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"YORU" Mihawk's black blade

Victor Vegapunk

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr.
Short theory I came up with after Mihawk picking up his sword in this week's episode.

Yoru translates to "darkness" or "midnight".

Dracule Mihawk has a vampire theme. Count Dracula.

Much like Enma I expect Yoru to have some powerfull ability. I assume Yoru is like a vampire, it is most powerful/bloodlusted at night which is the reason Mihawk lives on a gloomy island, the swords natural habitat. Whoever is stupid enough to attack him there must face him at his strongest. And since lots of things are connected to the moon in One Piece Yoru will be the most powerful during blood moon.

On the counterside, the sword isn't anything special during daylight.

Kylo Ren

Pirate King
Thats nice speculation. I like it.

But it is also kinda lacking of depth as to what kind of power up the sword have in full moon or blood moon?

For example: if this is a game it will have a critical strike or something?


Well-Known Member
Yoru is the strongest sword in the world because it is blackened with the WSS's CoA.

This sounds like a restrictive nerf than a good thing
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