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Viewing blog entries in category: Dragon Ball

  • Sherlōck



    The calc is pretty simple. Nothing more than few scalling at best.


    Earth diameter = 1777 pixel = 12,756 km

    Explosion diameter = 1245 pixel = 8937.09622 km

    Explosion radius = D/2 = 4468.548114 km

    Since there is no visible destruction & the explosion was in space it's hard to gauge the DC of the blast. I am going to use nuke calculator for DC,

    It's pretty hard to find accurate radius in the calculator so I am going to use the closest I can find ,

    Fireball radius (minimum) = 4472.2 kilometres = 10.888888889 petatons

    Final Tally

    DC of Macrocosm Canon = 10.888888889 petatons of TNT (PtTNT)

    All discussion related to the calc goes here
  • Sherlōck
    So lets get to it. Any size we scale is going to be low end so there is nothing much I can do here. For average galaxy I am going to use the size of Milky Way. Based on my little research its also the smallest galaxy to naked eye. Size of Milky way also looks to be average . Anyway,

    First I am going to scale the Dragon's eye length from one of the nearest galaxy to it. I see two. One around its teeth & one a bit above its eye. I will their average size.

    Average Galaxy size = (12.7279 + 22.80350) / 2 = 17.7657 pixel = 110,000 light-years

    Dragon Eye Length = 500.22494 pixel = 3097243.401763 light-years

    Now,I am going to use the eye to scale the whole body. Dragons whole body is curved so it may not be the most accurate scaling mind you. Nonetheless , I will try my best.

    Dragon Eye Length = 26 pixel = 3097243.401763 light-years

    Dragon Length = 1537.778600 = 183187485.57011 light years

    The scaling looks like a cluster fuck. I know. Not my best work. Anyone is welcome to rescale to more accurately.

    Final Tally

    Super Shenron Size = 183.187485 million light years
  • Sherlōck
    In Episode 25 when Bulma asked what would happen if Jaco reports the events to his superior Jaco replied that Earth will be under a state of emergency & a missile will be launched to destroy it.

    Now, of course they didn't launch one but it was shown what would happen if they did one. That's why I put hypothetical in the title. Now what is the point since it didn't actually happen ? Nothing. I am just bored.

    # Speed of the missile

    First we need the distance from our point of view to earth. For that we will use angular scaling.


    Panel Height = 480 pixel

    Earth size = 150 pixel = 12,742 km

    object degree size = 2*atan(150/(480/tan(70/2)))

    object degree size = 24.6852

    Now, putting object degree size & earth size in angular calculator we will find the distance.


    Distance = 2.9116e+4 km

    It took 103 frames for the missile to reach earth. Video is 29.76 FPS. So ,

    Time frame = 1/29.76*103 = 3.461021 seconds

    Missile Speed = (2.9116e+4*1000/3.461021) = 8412545.242718 meter/second

    Missile Speed = Mach 24721.69397

    # DC of the missile

    Now lets calc the DC of the missile. First we need the velocity the mass was ejected.


    Earth size = 150 pixel = 12,742 km

    Explosion diameter = 173 pixel

    Mass moved at each side = (173-150)/2 = 11.5 pixel = 976.8866 km

    It took 2 frames for mass to eject that distance.

    Ejection Speed = 1/29.76*2 = 0.067204 second

    Ejection Velocity = 976.8866*1000/0.067204 = 14536073.600 meter/second

    Earth Mass = 5.9736 x 10^24 kg

    KE = .5*5.9736 x 10^24*14536073.600^2

    KE = 6.3110318*10^38 Joules

    Final Tally

    Speed of the missile = Mach 24721.69397

    DC of the missile = 150837.2803 yottatons of TNT (YtTNT)
  • Sherlōck
    In the latest episode we saw for the billionth time in anime Freiza blowing up Planet Vegeta. But we never took it as canon. Since DB Super is currently dubbed as canon we can finally accept the feat for what it is. So without further ado lets get to it.

    First we need the mass of Planet Vegeta.I am going to assume the planet is as big as earth which is 12750 km in diameter.

    Now gravity on Planet Vegeta is 10g according to King Kai.Here we know King Kais planet gravity is 10 times of earth.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/dragon-ball/210/14

    And here he says Saiyan planet has at least as much as his planet. So it could be more.But we are going to use 10g.

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/dragon-ball/211/8

    Putting the diameter & gravity in Planetary Parameter Calculator I get mass = 5.973E+25 kg

    Now speed. For this I am going to use two different time frame. One for the whole scene. From the moment the death ball touched Planet Vegeta till the moment it exploded & crossed thousands of kilometers in distance. It will be low end.

    The video runs on 24 FPS. It took 232 frames from the moment death ball touch the planet up until the moment the covered that whole distance after explosion.

    Time frame = 1/24*232 = 9.6666 seconds

    For high end I will just use the time frame for mass ejection .It took 3 frames only.

    Time frame = 1/24*3 = 0.125 seconds

    Now we have to find the velocity of the mass was ejected. We already have the time frame. We just need the distance.


    Planet Diameter = 602 pixel = 12750 km

    Distance Crossed = 449.5887 pixel = 9522.01982 km

    Mass ejection velocity [Low End] = 9522.01982*1000/9.666 = 985036.5339 m/s

    Mass ejection velocity [High End] = 9522.01982*1000/0.125 = 76176158.6285 m/s

    Freiza's Death Ball Energy [Low End] = 2.8977*10^37 Joules

    Freiza's Death Ball Energy [High End] = 1.73300*10^41 Joules

    Final Tally

    Freiza's Death Ball Energy [Low End] = 6.9258 Ninatons of TNT

    Freiza's Death Ball Energy [High End] = 41.41989 Tenatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    In the latest movie we saw Freiza destroy earth when he realized he wouldn't be able to win. Lets calc the energy.

    Earth Mass = 5.972*10^24 kg


    Earth = 158 pixel = 12742 km or 12742000 meter

    Distance traveled = 655.812 pixel = 52888370.46499 meter

    It took 20 frames to cross that distance. The video was 24 FPS.

    Timeframe = (1/24*20) = 0.8333 seconds

    Velocity = S/t = 63466044.5579903 meter/second

    KE = .5mv^2

    KE = 12027425292144748535327201022948193219969.0205 joules

    KE of Earth Blowing up = 2.8746 tenatons of TNT

    If someone want to go through that chain reaction shit meaning using the whole timeframe from the moment Freiza usued his attack I can do that too.But probably it will take 5-6 hours.

    Final Tally

    Freiza Blows up Earth = 2.8746 tenatons of TNT