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Sword Art Online: Alicization Review Episode 20

Mar 5, 2019
Sword Art Online: Alicization Review Episode 20
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization Review Episode 20
    Transcription: "Shinsesaizu" (Japanese: シンセサイズ)

    Alice and Kirito wake up on the 95th floor. They try to identify where is Eugeo. She tells that Eugeo may have to face the mighty Bercouli. In order to search Eugeo, Kirito initiates a tracking spell to find the location of Eugeo’s Blue Rose sword. Following the tracking spell, they go into the frozen bath hall on the 90th floor. They can’t find Eugeo there. Alice finds frozen Bercouli. After watching it, she starts crying. Bercouli opens his eyes and thanks her for breaking his eye’s seal. He says that now there is nothing left he can teach her.

    Bercouli says to Kirito that Prime Senator Chudelkin took Eugeo away. Kirito and Alice move toward the 100th floor. While moving, they encounter a forbidden room that is especially meaningful for Senators of the Church. In the room, they discover several human figures stored in a capsule-sized box. Kirito suspect the human figures, he saw the same face when they violated taboo index at the Swordcraft Academy. When they see them closely, they find that the bodies can’t move and they are getting their food through a tube.

    After this, they both encounter with Prime Senator Chudelkin. When Alice clears him that they are planning to betray them then Chudelkin tells Alice how they bought her as a child from some rural area, and for first two years, she was raised as a sister-in-training. Then how she raised up and forced to be a Synthesis. After hearing all of these from Prime Senator, She becomes angry, and when she tries to attack him, he runs away. Then they both chase him and encounter with Eugeo Synthesis 32. Kirito tries to tell Eugeo that they both are partners but he denies remembering him. After getting his sword back, Eugeo says that he is going to fight with them.