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Why Nagato isn't equal to Juubito even though Rinnegan = SPSM

Aegon Targaryen

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Would you like me to poll the form, and ask them if JJ Obito was fatigued after having 9 Bijuu ripped out of him. Yes or no?

Do as you wish. Just know your entire premise is stupid and dishonest - JJ Obito doesn't even exist at that point any more, you can't have JJ Obito without the chakra of the 9 Bijuu - and you have conceded the debate by running away and threatening to slander me publicly.

Concession accepted.

@Mar55 @Code Bro unironically thinks Nagato = Juubito is a reasonable idea and now is here threatening to slander me :mjlol


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Six Paths Sage Mode is something only Hagoromo, Asura and Naruto have.
Ten tails jinchuriki also have it as Truth-Seeking are gained when one have SPSM, they can levitate, and they also have the trademark of SPSM (9 magatamas on the back). Obito as the TTJ was able to sense the build of Sasuke's Amaterasu.


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Because of :
-the lack of skill
-a very weakened body.
-compatibility (Obito once noted that as the original owner, Madara's usage of the Rinnegan is stronger).

Example :
-Double Rinnegan Nagato needs the support of several Akatsuki members to seal a single Bijuu in several days.
-Single Rinnegan Madara seeled all the Bijuu at once in matter of seconds.

Aegon Targaryen

The Shield That Guards The Realm of Men
He was referring to Six Paths Senjutsu.

I'm not sure what you mean, Six Paths Sage Mode and becoming a Jūbi Jin are similar but not the same.

Hagoromo and the databooks make this distinction.

Okay, and? SPSM is literally a form of Six Paths Senjutsu.

There isn't much of a distinction, if any at all. I don't remember Hagoromo making a distinction.
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