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Viewing blog entries in category: Final Fantasy

  • TTGL


    Meteo calls down a swarm of meteors by disrupting the balance of space. Unfortunately, upsetting the balance of space can't really be calced. Fortunately, calling down meteors can be. The Thermosphere, the highest part of the Earths atmosphere, is 375 miles (603.50400km) away at it's furthest.

    4.28 seconds.

    T = 603.50400km/4.28s
    = 141005.607/340.29
    = Mach 414.368941

    Now for a high end of the Asteroid Belt. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth.

    T = 179,500,000km/4.28s
    = 4.19392523e10/299792458
    = 139.894287 C

    Final Results
    Meteo's speed (low end) = Mach 414.369
    Meteo's speed (high end) = 139.894 C
  • TTGL
    At long last, the Final Fantasy Ultimania: Archive 1 is mine! It contains information on Final Fantasy I, II, III, IV, V and VI. I haven't played I or II, so my main focus was on the rest of them. It has some nice information in it too...

    Final Fantasy I
    The plot of Final Fantasy, which in there is a 2000 year timeloop.

    Information on the Warriors of Light.

    Spell descriptions. Notably, Stop stopping time, Flare being atomic, Warp banishing foes to another dimension and Earthquake causing earthquakes.

    Final Fantasy II
    Enemies in Final Fantasy II. The Hill Gigas is over 6m tall.

    Final Fantasy III
    The story of Final Fantasy III, which mentions the worlds of light and darkness.

    Information on Xande, and how he perverted the Earth Crystals power to cause earthquakes.

    A description of enemies prior to the game, which mentions the Crystals have boundless power.

    Final Fantasy IV
    The Giant of Babil came down through an interdimensional elevator and has the power to raze the world.

    The design documents, which (among other things) mention FuSoYa creating the moon, Zemus's mantle containing space and stars and the Lunar Whale being able to travel between the Earth and the moon in an instant.

    Final Fantasy V
    The story of Final Fantasy V, which mentions the interdimensional rift between worlds, further backing up that world means universe in the context of FFV.

    Information on Exdeath, and how he merged the two worlds together.

    Neo Exdeath is refered to as the Space-Warping Master of all dimensions, and his quote about the laws of the Universe meaning nothing is quoted.

    Information on characters and monsters in FFV, including Atomos having a blackhole & dimension inside him and Twintania being made of all lifeforms.

    Final Fantasy VI
    The story of Final Fantasy VI, and how the power of the Triad/Kefka threatened the existence of the world itself.

    Information on Terra, including her blood-type and starsign. Also, it's noted that Kefka remade reality.

    Biggs and Wedge were annhililated by Tricotch (which is different from what one magazine interview said, on how they ended up in Chrono Trigger).

    Information on the Ghosts and the demon in Owzers mansion.

    Quotes of Kefka, including a mention to the power of the Warring Triad being immeasurable.

    Information on the Warring Triad.

    Information on Kefka as the God of Magic, and confirmation that he controls all reality.

    The power of Crusader is indeed that of the Warring Triad.

    This is an officially licenced work from Square Enix, containing material from Squaresoft.

    Hero quotes.

    Villain quotes.

    There's a lot more, which I'll probably upload over time. Anything you'd wish for me to look for? Just shout out.
  • TTGL
    Scaling from Chaos' blog, which puts the FFVI planet at 45,877.754km in diameter (or a radius of 22938.877km, or 22938877m), and some of my own calcs based off said figure which puts the gravitational constant of the FFVI's planet at 35.237745349135295m/s^2 and it's mass at 2.77828057e26kg.
    This is the formula we'll be using.

    U = 3GM^2/5r
    = (3 X 35.237745349135295 X 2.77828057e26^2)/(5 X 22938877)
    = 7.11441858e46/10^44
    = 711.441858 FOE

    Final Results
    Final Fantasy VI planets GBE = 711.442 FOE

    I...fucked up somewhere bigtime. :thunk
  • TTGL
    Expanding of Chaos' calc here and here, of the things he left out the first time around.

    When the Floating Continent is leviated up initially, it's 41,541,000m away from the camera (which assumably is the ground), is at least 378,564.303m thick and weighs 125,991,087,200,000,000,000,000 kilograms. First off,
    raising the continent. Chaos commented that the thickness of the floating continent was low end, so let's find a high end using the mountains on the floating continent. The circumference of the FFVI planet is 144129215m.

    4096 pixels = 144129215m
    1 pixel = 144129215m/4096 = 35187.7966m
    35187.7966m X 21 = 738943.729m

    I'll keep Chaos' values from his blog though.
    V = lhw/2
    = 11,070,714.66 X 22,268,488.42 X 738943.729
    = 1.8217038e20m^3

    M = 1.8217038e20 X 2700
    = 4.91860026e23kg

    We'll keep the distance (41,541,000m) and speed (10 seconds) from Chaos' blogs.

    T = 41,541,000m/10s
    = 4154100m/s

    KE = (0.5) X 4.91860026e23 X 4154100^2
    = 4.24390278e36 joules
    = 1.01431710803 ninatons

    Next up, the increased GBE and KE. On a bigger planet, the GBE would also be bigger. The FFVI planet is 45,877.754km in diameter, and it's GPE is 35.237745349135295m/s^2.

    E = 4.91860026e23 X 35.237745349135295 X 738943.729
    = 1.2807401e31 joules

    We'll save that for later. Next up, the Ke from the constant moving of the continent.


    = 2*atan(135/(334/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.378441599 rad
    = 21.6831064149361055 degrees

    Enter that through the angscaler calculator, and the landmass measured below is 15911000m wide.

    1.77 seconds.
    = 2*atan(179/(334/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.497349315 rad
    = 28.496016693293214 degrees

    We can now see 21097000m of the landmass.

    L = 21097000m - 15911000m
    = 5186000m

    T = 5186000m/1.77s
    = 2929943.5/340.29
    = Mach 8610.13694

    KE = (0.5) X 4.91860026e23 X 2929943.5^2
    = 2.11120314e36 joules

    Let's add both of those up for our total energy.

    E = 1.2807401e31 + 2.11120314e36
    = 2.11121595e36 joules
    = 504.592722275 yottatons

    Final Results

    Warring Triad raises continent = 1.014 ninatons
    Warring Triad levitates continent (speed) = Mach 8610.137
    Warring Triad levitates continent (energy) = 504.593 yottatons
  • TTGL


    The Southern Cross attack has what seems to be stars being flung at the party. We'll need more information on this, but the Tactics version says that they're stars (though VI and Tactics are two different games).
    I guess we'll just have to wait and see what information is released/revealed. The closest star in the Southern Cross is 4.4 lightyears (4.163e+13km) away and the furthest is 526 lightyears (4.976e+15km) away. Let's get our timeframe.

    7.86 seconds.

    (Low end)
    T = 4.163e+13km/7.86s
    = 5.29643766e15/299792458
    = 17667014.4 C

    (High end)
    T = 4.976e+15km/7.86s
    = 6.3307888e17/299792458
    = 2111723840 C

    Final Results
    Southern Cross (low end) = 17667014.4 C
    Southern Cross (high end) = 2111723840 C
  • TTGL
    The Zone-Eater is powerful enough to suck up whole oceans. Given it has a dimension in its belly, I have not doubt it can do this. We'll get a low end of the planets smallest ocean (the Arctic Ocean) and a high end of the planets largest ocean (the Pacific Ocean).
    That's 1.39859358e13 m^2 and 3.6576km (3657.6m, half of which is 1828.8m).

    V = 1.39859358e13 X 3657.6
    = 5.11549588e16m^3

    Weight of water is 1000kg per m^3.

    M = 5.11549588e16 X 1000
    = 5.11549588e19kg

    We'll get our energy with GPE.

    E = 1828.8 X 9.807 X 5.11549588e19
    = 9.17466314e23 joules

    Now for the high end.
    That's 1.52809299e14m^2 and 3.68808km (or 3688.08m, half of which is 1.84404km, or 1844.04m).

    V = 1.52809299e14 X 3688.08
    = 5.63572919e17m^3

    M = 5.63572919e17 X 1000
    = 5.63572919e20kg

    E = 5.63572919e20 X 9.807 X 1844.04
    = 1.01919346e25 joules

    Let's also get KE for this. We don't see the ocean getting sucked up, but we do see the party getting sucked up.


    Sabin is 190cm tall.

    35 pixels = 190cm
    1 pixel = 190cm/35 = 5.42857143cm
    5.42857143cm X 154 = 836cm = 8.36m

    Next for our timeframe.

    0.17 seconds.

    T = 8.36m/0.17s
    = 49.1764706m/s

    (Low end)
    E = (0.5) X 5.11549588e19 X 49.1764706^2
    = 6.18546645e22 + 9.17466314e23
    = 9.79320978e23 joules
    = 234.063331262 teratons

    (High end)
    E = (0.5) X 5.63572919e20 X 49.1764706^2
    = 6.81451313e23 + 1.01919346e25
    = 1.08733859e25 joules
    = 2.59880160134 petatons

    To finish up, let's try a super high end using the diameters of the Final Fantasy VI planet, which going by Chaos calcs is 45,877.754km in diameter, so we'll need the circumference.

    R = 45,877.754km/2
    = 22938.877km
    = 22938877m

    C = 2πr
    = 2 X π X 22938877
    = 144129215m

    We meet the Zone-Eater in the World of Ruin, so we'll scale off the World of Ruin (it's the same planet as the World of Balance in anycase). Lot's of scaling inbound...

    735 pixels = 144129215m
    1 pixel = 144129215m/735 = 196094.17m (196.09417km)
    Volume of them all as squares/rectangles, except the diagonal ones, which will be an ellipse.

    196094.17m X 182 = 35689138.9m
    35689138.9m/2 = 17844569.4m
    196094.17m X 116 = 22746923.7m
    22746923.7m/2 = 11373461.8m

    A = πab
    = π X 11373461.8 X 17844569.4
    = 6.37600455e14m^2

    196094.17m X 38 = 7451578.46m

    A = lh
    = 7451578.46m X 144129215m
    = 1.07399015e15m^2

    196094.17m X 411 = 80594703.9m
    196094.17m X 22 = 4314071.74m

    A = lh
    = 80594703.9m X 4314071.74m
    = 3.47691334e14m^2

    196094.17m X 303 = 59416533.5m
    196094.17m X 65 = 12746121.1m

    A = lh
    = 59416533.5m X 12746121.1m
    = 7.57330331e14m^2

    196094.17m X 305 = 59808721.9m
    196094.17m X 72 = 14118780.2m

    A = lh
    = 59808721.9m X 14118780.2m
    = 8.44426199e14m^2

    196094.17m X 441 = 86477529m
    196094.17m X 21 = 4117977.57m

    A = lh
    = 86477529m X 4117977.57m
    = 3.56112525e14m^2

    196094.17m X 313 = 61377475.2m
    196094.17m X 88 = 17256287m

    A = lh
    = 61377475.2m X 17256287m
    = 1.05914733e15m^2

    196094.17m X 68 = 13334403.6m
    196094.17m X 75 = 14707062.8m

    A = lh
    = 13334403.6m X 14707062.8m
    = 1.96109911e14m^2

    196094.17m X 53 = 10392991m
    196094.17m X 62 = 12157838.5m

    A = lh
    = 10392991m X 12157838.5m
    = 1.26356306e14m^2

    196094.17m X 64 = 12550026.9m
    196094.17m X 56 = 10981273.5m

    A = lh
    = 12550026.9m X 10981273.5m
    = 1.37815278e14m^2

    196094.17m X 28 = 5490636.76m
    196094.17m X 158 = 30982878.9m

    A = lh
    = 5490636.76m X 30982878.9m
    = 1.70115734e14m^2

    196094.17m X 158 = 30982878.9m
    196094.17m X 182 = 35689138.9m

    A = lh
    = 30982878.9m X 35689138.9m
    = 1.10575227e15m^2

    196094.17m X 265 = 51964955.1m
    196094.17m X 161 = 51964955.1m

    A = lh
    = 51964955.1m X 51964955.1m
    = 2.70035656e15m^2

    196094.17m X 39 = 7647672.63m
    196094.17m X 166 = 32551632.2m

    A = lh
    = 7647672.63m X 32551632.2m
    = 2.48944227e14m^2

    196094.17m X 155 = 30394596.4m
    196094.17m X 150 = 29414125.5m

    A = lh
    = 30394596.4m X 29414125.5m
    = 8.94030473e14m^2

    196094.17m X 130 = 25492242.1m
    196094.17m X 72 = 14118780.2m

    A = lh
    = 25492242.1m X 14118780.2m
    = 3.59919363e14m^2

    196094.17m X 166 = 32551632.2m
    196094.17m X 140 = 27453183.8m

    A = lh
    = 32551632.2m X 27453183.8m
    = 8.93645942e14m^2

    V = 6.37600455e14 + 1.07399015e15 + 3.47691334e14 + 7.57330331e14 + 8.44426199e14 + 3.56112525e14 + 1.05914733e15 + 1.96109911e14 + 1.26356306e14 + 1.70115734e14 + 1.10575227e15 + 2.70035656e15 + 2.48944227e14 + 8.94030473e14 + 3.59919363e14 + 8.93645942e14
    = 1.17715291e16m^2

    Now for our volume and mass, using the same depths as above (3657.6m for the low end).

    V = 1.17715291e16 X 3657.6
    = 4.30555448e19m^3

    M = 4.30555448e19 X 1000
    = 4.30555448e22kg

    Another thing to keep in mind is that on a bigger planet, the gravitational excelleration would be even higher. Scaling the mass of this planet from the Earth...

    M2 = (H2/H1)^3*M1
    = (45877754/12756200)^3*5.97219e24
    = 2.77828057e26kg

    That's how much the FFVI planet weighs. Entering its radius (22938877m) and mass into this calculator here, and the acceleration is 35.237745349135295m/s^2.

    E = 4.30555448e22 X 35.237745349135295 X 3657.6
    = 5.54923875e27 joules

    KE = (0.5) X 4.30555448e22 X 49.1764706^2
    = 5.20611558e25 + 5.54923875e27
    = 5.60129991e27 joules
    = 1.33874280832 exatons

    Final Results
    Zone-Eaters swallows an ocean (low end) = 234.063 teratons
    Zone-Eaters swallows an ocean (mid end) = 2.599 petatons
    Zone-Eaters swallows an ocean (high end) = 1.339 exatons

    This would also demonstrate how big the stomach of the Zone-Eater is.
  • TTGL

    Midgardsormr (originally known at Terrato) causes a huge earthquake that shakes the entire planet. Given that much weaker enemies can attack with magnitude 8 earthquakes, terrato should be able to do the same.
    The Final Fantasy VI planet is 45,877.754km in diameter (from ChaosTheory123's calc), but that's a bit too large for the impact calculator, so we'll go with 4587.7754km then times it by 10. Such an earthquake would produce 4.31 X 10^20 joules of seizemic energy.

    E = 4.31 X 10^20 X 10
    = 4.31e21 joules
    = 1.03011472275 teratons

    Final Results
    Earth Aura = 1.030 teratons

    I've a feeling that should be higher. :hmm
  • TTGL

    Crusader is the most powerful Esper in the game, and seems to be made directly of the conflict between the Three Goddesses. Take note of what it's called in the Japanese version...
    The attack is refered to as the Cosmic Breakdown (and we see what may or may not be stars going by). See also the translator note;
    If that's not enough evidence, Kefka is noted to control all reality in the Ultimania.

    And then we have attacks like quasar and meteor, which speak for themselves. Let's get our timeframe.

    14 seconds.

    The Universe is 46,600,000,000 light years (4.40870040022e+23km, or 3.16716983e25m) in radius.

    T = 4.40870040022e+23km/14s
    = 3.14907171e25/299792458
    = 105041726000000000 C

    How much energy would it take to destroy the universe (assuming this is what it did)? Using inverse square law and the gravitational binding of the Earth (2.24e32 joules).

    2.24e32 = S/(4 X π X 3.16716983e25^2)
    S = 2.24e32 X (4 X π X 3.16716983e25^2)
    = 2.82358318e84/10^44
    = 28.2358318 TENAGIGAFOE

    Final Results
    Cosmic Breakdown/Purify (speed) = 105041726000000000 C
    Cosmic Breakdown/Purify (energy) = 28.236 TENAGIGAFOE
  • TTGL
    Some notable enemies and boss descriptions from the PS1 Anthology version of FFVI.

    Psychos are pure psychotic energy.
    Dark Forces knows quasar.
    Poplium are enlarged virus'.
    Hill Gigas can cause magnitude 8 earthquakes.
    Intangir can cast meteo.
    Imperial Elites (or SP Forces) are elite guards for Emperor Gestahl himself.
    Landworms can cause magnitude 8 earthquakes.
    Officers are members of the elite guard commanding their own squadren.
    Oceanus' can cause magnitude 8 earthquakes.
    Weredragons are standardly human, but turn into dragons during battle.
    Wererats are also lycanthropes.
    The Zone Eater draws its prey inside itself, which confirms the dimension within it is a part of it.
    Platinum dragons can call forth huge whirlwinds (Cyclonic is also known as Great Whirlwind).
    Vasegiattas can create cyclones by flapping their wings.
    Chimeras can also summons cyclones (and blizzards).
    Spitfires can attack with absolute zero cold.
    Now onto bosses.

    Hell's Rider is an executive officer in the Narshe attack force.
    Sulpex is effective against the Phantom Train.
    The Ice Dragon can attack with absolute zero.
    Machine can use atomic rays.
    Fiend can attack with absolute zero.
    The Primeval Dragon attacks with atomic rays.
    More can be seen below.
  • TTGL
    A list of weapons and relics from FFVI of note. Some of these may be from the Advance version.
    Air Knife (Air Lancet) is embued with the power of the wind.
    Thief's Knife sometimes steals from the enemy.
    Organyx (Ogre Nix) is an organic blade.
    Ragnarok can cast flare on enemies occasionally.
    Lightbringer (Illumina) is from the heavens.
    Longinus holds sway over the world.
    Gungnir is the lance of the gods.
    Ashura is named after an avatar of war.
    Zanmato was tempered in the depths of the Earth.
    The stardust rod contains stardust (and can cast meteor).
    Angel brush is made from an angels quill.
    Now onto relics. Angel wings is said to be made from feathers from an angel.
    The cursed ring is said to have been forged by Death himself.
    Dragon Horn contains the spirit of a dragon.
    The Crystal Orb has sealed away a mysterious power.
    The Gigas Glove is said to have once belonged to a Gigas.
  • TTGL
    The Final Fantasy anthology on PS1 describes the espers, so I'll post them all here for conveniences' sake.

    Odin has godlike-power (though that can mean many things).
    Maduin is gigantic.
    Mages brought Alexander to life.
    Bahamuts flare is nuclear fusion, and he is the King of Dragons.
    Catoblepas (Shoat) can turn it's victims to stone with a glare.
    Midgardsormr (Terrato) is of divine origin and can summon earth-shaking shockwaves.
    Golem is a machine made before the War of the Magi.
    Ifrit uses great energy to incinerate his foes.
    Lakshmi (Starlet) is a more powerful healer than Seraph.
    Phantom is made of lost thoughts and dreams.
    Raiden is more powerful than Odin.
    Seraph (Sraphim) is an archangel.
    Shiva crystalizes air moisture, thus creating a blizzard.
    Siren causes those who hear her to fall mute.
    For completions sake, here are the rest of the descriptions.
    The Advance version adds Cactuar, Leviathan, Diabolos and Gilgamesh, so they have no above descriptions. From the various games though, they have their different descriptions. All from the below link;
    Shiva's diamond dust is arctic levels of cold.
    Midgardsormr/Terrato crushes it's enemies with seismic waves.
    The Gilgamesh esper (Advance only) summons a legendary swordsman. Is this the same Gilgamesh as whom appears in the rest of the series?
    Bahamuts megaflare/Sun Flare is a nuclear blast.
  • TTGL
    I found a few scans from various FFVI guides and art books of interest, though they're in Japanese.

    Here's some stuff on Crusader and Bahamut.

    In the bottom left corner, it says ジハード (Jihad, also known as Crusader) and 天地崩壊 (collapse of heaven and earth). Unfortunately I don't know what the rest says, and it's cut off on the side. A friend roughly translated part of it as follows;
    A rough translation of the Bahamut one next to Crusader roughly reads as such (translated by a friend);
    A page on Odin/Raiden.

    A picture of Doomgaze and some information.

    Information on Ifrit, Shiva and Fenrir.

    Information on the sandworms and phantom (or a ghost).

    A snippet on Atma.

    Character pages for Sabin, Gau, Strago and Relm (from The Complete).

    Information on the Warring Triad (from the Ultimania).

    Information on Crusader (from the same source).

    A picture of Celes.

    More stuff here and here if you're interested.
  • TTGL
    Mog can call down sunbeams, but Strago is...also impressive!


    Quasar brings down asteroids from space to smash into your foes. We'll go with a low end of the asteroid belt and a high end of the nearest quasar. The Asteroid Belt is 179,500,000km from the Earth, and the nearest quasar is 600,000,000 lightyears (5.676438284e+21km) away, and for a low end, we'll go with the Thermosphere (highest layer of the atomosphere, which is at it's furthest 375 miles (603.50400km) away.

    5 seconds.
    (Low end)
    T = 603.50400km/5s
    = 120700.8/340.29
    = Mach 354.699815

    (Mid end)
    T = 179,500,000km/5s
    = 35900000000/299792458
    = 119.74951 C

    (High end)
    T = 5.676438284e+21km/5s
    = 1.13528766e24/299792458
    = 2.66683944e15 C

    Final Results
    Quasar (low end) = Mach 354.7
    Quasar (mid end) = 119.74951 C
    Quasar (high end) = 3786912010000000 C
  • TTGL


    Mog calls down sunbeams to heal the party. The Japanese version of the game calls this attack
    にっこうよく, which translates to Sunbathing, so it's legit. The distance from the Sun to the Earth is 149,600,000km .

    3.83 seconds.

    T = 149,600,000km/3.83s
    = 3.90600522e10/299792458
    = 130.29031 C

    We can probably also get luminousity for that too.
    E = 3.8 x 10^26 X 3.83
    = 1.4554e27 joules
    = 347.848948375 petatons

    And it's even brighter than the normal sunlight, so it would probably be even higher.

    This isn't the only time he calls down sunbeams either; he also does this with Harvester (which in Japanese is
    しんりんよく, or Basking in the Forest). 17:20 in the above video.

    Final Result
    Sun Bath (energy) = 347.849 petatons
    Sun Bath (speed) = 130.290 C

    And Meteor and Strago's Quasar explicitly reach into space, so this should too.
  • TTGL
    Replaying Final Fantasy VI, I've noticed some stuff that may potentially boost the power of the game by a great deal.

    The Espers made their own
    The Espers made their own world.
    The words used to describe the Esper world are 世 (yo), 界 (sakai) and 世界 (sekai), which mean world generally. If world means planet or universe depends.

    We can't see much of the Esper World, but there is something of note here...

    We see the Esper world at night. There are shadows (see the cave entrance and under the bridge). Here's a map of the Esper World during the day. Note the bridge and the cave mouth. Once again, there are shadows.

    Given that there are shadows during the day and during the night, wouldn't that mean there is a Sun and Moon to cast said shadows? Madonna even says she'll return to the human world tomorrow.
    There's a day and night, and unseen celestial objects to cast light during these periods in the Esper world. Here's another feat that's already impressive, but when you think about it, becomes far more impressive;

    Not only are the Espers shaking the world from thousands of miles away, but from another dimension altogether. We see the sealed gate is still shut, yet their power is felt in the main world. And Kefka beats them effortlessly. That Espers can exist in another dimension to the Goddesses who sustain them means that magic is not bound to a single planet.

    Speaking of the Goddesses, they created all magic, and the Espers were born as a side effect of their conflict.
    The Three Goddesses are said to reside beyond the sealed gate to the Esper World, and sustain the barrier that protects it.
    The origin of magic and the Espers; the three goddesses descended from the heavens
    The Snes version is slightly different in the Snes version; the goddesses were banished by others rather than descending by their own will like in the original. The origin of the Espers remains the same though.
    So the Three Goddesses made magic and those merely caught in their crossfire got made into Espers. The Espers as a whole made their own world with unseen celestial objects capable of casting light and shadows in both the day and night, and a group of Espers caused tremors felt in another dimension when the seal on the gate was still up.
    If the goddesses vanish, than espers and magic too, will vanish.
    If Straigo hasn't rejoined, Celes says as follows;
    Upon destroying the three goddesses, magic has not disappeared, as Kefka has absorbed the source of magic itself. Destroying him causes it to disappear.
    When you confront Kefka at last, he says he controls the greatest power in the world.
    [QUOTE"Final Fantasy VI (literal translation)"]Cefca: I have taken into myself the
     greatest power in this world.
     Everyone else is scum! Beneath
     scum! Beneath beneath scum![/QUOTE]
    The SNES version says that Kefka commands the greatest power in the universe. A friend of mine who can read Japanese said this translation is correct (though he may have been refering to the second one). Also, if magic is the greatest power in the world/universe, wouldn't that make it greater than other powers, like space and time?

    In anycase, I believe I've found more proof that magic does not infact remain contained to a single planet (if the Esper World wasn't enough)...


    The spell meteor opens up a portal to outer space, flinging meteorites at the enemy. This would demonstrate that magic in Final Fantasy VI is present in space as well as on the planet, and in another dimension too. Note also we see many stars in the background. The Final Fantasy III Nintendo Players Guide explicitly states it reaches off into deep space.

    So does the SNES manual.

    Straigo's Quasar lore skill explicitly pulls down debree from outer space.

    Straigo can learn this lore from Goddess. Gogo's X-Meteo (or Punishing Meteor) summons a meteor down.

    Further references to spells and abilities in the Final Fantasy Anthology Official Strategy Guide.

    So in conclusion, magic is not something that is restricted to a single planet, or even a single dimension. The Espers made their own world, complete with unseen celestial bodies that cast shadows and light and make day and night. A group of these Espers shook the world from their own world, another dimension away, and Kefka (nowhere near his strongest) effortlessly dealt with them all.

    The Three Goddesses created and sustain magic, even when they sealed themselves away. All the Espers were created by merely getting caught in the goddesses crossfire. The Warring Triad, and later Kefka, are the source of all magic, and without them, magic and all the Espers vanish, as would the Esper World.

    Spells like Meteor and Quasar explicitly reach into outer space (and we see countless stars in the portal opened up by Meteor), and even deep space, and X-Meteo is implied to do likewise. This means magic is present all throughout the universe, not just on one planet. And as the Esper World shows, it's not even restricted to one dimension.

    With all that in mind, I think that Final Fantasy VI is a lot stronger than originally though. At least universe+, possibly low-multiversal.

    Also as a bonus, Vicks/Biggs and Wedge in Final Fantasy VI are the same ones who appeared in Chrono Trigger.
    X-Zone (or Warp) banishes the foe to another dimension (the X-Zone).

    So that also includes dimensional BFR for Final Fantasy VI characters.

    Other stuff I'm not entirely sure of but still worth mentioning; a Moon appearing behind Fenrir when he's summoned.

    When Kefka talks about destroying everything, the sky darkens.


    The Crusader's attack in Japanese translates to mean the collapse of heaven and earth.

    Translators note;
    And as a pointed out by a friend, 天地 is usually used to mean everything that exists.
    Finally, and most conclusively, Kefka has control over all reality according to the Ultimania.

    Not only does he rule it, but he remade reality.

    The game inplies it, but the Ultimania confirms it.