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United Nations reform?

Discussion in 'Perspectives' started by Rape ape, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Rape ape

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    Jun 27, 2006
    Is the United Nations currently effective?

    Does the United Nations have enough power to accomplish its goal of international peacekeeping?

    What sorts of powers should the United Nations have over its member nations?

    Do the powers of the United Nations need to be revised?

    If the United Nations needs to be more powerful, how will it be kept in check?

    If the United Nations needs to be weaker, how will it remain effective?

    What can be done to give the United Nations the proper amount of power?

    And who will be the one to institute these changes (if necessary)?
  2. Megaharrison Retired Staff

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    Feb 26, 2005

    Yes, it is in drastic need of reform.

    1.) It's weak and unable to enforce its own resolutions. As a result it is simply ignored.

    2.) It is controlled by third world nations that result in genocides and wars being tolerated or just not mentioned. For instance, much of the UN dragging its feet over the Darfur genocide is because of the refusal of Islamic nations in the UN to allow pressures to be put on the Sudanese government.

    Also this results in joke committees and councils. Iraq was on a council regarding weapons of mass destructions, Sudan regarding human rights, etc.

    3.) It is filled with corruption, Financial (oil for food) and sexual harrasment scandals abound.

    4.) It simply fails at what it does. It sure did a great job in Lebanon.

    5.) Violates its own charter on multiple occasions. I.E. not allowing Israel to have a seat on the security council.

    Overall, the UN is not a place where we can expect any sort of real and long-term resolution to a crisis to be resolved.