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War of Ninja

Discussion in 'Online Gaming Center' started by Nitty Scott, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Nitty Scott Well-Known Member

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    War of Ninja is a browser-based flash game inspired by the format of Naruto-Arena. However, unlike its predecessor, WoN features entirely original characters, an original storyline, and original artwork, as well as a world you can explore and items.

    WoN is free, immediately accessible, and requires no installation whatsoever; you can play it from any computer, at any time. While ultimately you are directed through the story, you are often confronted with options about where to go or what to do. There is a wide variety of characters, each written with a unique personality, background, style, and set of abilities. Gameplay is somewhat separate from the story, as each character is made to be equally powerful or useful. The staff is very interactive with the community, as they are active on the forums, and play the game itself.

    Two regions have been released thus far, with the upcoming third region being discussed .

    The game is still relatively young, and the community has been steadily growing, with players ranging across the entire globe. In addition to the forums, the in-game chat function allows for interaction. There is also a "clan" system, with the clans competing in a variety of areas, and the ability to create or join any clan you like.

    TL;DR: it's fun and accessible, give it a try. :)

    Meanwhile, in this thread, post your account name, thoughts on the game, questions, concerns, etc. etc. - mine is Osh.

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