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Viewing blog entries in category: Avatar calcs

  • Tacocat
    Just something I did for the hell of it.


    Starts at about 21:45.

    Pretty much, the Harmonic Convergence engulfs the Avatar world. Seems really fast, right? Unfortunately, that may not be the case.


    Here I've determined the crater of the volcano the fire Nation Capital resides in to be about 3340.55m.

    Here we see Hakoda explaining the invasion plan with a map of the Fire Nation. That 8px wide circle is the capital. The map, for all intents and purposes, is rather accurate given the next shot of the Capital being close to that tiny peninsula thing, as well as the time of the invasion itself.


    This is the map that appears at the beginning of every episode of the first series.


    We know that the Water Tribes reside at the poles of the planet, so the map is sort of like a Mercator projection. This means half the above value is what we're looking for, because the Convergence propagated from the poles to the equator.


    The entire scene from the above video lasted about 30 seconds. It's probably a little less than that with those space shots, but I couldn't be fucked to scale those.


    or about mach 23.

    I could probably get something for the scrubs who reacted to it.

    And, for the hell of it, I'll calc the size of the Avatar world real quick.


    Hella small. But it explains why traveling the world was so damn quick in the first series, I guess.

    Would the planet even be so smooth at that diameter? It's basically a large asteroid. If anyone could improve the scaling, that'd be much appreciated. I mean, I basically scaled the planet to a 1.4 meter kid.
  • Tacocat
    Chaos is so generous with all these bones, isn't he? :maybe

    Let's start by scaling Capital City.

    Gonna assume that Aang is about 1.6m.

    Apparently, Aang is 1.3716m.



    Best shot I could find of the palace. If anyone has something better, bother someone else to re-scale :distracted




    Now for Azula's lightning.


    Shit happens in 9 frames with a frame-rate of 23fps.


    or about mach 12.3.

    Will probably scale the final Agni Kai fire bending too.