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Tokyo Ghoul Re: Episode 09 Review

Dec 6, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul Re: Episode 09 Review
  • Tokyo Ghoul Re: Episode 9 Review
    "Morse: Remembrances"
    "Kokorooboe Morse" (心覚え Morse)

    Kaneki’s dragon comes out of the earth and starts destructing everything. It starts killing everyone that comes into its path. Futura meets with Mutsuki and thanks her for turning Kaneki into a beast. He says that she made her Sensei into a monster. Mutsuki shocks by his words and comes to know that she has done wrong. Everyone look at the biggest Kagune that is destroying the city. Rescue forces come on the ground and attack on the dragon but the dragon is unstoppable. The dragon appears in the various part of the city and destroys building, cars and people.

    Here, Kanou encounters with Kurona, and tells her that now people will come to know that how helpful ghouls could be in the medical field. He says sorry to her then shoots himself using a gun. Nagachika meets with Mr Chigyo and tells him his attempt to save Ken Kaneki. Itori meets with Toka and says that the king has done this for them by killing the humans.

    Here in the CCG headquarter officials try to recognize the unknown dragon. Suddenly, Nagachika appears in the headquarter. He also brings ghouls along with him in the headquarter. He says that they all want to save Kaneki and they can help them by forming an alliance. They negotiate with the CCG heads and form an alliance with them. Nishino reveals that in order to destroy the monster they need to find Kaneki’s body. Tokas tells CCG head that she gave Kaneki a ring and that they can find him using a metal detector.

    In order to find that ring, they need to go through the massive Kagune. Ghouls and CCG members start searching for the ring using a metal detector. Suddenly, the dragon wakes up start killing everyone again. CCG members also attack the dragon. Mutsuki also appears to Urie and Yonebayashi, she blames herself for the situation and starts attacking both of them. She says that she is responsible for the condition of Sensei. She continues attacking both of them. She wants to die also, then she tries to kill herself with her knife. Urie and Yonebayashi realize her that she is the part of their family.