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World of Ninja Roleplay (BYOND Engine)

Discussion in 'Konoha Ad Board & Job Center' started by Bansee, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Bansee New Member

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    Nov 17, 2018
    Gallery of Experiences!

    We're a Naruto verse stylized role play game that follows a unique storyboard crafted by the players and our dedicated staff. You can thrust yourself into the world as a genin, civilian or even as a criminal. Choose to lurk the dark warrens of a rogue's path or become a dedicated ninja your village and fight tooth and nail, loyal till the end, or even become a traveling merchant - make your own village, make your own towns! There's infinite possibilities and no limitation to what you want to be or to what you want to do. You define your character as you play and progress through the game with your actions; you'll face many tribulations and situations, but all in spirited fun meant to immerse you within our world. We reward people who take their time to make the game feel alive and vivid: the world is your oyster.

    Our real-time roleplaying experience is based on the byond engine and uses a lively art style that everyone can enjoy. I will link you to instructions on how to download Byond (plain cut and dry process) and on how to connect to our game and get started in a later body. First however! I want to give you a taste of the world as it stands and conflict that up to fifty players are already fully immersed in and involved in!

    "War rages deep south in the territories soaked by eternal rain and snow. The dystopian, but industrious village of Amegakure leads a vicious campaign to supremacy among the big five shinobi villages. With plenty of blood and prior animosity to stoke the voracious flame of war, Amegakure, the village hidden in the rain, has carved a bloody path into Yukigakures very home. Time tics for this tired village, whittled away from consecutive losses but there's another giant that has revealed its self. Konohagakure: resilient, strong and home to some of the most versatile shinobi has come out of it's own war, freshly emboldened by a final coup. Will this resurgence led by their ninja turn the war around or will they fall in unison against Amegakure?"

    Fun, right? We have a lot of people and every interaction is great. We'll beginning what's commonly referred to as a Time-Skip soon too! So now's the best time to join and get an easier start in our world. I don't want to bloat this presentation too much so I'll get to the technical stuff. On our forums as well as our discord, you can get an indepth look at our roleplay game and all the fine details that you'll need to get yourself equipped and ready to go.

    1: Go to and create an account!
    2: Navigate to the download area and choose either the stable version or BETA(BYOND only runs on Windows).
    3: Use our hub to join and play the game!

    Help, Info & Community Guidelines/Rules/Discussions Our discord too!
    The below links should help you everything you need to know together to roleplay!

    I hope to see you on World of Ninjas,
    - Immersive Experience with Beautiful Graphics!
    - Create your own Jutsu!
    - An active and dedicated admin and playerbase!
    - An engaging, high-octane story!