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Viewing blog entries in category: Digimon calcs

  • Tacocat

    Feat is at about 18:50. MaloMyotismon opens up space and spreads his darkness all over the Real World.

    Fuck drawing circles. We'll just use the radius equation.





    Now let's angsize. Frame width is 1069px.


    Put that in the angsize calculator along with Earth's radius of 6,371km and we get a distance of 7844.9km.

    Shit happens in about 10 seconds, so...


    or about mach 2884.

    This shit would apply to DNA Digivolutions like Shakkoumon and Silpymon, so about Ultimate/Perfect level.
  • Tacocat
    Been snooping around some Digimon Reference Book profiles and found a bunch of interesting entries. This one says KendoGarurumon's Lupine Laser (or, in the original canon, Garummon's Solar Laser) is actually natural light being stored and fired. Considering we already have LS statements from other Spirit of Light Digimon (albeit stronger ones), seems pretty logical that Solar Laser would be LS.


    At about 17:50, Takuya initiates his plan to defeat Duskmon, which entails Takuya holding him down while the rest dish out their most powerful shit. Duskmon lolnopes their joint attack, but not before Takuya gets out of the way...relative to a Lupine Laser/Solar Laser.

    Figured it'd be better to scale off of Zephyrmon than Duskmon considering it's from a bird's-eye-view and she doesn't necessarily have to be straight up. I dunno.

    Anyway, Zephyrmon should be average lady height, so 1.6m.


    So Agunimon peaced before Kouji's attack could cross 6.3 meters. I can't really say he jumped that high before then, though, considering that weird rainbow explosion was already expanding when by that time. Most I can say is, during the time-frame, Agunimon moved a little more distance than his height, which should be at least 1.8m, considering he's rather taller than the kids. So we'll say about 2 meters.


  • Tacocat

    At about 10 minutes in, VenomMyotismon's defeat brings both worlds into the same space. At about 15 minutes in, Kuwagamon shows up in the Real World and starts messing with shit, I guess.


    So Japan is 1967km long, I guess.

    In the foreground is the Dark Masters' observatory lair which resides atop Spiral Mountain, the reformatted Digital World. So let's angsize the distance from here to Japan.

    Frame width would be 640px.


    Put it in the calculator and we get 3965.9km.


    or about mach 65.
  • Tacocat
    Regi Hero, reminding me that radiation energy is a thing :blinditachi


    Glad I didn't delete this calc after all. In this version I calculated Aldamon's Solarwind Destroyer under the premise that they outpaced Velgemon. Obviously that was met with dispute, and that's perfectly understandable. However, I completely ignored the fact that the data entry says the attack is not only as dense as the core of the Sun, but the same temperature, too.


    The Sun's core is about 15.7 million K.

    Now, as far as I understand, the Sun is a black body, which has a perfect emissivity of 1. I would tend to think the core would be the same.

    All that's left is surface area. The Solarwind Destroyer I scaled in the previous calc was 35.14m in diameter.




    P=radiation energy
    A=surface area
    sigma=Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.67e-8)

    P=1.34e25 J/s

    or about 3.2 petatons/s.

    Better? :hmm

    Anyway, more Digimon calcs will be on their way shortly.
  • Tacocat
    I know Vicious mentioned something about there possibly being an infinite number of universes in Digimon. But at least this will be a conclusive number if that goes unconfirmed, I suppose.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/digimon-adventure-season-1-episode-28

    At around 6 minutes in Gennai shows the kids a handful of cards that, when placed in the pedestal in Myotismon's castle, will open a door leading to the Real World. Tai suggests they just pick the cards at random, but Gennai says a specific permutation must be used or they could wind up in another world. (In this case he means universe, considering universes are often referred to as worlds in Digimon and the door's function was to send them back to their own universe in the first place.) Mimi even asks if there are so many worlds in reference to the numerous permutations of the cards, and Gennai confirms it.

    Now, there are 10 cards but only 9 spaces in the pedestal. I haven't done permutation or combination shit in forever, but as far as I recall this means the entire set (n) is 10 cards and the number of samples used for each permutation (r) is 9.

    P(n,r)=n!/(n - r)!

    Meaning there are at least 3,628,800 universes in Digimon canon.

    Er...right? :hmm

    Dunno if this does anything for the verse, but I've seen people ask how many universes Digiverse comprises of, so :distracted
  • Tacocat

    Feat's at about 5:30.

    Average diameter of the Earth is 12,742km.


    This particular beam of light traverses this distance in 11 frames. My episodes run at 23fps. The time-frame is, therefore, 11/23s.


    or about mach 26,822.

    And, as you can see, everybody and his goddamn gerbil reacted to these over relatively short distances.

    Much more accurate than that universal attack by Apocalymon :maybe

    That might not seem like the case, but really, the Digidestined are not regular humans. Between shit like Takuya generating flames hot enough to burn ShadowSeraphimon, Henry reacting in-between MegaGargomon's light-speed rotations of the Juggernaut Program, Marcus decking a goddamn universal character and combating easily quad-digit mach Royal Knights... And don't get me started on Tsurugi reacting over very short distances while riding VictoryGreymon from galaxy to galaxy.

    One could fill a hard drive with feats of Digidestined having absurd reactions, and a sizable portion would not be PIS, especially considering all the feelings ampage that runs rampant in the series. Combine that with a season finale, and you've got a lot of dangerous 12-year-olds on your hands.
  • Tacocat
    This is, like, the third time something with this one feat has been done.

    Anyway, all of the relevant information can be found in this blog.

    The re-visitation concerns the second feat I calculated, or rather the feat of escaping Lucemon's attack. However...

    ...the above is clearly indicative of the fact that the Digimon did not escape the explosion, but rather tanked it. I simply assumed that they escaped it because they arrived next to Izumi and the others directly afterward (which is a feat in and of itself, but I'll get to that later).

    Unfortunately, this means that mach 24,000 Celestials is not the case.

    Fortunately, I can calculate the meager fraction of the energy from Lucemon's attack that the Celestials' shields withstood.

    Basically the same principle as with here.

    What we need is the surface area of the moon that was busted to get the surface area of the explosion when it reached the Celestials.


    Now we need the surface area of the shields.

    That back side looks good enough.

    Takuya is 12-year-old kid. Average for these, I have found, is roughly 1.524m.





    I assume the proportions are skewed because of wonky perspective and animation. It should be a uniform rhombus like we see on the nearest side.

    A(rhombus)=(pq)/2 apparently?

    The attack itself packed 1.283e37 joules.


    or about 585 teratons.

    The three of them did this together, so that'd be 195 teratons each.

    Now, earlier I said that there was another speed feat somewhere in there.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/digimon-frontier/watch-digimon-frontier-episode-48.html

    The explosion occurs at 2:50. The Celestials catch up to Izumi and the others who are chilling on a piece of debris. Unfortunately, the debris seems to stop for whatever reason, so its sub-relativistic velocity can't be applied. However, we know the debris was expelled to well beyond the blast radius. The Celestials+Takuya and Koji manage to reach the debris from the moon in about a minute. This means I can take the blast radius as a low-end, subtract the radius of the moon, and divide it by a minute to get their low-end velocity.


    or about mach 322.

    Not quite what it was before, but not too bad. If I can be fucked to do so I might get a more accurate distance.

    Country level, MHS Celestial Digimon and above, then?
  • Tacocat
    Pretty basic stuff. Tentomon is stuck distracting Kimeramon while T.K. beats the shit out of Ken.

    Ken is kind of crouched, but Devidramon is very crouched, so whatever.

    Ken's around 1.524m.



    Here we have to angsize for the base's distance. The frame size is 4/3.


    And the frame width is about 1067px.



    Frame rate for this episode is 23 fps, and Kimeramon's attack reached the base from ~perspective in 15 frames. Therefore, the time-frame is 15/23rds of a second.


    or about mach 4.5.

    Almost scratching hypersonic. Tentomon was able to dodge this attack by moving about his body length before the attack could propagate ~the length of his body. Basically, I'm saying this applies to the Adventure Rookies.
  • Tacocat


    This is Apocalymon's universal suicide attack. (Actually, he was intending to take both the Digital World and the Human World with him, so multiversal, but that's irrelevant.) The point is, the Digivices contain the explosion...but not before everyone and his mother reacts to it :maybe

    The entire explosion lasts for about 40 seconds. Radius of the observable universe is ~13.8 billion Ly.

    13.8e10(60*60*24*365)=4.352e18 light seconds


    Lillymon should be about average lady height, so 1.6m.



    Gonna angsize for Apocalymon's distance to the kids, because the explosion obviously didn't reach them before being contained by the Digivices.

    The frame ratio is 4:3.





    Laugh heartily with me.

  • Tacocat
    In the fourth episode of Adventure 01, Meramon gets a Black Gear lodged in his spine and goes nuts (I probably would, too). Mt. Miharashi, on which Meramon lives, houses the water source for all the wells in Yokomon Village and a lake. When Meramon loses control, he inadvertently vaporizes all that water.

    We'll start with the easy dimension: depth.

    Now, this is the very edge of Yokomon Village, so the lake would, needless to say, get deeper, but whatever.

    Tai (hair not included) is average 12-year-old kid size, and I've found in the past that a good value for that is 1.524m. I can dig that up later if necessary.


    Now for the other dimensions.



    This is Meramon descending Mt. Miharashi.


    Probably a low-ball, considering what I measured is the light output by Meramon's body, but good enough.



    Okay. Well volume for an elliptical cylinder is pi*r1*r2*h.


    Density of water is 1000kg/m^3.



    Apparently, vaping energy for water is 2260J/g.


    But that's at 100 degrees C. So, we're gonna find out the energy to raise this mass to 100 degrees. I figure room temperature to boiling would be reasonable.

    Wikipedia says room temperature's considered to be about 20 degrees C.

    And specific heat capacity for water is 4.1855 J/g*K, I believe?

    Q=mass*specific heat capacity*change in temp

    Now add the two energies together...


    or about 5.2 megatons.
  • Tacocat
    At the end of the Digimon: Next manga, Neo destroys the universe (the entire crew, humans and all, survive at the epicenter, mind you :maybe) and travels to the future to escape the Arbitrators and create the universe anew.

    Tsurugi and Yuu, along with VictoryGreymon and ZeedGarurumon, follow him into the future. After Neo recreates the universe as it was before, VictoryGreymon gives him a sword to the chest.

    The feat is here.

    That looks about right, considering Neo's in the center of the galaxy. This is also the galaxy that contains the Digital World planet, so it makes sense to say it's the size of the Milky Way.

    Anyway, I was gonna go with angular size, but the size comparison between VictoryGreymon and Neo differs greatly. This can be rationalized by Neo shrinking back to normal after he's "killed", but I figure direct scaling is the best option.

    The Milky Way is 100,000 Ly across.

    (100000/610)188.32=30,872.13 Ly

    30872.13(60*60*24*365)=973,583,491,680 light seconds

    There's no explicit time-frame in which this occurred, but just by dialogue a minute seems more than generous.


    Not that that's nearly an exact figure, but it's nice to know.
  • Tacocat
    This calc is not a joke, unlike the previous Aldamon one :maybe

    EmperorGreymon is at least as tall as 10.66m Crusadermon who I scaled in a previous blog.




    The solar core has a density of around 150 times that of water.


    Aldamon throws these puppies faster than mach 24,370 Velgemon (as well as faster than he himself can move).


    or about 28 teratons.
  • Tacocat
    I'm aware that Derpaholic already calculated this, but I found some good stuff while going back over it.


    Derpaholic got the blue moon to be 2,039.8km in diameter. The yellow moon is at least as big, considering it's much, much, much farther away from Earth and the gravity is greater.

    Anyway, the gravity on this moon is about the same as Earth's. According the Derpaholic's blog, the formula for the mass of this celestial body would be m=gr^2/G.


    Now that we have mass, we need velocity.


    The material expands that far in 17 frames, while the video runs a frame-rate of 29fps. For anyone who asks, those chunks of rock in the middle are actually flying toward perspective, not caught in the middle of the blast.



    or about 3 ninatons.

    But wait, there's more :maybe

    After Lucemon kicks the shit out of the Chosen Children, Patamon, Salamon, and Lopmon escape the explosion, which means radius of the explosion minus radius of the moon divided by a time-frame. We know for a fact that the three Digimon are on the surface when the moon cracks, and we see that happen 23 frames before the above screen cap.


    or about mach 24,370.
  • Tacocat
    Forget who brought this up to me, but kudos to him/her.

    After the fight with Myotismon, wonky shit starts to happen between the Real World and the Digital World. This fucks up the airspace, apparently, and this airplane starts to go down after the pilots state that "we'll break up at this speed". Obviously they're going at top speed.


    The second one seems good enough, based on the descriptions.

    Enter Kuwagamon who fucks them up even more.




    or about mach 135.
  • Tacocat
    I am but a humble messenger of my people.

    So WarGrowlmon has this attack called Atomic Blaster, which is officially stated to atomize that which it hits.

    I just picked an arbitrary episode in which he uses the attack on something, which happened to be the one that they face off against Indramon.

    Anyway, I actually planned on finding the chemical composition of flesh and estimating the energy required to atomize it, but I remembered this was a thing.

    However, I'll be making up for what I lack in composition calculations with scaling. Yay.

    Let's get scaling.

    Takatomon is a 12-year-old boy, so 1.524 or so for his height.


    So Gargomon is roughly 1.844m tall.

    I realize perspective is a bit off, but I couldn't find a more direct way to scale. It's close enough, though, and I'm just low-balling in any case.


    Spoiler: Scaling... So much scaling...

    Spoiler: Just for lulz

    Here I tried to go for the easy way and scale by making a proportion of human volume and height with Indramon's height.

    Average human weight is 70 kg, but Indramon has massive forearms and some armor on, so I tacked on 30 kg. Wikipedia has average human density at 1062 kg/m^3 for density.



    Quite obviously bullshit.

    Forgot that propotions wouldn't work relative to size.

    Prepare your anus for a fuckton of scaling.

    Volume of forearms:






    Volume of upper-arms:






    Volume of thighs:





    Ran out of distinguishable colors to use, so you're just gonna have to trust me on the torso, legs, and head.

    Volume of torso:




    Volume of legs:









    Volume of head:




    Total volume:


    Might've fucked up somewhere, but I don't care much:distracted

    Anyway, in the aforementioned blog, Modbat has energy for atomizing a mass of flesh at 46,234.08 J/cc.


    or about 8.74 kilotons of TNT equivalent.

    Obviously doesn't account for the armor, and if that's Chrome Digizoid then this is a hell of a low-end.

    If anyone wants to point out another instance in which WarGrowlmon used this on something more massive that I just forgot, feel free to remind me.

    Edit: Alright, so WarGrowlmon uses the same finisher on Vikaralamon.












    or about 97 kilotons.