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  • Tacocat
    Some weird shit goes down and the JLA forgets that the JLA was a thing. The members go on to form other Justice Leagues (Justice League of Amazons, Justice League of Atlantis, Justice League of Aliens, etc.).

    The feat starts here, at the JLA's "Watchtower".

    The base's sensors indicate a massive surge of energy near the West Coast.

    The Justice League of Aliens flies to Earth...

    ...before what the narrator describes as "radiation" can reach San Francisco, which is right on the coast.

    Pictured is the Baja Californian Peninsula, which is about 1247km in length.


    So the JLA raced from the moon to Earth (384400km) before the radiation this man-made generator produced could propagate 1238.842km. Electromagnetic radiation characteristically propagates at the speed of light.


    Obviously this is garbage for the likes of Supes, Manhunter, and Orion, but Guy without his ring and Starfire did this rather casually.
  • Tacocat
    Honduras, of course.

    After five-and-a-half seasons, I finally found a feat I could be assed to do. Which is stupid, considering there are plenty of MHS feats littered about, but whatever.


    At around 7:15, Clark runs pretty casually from Chloe's Metropolis University dorm to Honduras, where Clark's ex-professor and synthetic Zod fanboy Milton Fine is gathering bodies or something.

    Just gonna use the distance from Wichita, Kansas to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras for a low-end distance.

    This tells me the driving distance (Clark can't fly at this point in time and he can't run across water like Bart can) is 3768.69km.

    The feat spans about 6-7 seconds, so...


    or about mach 1583.5.
  • Tacocat
    A major plot point in the second season of YJ, Young Justice: Invasion, is that Vandal Savage and the Light manipulate the Justice League to ravage the planet Rimbor. They are called to trial, and John Stewart flies them from Earth to Rimbor using his GL ring.


    Here we see a datestamped going-away party for the Justice League.

    This is Rimbor, and at the presented time the Justice League is already being tried.

    That's 67 days' time.

    Now I don't know much about Rimbor considering I haven't been to diligent with following the Legion of Super-Heroes, but I'll look into that some time.

    For now, I'll use the stars closest to us. The first candidate would be Proxima Centauri, but that's a red dwarf AFAIK, and both Superboy and Superman have no problem tearing shit up on Rimbor in the comics. Superman has no problem doing so in YJ, either, so that shouldn't be an issue.

    Closest yellow star is Alpha Centauri A, I guess, which is 4.367 Ly from Earth.

    4.367(60*60*24*365)=137,717,712 light seconds


    But that's just a really low-end. Batman was one of the Leaguers who went, and while he could have had some tech to help him breathe or whatever after oxygen ran out, he probably wouldn't have brought intravenous. No one brought any food or drink, so it'd have to be a few days at the very most.

    I dunno if any of them would really go an entire day without eating, and it wouldn't make sense to miss a days' worth of sustinence just because they didn't care to bring anything.

    So time-frame would reasonably be a day.


    Young Justice is found guilty of being FTL.

    Bring in the dancing lobsters!

  • Tacocat
    Donna Troy's origin story is a thing with feats and such.

    Spoiler: Backstory shit
    Basically, the gods of Olympus shat on the Titans and banished them to a solar system one million Ly from Earth. They dusted themselves off and built another kingdom on a moon orbiting Minosyss, calling it New Cronus. Several thousand years later, they decided to rescue children in mortal peril, one of whom being Donna, and cart them across the cosmos to train them to be Titans.

    Thirteen years later, the Titans erased their "seeds'" memories and sent them back to their respective homes to teach them responsibility to avoid the same mistakes their ancestors made. When they learned some values, the Titans would return and remind them who they were.

    Only, one seed, Sparta, never lost her memories and went crazy with power. She started attacking the Titans, as well as destroying the other kids' worlds and sending a pod to Earth to track down Donna. To prevent this, the Titan Phoebe left a dying New Cronus, split her power into three parts, and told Donna of her upbringing so she could take down Sparta, for the Titans weren't powerful enough to do so. She gave Donna two seed pods so the Teen Titans can accompany her. Donna first takes a pod to a world 10,000 parsecs away from Earth to commune with one of the other remaining seeds.

    Pretty basic.

    10000 parsecs=32616.3344 Ly

    32616.3344(60*60*24*365)=10,28,588,721,638.4 light seconds


    Now, Phoebe--on her deathbed, mind you--outpaces these things at a third of her power by reaching Earth to ask Donna for her help because none of the Titans are powerful enough to confront Sparta.
  • Tacocat

    So in the last arc of Action Comics, before the reboot, Lex goes batshit again and gains ultimate power. He sucks Supes through some dimensional portal to a Phantom Zone doorway 6500 Ly from Earth.

    Back at the Sun, the other Supers throw down with Doomsday. During that two minute interval and after beating Lex up, Kal rushes back to Earth.

    Basically, Supes crossed 6500 Ly in two minutes.

    6500(60*60*24*365)=204,984,000,000 light-seconds.


    Kinda just to corroborate my earlier calc.
  • Tacocat

    Basically, Superboy-Prime throws a hissy fit and decides that he's going to fly to Oa to cause another Big Bang and reset the universe so that he's the only hero left. A bunch of heroes try to go after him, Hal phones ahead so that Guy and some GLs can slow SBP down, and Kal-El and Kal-L catch up. They then fly him through the debris field that used to be Kyrpton and plow straight through Rao into Mogo.

    Post-crisis Krypton resides in the Andromeda Galaxy, as per Superman: Birthright IIRC. The Andromeda Galaxy is 2,538,000 Ly away from Earth.

    2538000(60*60*24*365)=80,038,368,000,000 light-seconds.

    Now, an official time-frame would be "a few days", considering all of those heroes who actually reached Rao and witnessed Kal-L's death were back on Earth at the time of a news report detailing their heroics.

    But that's fucking stupid.

    As it is, most of the feat took place during the time it took Batman to react to Dick's injury by Alex Luthor's hand. Then, we have the fact that Kal-El, Kal-L, and SBP were still talking all the way there. I don't know about you guys, but I can't find so much to talk about while flying across the cosmos with only two other dudes, one of whom is exactly the same as me and the other of whom is a whack-job crazy trying to murder the universe.

    So I think I'll use a range of time-frames within an hour :distracted

    5 minutes


    10 minutes


    30 minutes


    60 minutes


    Final Tally:


    Yes or yes? :hmm
  • Tacocat
    In the 12th episode of season 3, about five and a half minutes in has Mas y Menos run from Titans Tower East to Guatemala.


    Titans Tower East is somewhere on the East Coast. Now, I've lived all up and down the East Coast and the only place which remotely resembles Steel City would be the Tri-State Area.

    Pennsylvania would be closest to Guatemala.

    This tells me that the distance between Guatemala and Pennsylvania is 3095.42km. They go round-trip, so double the distance for 6190.84km.

    The feat occurs within 4 frames of the video, which has a frame-rate of 23 fps.


    or about .12c.

    If you really want to contest my use of Pennsylvania, go ahead. Point is, they're fast. Casually fast.
  • Tacocat
    Just a kinda lol statement I thought I'd quantify.

    Wally says washing the dishes takes less than a fraction of a picosecond. I dunno if this means washing all of the dishes or just the mug they were talking about, but it hardly matters.

    I couldn't be fucked to search for an average on mug diameters, of all things, so I just grabbed the one next to me and used a ruler to get 0.0762m. That means the circumference is 0.2393893602035422m. I dunno about Wally, when when I do the dishes, I generally wipe glasses down a few times. Let's say five times around, making it 1.196946801017711m.

    He says it takes him less than a fraction of a picosecond, so I guess I'll just use a 10th of a picosecond.


    or about 39,925c :lmao
  • Tacocat
    I was waiting for the new Adventure Time, so I decided to give Teen Titans: Go! a shot, and it's not all that bad as far as a lighthearted, comedic spin-off goes.


    Feat can be found here at around 5:00.

    In the first episode, all Raven wants to do is watch her Pretty Pretty Pegasus episode (eat your heart out, Flutter :maybe). The boys, however, interrupt with their eating of Rob's carefully engineered sandwiches. So, to get them to leave, Raven sends them to find special ingredients for the ultimate sandwich, the most interesting of which is the tomato Starfire has to retrieve from what she calls the Lilap System.

    I have no idea what the Lilap system is, but the closest star to ours is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.367ly from Earth. Star makes a round trip, so that's 8.734ly.

    8.734(60*60*24*365)=275435424 light seconds

    Starfire, BB, and Cyborg return to Titans Tower before Raven finishes all 12 episodes, and she even states, "That was fast."

    General run-time for a TV episode is 22 minutes.

    275435424/(12*22*60)=17388.6c :maybe
  • Tacocat
    Just something I found while sifting through YJ that I thought was funny.

    Conner's kinda just making an ass of himself trying to catch Cissie's arrows in an attempt to prove himself better than Harm, and Tim slips in and casually shows him up.

    Tim's 14 or so in Young Justice, as I recall (I'm pretty sure he finished his training to be Robin at 13, so I'm just going to stick with 14).

    Average American, male 14-year-old is 1.65m tall, and one's head is an eighth of his entire body, so 0.20625m for Tim's head.


    9cm for the Cissie's arrowheads.

    Panel height is 195px, so angsize that shit and we get...


    ...0.54251m as a distance.

    According to this, record arrow speed is about 111.557m/s. Cissie is an Olympic medalist for Archery and, let's face it, she's Ollie's kid with the first Arrowette.


    Now back to the first image...


    0.54/0.0048630744821033=111m/s :winny

    Also, relevant:
  • Tacocat
    We just had a shitstorm of a thread involving YJ, and I brought this up several times, so I thought I'd just post it.


    Jump to about 1:55 in the video for the feat.


    Bart casually travels from Taos, New Mexico to the North Pole in some ridiculously short amount of time. I had originally planned on using several timeframes between 1 second and 119 seconds (as the times from each location are pretty conveniently given to be at most 119 seconds apart), but as they're having a conversation during the feat, I figured perspective time was fine to use, which is about 4 seconds.

    Using this thinggy, Taos is 5965.92km from the North Pole.


    or about mach 4386.7. Not quite sub-relativistic like I got with 1 second, but very high, casual MHS isn't too shabby either.

    Though, it doesn't really matter, considering the speedsters in YJ are relativistic anyway, but whatever.
  • Tacocat
    Real, real simple calc. Actually, someone's probably already done this before. Bart runs from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Statue of Liberty and back in .04 seconds. I own the first volume of the Teen Titans reboot, so I don't have any scans right now. I'll get 'em later if I feel like it:noworries
    Here's the feat:

    1000 meters on this map is 64px, while the shortest distance Bart could have traveled (which he didn't take, as he stopped to get a pretzel, cheese and all) is 348.20970692960298px.




    or about Mach 800.

    Bart obviously took his blessed time, .04s was according to Tim Drake's reaction time (considerable, but not perfect), yadda, yadda, yadda. TL;DR, mach 800 is a low-end. Nothing special for a speedster.