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Thorbuster IM vs Iron Destroyer IM

Tranquil Fury

The Only Thing I know
Thorbuster took on King Thor mister kiled and defeated everyone on Earth including destroying Captain America's shield despite being cut off from the Odin forc via Strange and Pantheon of gods plus fought Hulk+Ben Grimm in CQC and won. He also tried to erase Desak the god killer from existence though he somehow survived claiming it was because he'd fought other gods just if not more powerful. He also manhandled his own son who was the then wielder of Mjolnir IIRC. Offcourse that whole thing is alternate universe due to time travel shenanigans making it so those events never happened IIRC(should reread the reigning arc again). This was made out of Uru metal infused by asgardian magic given to him by Thor as a gift, Tony used it to make armor as a precaution against Thor if he ever went bad like he did as King Thor. Stark does have Uru metal armor though, Red Leader(Leader but now red skin instead of green) wore a miniature version of what was called Tony's Uru metal armor in the recent Thunderbolts annual but whether it's based on Thorbuster or is some other uru metal armor(Iron destroyer or some unknown) is unknown so 616 Tony may have something similar to Thorbuster or used the Uru metal Thor gave him to make some other armor.

Iron Destroyer he has materials from Asgard and enchantments by Odin, this he made for the Serpant and his Worthy. It lost it's enchantments after Odin took it away, Uru metal is useless without magic. Thorbuster had no such limitation but different comic/writer.

On paper Thorbuster seems better.
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