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Words you learned today/recently

Discussion in 'Reader's Corner' started by Plexa, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Plexa Well-Known Member

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    Apr 19, 2018
    Mostly using this to compile the words and phrases that interest me in various stories, feel free to give the word, its definition, the work you read it in and if necessary some context of it in a sentence.

    I got the following from 'Journey to the West' by Wu Ch'Eng-En, as it was translated by Arthur Waley.

    accoutrement - an additional item of dress or equipment - "'Bring me my whole accoutrement,' cried the demon. The small imps at once fetched his arms."

    ignominious - deserving or causing public disgrace or shame - "He had no time to dodge, and so great was his pain that he at once took to his heels, changed into his true form, and returned ignominiously to his father's camp."

    insensate - completely lacking sense or reason - 'Insensate groom! What crime is there that you have not committed?'

    palisade - fence or wall made from wooden stakes or tree trunks and used as a defensive structure or enclosure - "They did indeed, as Monkey had foretold, set up a camp, surrounding it with a great palisade."

    bonze - Japanese or Chinese Buddhist religious teacher - "'What bonze are you that you ask for me in the middle of a battle?'"

    - owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service - "'I am profoundly beholden to you for dealing with that monster'"

    - carriage and horses with attendants - "said the Jade Emperor, when his equipage drew up"

    lassitude - a state of physical or mental weariness - "Suddenly a great lassitude seized her, together with sharp pains in her belly."

    commensurate - corresponding in size or degree - "recommended that Ch'en O should be used in some important capacity, commensurate with his great talents."

    soothsayer - a person supposed to be able to foresee the future - "The Dragon King was for seizing his sword and rushing off at once to slay the soothsayer."

    affable - friendly, good-natured - "'Make any conditions you please,' said the soothsayer affably."

    filch - steal - "Whereupon he filched her soul and inserted Blue Lotus's in its place."

    obdurate - stubbornly refusing to change one's belief or course of action - "Finding that they were obdurate, Wei-ch'ih sent a report to the Emperor"

    succour - give aid or assistance to - "We possess the Tripitaka of the Big Vehicle, which saves the souls of the dead and succours those that are in peril."

    stentorian - loud and powerful voice - "At this point there came from under the mountain a stentorian voice, crying repeatedly"

    obeisance - deferential respect - "Tripitaka at once did obeisance."

    noisome - extremely offensive smelling - "You noisome lout, come out and fight with Old Monkey."
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  2. Stringer ∟ Yellow King

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    Aug 16, 2008
    given that english isn't my first language I pretty much learn new words everyday, more so lately with my growing interest for writing

    so while there's plenty of words, these are what I actually intend to use:

  3. Mider T Busting in and out of guts

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    Jun 17, 2006
    United States

    I'll have to remember to visit here when I learn a new word.

    I recently heard a word that I'd never thought I'd hear again though- chicanery.
  4. Lord Valgaav I'll bite ya

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    Jul 11, 2008