to that."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 686
    Some things I found interesting from #686 [Bequeath and Inherit].

    Hiruzen: "I see...
    Naruto and Sasuke are in an alternate time-space, as well as Sakura and Kakashi."

    Hagoromo: "Naruto and Sasuke are the core participants in the battle."

    This body is a piece of Madara after he became ten tails' jinchuriki...

    In short, it contains ten tails, Madara and Hashirama... Or rather, nine tails, Indra and Ashura...
    I'm only able to emerge like this now because their chakra are finally one."

    Minato: "And... This jutsu that you just mentioned to us...
    How do we execute it, exactly?!"

    Hagoromo: "I'll weave the signs. It's just that this jutsu requires a vast amount of chakra...
    ...Which I don't have right now, since I've given it away."


    Naru: (Those doppelg?ngers are being taken out...)


    BZ: (Those doppelg?ngers are frantically protecting that one.

    There's no mistake, mother.
    The one with the truth seeker orbs is the original Naruto.)


    Kakashi: (...No opening to jump in...
    ...Powerless to do anything but watch?!

    Sakura and Obito are battling as well...

    ...Really couldn't do much for you as your teacher...
    Nor Obito and Rin as your friend...
    I just put on airs that I was elite and yet kept making mistakes.)

    Naru: It's not over yet!!
    There's no way I'm gonna lose! I can't!!!"


    Kaguya: "Nothing to worry about now."

    BZ: "Y-you!"
    (He passed the truth seeker orbs to a doppelg?nger?!
    And we fell for it?!)


    Naru: "Sasuke! Have you properly thanked Sakura and Obito?!"

    Sasuke: "...
    Focus on the enemy."

    Kakashi: (Naruto was always unexpectedly cunning.)

    BZ: (Mother... If they're reunited, we have no choice...
    We can't afford to save our chakra.)


    Sakura: "This terrain... Digs into my body..."

    Naruto: "I can't levitate..."


    Sasuke: (Damn it! my left eye hasn't recharged yet!)


    Kakashi: (Thank you, Rin...
    Obito and I will be joining you shortly.
    We can catch up, then, all three of us together once more.)

    Obito: (Rin...
    This time, let's...

    ...Spend some...

    ...Alone time, together, just you and me...)


    Obito: (Kakashi would just be in the way...)


    Kakashi: "Obito...! You sacrificed yourself for me again?!"

    Obito: "Kakashi... You stay here a little while longer...
    Don't you rush to follow us!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 687
    A few things I found interesting in #687 ["You Better"].

    Kakashi: "Wh-why?!
    I thought we'd both resolved to...

    Your power is still needed here!
    Why'd you have to save useless, powerless me?!"

    BZ: (She needs to rebuild her chakra.
    Mother... Let's teleport to the root time-space... You'll recover faster there, too.)


    Obito: (Kakashi, as someone propping up the new generation, it's too soon for you to die...)


    BZ's epic speech:

    "It's totally useless, Naruto.
    He's a goner. He'll rot away like trash and die.

    Why do you sympathize with him?
    He originally was your enemy, remember?

    Well... Then again, he's now a traitor to us too...
    A loser on all fronts.

    Hate by both ally and foe...
    No family or friends to mourn for him...

    He's all alone...
    ...With no legacy...

    He lost those precious to him, couldn't even fulfill his dreams...

    ...Got taken advantage of, and was just circling around in the end...

    A fool full of nothing but mistakes...

    And his death will be equally crude."


    Sasuke: (My ocular powers are back!)


    Sfx: Bz Bzzz (Chidori)
    Sfx: Fft (Space jutsu)


    Sasuke: "Naruto, I'll handle the diversions this time...
    He's beyond help... You come with me."


    Obito: "You better become Hokage."


    Sfx: Crunch (Naruto's foot panel)

    Naruto: "...Obito is...
    ...Noting but awesome to me!!!"

    Viz left the Sfx untranslated.:cat

    But we already know what takL thinks happened.:cat

    Two more days til we know for sure.:ignoramus
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 689
    A few things from #689 ("I love you guys").

    Kakashi: (How about this...
    Combining Kamui's power...

    ...Into Shuriken!

    Kamui Shuriken!!)


    Kakashi: "Just as I thought.
    Gaining six paths power enhances one's ocular powers, too!"

    Naruto: "Whoa, that's more awesome than yours, Sasuke!!!"


    BZ: (This root time-space is mother's exclusive domain where she can directly extract chakra from shinobi trapped in the infinite Tsukuyomi!

    The Biju are now stable, plus mother has even produced a truth seeker orb...

    An expansive kekkei moura truthseeker orb that contains each and every nature...

    ...Wind, fire, Earth, Lightning, wood, shadow, and light.

    It's the start of a new time-space.

    And you all will become it's sacrifices.)


    Naruto: "That thing's just like the spheres behind me."


    Kakakshi: "We're going to save the world!"

    Sasuke: "Hmph."


    Naruto: "You're mine, you witch!"

    Sasuke: "No! We attack her together!
    Then her attention will be divided, fearing the seal!"


    Sasuke: "Take me in some! I'll fly the rest of the way!"


    BZ: (Mother just gained some more power... Both her might and speed are now exponentially greater.)


    Kakashi: (It really is a nifty ability, Obito... to be able to pass through things...
    ...And this move has been resurrected too.

    Kamui Lightning Blade!!)


    Kaguya: (I'll go to the ice world... No...
    Indra's reincarnate possesses the Amaterasu... ...So that would be no good!!)


    Sakura: (Don't forget about me!!
    We're both women...

    ...So don't you mock me!!!)

    Kakashi: (yup, what a nice picture.

    I really...

    ...Love you guys right now!)
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 691
    A few things from 691...

    Sakura: "...Guess so... Since you're levitating.
    At this point, I'm tired of being surprised."


    Previous Tsuchikage: "The shinobi world sure went to Hell while we were dead...


    Kakashi: "So... it was true...
    Summoning the past Gokage here...
    ...And bringing us and the Biju back from that other dimension...

    You're probably the only person who could...
    ...Perform such god-like actions."


    Hagoromo: "Ho ho... Look at Kurama, all embarrassed and flustered...

    But this too is what I had once envisioned.
    That there would one day be a shinobi..
    ...Who could move even the Biju to cooperate."


    Hagoromo: "...Then I shall ask Obito to tell me that tale, in the afterworld..."


    Hagoromo: "Madara was a jinchuriki, even if temporarily.
    Emptied of the Biju... He won't last long."

    Sasuke: "His own fault for trying to use such things."

    Hagoromo: "...
    Sasuke... Naruto... Behold the end of your predecessors.
    Watch closely now."


    Madara: "I guess... Neither you... Nor I... Could achieve what we wanted."

    Hash: "It's never that easy! Our job is to do all that we can while we're alive.
    And then bequeath the rest... For future generations to accomplish."

    Madara: "So simplistic... As usual...
    Heh heh...
    You... Were... Always... Optimistic...

    But... Perhaps that... Is the correct way.

    My dream... Was squashed.
    But yours... Is still relevant... And ongoing."


    Hash: "We were both too hasty... We didn't need to fulfill our dreams ourselves.
    It was more important to cultivate those who would come after us."

    Madara: "Which means I would've failed... Anyway.
    Since I always... Hated... Having someone stand behind me..."

    Hashirama: "When we were kids..
    ...You said once "we're shinobi, we never know when we might die"...
    That for neither side to die, we'd both have to reveal our true intentions...
    ...And pour each other drinks to toast like brothers.

    But we're both about to die.
    Right now... We can drink as war buddies."

    Madara: "...
    War buddies... Huh...

    Well.. I...
    ...Guess... That's...




    Naruto: "Though everyone tells me my baths are only lightning-quick dips!"


    Naruto: "But about Ma telling me to find someone like her, I dunno...

    ...That's... Um..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 693
    693 - Here once again

    Sakura: I...
    I know in my heart that there's nothing I can do...
    ...even though I love you!!
    Even though I care so much about you, Sasuke!!

    I can't get close to you...
    ...or exchange blows with you...

    I can only whine, beg, and cry like this again.
    It's totally pitiful, isn't it!

    Naruto: ...

    Flashback Sasuke: Thank you

    Sakura: But...
    But, Sasuke!
    If there's even a little corner of your heart that thinks about me...
    ...Please don't go far away anymore!

    If we just stick together, I know It can be...
    ...like old times again, someday...

    Sasuke: You...
    ...really do make me sick.


    Kakashi: Sakura...
    Sakura just wanted to save you.

    She always did.

    Sasuke: You want me to play at romance?

    I have no reason to like her, nor does she have any reason to like me.

    Kakashi: You only need a reason to hate a person!

    And Sakura's not trying or wanting to make you hers!

    She only wants to save you!

    She whom you came close to killing once...
    She feels for and spills tears over you, even now...

    ...Because she suffers from loving you!


    Sasuke: Perhaps...
    ...Those are the ties...to a failed past...


    Naruto: I ain't gonna let you hit me with that same punch as last time!
    I'm not gonna let you get away with whatever you want.


    Naruto: Let me tell you something your big bro said to me!
    That it's not the one who becomes Hokage who gets acknowledged by all...
    ...but that it's the one acknowledged by all who becomes Hokage!!

    Sasuke: I learned not from Itachi's words, but from his life itself.
    You and I produced different answers.
    Let me clarify this before we battle.

    I'll teach you exactly what being Hokage...
    ...Means to me.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 694
    Some things from #694; Sasuke's speech makes much more sense.

    Sasuke: "My explanation of what it means to be Hokage...
    ...Represents my response.


    Itachi's life path led me to this answer.

    In order to protect the land of fire and Konohagakure...
    ...He sacrificed both his own clan and himself.
    I first needed to know why.

    What is this...
    ...Land, this village, he protected at such cost?

    The previous Hokage said...
    ...That the village is a framework created to stop the slaughter...
    ...Of many clans and children.

    A framework that was to lead to peace...


    Itachi was trying to sustain that peace all by himself.
    That's what I finally came to understand...

    Suffering bitter experiences...
    ..And living in darkness as a criminal against and village...

    ...He was a shinobi who took on all hatred and protected the land of Fire and Konohagakure from the shadows...


    I feel...
    ...That he was the true Hokage.


    It's not the one acknowledged by all...
    ...But the one who accepted all the hatred that is worthy of that title.


    ...I eventually came to understand Itachi's feelings for his land and village.

    But my brother made just one mistake.

    By leaving me, his little brother alive, and being unable to hide the truth from me...

    ...He allowed the hatred to disseminate.

    I am not like my big brother anymore.

    I've no father, mother, brother...
    ...Not even a single other member of my clan.


    I am alone.
    I alone can bear the weight of all the hatred now."

    Sfx: Twitch (Naruto)

    Sasuke: "And I myself will deal with everything personally.
    I will handle all of the shinobi problems.

    i shall also dispense...
    ...All judgement and punishment.

    I'll concentrate all hatred to upon myself...
    ...And bring together every single village under my control.

    Hatred inside darkness cannot be eliminated.
    In which case, I'd rather...


    That's right...
    ...What Hokage is to me...

    ...Is someone who sears away the darkness of all five villages with only his own flame...

    And then keeps on living by eating the ashes."

    Sasuke: (Flashback Itachi): "It may be...
    ...That a perfect being does not exist at all in this world.
    Sometimes two who see opposites are actually two sides of the same coin.

    They can only succeed when actually working together."

    Sasuke: "But it doesn't... always go well...
    ...Like with these two stone statues."

    (And us two brothers...)


    Sasuke: "With revolution...
    The villages will no longer have to bear darkness.
    I will become the one and only darkness.

    I'll dispose of the deep darkness of the past...
    ...And build a pure white future from scratch."

    Naruto: "You mean by killing the Biju...
    ...and taking down all previous Gokage?!!"

    Sasuke: "That's right.
    I'm casting off the past!"


    Sasuke: "Itachi... Is now in my past.
    I will sunder all past mistakes and doubts here, and bring about reform...

    Beginning with cutting you down.
    Yours will be the last blood I shed...
    ...in the memory of my late brother."


    Naruto: "Cuz we're pretty good friends."

    Sasuke: "Because to me...
    ...He is still my closest friend."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 697
    Not much interesting, but:

    Sasuke: (Indra's arrow...
    Currently the most powerful move in my arsenal.)


    Kyubi: "Frankly, if my nature energy hadn't reached you in time, you'd have been blown away just now...
    And your chakra's already long been drained from the war..."


    Sasuke: (Only a diversion, huh...
    I can't actually take him down with this...
    I need the Biju's...)

    Sasuke: (Sfx: throb)
    (I've... Used too much chakra and can no longer maintain control...
    At this rate, I can't use my left eye's abilities, either...)


    Kyubi: "Hang in there!
    It ain't much, but I've some chakra for you!"


    Sasuke: "This is one of the Rinnegan's abilities...
    As someone who possesses the eyes of the Uchiha...
    ...My victory is inevitable..."
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+2
    Shikamaru: Geez, he's still so analog…

    Naruto: Eighty percent of the time, his missions take him to underdeveloped areas where he can't recharge. Give him a break.
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+3
    Some things worth sharing.:catwalk

    Cho-Cho: "That's Lord seventh!
    He's heading out, too?"


    Cho-Cho: "I wanna go slow and taste all the local specialties of each place..."

    [Trip over the tree]

    Sarada: "Sorry! Are you okay?! Geez!!"

    Cho-Cho: "We're going on a hunt for my parents!
    So why're you in charge of things?
    Wait, why are you angry?!"


    Shikamaru: "You just missed him..."


    Sarada: "We're about to set out on a little trip!
    We could just hand it to lord seventh on our way!

    Right, Cho-Cho? Do you object?
    You did say you wanted us to take our time."

    Cho-Cho: "I guess it's okay, but... Is there enough for me?"

    Boruto: "Nah, never mind. I'll take it home and tell ma what happened.
    He knew ma was making it for him, that jerk...

    No need to go outta your way."


    Boruto: "What?"

    Sarada: "I'm saying I'll deliver it."

    Boruto: "And I told ya, never mind."


    Mitsuki: "You come along with me.


    Cho-Cho: "You asking me out?"

    Mitsuki: "Your condition... It's pretty advanced."

    This fucking kid:skully


    Boruto: "Mind your own business, okay?!"

    Sarada: "You know the person it's being delivered to. What's the problem?
    Is this case...
    ...I'm perfectly qualified to deliver it.

    A boxed lunch isn't just about the food, right?

    When you know how special the person who made it for you is..."


    Boruto: "What's up with you, anyway?"

    Shikamaru: "Naruto is headed toward the Shikoro pass."


    Hood: "They're on the move."

    Shin: "I... Saw it too."

    Hood: "Everything's set.
    On to our next job, Shin."


    Naruto: "They're chasing after me.
    I thought it was weird when I caught them hiding near the gates."

    [Prior sentence makes it clear he knew from the beginning]


    Sarada: "If you can't run, I'll roll you if I have to!"


    Cho-Cho: "So you oughta know him, then?"


    Shin: "I'll carry you off..."

    Cho-Cho: "Huh?!
    Why do you wanna kidnap me?!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+4
    Cho-Cho: (Lord Seventh came to my rescue?!
    He saved lil ol' me?!)

    Naruto: Sorry, but I'm gonna have to take you in.
    I've got a ton of questions for you."

    Sfx: Glare (Shin)


    Sfx: Swoo x2 (Shin's eyes)

    Naruto: "You even have the Mangekyo Sharingan, huh.

    Then I can't go easy on you, even though you're a kid."

    Sfx: Shkeen (Shin's jutsu)

    Sfx: Waft (Shuriken's travel)

    Sfx: Gakk (Shuriken divided)


    Sfx: Gachng (Divided shuriken are redirected)

    Kyubi: "Naruto, we gonna let loose for once?"


    Naruto: "Just a little bit!"

    Naruto: "Nicely evaded, kid.
    You're well-trained."


    Shinjumon: "You need to retreat, Shin.
    You can't take him on by yourself."


    Cho-Cho: "Could you...
    ...Be my real papa, Lord Seventh?"

    Naruto: "Huh?
    What in the world?!"

    He doesn't like it when she calls him 'Big poppa'

    Cho-Cho: "It's not totally impossible, right?!"

    Naruto: "Wait, what are you talking about?"

    Cho-Cho: "This journey was all about uncovering the truth, but...
    ...Am I like a fair maiden who everyone's fighting over? What do I do?"

    Mangastream really butchered this one.


    Naruto: "I don't think I can send you back to the village even with one of my doppelg?ngers.

    You're safest staying with my real self."

    Cho-Cho: "So what's the deal?"

    Naruto: "I'm headed to this tower that's just beyond the pass.
    You two come with me.

    Won't it be great to see your dad, Sarada?"


    Naruto: "But he was surly, anti-social, self-righteous and rude.
    Not like me at all!"



    Naruto: "...He's my rival!
    And that's true even now!"


    Naruto: "Especially around the eyes...
    I bet it'll be even more so once you develop Sharingan.

    But your overall feel or aura somehow reminds me of Sakura...
    ...Like how you might be scary when real mad."

    Naru hasn't seen Karin:maybe


    Sasuke: "How did you find me...?


    Are you one of them?!"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+5
    We're back.:catwalk

    Sasuke: "I see."

    Sarada: "Yeah. I knew right away...
    That you're my dad."
    Sfx: glance


    Cho-Cho: "That's right!!"
    (Could this hot guy be...
    ...My papa?!!)


    Shizune: "She had that old team Taka photo.
    I think she wants to ask her father all sorts of questions."

    Sakura: "...
    Aw geez. Trust that child to...

    So I can assume she's headed to pass tower?!"

    Shizune: "Based on what Shikamaru's said, that's what it looks like."


    Sarada: "You haven't been around at all!!
    Why won't you stay and live together with mom?!!
    You don't even care that you've forgotten your daughter's face?!!"


    Sarada: "Who's this woman next to you wearing the same glasses as me?!
    Do you think a daughter can ask her mom such a thing?!!

    Mom won't say a thing, and you're never around!!
    Honestly, I can't trust either of you!!
    This is a total mess!!

    What exactly...
    ...Have you been doing all this time?!"


    Sasuke: "Despite her formidable power, she was still trying to create an army of white Zetsu in preparation for war.
    That's always bothered me, and I've been tracing her roots.

    And I learned that the white Zetsu soldiers...
    ...Existed long before shinobi did.


    This part... ...Is pure conjecture, but...

    What I believe it indicates is...
    ...The possibility that something that'd frighten even Kaguya could one day appear..."


    Sakura: "You mean there's another Kaguya type out there somewhere?!"


    naruto: "Sasuke, I'lll join you and..."

    Sasuke: "You stay here and protect the village as Hokage.
    I with my Rinnegan am the only one who can look into this."


    Naruto: "Sarada.
    Could you at least believe this?

    That your pa...
    ...Is the finest shinobi around."

    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+6
    Real interesting stuff.

    Sfx: Shkeen (Sasuke's Rinnegan)
    Sfx: fft (Sasuke swapped with Shin)


    Sasuke: (You'll reveal your secrets soon enough.)

    Sfx: Glare (Shin Sr's eyeballs)
    Sfx: Vwsh (Shin Jr moved)

    Naruto: (Is that his ocular power?)


    Shin Sr: "I see. So that's your ocular power, eh, Uchiha Sasuke!?"

    Sarada: "...
    W-wow, dad's amazing!"

    Naruto: "Yup.
    Though this is nothing. He can do a whole lot more."

    Shin Sr: "I'd love to have it for Akatsuki's revival."

    Naruto: "He's a remnant of Akatsuki?"

    Sasuke: "We'll find out soon enough."

    Shin Sr: "My name is Uchiha Shin."

    Sarada: "Then...
    ...They share the same name?"

    Sasuke: "You can speak the truth at leisure after I've captured you. Shut up until then."


    Cho-Cho: (Man, if only my real papa had such piercing eyes and was a woman-swooning type like Sarada's!)


    Sasuke: "Naruto, you protect the children, and..."

    Naruto: "I know. You be careful yourself, you hear?"
    (I'll strike the finishing blow this time! Go, Sasuke!)

    Sfx: vsh (Sasuke moves)
    Sfx: Shkeen (Shin Sr's Sharingan)


    Sarada: "Lord seventh?!!"

    Sasuke: "What the!?"

    Shin Sr: "This is my ocular power.
    Well? Just as nifty as yours, ain't it?"



    Naruto: "So these two... Can manipulate weapons using ocular powers, huh.
    Even... Sasuke's..."

    Sasuke: (That moment...
    He must have marked my blade?!)

    In other words, not sure. Naruto is implying he manipulated the blade to grab it and restrict Sasuke's movements the first time.


    Shin Sr: "Peace keeps humans from evolving...
    ...Just like it has with you two!"
    Sfx: Shkeen (Mangekyo)

    Sasuke: "He's inhibiting my movements with these!"
    Sfx: Dig (x2)

    Shin Sr: "Without evolution, creatures shall eventually perish."
    Sfx: fwoooosh (weapons exiting sleeve)


    Sakura: "Whaddya think you're doing to my hubby and beloved daughter?!!"


    Sasuke: "We're about to figure it out.
    What're you doing here?!"


    Kyubi: (C'mon, you aren't going to die from such a little thing. You're exaggerating.
    Your battle senses have gotten dull. Sad, so sad.)

    Naruto: "Shaddup..."

    Damn, Kyubi.:geg


    Sakura: "Sorry.
    I thought I'd made things clear to Sarad, but..."

    Sasuke: "No, I'm clearly the one at fault here.
    You don't need to apologize.

    But I've..."


    Jubimon: "We'll just take her along!"


    Cho-Cho: (Sarada can be fierce when she's upset. Have they made up yet?
    Cuz I hate awkward scenes.)

    Sasuke: "A space-time jutsu too...?"

    Naruto: "Gah, we were beat.

    It's just as Kurama said. We've gotten rusty, so pitiful..."

    Sfx: Squelch (Sound of the organ touched by the metal; not sure if dropping or picking up)
    Sfx: Waft (Single metal moving)

    Sakura: "Transplant surgery?
    Without that organ, that child will..."

    Shin Sr: "That's right--you're a medic ninja too...
    But it's your fault we're in this situation, you know."

    Sfx: waft (Single metal by Sakura)

    Sakura: "Yeah, because you were trying to kill my husband and child!
    As well as my close friend!"

    Shin Sr: "Then why do you care about my brat?"

    Sakura: "Are you...
    ...Asking that for real?"
    Spoiler: Naruto Chapter 700+7

    We're back.:catwalk

    Shin: "Don't misunderstand... These kids are clones of myself.
    They're just stand-ins that possess the same genes as me."

    Sakura: "Still, how can you do this to your own clone?
    Who did you think you are? Orochimaru?

    Even clones have..."

    Shin: "Yeah, he was my mentor."


    Shin: "Rather, to be accurate, I'm a former experiment of his.
    For the development of cloning techniques."

    Sakura: "That morally deficient snake bastard!"

    Shin: "I created them by culturing my teeth and nerves.
    You could say they are the fangs that give my flesh...
    ...And also a source of flesh if I ever need it.

    Nothing more, nothing less."


    Cho-Cho: (This totally intense mood sucks!
    The only think that should be heavy is my weight! You can do this, my delicate glass heart!!)


    Shin: "Genes, through reproductive cells...
    ...Survive forever without change, in the shape of progeny."


    Shin: "In short, humans live on by sacrificing disposable cells...
    ...In order to support the replication of immortal genes.

    Then what is that which we call death?
    It's merely the expiration of the disposable fleshy vessel."

    Sakura: "Even if that's true...
    ...The primary concern shouldn't be the genes, but your so-called disposable fleshy vessels!

    That's where one's feelings and will reside.
    What exists between parent and child is more than mere gene transmission..."

    Shin: "Creating children is no more than an instinctual act to create a stronger species...
    ...By mixing together half of each parent's genetic material.

    And conflict results in the further selection of superior genes.
    That is life's instinctive behavior."


    Shin: "That is human evolution.
    And this process becomes more efficient the more we evolve.
    Cloning technology is just one example.

    Shinobi are like that too, you know?
    When driven into battle, new, more powerful ninjutsu and other arts develop rapidly...
    ...And stronger shinobi are created.

    War is imperative for people to evolve.
    And that is why Akatsuki exists."

    Sakura: "You're an even bigger fool than Orochimaru!
    It's like you..
    ...Don't understand at all what should be important as a parent!"


    /Naruto: "Sorry, it's just habit. You'll always be captain Yamato to me."

    Yamato: "Lord Sixth filled me in for the most part...
    ...But i'm afraid i can't leave this spot.

    I'll need to follow Orochimaru if something happens."


    Naruto: "H-hey Sasuke, it's not like we're going to your favorite restaurant. Be more on guard, will ya?!"



    Orochimaru: "Oh my...
    I never imagined you'd ever come a-calling to me again, Sasuke."

    Naruto: "Y-you look younger, Orochimaru!"

    Orochimaru: "You know about me...
    ...So don't keep prodding at it, would you?"



    Sasuke: "These two's lives were threatened and my wife kidnapped by a man who seemed like an underling of yours.
    If you're plotting something, spill it now."


    Orochimaru: "Those are the abilities of Shin.
    He may be enraptured with Itachi, but he is not a member of Uchiha...

    He's an old experimental body who left me and has gone off on his own.
    And yes, he provided Danzo's right arm."


    Orochimaru: "I wanted many more bodies like his, so...
    ...I repeatedly performed cloning experiments with him...
    ...And went on to unravel the mystery of genes."


    Orochimaru: "Humans are simpler than you think.
    We're practically slaves to our genes.
    You can prove both individuality and relatedness with them."


    Suigetsu: "D-don't tell me...
    ...Sasuke was that scummy of a loser bastard?!"


    Naruto: "Of course not!!
    That damn scumbag!!!"


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    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    Spoiler: Boruto Chapter 1
    Boruto: "Can't believe you went this far…Kawaki!"

    Kawaki: "I'll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage…
    Spoiler: Boruto Chapter 4

    Shinki: "We three swear to win… …so as not to sully our adopted father's name."​


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  8. Reddan Active Member

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    Great thread and it is great of you to do this. It clears up so much confusion when we have a proper translation

    I would like to clear up a few things if you can.

    CHAPTER 367 Page 11

    Jiraiya says Minato had the talent you find once in a decade and they have not had a genius like him since.

    CHAPTER 221 PAGE 5
    The teacher says there has not bee a genius like Itachi ever since.


    CHAPTER 419 PAGE 17

    Killberbee says that Sharingan guy was one of the strongest people i've ever fought against.
  9. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    Jiraiya: "Oh, No, Minato was a rare genius. You don't see the likes of him very often. He was kind and gentle, yet fierce of full of grit. Became the fourth Hokage in the blink of an eye"

    Teacher: "The honor is mine. Itachi was the most gifted student I ever had the pleasure to mentor...I've never seen such a remarkable student. We barely had to teach him anything at all.

    Fugaku: "You exaggerate."

    Teacher: "No, No."

    Bee: "Well, that Sharingan dude's probably the toughest fellow I've ever fought."
  10. Senjuclan Mori No Senju Ichizoku

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    Yo Cyphon,

    Can you ask the mods to get this "stickied"? That way we have it for reference and there is no need to ask you for the same thing multiple times
  11. Divinstrosity Itachi: God Of The Gods.

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    I'm confused.

    If these are the correct translations, then what exactly were the translations we were getting before?
  12. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    A lot of people accept these as the official or final word.

    While you are free to your own opinion I am just providing a service for those who want access to these to help clear things up.

    @Senju - Okay I will PM a mod and ask.
  13. Reddan Active Member

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    Thanks for the clear up. I will also add a couple myself.

    CHAPTER 262

    Deidara speaking about Sasori.

    I'm sure I shouldn't say this, but....Sasori is stronger than I...probably yeah

    CHAPTER 266

    The third Kazkeage was exceptionally strong, stronger than either of his predecessors. Yet his body did not turn up.

    ChAPTER 453

    Suigetsui: This Naruto fellow defeated Pain all by himself?

    Zetsu: That's right he has become extremely strong...In fact I think he is stronger than Sasuke right now.

    CHAPTER 453

    Madara: Thus even if Sasuke surpasses Nagato, it is completely meaningless if we can't control him. So I have no intention of linking him to the Gedo Statue any time soon. I think it would be wiser to just keep an eye on him.

    CHAPTER 455

    Naruto:That's when the Fourth Hokage told me... The Akatsuki guy who wears a mask was behind the nine tails mess 16 years ago. He's so strong even the fourth Hokage struggled against him.

    CHAPTER 462

    SHEE: Lord Raikage's nerve transmissions and his reaction speed are on par with that of Konoha's yellow flash.....Impressive these folks are keeping up as well as they are. But Lord Raikage has manipulated raiton chakra to augment his reflexes! Not even the sharingan will be able to keep up with him. Plus, there's still...

    CHAPTER 463

    SHEE: He manipulated the black flames?! Changed their chakra form too!! He's even better than Itachi?
  14. Divinstrosity Itachi: God Of The Gods.

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    I'm confused again.

    ARE they the REAL translations?

    If they are, then that's what I'll go with.

    By saying 'clear things up', that suggests the other translators were wrong/a little off, and these are the right translations.
  15. Reddan Active Member

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    I think the VIZ translations are the best and most accurate. These people are paid to do this and they can always get a second opinion.

    Not only that, but when you read the VIZ lots of apparent inconsistencies are cleared up.
  16. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    The ones I am providing are the official Viz translations.

    I am not saying any translators are incorrect but most differ on exact wording and such. I believe most people consider the Viz a neutral ground to get the final say.

    Sorry if I made my intentions unclear. I have a lot of respect for Shonen and Gottheim and any other translators who provide us all of this information.

    @arednad - I appreciate the effort but the idea is to wait for requests from people on things they would like cleared up. If I am not around and you are feel free to provide help when you can though.
  17. Senjuclan Mori No Senju Ichizoku

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    I could not agree more. I think the major difference between VIZ and the other translators is the benefit of time. Some of our translators are working under severe time constraints and hence end up making mistakes. VIZ has the benefit of time and manpower.
  18. Reddan Active Member

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    Cool no problem. This thread is a great idea.
  19. Sniffers Ninja dogs ftw!

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    Great idea to make such a thread, Cyphon. This should help. :kthumb

    VIZ has made one or more mistakes or liberties, so it's not the complete end all translation. Though to my knowledge it is still one of the best translations.
  20. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    You can thank Final Jutsu and.....Someone else I forgot (sorry person I forgot :D:) for pushing me to do it.
  21. Alex Payne a Char

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    Chapter 70 Page 1 - Kakashi's words about how he thinks he compares to Sannin

    Chapter 166 Page 12 - Orochimaru's words to Jiraiya

    Chapter 343 Page 9 - Kakashi's words about Naruto's level.

    Chapter 375 Page 10 - Jiraiya describes Nagato and his abilities
  22. Reddan Active Member

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    Two more request if you can help Cyphon.

    CHAPTER 223 PAGE 3

    I remembered Sasuke more time had past, but I am not sure.

    Besides after that....The awkward even that happened with father and brother.

    CHAPTER 221 PAGE 13

    Fugaku speaking to Sasuke about his grades.

    Keep this up and become a fine Shinobi like your brother.
  23. takL unfit 4

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    i dont always check Viz but seemingly viz often misses the tones.
    for instance, naruto refers to jman as 'my master' for the first time when he holds a lil funeral with konan after nagato's last. it's a subtle nuance yet very important imo.
  24. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    Kakashi: "Even if you are one of those 3 ninja...The man I am today can take you down."

    After their encounter

    Kakashi: "Did I miscalculate?! What kind of a fool am I?!"

    Orochimaru: "Even with us both having handicaps, its no contest....Give it up."

    Kakashi: "You're strong, Naruto. You may even surpass me."

    Jiraiya: "He who possessed the same pupils as the Sage of the Six Paths not only mastered every jutsu I taught him...He demonstrated the ability to achieve all 6 changes in nature, which is unheard of in a single person. He possessed power that was well versed in all mainstream ninjutsu...And had mastered all sorts of jutsu by the mere age of 10."
  25. Reddan Active Member

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    In the VIZ version he says MY TEACHER for the first time. All the other times he had called him pervy sage.

    This is if you are talking about CHAPTER 449.

    Naruto: The name Naruto, the guts to never give up...and pain...Those are the things I've inherited from MY TEACHER and my brother-in-training.
  26. T-Bag Blackbeard

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    Good thread. Though I find it funny how people are always referring to translations that have to do with who's stronger/better lol. It's always about who's the stronger one that matters, tsk tsk tsk.
  27. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    Sasuke: "And...Its been awhile since then but...There's tension between Itachi and father."

    CHAPTER 221 PAGE 13

    Fugaku speaking to Sasuke about his grades.

    Fugaku: "Keep this up, and you'll be amazing, just like your brother."
  28. Divinstrosity Itachi: God Of The Gods.

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    I would like to confirm some things about Itachi, kind sir.


    - I want to know everything on that page.


    "Is that all he has?"

    "No he has yet to show all of yet...he has yet to show all of it..."


    "Brother, he only needed one year to graduate from the academy."

    "Times have changes since then. and also, that boy is special."

    I have more, but I'll spare you.
  29. Cyphon Brotherhood of the Beard

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    Kakashi: "What speed...! I couldn't follow his sign-weaving at all...Furthermore, that he would use the shuriken in his right hand as a decoy to distract me...While launching a suiton attack at my feet. Impressive."

    Itachi: "Trust you, Kakashi, to have such a sharp sense of perception...Indeed."

    Kurenai: "A Shadow Doppel-ganger?!! He's super human...!!!"

    Asuma: "I can't believe he's this good..."

    Kakashi: "No, actually, he's better. He hasn't even begun to show his true strength."

    Sasuke: "Itachi...Graduated from the academy in one year...Times have changed...And he's a special case."

    Ask away.
  30. Judecious Active Member

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    So sasuke with base sharingan and 1 MS jutsu>Raikage:LOS

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