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Which Madara combo solo's your fave?

Which Combo solo's my Fave?

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The Absolute God
The First combo: Universal Pull + Human Path.

The Second combo: Wood Style: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees + Katon: Majestic Destroyer Flame.

The Third combo (the Ultimate Deflecting strategy!!): Uchiha Reflection + Shinra Tensei.

So then, which shall it be? It can be all 3 too if your Fave is THAT weak 😂😂😂



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Yeah my favorites are Asuma, Hidan, and Shikamaru and they lose here but there is a possibility that if Asuma can have Hien ready and let pain pull him in as he gets decapitated I mean Naruto destroyed him with Rasengan so it's more of skills rather than his body and Asuma could probably slice him. Shikamaru can gather info on Human Path and Asuma and Hidan can fuck him up especially if Shikamaru uses Kage mane and I don't think he can take Hidan's soul. So I say they survive the first combo.

Also I feel like this is away to shit on our favs that aren't god-level lol.

2nd Combo they die but they might be able to escape but very low chance lol

3rd Combo relies heavily on Shikamaru and if he can get pain by throwing Asuma's blade and the blade attaches to Pain shadow like he did Kakazu and Hidan at that point Asuma decapitates him. For this to work Hidan needs to be a decoy as he's immortal and Shikamaru and Asuma should be hidden and Shikamaru throws Asuma blades before the five seconds and pain would be captured and Asuma decapitates his ass. Madara is able to absorb and turn the energy of an opponent's own chakra-based attacks against them. I don't see that exactly working on Kage mane because it's on the ground and Asuma blades by be a cheat for that because it's nature transformation as well. So best plan Asuma uses hien to keep a distance so that the fan won't exactly reflect. Shikamaru uses Kage mane and that would help a bit until Madara gets rid of it. Finally with all the distractions Hidan slices with his scythe and runs and does the ritual.

I know these are far-fetched lol.

Oh shit they're all supposed to be Madara lol I was looking at both pain and Madara lol


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Madara cannot use the first and third combo (because he has never shown the ability to use BT, Human Path and ST).


The Absolute God
Oh shit they're all supposed to be Madara lol I was looking at both pain and Madara lol
Indeed, but what you said can apply to Madara too, since Madara can naturally use all of Pain's abilities as he's the one who gave Pain his eyes. The only difference is that all those abilities would be far more deadly and faster in Madara's hands than in Pain's.


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All of them, they're already too broken, but going by the last. He doesn't need a combo to solo my fave (Cucknato):gglife

MHA massive fan

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Madara easily 1 shots all in the verse that arent
Hashirama , bsm naruto , ems sasuke , Bm Minato

the rest of the non god tier get slapped for sport
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