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What would happen if Kakashi sent an Edo Tensei to Boxland?

Does being sent to Boxland dispel Kabuto's control on the Edo Tensei?

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Six Paths Scaling

Well-Known Member
Could Kabuto still hold control of an Edo Tensei even if its in a different dimension? Or would them being sent to another dimension break them free from Kabuto's control, since targets sent to Boxland are completely untraceable and their chakra not being able to be detected?

Crimson Flam3s

Rampage Sage
Kabuto would not be able to give new instructions, but if he put a talisman in their head then that would still control them as usual.


Well-Known Member
It’ll just keep following whatever order Kabuto gives it. New order scant be issued though


The Supreme King
It would still follow the orders of it's master but without any way to realistically go though kabuto's orders, They would likely just sit still or do nothing at all


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Nagato could still control the while it was inside Gamahyotan's, so I guess it's possible that a summoner can still control a reanimated shinobi that is inside the Kamui Dimension.
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