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Viewing blog entries in category: Earthbound/Mother

  • Galo de Lion


    PK Starstorm brings down a rain of stars onto the enemy, which both Poo and Kumatora can use. Super Smash Bros also supports this, although SSB4 says meteorites.
    So we'll go with a low end of meteorites and a high end of stars. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth and the nearest star to Earth is 4.3 lightyears away (4.06802721e16m).

    1.58 seconds.

    (Low end)
    T = 179,500,000km/1.58s
    = 1.13607595e11/299792458
    = 378.954146 C

    (High end)
    T = 4.06802721e16m/1.58s
    = 2.57470077e16/299792458
    = 85882773.3 C

    Final Results
    PK Starstorm (low end) = 378.954 C
    PK Starstorm (high end) = 85882773.3 C
  • Galo de Lion
    The Apple of Enlightenment is something mentioned in Earthbound, but not exactly known what it is. Unless you read the Japanese translations.
    So on top of raw power, Earthbound/Mother has some impressive tech levels.
  • Galo de Lion
    More interesting stuff from the Earthbound translations...

    Firstly, the truth of the universe is refered to again in Magicant.

    So it seems that this truth of the universe is some important part of the Earthbound/Mother cosmology. The like a grain/wave may relate to the waves of particles thing of science.

    Next is the "speaks to the universes known as man" part. This is very much strange, though the translator says it means that each person is a universe unto themselves, and this refers to Magicant as something that any human with psychic power enough can make (both Ness & Maria made a Magicant). Furthermore, the truth of the universe is mentioned in Magicant, and you can touch the truth in the Sea of Eden.

    So from that, I've gathered that not only can anyone create their own Magicant, but such a realm already exists inside everyone. It also backs up that Earthbound is more than just one universe.
  • Galo de Lion
    So looking through some translations of Earthbound from its original Mother 2 state, I found some things that, sadly, put a feat I like into question. The feat in question being that Giygas is the embodiment of evil itself.


    Firstly, the more known English version.

    The Japanese version, however, has a few different things to add...

    It seems that in the original Japanese version, Giygas is evil itself, not in the sense that "he" is the embodiment of evil, but instead "he's" made of evil itself, if that makes any sense. The Japanese version even says that he isn't the embodiment of evil.

    Still, this does nothing to lower his over all level of power, and can still effortlessly erase the entire universe.
  • Galo de Lion
    Mother 3s power level is rather difficult to acertain - it's certainly above Mother 1, but how does it compare to Earthbound? This has to do in no small part with the use of the word "world" which could mean either planet or universe. Now I think I have the answer - not only is Mother 3 universal, but it even exceeds that level.

    Let's start with the Dark Dragon. The Dark Dragon is a being of immense power that, when awakened, it will remake the world in its image. What proof is there of this meaning the universe rather than a planet?

    Firstly, the power of the Dark Dragon is said to be limitless. While some would argue that limitless doesn't necessarily mean universal, it's a good place to start and backs up the rest of my argument.

    Secondly, if awoken by someone with someone with an evil heart/without a heart, the Dark Dragon will destroy everything.

    You could argue that neither of the first two things really confirm that the Dark Dragon is universal, but both help support the ultimate conclusion.

    Next, the awakening of the Dark Dragon not only affects life, but time itself, and unless there's something I'm missing, time isn't restricted to a single planet.

    Then there's Pokey Minch to consider. Pokey Minch fought against end of game Ness and friends, who are confirmed to be universal, and seemed to be able to hold his own. He then travels through time and actively sought the power of the Dark Dragon. This seems to imply that Master Porky was above Ness, but still well below the Dark Dragon.

    But there's more to it than that - just read this word of god statement of what will happen if someone without a heart awakens the Dark Dragon...

    Should someone with no heart pull the last Needle, everything will end and al life will die, including Shigesato Itoi himself! Let's put aside the massive metahax implications for a moment and consider what's said at the end of Mother 3...


    The characters of Mother 3 confirm that the player comes from another world entirely - this one. Yet the awakening of a heartless Dragon will kill Itoi, who resides in this universe. This means that the Dragon would've destroyed at least two worlds and everyone in them. The ending of Earthbound also involves direct 4th wall breaking to help kill Giygas.

    Furthermore, when Leder is telling his story, he says this of Master Porky;


    Other times and spaces sounds more than anything like a description of other universes, and Pokey Minch was bared from all of them until he wound up on the Nowhere Isles. It cannot be confirmed how many other "spaces" he was kicked out of, but as he was doing it for thousands of years, we can assume there were quite a few.

    Speaking of Pokey, during the final battle against Giygas, he states that the fight is taking place in a bizzare dimension. Could this refer to Giygas's effects on the universe, or the fight was taking place in another universe altogether?

    So from all that, I conclude that the Dark Dragon is at least low multiversal (or multi-universal), possibly even higher, and that Earthbound has a multiverse of unknown size (at least two universes) based on the following arguments...
    • The Dark Dragon is capable of reseting time
    • The Dar Dragon possesses limitless power
    • The awakening of the Dark Dragon by someone with a wicked heart or no heart at all will lead to the destruction of everything
    • A heartless Dark Dragon will destroy everything and all life in at least two seperate worlds, including the creator himself
    • Pokey Minch, who fought end of game Ness and co, actively sought the Dragons power, which means the Dragon is stronger than Pokey, and therefore Ness
    • Pokey was kicked out of all times and all spaces before ending up on the Nowhere Isles
  • Galo de Lion
    Earthbound, the classic RPG for the Super Nintendo, is 20 years old! Creator Shigesato Itoi left this messege on his website;

    Earthbound was first released on the 27th of August, 1994 (well really, that makes it a day old, but no ones complaining). In other news, after Itoi bought some peaches and told his Twitter he did so, he was attacked by stupid internet people.

    But I digress. Earthbound is loved even by Yahtzee Crosshaw. Hopefully we will finally hear news of Ness and other Earthbound/Mother characters in the new Super Smash Bros. game!

  • Galo de Lion
    Here is a tier list of Earthbound & Mother characters.

    • The Dark Dragon
    • Giygas (Earthbound)
    • Pokey Minch (Mother 3)

    • The Masked Man
    • Paula
    • Ness
    • Pokey Minch (Earthbound)
    • Lucas
    • Kumatora
    • Poo
    • Final Starman (power-scaling)
    • Starman Deluxe (power-scaling)

    • Giygas (Mother 1)
    • Maria
    • R7038XX
    • EVE
    • Starman
    • Ana
    • Ninten
    • Blue Starman

    Bottom Tier
    • The Sanctuary Guardians
    • The Kraken of the Seas
    • Duster
    • Jeff
    • Boney
    • Loid
    • Starman Junior
    • Buzz Buzz
    • Flint

  • Galo de Lion
    Having just finished Earthbound Zero (otherwise known as Mother 1), I have a few questions to ask of the nature of the placeknown as Magicant seen in it.

    In Earthbound, Magicant is a place created by Ness when he has obtained all of the Melodies from the soundspots. Ness's Magicant is strictly refered to as a dimension created inside his mind (the guidebook even refers to it as "the world of your cerebal cortex)". Ness is the only one who can visit this Magicant, in order to destroy his evil side.

    Maria's Magicant is different however. Not only is Ninten capable of entering this dimension and speaking to Maria herself, but he can bring his friends along too. Magicant is exited and entered at different points which may show they moved through a different dimension. A device called an Onyx Hook allows you to teleport into Magicant at will, so maybe it is a physical place.

    When all 8 melodies are learned and played to Maria, she remebers everything, and decides it's time to join George. She passes away, and Magicant vanishes. The game says it was a Mirage created from the emotions of Maria. Whether Magicant was real or not is kind of confusing, though chances are that it's semi-real.

    Considering how Ness made his Magicent (inside his brain while his friends waited for his return), it's possible that Maria created her Magicant from the other side of the Universe (Maria & George where abducted by aliens and raised Giygas on Giygas's home planet. George escaped back to Earth and Maria was never seen again, save by Ness and his friends). Another theory is that Maria somehow made her Magicant real and escaped into it, eventually disappearing along with it when she decides to let go. Both of these make her Magicant greater than Ness's Maigcant.

    But perhaps someone else who has played the game has an opinion on this matter. What say you?