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Vicaro The third Chapter: Vicaro meets Kakashi Read this!!

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Vance, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Vance Banned

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    Sep 11, 2006
    Vicaro walks around the highly populated Hidden Leaf villiage. He looks at everybody. He sees some people looking at things, and even a hot babe. He is instantly attracted. He makes his way next to the tall, blonde lady. "Hey foxy mama, how are you?" Vicaro asks. The girl, who happens to be Temari, gives a "Ughhh" of disgust. She walks away. Shikamaru, who is now Temari's boyfriend, protects his grilfriend. "Hey, don't go mozzying on around, and.....!" he stutters. Vicaro wasn't listening, he leaves. He smiles, "I left my mark!" Vicaro laughs to himself. He knew he was handsome, she only pretended to be disgusted, since her boyfriend, what was his name? Shikamaru, was there. Shikamaru was a Chuunin, but Vicaro could easily out battle him. He finally gets tired of running. He stops running, and walks now. He keeps on walking, until he reads a 27 year old Jonin, reading an adult novel. "Kakashi, the Copy Ninja." Vicaro says aloud. The man is startled, and hits his head against the tree he's leaning on. "Who's there!" Kakashi yells. Vicaro starts laughing. Kakashi gets angry, but smiles and laughes with Vicaro. Vicaro settles down, and asks Kakashi the next thing. "Are, you really Kakashi, the Copy Ninja!?" Vicaro asks in awe. Kakashi puts his book away, and stands upright. He was at least six feet tall, and he was slim, and in shape. Vicaro has to go on his tippietoes to match 5'5, yet, Kakashi smiled. "I'm here to get some training, I beat Sasuke, and Naruto, without breaking a sweat." Vicaro bragged. Kakashi was surprised, but he showed not too much emotion. "Well, if you want training from me, you have to beat...." Kakashi stopped. "Beat who?" Vicaro asked. Kakashi smiled, put his hand under his chin, and cheerfully said. "Sakura."

    I hope you like it so far. My next story will have alot more action, Vicaro might even fight Gaara. :nuts :)