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Viewing blog entries in category: Calculations

  • Deer Lord
    Who would have though I'd be doing calc about nerdy ass voice actirs playing D&D, but here we are

    So in ep.109, Vecna, after ascending to godhood gradually covered the whole of Exandria in dark clouds as a minor miracle.

    DM states that it was 12 hours in by the time VM noticed it and it would take roughly 12 more hours until it covered the whole world.

    statement can be found here

    on 1:31:44

    So to figure this out I'll find out just how big is exandria
    According to this map of the continent of Tal'Dorei it's lenght from bottom to top is 861.3 miles, or 1386.15 km

    Now using the only available (albeit unofficial) map of the planet I can get some measurements

    So 52px= lenght of Tal'Dorei = 1386.15 km
    therefore the blue line which is half of Exandria's circumference = 130.5 * (1386.15/52)= 3478.7 km
    The entire circumference being 6957.4 km
    plugging said value into the sphere calculator we get:
    r = 1107310 m
    V = 5.68717E+18 m3
    A = 15408100000000 m2

    For the calc itself I'll be using the same bethod used by iwan for a similar feat;
    With cloud layer thickness being about 2000 meters, and Exandria's surface are being 15408100000000 m2 then
    Cloud volume= 15408100000000*2000= 30816200000000000 m^3
    density of air is 1.225 kg/m^3
    Mass= 30816200000000000*1.225 = 37749845000000000 kg

    Timeframe is roughly 24 hours = 86400 sec
    Velocity of cloud expansion = 6957430/86400 = 80.52 m/s

    Ke= 0.5*37749845000000000*(80.52)^2 = 122392662708908235308.6955 J, or 29.25 Gigatons of TNT
  • Deer Lord
    Some more of the shit epic mages can do in D&D

    -Elminster in Hell

    To put this simply, the Simbul, an epic level wizard could fight off a company of high level devils, open a portal to the prime material all the while using a spell to fling a mountain halfway across Hell to use as a tactical nuke that shakes the entire layer.

    To calc this feat I'll need three things: Size of that rock, distance and timeframe

    Distance is easy, its stated she boosted the thing from halfway across Avernus, the first Hell

    From this we can infer that the radius of Avernus is 6607 miles, or 10633.17 km
    So planetary proportions.

    Next, for timeframe, the Devils note sensing a strange magic right before Simbul showed up.
    They then chase her for a while until the mountain drops, noting that this must be what they sensed . So a matter of minutes, not hours from the rock to travel there.

    I'll be using 10 minutes as a conservative estimate.

    Now for size.
    Narration states that a mere fragment of the rock is the size of a castle.
    How large is a castle? well, D&D is based on high-medieval period Europe, England specifically.
    So lets see, how large were castles back then by using Warwick castle in England as a model

    From pixel scaling I did (couldn't find an exact figure on google), the area of the castle seems to be roughly 1 Km^2.
    Also the towers of the castle range in 40-44 m for height.

    So what I'll do is model the mountain as a pyramid that is x10 times the castle.

    So we have a pyramid that is 10 km^2 in base and 400m tall.

    Said pyramid would have a volume of 1333340000 m^3
    Density of granite rock is 2700 kg/m^3
    So, m=2700*1333340000= 3600018000000 kg

    Now for speed
    v=d/s= 10633.17 km/ 10 mins = 17721.95 m/s

    Using a Ballistic Trajectory calculator, I can find the initial speed that fling this thing that far

    Giving us a speed of 10,213 m/s, or Mach 30.01

    Ke= 1/2*m*v^2= 0.5*3600018000000*(10213)^2= 187750602948321000000 J
    or, 44.87 gigatons of TNT
  • Deer Lord
    Figured I'd do this since this is the most OP CBM out there;
    You can watch the movie here:

    Feats directory:
    1. Surfer flies to Earth= 2:03
    2. Surfer Freezes shit= 3:05
    3. SS kills Galactus= 1:21:40

    1. Silver Surfer flies to Earth:

    Fairly easy one, we can see the shot paning over the moon at 2:03
    then we see Surfer coming from the distance, so he'd have to be at least as far as the moon at that point (he's farther but we don't know by how much)
    regardless we first see him at 2:10 and by 2:20 he's already in Earth.

    So he flew the earth-moon distance in under 10s.

    v= 384,400,000m/10s = 38440000 m/s = 0.128c

    2. Silver surfer freezes Giza

    SS could make it hail in Giza, a desert by just passing by, I'll see what I can get out of that

    In 3:15 we can see that he froze everything from the great Sphinx to the horizon
    now from ground level, the Horizon is typically visible for 4.7 km
    so the are he froze would be roughly a circle with that diameter.

    Area of a circle= pie*r^2= 3.14*(2350)^2= 17349445.4295 m^2

    He frozen it up all the way to the clouds since he made it hail, so at least around 2km tall area

    Air volume= 17349445.4295*2000= 34698890858.9 m^3

    To get air density I'll use this calculator and input average values for the area
    with a temp of about 29 degrees and 55% humidity we get
    Air density= 1.155 kg/m^3

    Air mass= V*density= 34698890858.9*1.155= 40077218942.029 kg
    Specific heat of air is 1006 j/kg
    Q=m*c*t= 40077218942.029*1006*29= 1169212785414743.911 J
    or 279.448 kilotons of TNT, just by flying around

    3. Silver Surfer destroys Galactus

    Ah, yes. The big one.

    So lets see just how big is this space turd.

    Okay, so I split him up to a sphere (blue), and a cylinder (red) of space turdness.
    Earth's diameter= 139 px = 12,742 km
    Sphere diameter= 479 px = 43,909.48 km
    Cylinder diameter= 577 px = 52,893.05 km
    Cylinder height= 597 px = 54,726.43 km

    Sphere volume= 4.43e+13 km^3
    Cylinder volume= 1.2e+14 km^3

    Galactus' volume= 164300000000000 km^3 = 1.643e+23 m^3

    So what is Galactus made of? I figured the closest thing to a space turd would be actual space dust
    going off of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosmic_dust
    we're looking at a bulk density of 10^-6/m^3

    Galactus' mass= 1.643e+23 m^3*10^-6= 1.643e+17 kg
    That's one heavy space turd

    Now for dispersion speed;
    From viewing the video frame by frame the explosion crossed Earth's diameter within 2 frames
    so that's 0.08 sec

    V= 12,742,000/0.08 = 159275000 m/s which is 0.53c

    plugging this into the relativistic KE calculator we get a result of 2.662e+33 J
    which is 636.233 Zettatons of TNT

    Final Tally:
    Silver Surfer flies to Earth = 0.128c
    Silver Surfer freezes Giza= 279.448 kilotons
    Silver Surfer destroys Galactus= 636.233 zettatons

    SS is still Herald level even as a nerfed movie version :skully
  • Deer Lord
    Finally watched this mediocre flick
    time to calc the most impressive feat here

    scene for refrence

    Okay so, what magneto does as is explanied is extracting metals from earth and the surface and fucking shit up.

    From the scene and how it's described he seem to be slowley moving stuff around, but the speed seems constant.

    So to calc this I'll figure out the mass he's dealing with and the speed that he's moving it in
    Speed can be calced from the scene, as for mass I couldn't find data on how much metal there's on the surface, I have found data on the metals in the crust though, and they seem to significantly outnumber those that humans have used so it shouldn't bring the result down that much.

    The metals we care about are the ferromagnetic ones meaning iron, cobalt, nickel, gadolinum, terbium and dysprosium

    from the chart we get:
    Fe= 56,300 ppm
    Co= 25 ppm
    Ni= 84 ppm
    Gd= 6.2 ppm
    Tb= 1.2 ppm
    Dy= 5.2 ppm

    In total= 56421.6 ppm
    ppm= parts per million, with 10,000 ppm = 1% of the weight of earth's crust
    so 56,421.6 ppm = 5.64216% of earth's crust

    The mass of earth's crust is 2.6x10^22 kg
    So we are dealing with 1.4669616x10^21 kg of metal

    Now for speed, lets look at how fast was the Sydney opera house breaking off

    Building height = 225 px = 65 m
    Base level = 45 px = (65/225)*45= 13m

    Base level= 13m = 49 px
    Total height= 325 px = 86.22 m

    These two images show the difference that 5 seconds in video made

    So it was moved 21.22 m in that time span
    v=21.22/5= 4.244 m/s

    Total kinetic energy of Magneto:
    Ke= 0.5*m*v^2 = 0.5*(1.4669616e21)*(4.244)^2 = 1.32111158345088e22 J or 3.157 Teratons
    Small country level

    Apocalypse and Phoenix scale off this too
  • Deer Lord
    Yes ZeXaL is the shittiest YGO series
    but also the strongest, and this feat needs calcing


    Basically, kaito goes to the moon on a shuttle and Mizael follows
    except Mizael does it a lot lot faster

    The scene makes it seems like Mizael went from Earth to the moon in like 5 seconds
    but from the dialogue we can infer that Orbital 7 picked up on his signal after he was closing in on the moon (unless you want to assume he can pick him up the second he leaves earth...)

    So Earth-Moon distance is off the table
    I figured a better alternative would be to assume Orbital picked him up as he entered the Moon's atmosphere.

    According to NASA this is how it's organized

    so we can see that we can talk about the tighter and more loose atmosphere
    I'll use them as a high and low end.

    Tight atmosphere distance= roughly 3 Lunar radii
    Moon's radius= 1,737 km
    TAD= 3*1737= 5,211 km
    Timeframe= 7 seconds
    Low-end Speed= 5211000/7= 744428.57 m/s or Mach 2187.63

    Loose atmosphere distance= 8 Lunar radii
    LAD= 8*1737=13,896 km
    High-end speed= 13896000/7= 1985142.857 m/s or Mach 5833.68

    So either way quad digit mach speed Barian Emperors

    (Oh and in case you're wondering, calcing this with Earth-Moon distance is relativistic)
  • Deer Lord
    So found this overlooked little thing, lets see if we can make something out of it

    So it wasn't water or wind that made the grad canyon but an Angel, one Angel (and a mook at that)

    Lets figure out how power it takes to do that


    5.45 trillion yards^3 = 4.16 trillion m^3 = 4.1668239760128e+18 cc

    This is rock we're talking about, and to carve it out smoothly like that, you'd need to pulverize it not just crack it

    Pulverization of Rock = 214.35 j/cc
    Energy required to carve the grand canyon= 4.1668239760128e+18 * 214.35 = 893158719258343680000 J , or 213.47 gigatons of TNT

    That's the sum total of energy you'd need, but obviously this didn't happen in an instant considering the shape of the canyon

    So assuming she did it over time, I'll split this over three time frames
    high end= 1 hour
    mid end= 1 day
    low end= 1 week

    High End: 213.47 GT / (3600) = 59.297 megatons of TNT per sec. (City level)
    Mid End: 213.47 GT / (86400) = 2.47 megatons of TNT per sec. (Small-city level)
    Low End: 213.47 GT / (604800) = 352.96 kilotons of TNT per sec. (Town level+)

    Now these result are in-line with the statements we've heard in regards to angel power in the show.
  • Deer Lord
    Lets try to put a number on that shall we?

    first of all,
    what exactly is Atlas lifting in GoW-verse?

    Well we know the world is a planet like our own from Ascension, and we know the underworld is literally underground and atlas lifts the mortal world above it

    WoG clarifies that it is the crust of the earth that Atlas is supporting instead of the damaged Pillar of the World


    Okay to calc this I'll first get Atlas' height

    Kratos' height = 22 px = 1.96m
    Atlas' Eye ball (horizontally) = 106 px = 9.44 m

    For an average human, the eyeball length would be 24.8 mm, or 0.0248 m
    So Atlas' eyeball is 380.791 times larger

    An average human is about 1.72m tall, so applying the same ratio we can put Atlas' height at about 654.96 m, a titan indeed.

    To get energy out of this I am going off the assumption that if atlas can hold the thing above his head for years without tiring and even hold it with just three out of his four hands without extra strain then he can probably lift it at least 20% of his total height.

    Another thing to note is that g would be higher as he is closer to the planet center (it should be around 10 from what I've found), but I'll use the lowest value for earth's surface to low-ball (that'd be 9.7)

    1/5th of Atlas' height is 131 m
    The mass of earth's crust is approx. 2.6e22 kg

    PE for that would be= 2.6e22*9.7*131= 33038200000000000000000000J, or 7.896 Petatons of TNT

    Even if you want to cut it by 4 for each of his arms its still nearly 2 Petatons.

    If you want to go with the full height then that would be
    2.6e22*9.7*654.96= 165180912000000000000000000J, or 39.48 Petatons.
  • Deer Lord
    Feat in question is from IM3


    Tony gets the alarm on his Dora watch that the armor finished re-charging so he summons it.
    He is in Miami and he left the armor back in Tennessee.

    From the video I found that it arrived within 84 seconds from the moment he summoned it.

    Distance from Miami to Tennessee varies, so I'll just use the figure mentioned in the movie

    832 miles are 1338.97 km, or 1338970 m

    and so
    v=1338970/84= 15940.12 m/s or Mach 46.8

    Hypersonic+ Ironman confirmed
  • Deer Lord
    So in this ep. from S6 Dean thinks the source of the problem plaguing this city is an item known as "Gabriel's horn of Truth".
    He calls cas and asks him for help, so he zips around and...


    From the video is seems he was actually gone for 6 seconds.
    Now, the city in question is Calumet City, Illinois which has the land area of 18.6 km^2
    this is 18,600,000 m^2

    Considering it is a small item he's looking for and that he has to go into buildings and rooms I think a fair low-end estimate is that he'd be able to spot it from 5m away in both directions, so I'll divide the area by 10 to get the distance.

    Distance traveled= 1860000 m
    Search speed= 1860000/6= 310000 m/s or Mach 910.9

    *You could argue there was teleporting involved in this, but the speed should still apply to reactions since Cas would have to actively look for and process information that fast.
  • Deer Lord
    So this came up, and I calc'd it



    Okay, starting with just how big is the Bifrost orb

    Heimdall is standing in the center, so I can scale him to the diameter

    Heimdall=125 px = 1.9m
    Orb diameter =1366 px = 20.76m
    considering not all of the diameter appears on-screen and that it's the internal one (wall thickness and all) I think I can safely round it up to 21m.

    Orb diameter= 70 px = 21m
    Blast radius= 986 px = 295.8m

    Considering it was an omni-directional blast I'll shape it as 1/4 an elipsoid with the blast radius as length and width.
    Depth however is considerably smaller, 1/4 a diameter won't work here.

    I'll use half the orbs diameter as a safer measurement, so approx 10m

    Volume of elipsoid is therefore= 4/3*pi*(295.8)^2*10= 3655929.843 m^3
    1/4 of that is 913982.46 m^3

    That is the volume of water dispersed
    Density of water= 1000 kg/m^3
    Mass of water= 1000*913982.46= 913982460.69 kg

    Timeframe is 5.47s from watching the video on rowvid
    Speed of dispersion= 295.8/5.47= 54.076 m/s

    Ke= 1/2*m*v^2 = 1/2*(913982460.69)*(54.076)^2 = 1336378723772.6 J
    or 319.402 tons of TNT
    Multi city-block level+

    Final Tally:
    This is both a dc and durability feat as thor and loki took it point blank without much injury.
  • Deer Lord
    It's time we look into that uncalculated speed feat of Mjolnir in The Dark World.


    Thor falls off a tower and summons his hammer that was already out of the atmosphere.
    Mjolnir comes back and misses him by the nick of time as he falls into another portal.


    So first I'll get the timeframe.
    Thor and Malekith were in free-fall from 30 St Mary Axe which is 180 m tall.
    He didn't actually summon mjolnir until he already fell some distance, but to simplify things and keep it low-end I'll use the time for the entire fall+the time mjolnir missed by.

    In free fall
    t= 6.0578 s

    Mjolnir missed him by 10 frames, which are 0.4 s
    Timeframe= 6.4578 s

    Now for distance

    Lenght of Britain = 136 px
    Frame height= 427 px

    2*atan(136/(427/tan(70/2)))= 25.144381105796 degrees

    According to google maps the lenght of Britain is:

    Using Angsize calculator I get
    d= 1981.2 km = 1981200 m

    * The distance between mjolnir itself and POV is negligible (some 10 meters or so)

    v= 1981200/6.4578= 306790.58 m/s , or Mach 901.55

    Final Tally:
    Dat MHS MCU :bury
  • Deer Lord
    A simple enough calc, and I was bored.
    And yeah, I know the movie sucks, but mags is far from being the reason.


    "Charles always wanted to build bridges"


    I'm going to calc kinetic energy required to move the bridge like that.

    According to google maps the distance is about 4500m from the bridge to the point seen in the video.

    Magneto starts moving the bridge towards the island on 0:40 and it comes to a standstill at 1:20, so the time frame is 40 seconds.

    v=d/t= 4500/40 = 112.5 m/s

    Mass of the golden gate bridge = 380,800,000 kg
    according to this: http://goldengatebridge.org/research/factsGGBDesign.php
    (I used the updated mass excluding anchorages as magneto only ripped out the bridge itself)

    Ke= 1/2*m*v^2= 1/2*380800000*(112.5)^2 = 2409750000000 J or 575.944 tons of TNT

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    I'm bored so I decided to look at some stuff from SPN top-tiers.
    These two calcs are based on statements. However, both these statements have been repeated a couple of times and taken at face-value in the show, so I figured I'd try to put a number on em.

    1. Lucifer & Michael attend a BBQ

    It has been stated a couple of times that these two would raze earth as a side-effect of their battle.

    Sam once commented that they'd "Roast half the planet."
    Since I don't have much to go on, and this is a casual thing for these characters anyway, I'll do this using the same method chaos did for Boros.

    Earth's Circumference= 40,075 km
    Half on that is= 20037.5 km

    so the blast radius= 10018.75 km

    Plugging it in the Nuke Calculator, with near-total fatalities gives a result of about 62.944 Petatons

    So that's 31.472 Petatons for each one.
    casually continent-level.

    2. Castiel has an happy accident

    Second thing I wanted to calc was Godstiel's soul hoard.
    It's been stated numerous times that he's a planetary threat should he have a leak with his power source.
    belthazar, who knows a thing or two about souls states that if he takes too much power he'll might explode, "taking a substantial chunk of the planet along with you."

    how substantial? I think a conservative estimate would be a-third.

    Now, I cannot rely on GBE here, so I'll go the pulverization way.

    Earth is comprised of three layers:
    Crust, Mantle and Core.
    The crust and mantle are rock, and the core is mostly made out of iron.

    However only the inner core is solid iron and the outer is liquid iron.

    To make this possible (and low-ball) I'll treat anything not solid iron as rock for the calc.

    Volume of earth= 1.08321e12 km^3
    We're using a third = 361070000000 km^3

    The inner core takes up 0.7% of earth's volume
    Volume of Iron= 361070000000*0.7%= 2527490000 km^3 or 2.52749e24 cc
    Volume of Rock= 361070000000-2527490000= 358542510000 km^3 or 3.5854251e26 cc

    Pulverization of Iron= 2476 j/cc
    Destruction of iron core= 2476*2.52749e24= 6258065240000000000000000000 J
    or 1.5086946 Exatons of TNT

    Pulverization of Rock = 214.35 j/cc
    Destruction of everything else= 214.35*3.5854251e26= 76853587018500000000000000000 J
    or 18.527865 Exatons of TNT

    Total value= 1.5086946+18.527865= 20.03656 Exatons of TNT
    So multi-continent level, and that's for uncontrolled power too.

    Final Tally:
  • Deer Lord
    So the other day I posted this:

    And figured I'll try to calc the first two feats on this list
    Hopefully I've found a way to make them quantifiable.

    So, anyway, let's get to it.
    1. Azuth and Savras blow up a mountain

    Here's the feat:

    Eric L. Boyd (1997). Powers and Pantheons.

    At the time of their duel, Azuth is a top-tier human mage and Savras is just a random Demigod. So this feat should actually scale to a whole bunch of characters in-verse including all deities, top-tier mortal spellcasters and other powerfull immortals (like Archdevils)

    now for the calc:

    So, first I need to figure out how big is the mountain we're talking about.
    Sadly all topographic maps of Faerun I've found do not have altitude marked, and the only number I could find for specific mountains was a 4km mountain.

    So I'm just going to correlate the setting to an irl one
    We're talking D&D, so I'll be using irl Britain.
    Going with this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_mountains_of_the_British_Isles_by_relative_height#List

    I calculated the average mountain height to be 878.99m.
    The closest one on the list to that is Goat Fell, with an altitude of 874m.
    So, for the purpose of this calc, this is the mountain I'm using.

    The feat also entails creating a deep lake.
    how deep?
    Once again we go to Britain, with this list:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_lakes_and_lochs_of_the_United_Kingdom

    I did an average of the mean depth for the six deep lakes on the list and came up with a mean depth of 64.43m.

    Getting Volume:

    Here's a picture of goat fell:

    To low-ball things (and make it easier on me), I'm not calculating the entire thing, but the cone with the height and diameter in the picture.

    Height= 159px = 874m
    1px= 5.496855345 m
    Diameter= 406 px = 2231.72327 m

    Volume of cone= pie*r^2*h/3= pie*(1115.8616)^2*874/3= 1139621786.172762 m^3

    Now for the volume of the lake.
    Using dome calculator and a depth of 64.43m + diameter of the mountain I get:
    Volume of Lake= 168021918.28 m^3

    Total Volume of Rock Destroyed = 168021918.28+1139621786.172762= 1307643704.4527612 m^3

    or 1307643704452762 cc

    Now for the Damage:

    I was contemplating between regular frag and violent frag.
    Since the excerpt isn't detailing much I decided to just calc both as a Low and High end.

    Low-End: (Fragmentation)
    Volume=1307643704452762 cc
    Fragmentation of rock is 8j/cc
    Energy= 8*1307643704452762= 10461149635622096J or 2.521974 Megatons of TNT

    High-End: (Violent Frag)
    Volume=1307643704452762 cc
    Violent Fragmentation of rock is 69j/cc
    Energy= 69*1307643704452762= 90227415607240578J or 21.75202 Megatons of TNT

    2. Selune and Shar shape the material plane

    The Material Plane is the mortal realm, a universe with similar laws to ours in the scheme of Realmscape.
    In the FR setting, Abier-Toril is the focal point of the material plane.

    Selune and Shar are the two greater goddesses formed out of the multiverse that Ao creates. And they created a third great goddess to be the abstract of life in the universe. But what we see here is that the two of them actually created all celestial bodies in the universe.

    Now, there is no time Frame for how long it took them to make all of that. However the turn of events is something like this:
    Shar and Selune come into existance -> Creating Celestial Bodies -> Creating Chauntea -> she bitches about the universe being cold ->Battle between shar and selune -> Creating of the stars (by lighting planets on fire...) -> Mystryl is born and Shar loses the fight.

    So, we can gather that Shar and Selune are responsible for the creation of all matter in the universe.
    This creation proccess stopped when they started fighting, and before the Sun (and solar system) has formed.

    Now, in our Universe all matter was present in the moment after the big bang, but here this isn't the case.
    to calc this I'd have to figure out a time interval and then divide the mass energy of the universe by that time to get energy per sec.
    I'm not going to wank and go "Yeah it probably took them a couple of days".

    I decided to chose a time when the grand celestial structures (galaxies) have already formed, The Age of the Milkey way Galaxy. That's probably the best interpretations of "Heavens" I can come up with.

    Age of the Universe= 13.82 billion years
    Age of the Milkey Way Galaxy= 13.21 billion years
    Time Frame= 13.82e9-13.21e9=610 million years= 19236960000000000 sec.

    Mass energy of the Universe= 4e69 J

    Energy Output= 4e69/19236960000000000= 2.0793306e53 J/s or 2.07933 GigaFoe per sec.

    For each one that 1.039665 GigaFoe per sec.

    If I'm going low-end and using the age of the solar system I get:
    Time= 13.82e9-4.6e9=9.22 billion years= 290761920000000000 sec.
    Energy=4e69/290761920000000000= 1.375696e52 J/s or
    137.5696 MegaFoe/s

    68.7848 MegaFoe/s for each one.

    It might sound a lot, but it's actually a bit feat for those gals, since there are blatant Universe+ level feats for Greater gods.

    Final Tally:
    Low-End | High-End
  • Deer Lord
    So my second calc is a bit more complicated than my first.

    In episode 75 of Arc V, Shun summons Satellite Canon Falcon that proccedes to fly into orbit and nuke Antique Gear Chaos Giant, completely vaporizing it.

    the feat itself:

    now for the calc


    The simple part.

    We have Satellite Canon Falcon going up for his attack.
    Since it's literally a Satellite, I picked Low Earth Orbit for altitude.
    more specifically, the altitude of the International Space Station, which is 340km above sea level.

    SCF's ascend took 18 seconds
    v=d/t= 340,000/18= 18,888 m/s or Mach 55.5

    His attack crossed the same distance in 15 seconds
    v=340,000/15= 22,666 m/s or Mach 66.6


    Step one would be figuring how large is Chaos Giant
    to do that I had to do a bunch of scaling.

    first, to get Dennis' motorcycle height (My point of reference is the height of the duel disk above ground)

    He is sitting on a motorcycle (playing card games ofc)
    so I split up his height for leg, thigh and torso.
    put together they are 120 px.
    DtGH (Disk to ground height) = 57px
    Dennis is an American, and average American male height is 1.76 m

    Therefore, DtGH=57/120*1.76=0.836m

    Now to scale this pic

    Here we have chaos giant floating above Dennis.
    I selected to scale a part of chaos giant's leg that can be used later.

    DtGH= 58 px = 0.836m
    Foot Part= 215 px = 3.0989m

    Now to the final scaling

    We have an overview of the stadium and chaos giant.
    Foot part = 12 px = 3.0989m
    Total Height of Chaos Giant= 114 px = 29.44m

    So chaos giant is a nearly 30m tall monstrosity of steel
    I'll be looking for his volume next

    Since he's a humanoid I'll use human proportions for scale.
    this is actually low-balling the result since he has a bunch of stuff protruding outside of his basic figure.

    Average humans are 1.72m tall and have a volume of 66.4 L (or 0.0664 m^3)

    so using square cube law:
    (29.44/1.72)^3*0.0664 = 332.9689 m^3

    Since Chaos Giant is a robot, he needs room for those gears to spin. I pegged him as 80% hollow

    This gives us 66.593 m^3 of Steel.

    Chaos giant got Vaporized by that attack
    Value for vaporization of steel = 60117420000 J/m^3

    Total Energy*= 60117420000*66.593= 4003446241647.6J or 965.15 tons of TNT

    Other than vaporizing chaos giant, the blast also cracked open a nice crater, so I'll calc that too.

    The first pic is the same as before where 12px=3.0989m
    so 1 px = 0.25824 m

    Lane line= 29 px = 7.489m

    we see the same lane line (the one right behind a piece of rock) in the second pic where
    Lane line= 7.489m=249 px
    Crater Diameter = 523 px = 15.7299m
    Crater Height= 118 px = 3.549m

    Using Dome Calculator I get that the volume of concrete pulverized was 459.79 m^3
    or 459790000 cc

    Pulverization of stone = 214.35 J/cc
    Energy= 214.35*459790000= 98555986500 J
    or 23.759 tons of TNT

    Adding that to our previous number for a sum total of
    4102002228147.6 J or 988.909 tons of TNT

    Final Tally:
    So Hypersonic+, mcb+ level for Arc V, not too bad at all