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Why does Naruto have whiskers


For questions related to the Naruto manga/anime you should go to either the Konoha Library or House of Uzumaki sections. This place here is for questions and complaints about the forum itself.

Anyway, the answer is tied to a spoiler if you haven't read past ch. ~500 yet or watched the anime episodes covering that part of the story.


Naruto was born with the whiskers, he has them because his mother Kushina was the nine tails Jinchuuriki before him.

Chaos Hokage

Hokage of the Distant Future
Naruto has whiskers because he's also a child of Kurama who was sealed inside of Kushina while she was pregnant with him. Think of them as Naruto's special birthmarks.

Reviewing Logic

The Byakugan Empire Is Ever Resilient.
They have two whiskers compared to Naruto's three. So after two generations, Kuruma's power would be so diluted that the whiskers will be gone.
If Mito's kid had whiskers like Naruto but Tsunade didn't even though one of her Parent's is Mito's kid then I am guessing being a Jin is also a factor in carry down said whisker traits.

Of course this is me just trying to make sense of the situation but Kishi probably doesn't care and did it more so for trademark, artistic liberty reasons.

But if it followed the Jin/Mito route then as long as Hima and Boruto don't become Jins themselves like Naruto then their offspring with whoever that also isn't a Jin of Kurama will likely not have said whiskers similar to Tsunade not having it.

But that is just a theory.
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