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Viewing blog entries in category: Final Fantasy calcs

  • Tacocat
    Astrologian is a job in FFXIV whose practitioners calls upon the power of the stars to perform healing magic. Upon investigating the job's Encyclopaedia Eorzea entry I discovered this bit of flavor text describing its Limit Break 3, Astral Stasis:

    An earlier entry regarding the Twelve, primordial gods to the Eorzeans, lends some context to the seventh heaven:

    The Limit Break 3 in question can be seen here:

    The feat itself is most easily observed at around 0:32 where it is clear that the Astro is calling down light and "favoring the battlefield" with healing magic. This light, according to the excerpts above, comes from the gate of the seventh heaven situated at the pole star.

    Our pole star is Polaris, located some 433Ly away. Not necessarily Hydaelyn's pole star, but given the seventh heaven is farther out than six entire constellations and is considered the "highest of Astral domains", I think relating the two should be fine.

    LB3 is cast roughly 2 seconds before the magic arrives to the battlefield.

  • Tacocat
    Posting here as well 'cause it's easier to keep track of.

    Omega in Final Fantasy XIV is a weapon tasked with acquiring data across the universe. It gets its ass beat by Midgardsormr during the death of the Dragonstar and follows the dude off-planet to the shard the game takes place on.

    Feat is at 3:25. Alpha, being a creation of Omega's, apparently has access to Omega's data logs. In this particular log, Omega notes itself as passing four different stars. Now, 'star' is sometimes used as a colloquial term in Eorzea to describe planets, however Omega in these same logs describes planets as such. It is, as of the recording of this log, not even aware of Eorzean nomenclature. Anyway, average distance between stars is 5Ly.

    As for the time-frame, the fact that the recording cuts out in the reading of the very same data log implies to me that the events of these logs occur in real-time. Set to auto-scroll, this text box remains for roughly 7 seconds.