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Upcoming announcement on the future of HVOA: read

Discussion in 'SotW' started by Trinity, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. After much consideration and discussion we have decided that the Art Contests and Competitions will be archived and the HVoA will be merged into one art-centric section.

    With AoTW 95, AoTM 30, PoTF 233, SoTW 616 and PSoTW 70 there will be no more contests within the HVoA.

    That said however, we're happy to announce that on February 1st we'll be launching the Contest Central within the Anbu Central which will house the vast majority of the Naruto Forums contests and competitions. One thing to note though that this isn't a continuation or a reboot of the HVoA or contests in general, some contests will remain while others will be brand new or reworked with much more to come in the future.

    If there's any questions feel free to post them here or contact one of the Contest Central moderators; Trinity, Bontakun or White Wolf.

    We also want member input on the location of the art-centric section to be, is there a particular category you as the posters want it located?

    Thanks for reading!