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What if..... Sasori related.

Discussion in 'House of Uzumaki Archives' started by TheStoryMaster, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. TheStoryMaster

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    Oct 10, 2006
    Warning... Spoiler below.... The result below can be used as fanfic material.


    We all know Sasori died in the manga. But what if he didn't really die. You see, his grandma Chiyo seemed to believe that he had allowed himself to be killed. What if that's just a cover up?

    Maybe what he really wanted is to leave Akatsuki. Akatsuki, being an evil organization, shouldn't let people leave and come as they please. Maybe Sasori realize that he still love his own village after his attack on Gaara, realizing he was wrong all along. In order to leave Akatsuki, he had to fake his own death. He probably didn't plan to kill Chiyo, but she died because she was trying to save Gaara. I'm pretty sure Sasori's real body is lying around somewhere, and I've seen a rumor that one of his scrolls he had before he died might revive him back to his original body somehow.

    You guys might think, "What would life be for Sasori after this?"

    Here's my little fanfic thinking. In the manga, we can see how Sasori longed for the hug of his parents. Being in a puppet body, you probably can't feel much. By transfering back to his original body, he would be able to have normal human senses again. After all the previous battles, he would probably settle down in a village. He would continue his profession making puppets, but this time as toys for kids to play. He'll probably perform some puppet show in his little store (he must have money doing so many evil things). Maybe he'll give some new battle puppet for Gaara's brother to use in secret :p .