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What are the 5 greatest geniuses?


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Genius is an exceptional talent or skill, something above and beyond the norm

Depends on exactly what your talking about

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geniuses on what aspect?

as in creating jutsu?
talent to learn jutsu and/or improving them?
making plans and carrying them out?
a vast knowledge on shinobi/history...etc


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as in creating jutsu?
Samehada. Her human avatar (Kisame) is the only known seawater Suiton user. Even Jinton is more common than seawater.
talent to learn jutsu and/or improving them?
Samehada. Kisame improved a simple Suikōdan into the chakra-absorbing Daikōdan.
making plans and carrying them out?
Samehada. She successfully manipulated Madara and Akatsuki into resurrecting the Jūbi for her, and Bee into bringing her to the Jūbi's revival location.
a vast knowledge on shinobi/history...etc
Samehada, since she's been around for aeons.


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Why does this even need to be asked?

Madara Uchiha is literally the ningen who came closest to Godhood (i.e. the concept of Otsutsuki God). He who was a ningen once, but transcended the limits of the flesh. He who awakened the Rinnegan, merged with Ten Tails, and awakened the Rinnesharingan, the legendary eye that can grant the Infinite dream. All the events of Shippuden are indirectly started by Madara, who manipulated everyone and was able to concoct layers upon layers of plans and contingencies.

Even Black Zetsu acknowledged Madara's acumen, and recognized that he was the only Reincarnate who could do it... who could truly achieve it... that he was the key to Kaguya's rebirth. He who defied the very cycle of Reincarnates by taking Ashura's chakra and combining it with his own Indra's chakra and successfully manifesting the Rinnegan.

As a side note, I don't particularly like Madara, but the man was undeniably a genius and master manipulator, this is clear.


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All I know for sure is that Itachi is below-average in intelligence. No way he’s a genius.

Shikaku and Shikamaru are overrated. Neither could apply their genius in any meaningful way, such as mastering ninja abilities to a higher degree, inventing hax jutsu, etc.
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Minato - broke all academy records, developed the rasengan and mastered Hiraishin better than it's creator.
Tobirama - created the most useful jutsu's in the verse (Shadow Clone Jutsu, Edo Tensei, Hiraishin)
Kakashi - amazing strategist, became a jonin by thirteen years old
Orochimaru - one of the most brilliant people in the series, developed a way to give senjutsu to people without having to train them, discovered the secret to immortality practically.
Itachi - one of the smartest people in the verse, amazing strategist and a prodigy that was entered into the Anbu at 11 years, and was able to slaughter a majority of his clan at the tender age of 13.

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Hagomoro, Indra, Madara, Tobirama, Orochimaru.

I'm still debating whether to put Madara in there. Orochimaru had contingency plans on top of contingency plans just like Madara, he just didn't have the same natural gifts as Madara(couldn't even attain sage mode) to pose a bigger threat to the shinobi world.

But besides all of that, Orochimaru is a scientific genius when it comes to biology and made big strides in Fuinjutsu. Madara more so discovered abilities and applications of the sharingan that were already there. Although how the fuck did he know how to harvest Hashirama's cells I don't even remember.
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