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Theory about Itachi

Discussion in 'Naruto Theories' started by sadated_peon, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. sadated_peon King of the potato people.

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    Mar 23, 2005
    I have been thinking about it and I am starting to think that itachi does not need to do hand seals to do certain jutsus.

    Now, I am sure I will get a lot of people pointing out where, and why I am wrong, and I welcome it, I am not convinced of it myself but certain things are bothering me?..

    Now the things here is whether he is doing it so fast that no one can see?. Or what I am starting to believe he is just not doing the seals.

    First one is the first jutsu we see itachi perform.

    A jutsu that requires hands seals as shown by kurenai

    Now we see that his hands are bound at his sides.

    and yet he performs the jutsu

    Now no matter how fast you are, if you hands are bound it doesn?t matter. (though it is a genjutsu so it could have been broken, and he performed it real quick)

    But we see no seals.
    Now the second jutsu he performed,
    We see that he attracts kakashi?s attention to the shurikens in his hands when he actually used a jutsu.

    Now consider the two possibilities.
    He attracted kakashi attention to his hand with the shurikens while performing a jutsu that required no seals, so that kakashi would be distracted by looking at the hand and wouldn?t notice the jutsu.
    He attracted kakashi attention to his hand with the shurikiens while with the same hand performing a jutsu that required seals. Bring kakashi attention to the hand that he is doing a seal with. (Now of course he could have done the jutsu incredible fast before he pulled out the shurikens, then got out the shurikens. )
    But again we see no seals.
    He creates a kage bushin without us seeing the seals, and a water shield while it looks like he is still holding onto a knife.

    (notice the position of his arm is the same as on this page)

    (now of course he could have done both these so fast that we didn?t see them, and his arm being out could be him doing the seal)
    but once against we see no seals.
    and here we see him putting naruto into a genjutsu we just one finger and no hand seals

    The only time I can think of seeing itachi with a hand seal is here

    But still this isn?t the hand seal combination for the katon. Which is several

    but instead more of a chakura concentrating pose like

    Now of course it is very possible that the reason why we don?t see him doing hand seals is because the author just doesn?t show them. It is also possible that the authors lack of showing the hands seals, plus his speed of doing them have resulted in this, and I am just taking it a bit too far.

    Now on this page it says

    Now I always took this to mean the hand speed with which he did the jutsu is too fast, and he could not follow the seals.
    But I don?t see the word hand seals in there just jutsu. Anyone know of a good translation that shows what speed kakashi is talking about?.

    Ok, begin telling me what I have forgotten, or got wrong?.
  2. shibigoku Master of the fist

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    Sep 19, 2005
    I think this was mentionned before, but who cares... I don't think that genjutsu really requires hand seal, as we've seen sound and eyes can activate illusions. It would be to obvious to the enemy if high-rank genjutsu had to be activated by hands seals.
  3. Kamendex Retired from Forum

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    Sep 27, 2004
    Really good ninja use 1 seal to do some jutsu, where it takes many seals for other people

    Kakashi and Zabuza both used a suiton jutsu that took a page of handseals, where as Nidaime made 1 hand gesture for the same effect
  4. RyuShi_Lloyd Member

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    Nov 13, 2005
    Kishimoto seems to be inconsistent on many things. The length of hand seals for Jutsu is one of them.