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Viewing blog entries in category: DC/Marvel Cartoon

  • Sherlōck
    Lexcorp Laser DC

    Feat -- 05:10

    To dig 2 miles in underground Lexcorp used laser to destroy boulders along the way.

    Human = 301.8447 pixel = 1.7 meter
    Hole diameter = 743 pixel = 4.184 meter
    Hole Thickness = 143 pixel = 0.8053 meter

    Modeling it as cylinder.

    Hole Volume, pi*r^2*h = 11.0764 meter^3

    Fragmentation value 8 j/cc

    Laser DC = 88611368.07582 Joules = 0.02117 tons

    Superman's Speed

    To beat Doomsday Superman holds him & goes straight to space. Then body slams him in the ground. It took him 300 frames to reach that level. The video is 23.96 FPS.

    Timeframe = 12.5208 seconds

    Since except for space we don’t know how far he went I will use 2 different ways to calc the distance he traveled.

    First [Low End] for space we will use Kramline line which is 100 km above see surface.

    Superman’s Speed = (100*1000/12.5808) = 7986.6666 meter/second

    Superman’s Speed = Mach 23.2847

    For the next distance calc I am going to use angsizing. First I am going to calc the distance to earth from our pov & then to superman. Subtracting the distance we will get how far Superman traveled.

    Panel Height = 1080 pixel
    Superman = 36.6196 pixel = 1.8796 meter
    Height H = 175.5733 pixel
    Width W = 1967.40488 pixel

    So, R = (H/2)+(W^2/8H) = 2843.53097 pixel = 6371 km

    So, W = 1967.40488 pixel = 4408.01828 km

    First distance from our POV to Superman,

    object degree size = 2*atan(36.6196/(1080/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 2.720117530808

    Using angular calculator I get Distance = 39.584 meter

    Again for distance from our POV to Earth,

    object degree size = 2*atan(1967.40488 /(1080/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 103.8087520

    Using angular calculator I get Distance = 1.7279e+3 km

    This is actually a low estimate cause Superman goes farther than that. But because of lack of earth shot from his final distance I am using this one.

    Distance from Superman to Earth = 1727.8604 km

    Superman’s Speed = (1.727.8604*1000/12.5208) = 137999.20260 m/s

    Superman’s Speed = Mach 402.33003673469

    I am not really sure about the second one though. I have my doubt about it.

    Superman's Body Slam

    Now, let’s calc the DC of Superman’s Body Slam. First we need the height of Doomsday.

    Superman = 500.8732 pixel = 1.8796 meter
    Doomsday = 644.4261 pixel = 2.4183 meter

    Doomsday = 11.3137 pixel = 2.4183 meter
    Crater Diameter = 1393 pixel = 297.7534 meter
    Crater Depth = 397 pixel = 84.8586 meter

    Modeling the crater as half ellipsoid,

    Crater Volume, .5*(4/3)*pi*(d/2)^2*r = 3939205.1778462 meter^3

    Pulverization value 214 j/cc

    Superman’s Body slam = 842989899822042.67655 Joules

    Superman’s Body slam = 201.479421564 kilotons

    Final Tally

    Lexcorp Laser DC = 0.02117 tons
    Superman's Speed = Mach 23.2847 - Mach 402.3300
    Superman’s Body slam = 201.479421564 kilotons
  • Sherlōck
    It is the eleventh film released under the DC Universe Animated Original Movies banner.Its a good movie.Good storyline,plot,animation everything was top notch.This movie has few great feats.

    Size of Krona

    The sun of the Green Lantern homeworld, Oa became a gateway for Krona.We are going to use the sun to calc his size.

    Now I don't know how big the sun is.It could be as big as our sun,smaller or even bigger.But for the sake of low end I am going to use size VB 10 smallest sun discovered so far.

    VB 10 has a radius of ~0.102 R.Here R is the radius of our sun which is 696342 km.So,

    VB 10 Radius = .102*696342 = 71026.884 kilometer.

    VB 10 Diameter = 2*71026.884 = 142053.768 kilometer.

    Now lets get to work.I am going to calc size of Krona from the scan below using VB 10's diameter.

    VB 10's Diameter = 692 px = 142053.768 kilometer.

    Krona's Height = 116.107 px = 23834.5917 kilometer.

    Speed of Lanterns

    After deciding to sacrifice Oa to defeat Krona's all of them flew back to Oa from their Sun in very short amount of time.Now I can't get exact distance from Star to Oa but I can get a minimum speed by angsizing how much distance they crossed.

    First lets calc the distance.As I have said I am going to angsize the distance.

    Sun Diameter = 80 px

    Panel Height = 720 px

    object degree size = 2*atan(80/(720/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 8.897396264934

    Now putting objest degree size & sun's diameter in angular calculator I got distance = 912930 kilometer.

    Now this is not the whole distance.They didn't started flying from sun's surface.They maintained a good distance from sun's surface.They were at least 23834.5917 kilometer away from Sun's surface cause they were fighting Krona.

    Actual Distance = 912930-23834.5917 = 889095.4083 kilometer.

    They started moving at 01:15:06 & crossed the calculated distance on 01:15:16 so timeframe is 11 second.

    Speed = (889095.4083*1000)/11 m/s

    Speed = 80826855.3 m/s

    Speed = Mach 237586.2883 or 0.2696 c.

    Moving Oa

    Krona was a anti-matter.So Arisia's suggested that to destroy antimatter they should counter his with something of equal or greater mass.So they decided to throw Oa towards Krona's.It wasn't an easy task all of the Lanterns had to contribute to moving the planet.It isn't someone's individual power.

    Now here,Krona = 39.357 px = 23834.5917 kilometer.

    Planet Oa Diameter = 75 px = 45419.59644 kilometer.

    Distance From Krona to Oa = 243.4173 px = 147412.2295 kilometer.

    43 frames later,

    Distance from Krona to Oa = 194.177 px = 117593.0027 kilometer.

    Distance crossed = 147412.2295-117593.0027 = 29819.2268 kilometer.

    As stated previously the planet crossed that distance in 43 frames.The video is 24.32 FPS.

    43 frames = 1.7680 second

    Oa Velocity = 29819.2268/1.7680 = 16865.1999 m/s

    Now Putting Oa Diameter & 1 g in planetary calculator I got Mass = 7.579E+25 kg

    K.E = .5mv^2

    K.E = 10778663107458722238385797618190662.3223766 Joules

    K.E = 2.57616231058 yottatons of TNT

    Why go through all the trouble? Cause Krona's stopped it using his Shadow Demons.

    Final Tally

    Krona's Height = 23834.5917 kilometer.

    Lantern's Speed = Mach 237586.2883 or 0.2696 c.

    Combined Lantern's Power = 2.5761 yottatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Its just a simple speed calc.Nothing major here.

    So in attempt to save the sun after Solaris poisoned it Superman traveled from earth to sun quite quickly.

    He started his journey on 01:09:36 & reached the sun at 01:10:14.

    So timeframe is 39 seconds.

    An astronomical unit is a unit of length now defined as exactly 149,597,870,700 m (92,955,807.3 mi) or roughly the average Earth?Sun distance.

    Superman's Speed = (149,597,870,700/39) meter/second

    Superman's Speed = 3835842838.4615 meter/second

    Superman's Speed = Mach 11275258.1965

    More easily we can say ~12.7949 c or almost 13 times speed of light.

    That's all Folks.
  • Sherlōck
    DCUAOM means DC Universe Animated Original Movies. I have started watching the series & thought of calculating some of it feats.I know its not as impressive as their Comics counterpart but who cares? Animated Series or movie never was.

    Tomar Re Flight Speed

    Now after receving Ring from Aben Sir a group of Green Lanterns came to earth to take Hal Jordan to Gurdians.Tomar made an aircraft similar to Earth's so that the trip will be easier for him.I am going to calc the speed of that aircraft Tomar made.

    Now they left earth quite quickly in a very small timeframe.I am going to use to angular calc to determine the distance in few frame.Unlucky 13 to be exact.The video is 24.08 frame per second.

    So,Timeframe = 0.5398 second

    Now time to calc the distance.First I am going to calc distance from space ship to Earth.Then I am going to calc the diastance again but only the panel will be 13 frame later.

    First Panel,

    Panel Height = 416 px

    Earth Diameter = 265 px

    object degree size = 2*atan(265/(416/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 48.078107653044

    Putting Earth Diameter 12,742 km & degree size in angular calculator I got distance 14283 km.

    Now again in the panel after 13 frames,

    Panel Height = 416 px

    Earth Diameter = 63 px

    object degree size = 2*atan(63/(416/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 12.106167236438

    Again Putting Earth Diameter 12,742 km & degree size in angular calculator I got distance 60081 km.

    So,Distance Crossed = 60081-14283 = 45798 km or 45798000 meter.

    Now you guys can ask why I didn't take spaceship into account while calcing distance.The spaceship wasn't more than 10 meter in length & it was very close to POV. That's why I didn't find the need to calc its distance.It doesn't have any big effect on result anyway.

    Speed = 45798000/0.5398 = 84831987.6923 m/s

    Speed = Mach 249359.1642 or 0.28296 C

    Jordan Destroys Two Moon

    This feat was not done by typical ring power.After Yellow element kinda destoying Green element Jordan pounded on the inert green element, broke it and absorbed its whole power.

    Now how did he do it. He grabbed the moons by his rings power & slowly pulled those together.I am going to calc the dectruction power after it crashed with one another.

    The planet they were fighting on was identical to our Saturn.So I am going to use Saturns moon to calc the feat here.Saturn has 62 moons.Its not easy to find a middle ground.They have a range between 5150 km & 5.6 km.That's great.Lets use earth's moon then.

    I am assuming the big one is at least as big as earth's moon & use it to calc the small one diameter,volume & Mass,in that order.

    Big Moon Diameter = 188 px = 3474..2 km

    Big Moon Mass = 7.3477x10^22 kg

    Small Moon Diameter = 156 px = 2882.84 km

    Small Moon Radius = 1441.4234 km = 1441423.4042 meter

    Small Moon Volume = 1/3*pi*(1441423.4042)^3

    Small Moon Volume = 3136196935471450730.7026 m^3

    Small Moon Density = 3346.4 kg/m^3

    Small Moon Mass = 10494969424861662725223.2234 kg

    Total Mass = 7.3477x10^22+10494969424861662725223.2234 kg

    Total Mass = 83971969424861662725223.2234 kg

    After crashing the debris of the moon crossed large distance.Time to calc the distance.

    Moon Diameter = 103.740 px = 3474.2 km

    Distance crossed = 373.851 px = 12520.0924 km = 12520092.4715 meter

    Now timeframe.After the moons clashed together it took 17 frame for mass to cross the distance.

    So Timeframe = 0.7059 seconds

    Velocity = 12520092.4715/0.7059 = 17734342.7479 m/s

    K.E = .5mv^2

    K.E = 13204882428668711859188424567889355286.623633 Joules

    K.E = 3156.0426 yottatons of TNT

    Final Tally

    Tomar Re Flight Speed = Mach 249359.1642 or 0.28296 C

    Jordans Moon Clash = 3156.0426 yottatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    Just Low Level Stuff,nothing major.Just downloaded few animated movie so thought why not? Not like its hurting anyone.

    Black Adam's Lariat

    I am calling this attack by this name cause it looked similar to Killer Bee's attack.Anyway he hit Captain Marvel with this attack & smashed him into the ground.

    Captain Marvel = 73.38 px = 1.8542 meter

    Crater Diameter = 467 px = 11.7988 meter

    Crater Depth = D/4 = 2.9497 meter

    Crater Volume = 215.0104 m^3

    Mother Earth was pulverized so 214.35 j/cc.

    Energy = 46087480529.17147 Joules

    Energy = 11.0151 tons of TNT.

    Black Adam's Electricity

    After Sending Superman flying a big chunk of rock was headed towards Black Adam which he fragmented violently using electricity.

    Adam = 73.23 px = 1.91 meter

    Rock Height = 531.26 px = 13.3106 meter

    Rock Diameter = 220.77 px = 5.5313 meter

    Rock Volume = pi*r^2*h = 319.8491 m^3

    Violent Fragmentation 120 j/cc

    Energy = 38381897680.7499 Joules

    Energy = 9.1734 tons of TNT.

    Captain Marvel's Smash

    Another crater but this time made by Captain Marvel via smashing Adam into the ground.

    Marvel = 94 px = 1.8542 meter

    Crater Diameter = 881 px = 17.3781 meter

    Crater Depth = 195 px = 3.8464 meter

    Crater Volume = 608.2347 m^3

    He pulverized road,not bedrock.Not sure 214.35 j/cc is appropiate value here.

    Energy = 130375115976.5127 Joules

    Energy = 31.1604 tons of TNT

    Final Tally

    Black Adam's Lariat = 11.0151 tons of TNT.

    Black Adam's Electricity = 9.1734 tons of TNT.

    Captain Marvel's Smash = 31.1604 tons of TNT