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Top 10 Chapters of the year

Discussion in 'Black Clover' started by DarkSlayerZero, Dec 30, 2018.

  1. DarkSlayerZero

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    Nov 10, 2011

    With the year ending veeeery soon, what were your top 10 fav chapters of 2018?

    Mine are

    #10 Chapter 140

    We were officially introduced to Henry after the tease in chapters 2 and 99. His sloooow talking just made his introduction even better, however, the icing on the cake had to be his recombination magic where he changed the entire BB base into a badass bull.

    #9 Chapter 144

    I loved the Julius vs Patri fight simply because of how one sided it was for Patri to the point where he had to cheat massively just to win.

    #8 Chapter 156

    FINALLY! we see the real Licht in the flesh, however, he's still not fully there yet as well as implication as to who Yuno is in relation to Licht himself after the mass resurrection of the elves. He showed us how massive the gap was between him and the boys.

    #7 Chapter 165

    After regrouping, the bulls just go on a rampage while on the way to the castle. Fodder Elves got slaughtered.

    #6 Chapter 163

    After about 148 chapters, we get a proper resolution to Luck's current character development. Seeing his bond with Magna makes the panel of him crying great.

    #5 Chapter 152

    We get the local badass sisleon aka Mereoleona fighting 5 elves at once! Also instead of the teamwork and strategy coming from the good guys, a lot of it comes from the enemy team. The team assault would've likely worked had sisleon not been such a damage soak.

    #4 Chapter 171

    I often hear the anime's opening "Guess who is back" in my head whenever I see the final two pages since it's the arrival of one the best captains in the series armed(lol) not with a flaming arm but with the freakin fully developed fire spirit at his call.

    #3 Chapter 148

    This chapter was the most important one thus far, it changed everything we knew about "Licht" this one had the speedreaders super confused and still people to this day are confused about "Licht". This also had one of the most active BC threads we've seen so far where we we quick to determine "Licht's" identity to be his crazy fanboy, Patri. Speaking of Patri, his years of planning came to an end when said plan actually entered it's second stage and worked.

    #2 Chapter 177

    This one marks the very first time that Noelle has legit solo'd an opponent, Vetto had regen and Fana wouldn't go down. I've noticed whenever the main trio gets a power up, they describe how the feel of mana is to them, Noelle felt wild and free, being able to fight with his all made Yuno happy, and Asta felt as if he was in a cold lake.

    1# Chapter 176

    Everything that Noelle had endured up until this point had came to a head with Nozel surprising everyone when he finally acknowledged his lil sister and when he openly apologized for his years of mental abuse towards Noelle. My fav moment is her showing her creative side after being stuck in a harsh situation and coming up with the Valkyrie Dress which was foreshadowed 65 chapters earlier with her mother's flashback.

    Bonus Chapter 182

    Simply because my boi Vetto returned. Oh, and the lore stuff too.
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  2. Rax

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    May 27, 2012
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    155 is my favorite