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What markers should I get for drawing?

Discussion in 'Art Exhibit' started by Albert Meadows, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Albert Meadows New Member

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    Tilte says it all, I want to get back into drawing but I dont have the budget to just drop hundreds on prismacolors.
    Tried Crayola's and they work fine but they can only last for so long before they dry up.
  2. Dayscanor The One

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    I personally think that Copic are the best, I've had a bunch of them for years and they're still working fine. Didn't dry up.
    But they're also pretty pricey.
    You might want to check Promarkers by Winsor & Newton, they're not too expensive, of course depending on where you live. But the good thing is that they're available in most stores and online.
    I've also used a Korean brand called Touch (by ShinHan), they're not too expensive and don't dry out too quickly.You can prolly find it on Alibaba, they have various sets. I haven't personally used Alibaba but it's worth checking out.
    These are all alcohol based. You might find other alternatives for water based markers.

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