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Top 5 chapters of the Promised Neverland

Discussion in 'The Promised Neverland' started by Keishin, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Keishin Well-Known Member

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    Chapter 13: "Spy - Part 3"

    Full speed ahead with the twists and turns. An old ally got exposed as their closest enemy: the existence of a wolf within a pack of lambs is confirmed as Norman tells Ray who really got fooled. Alot of Norman chapters are great but I feel like this is one of the bigger turning points especially so early to the story that it has to be mentioned.
    The chapter itself is mostly going deep into what the existence of a spy means and Ray's questionable actions for both the good and bad sides throughout the story up until this chapter and they also talk about the when's and how's. This chapter is actually one of the best showcases of how the author plans the story out. It really feels like it's been written multiple times over and he adds twist after twist, and cuts the filler out to make the actions and dialogue more important to the story itself. There's alot of foreshadowing that's hard to pick up on - it's even hard to call it that as it's not simply just showing something and explaining or coming back to it later, no, it's different actions mean different things and have layers to them-type of foreshadowing.

    The way the reveal was done is reminiscent to what happened to Kira at the end of Death Note in atmosphere as the clock is ticking and the atmosphere is tense as hell.


    Chapter 36: "Execution part 5"

    We are wrapping up the Escape from Grace Field arc. The first half of the chapter starts off with two double-spread pages, showing demons getting ready to go after the escapee's as well as Emma's and Ray's thoughts on going to the other side of the cliff in time. All the kids get screentime and do things with ropes to get ready, and then they start leaving. One after another. And then a vision of Norman appears next to Ray. The kids escaping was supposed to be impossible but because of Emma's iron will it became possible.

    "Thank you. I finally understand now.
    I've lost to you, Norman."
    Death can wait.

    Chapter ends with Isabella looking at the kids who had passed to the other side of the cliff as Emma looks back and runs out into the wilderness.

    Goodbye, mama.


    Chapter 23: "Eradicate!"

    Eradicate! Starts off with a color page that leads to one of the best color spreads of the series so far. The entire chapter feels like an anime episode with how the panels flow from one to the other. The chapter pulls a big twist in killing off Sister Krone who had her own subplot going on; catch the kids with proof and get rid of Isabella.
    The page where Grandmother whispers to Krone's ear and she realizes she never stood a chance against Isabella, and the massive demon hand is shown about to grab her from the darkness behind her as we transition to the diner table with sun shining inside. All of the kids take a bite of food while at the same time it shows Krone bleeding to death. We flashback to her past and to her giving the William Minerva pen to the kids. We get to read a motivational speech towards the kids and see an amazing panel of a mirror with the demons and "farmers" shattering,
    "Ah... What a beautiful sky... Ah..." She looks outside past the bars of the walls as she dies.


    Chapter 37: Escape (Arc finale)

    This is what it has all built up to. The powerful ending of the beginning.​

    We start off in a sort of melancholistic manner as the chapter opens up with a color page saying goodbye to the days of the old when they were all one big family, laughing together and spending time in the Grace Field house and transition to Isabella's past and we learn that Ray was Isabella's son.
    Emma and the others run away as fast as they can to avoid getting caught by the incoming demons as they arrive at a cliff above a forest.

    January 15th, 2046. 15 humans have escaped from the Grace Field plantation.

    A new beginning shows itself along with the rising sun.

    Grace Field house escape arc /END


    The story of the Promised Neverland began with Ray taking Conny's rabbit and manipulating Emma and Norman to learn of the demons' existence and the truth behind Grace Field. The rabbit burning away along with the house marks the ending in very powerful ways. I could definitely feel the emotion of the artist when he drew it.


    Chapter 32: "RESOLVE"

    Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Norman was shipped. Ray's shipment is next and Emma is at the brink of despair. Chapter 31 was spent doing nothing as Emma and Ray had seemingly lost their will to fight. Until the last panel...

    While re-reading the Promised Neverland I noticed especially the last parts of the first arc were alot better and more emotional than what I had first noticed, and they went up in ranks by quite alot. However remembering back to my weekly experience with the Promised Neverland, chapter 32 was just straight up nuts.

    The chapter starts off with a black panel with a person's thoughts written in it saying "I've been waiting for this day." We flashback to Emma showing that she won't mourn Norman yet, she will try to fool Isabella into thinking she's not doing anything- the best course of action from Emma and Ray was seemingly doing Nothing. Neither ever communicated with each other during the two month timeskip that happened last chapter which makes it all the more crazy. They learned a great lesson from sister Krone earlier in the story: Information is not just about words. Look at the world from outside, and you will be able to see what mama sees! In other words; Pretend to have given up while continuing with the escape plan.
    Emma tells Ray to escape and Ray seems rather down the mood. Emma explains that Don and Gilda have been helping; now they have tools, food and supplies. What is left is "how do we escape? how do we even start the escape?" There are many problems with the plan but Ray has a simple solution:

    Basically escape while the enemy tries to put out the fire. What, the enemy would rather go after the goods than do something like that? Not really. Not when the top-grade, premium goods are in the fire.
    Most of the chapter is spent learning more about Ray's true personality, his true thoughts. He wants to atone for letting others go before him.
    And this is where it gets crazier as Ray pours himself in gasoline and as he tells Emma to back off, he gives something to her.

    God damn, right in the guts. The crazy part is that this made Ray's imminent death all the more likely as he gives the photo album to Emma's care. Now I'm not a guy who sweats alone let alone a person who gets excited reading most of manga but this chapter... dear, dear.......

    The clock makes gonging sounds as time turns to midnight.
    Ray says: With this I'm twelve years old as the chapter ends with him telling Emma thanks and bye as the flames engulf the room. Now while "Eradicate!" had amazing transitioning and cinematic feeling to it, I feel like this chapter is the best of The Promised Neverland when it comes to that. And nothing afterwards has come even close.

    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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  2. DeVision dreamer

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    Germany, Croatia
    Wow.. I have to re-read it.. Because I always thought Isabella came to late to see them. But now I see she's on top of the wall when Emma turns around.
  3. B Rabbit OL's Best

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    This panel right here is what hooked me to the series.

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