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Viewing blog entries in category: Adventure Time calcs

  • Tacocat

    The feat occurs over, like, half the episode, so I don't really know how to direct you to it...

    For messing with the people of Mars, Magic Man is sentenced to death by butterfly wand. Grob Gob Glob Grod, his brother, is sent to fetch him and bring him to trial. However, Magic Man disguises himself as Jake and Jake as himself, so Grob Gob Glob Grod picks up the wrong dude. Finn goes to save him.

    Ooo is just a post-apocalyptic Earth, so... Yeah, the closest Mars can be from Earth is, apparently, 54.6 million kilometers.

    As for a time-frame, it's pretty short; immediately after Jake is abducted, Finn and Magic Man simply go to the latter's house and Finn warps to Mars in a few seconds, where Grob Gob Glob Grod is already present. However, I can't really pin a time on this, so I'll just use the time-frame of half a day, as the sun is still up at the end of the episode.


    or about mach 3717.

    Assuming Grob Gob Glob Grod began his original journey in the same day, which is highly likely, this doubles.

    After Abraham Lincoln enters the 37th Dead World to barter his immortality for Jake's soul, Finn and Jake return via some FTL transporter beam and sock Magic Man right in the face.
  • Tacocat
    So Finn and Jake crash the Wizard Battle to keep Ice King from smooching Peebles. They run into Rock Wizard during the fight and he drops a few meteors on them and Abrakadaniel.

    Finn's 14th birthday was a few episodes before this, so I'll use average height for a 14-year-old, which happens to be 1.6m.


    So Finn's head is a bit more than half a meter wide.



    The thing's pretty black, so maybe density for obsidian? :hmm

    That's 2340kg/m^3, apparently.


    IIRC, minimum impact velocity is 11km/s.

    Jake dodges one of these guys from roughly a meter.

    Also, Abrakadaniel is actually under the one that I scaled, so...


    or about 245 tons of TNT.

    Abrakadaniel's a fucking scrub.
  • Tacocat
    In the new episode of Adventure Time, Ice King knocks Party God out with a cloud and puppets him break up with his island. He then flies to outer space and throws Party God into the void.

    The entire flight takes up about four seconds of the episode. Now, Ice King only says outer space, so it's unclear whether he flies to the border of the exosphere or he stops at the Karman line. I'll calc for both.

    Apparently the exosphere extends 10000km above the Earth's surface.


    or about mach 7353.

    The Karman line is 100km above the Earth's surface.


    or about mach 73.53.

    There's also the issue of whether the 4 seconds accounts for the entire trip, so I'm going to use 10 seconds for a lower end of things.


    or about mach 2941.


    or about mach 29.41.

    Final Tally:

    Karman Line
    Mach 29.41--mach 73.53

    Mach 2941--7353​