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Viewing blog entries in category: Gokukoku no Brynhildr

  • Sherlōck
    Now the whole mountain didn't get destroyed or anything.Just part of it. Good for us we know which mountain it was.Makes the scale & calc much simpler.

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c091/3.html

    Mako started the destruction by throwing her antimatter aimlessly. Later when Kotori hatched it put the final nail in the coffin. I am going to calc both of these feat.

    Kotori Hatches

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c087/4.html


    When Kotori hatched (Those who read the series knows) she send a big chunk of the mountain in the sky which later violently fragmented. I am going to calc both energy & add them up.

    First I am going to calc the energy needed to send the massive chunk flying. For that I need mass & velocity.Lets get going.

    Mountain Kirigamine = 344 pixel = 1925 meter.

    Rock Chunk Diameter = 270.76927 pixel = 1515.2059 meter

    Rock Chunk Depth = 108.46197 pixel = 606.94564 meter

    (Sorry the line got overlapped with distance crossed.Unintentional)

    Modelling the rock chunk as half ellipsoid to find the volume.

    V = (2/3)*pi*(1515.2059/2)^2*606.94564

    V = 729611661.195936 meter^3

    The average density of granite is between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm3. I will be using 2.7 gram/cm^3 or 2700 kg/meter^3.

    Mass = 729611661.195936*2700 = 1969951485229.0280958 kg

    Now for velocity.I am going to use projectile motion for it.

    Angle = 66.09 degree

    Distance Crossed = 179.10890 pixel = 1002.28093 meter

    Putting angle & initial velocity 115 m/s in projectile motion calculator I got time it took to cross 1000 meter is 21.5 seconds.


    Time = 21.5 seconds.

    Velocity = 1002.28093/21.5 = 46.6177 meter/seconds

    K.E = 2140560748090616.20863 joules

    Now lets calc the energy needed to violently fragment it.Violent fragmentation of rock is 120 j/cc.

    Violent Fragmentation Energy = 87553399343512359.81608 Joules

    Total Energy = 87553399343512359.81608+2140560748090616.20863 joules

    Total Energy = 89693960091602976.0247165 Joules

    Total Energy = 21.437370959 megatons

    Mako's Antimatter Blast

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c085/6.html


    Now there were several antimatter blast. I am going to scale the biggest one.

    Mountain Kirigamine = 118 pixel = 1925 meter.

    Crater Diameter = 110.16 pixel = 1797.10169 meter

    Now I am going to calc crater width & depth from another scan which shows the crater from up close.

    Crater Diameter = 275 pixel = 1797.10169 meter

    Crater Width = 100.319 pixel = 655.5761 meter

    Crater Depth = 159 pixel = 1039.0515 meter.

    Modelling the crater as triangular prism cause that's the closest shape I am having any resemblance with it.

    V = .5*1797.10169*655.5761*1039.0515

    V = 612072541.36219 meter^3

    Now Mako used antimatter here so using vaporization value which is 25700 j/cc

    Mako's Antimatter explosion = 15730264313008450457.9625121 Joules

    Mako's Antimatter explosion = 3.759623402 Gigatons

    Final Tally

    Mako's Antimatter explosion = 3.7596 Gigatons of TNT

    Kotori Hatching Energy = 21.4373 megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://www.[Blocked Domain]/kiwaguro-no-brynhildr/91/13


    Pretty straight forward calc. Scale the crater & put an energy value to it based on he type of destruction.

    First what we see here in this scan is two building. I cropped it out from the crater scan to count the number of floors easily. The building on the left has 17 floors & the one in the right has 22 floors.Why Did I scale both? For average obviously.Lets get to next step.

    Right Side building = 61 pixel = (22*3.5) = 77 meter

    Left Side building = 54 pixel = (17*3.5) = 59.5 meter

    Average Building size = (61+54)/2 or 57.5 pixel = (77+59.5)/2 or 68.25 meter

    Crater Diameter = 882 pixel = 1046.8956 meter

    Crater Depth = 108 pixel = 128.1912 meter

    Crater Volume = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Crater Volume = (4/3)*pi*523.4478^2*128.1912 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 147127406.6735 meter^3

    Now at first glace everyone will say its pulverization but based on the attack type which is antimatter I think its safe to say it was vaporization for low end I will use pulverization value too.

    Low end as pulverization which value is 214.35 j/cc

    Pulverization Energy = 31536759620466410.8234 Joules

    Pulverization Value = 7.5374 Megatons

    More precise one vaporization value is 25700 j/cc

    Vaporization Value = 3781174351509152125.78584 Joules

    Vaporization Value = 903.7223 Megatons

    Final Tally

    Energy of the Destruction = 7.53-903.722 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c097/10.html


    In her fight against Fujisaki she caused a huge explosion in the city.Fujisaki took it point blank & survived it although she was pretty injured by it.

    First I am going to scale one building & measure its height by counting the number of floors. Then I will use it to scale the explosion diameter.

    The scaled portion of the building has 14 floors. Average building floor to floor height is 3.5 meter.

    Building Height = 46.87 pixel = (14*3.5) = 49 meter

    Explosion Diameter = 479 pixel = 500.7449 meter

    Now I am going to scale the crater depth using the diameter of the explosion.

    Crater Diameter = 438 pixel = 500.7449 meter

    Crater Depth = 198 pixel = 226.3641 meter

    Modelling the crater as half sphere.

    Crater Volume = (2/3)*pi*r1*r2*r3

    Crater Volume = (2/3)*pi*226.3641*(500.7449/2)^2 meter^3

    Crater Volume = 29719356.18598 meter^3

    The whole volume was pulverized.Pulverization value is 214.35 j/cc

    Explosion Energy = 29719356.18598*1000000*214.35

    Explosion Energy = 6370343998465047.16068806685 Joules

    Explosion Energy = 1.5225 Megatons

    Final Tally

    DC of Kureneko = 1.5225 Megatons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    1#-Valkyria destroys a mountain

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c059/15.html

    The feat is pretty self explanatory.She uses antimatter & blows up the mountain to smithereens.There is not much to it.

    I failed to find any decent scans which would allow me to correctly scale the mountain.So I am going to use The UN Environmental Programme's definition of "mountainous environment" includes any of the following

    I am going to use 300 meter as low end here.Before you people start bickering this is a list of mountains & hills in Japan.


    You can see there are only 8 mountains under 300 meters & almost 96% mountains are above 300 meters. So its a safe bet.

    Because of the odd shape of the crater I didn't find any formula which would be applicable here totally.So I am going to assume the crater volume is 1/4 of a sphere.Judging from the shape of it I think its ok.Anyway,

    Mountain Height = 143 px = 300 meters

    Sphere Diameter = 271 px = 568.5314 meters

    Sphere Radius = 284.2657 meters

    Sphere Volume = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Sphere Volume = 96219289.7271 meter^3

    1/4th of Volume = 24054822.4317 meter^3

    Now,she used antimatter & judging from the explosion,black smoke I would say the volume was totally vaporized.

    Vaporization value of Granite is 25000 j/cc

    DC of Mako = 24054822.4317*257000*1000000

    DC of Mako = 618208936496927989.04006 Joules

    DC of Mako = 147.7554 Megatons

    This result is the absolute low end for this feat.

    2#-Mako threatens to destroy Japan

    In her fight against Kureneko she gathers enough antimatter to sink Japan.

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c098/4.html

    For this I am going to scale Japans length & because of the nature of her attack & destruction I am going to use the nuke calculator.Lucky for me CT123 already scaled Japans length in one of his blog.

    Length of Japan is 1,901.2 km so half of this is 950.6 km.

    Inputting the numbers in the Nuke Calculator I got 66.66 teratons of TNT for Fireball Radius (ground contact airblast).

    Lets try it another way.Total land area in Japan is 364,485 km^2 or 3.64485e+11 m^2. About 72% of Japan is mountainous.As I posted the link before there are many mountains in japan that are above 1000 meter. But for the sake of simplicity I am going to use 100 meter as low end elevation.

    Volume of Japan = 3.64485e+11*100 meter^3

    Volume of Japan = 36448500000000 meter^3

    Even if the antimatter only fragments the landscape of Japan it would be still island level.Fragmentation value is 8 j/cc

    Fragmentation of Japan = 69.6912 gigatons of TNT

    Final Tally

    Mountain Destroying DC = 142.7554 Megatons of TNT

    Japan Destroying DC = 69.69 gigatons-66.66 teratons of TNT
  • Sherlōck
    1#-Kuroha Stops a Boulder

    After failing to catch the bus when Murakami was standing on the road a huge boulder fell above him from up above followed by a mud slide.Neko stopped the boulder & threw it away.I am going to calc the Kinetic Energy of the boulder.

    Passenger Bus Width = 62.03 pixel=2.4384 meter

    Road Width = 150 pixel = 5.8962 meter.

    Now I am going to use Road width to scale the boulders dimension.

    Road Width = 357 pixel = 5.8962 meter.

    Boulder Height = 329 pixel

    Boulder Width = 325 pixel

    Average Boulder Diameter = 324.5 pixel = 5.3595 meter

    Boulder Radius = 2.6797 meter.

    Boulder Volume = (4/3)*pi*r^3

    Boulder Volume = 80.6072 m^3

    Rock Density is 2800 kg/m^3 average.

    Boulder Mass = 225700.3018 kg

    Now from how far above boulder fell? I think assuming it fell from twice its height is a reasonable assumption.

    Free Fall Distance = 329*2 = 658 px = 10.8676 meter

    Free Fall Time T = sqrt(2d/9.8)

    T = 1.4892 second

    Free Fall Velocity = 10.8676/1.4892 = 7.2973 meter/second

    Kinetic Energy of the boulder = .5mv^2

    Kinetic Energy of the boulder = 6009447.9607 Joules

    Kinetic Energy of the boulder = 1.3058 kg of TNT

    2#-Kikao's Beam Speed

    http://[Blocked Domain]/manga/gokukoku_no_brynhildr/c017/8.html

    The feat is pretty self explanatory.The beam hits the girl & travels a very large distance.And in later panel the girl fell down.I am going to use her freefall time to calc the speed of the beam.

    Free Fall Distance = 1.5 meter [More or less 15 year old girl]

    Free Fall Time T = sqrt(2d/9.8)

    T = 0.5532 second

    Now distance. In this scan its clear that the beam traveled from this part of the city to mountain.Unfortunately we don't know or there is no scan to determine distance from this part of city to other so this is going to be low balled old fashioned scaling.

    The building has 14 floors.Average building floor to floor height is 3.5 meter.

    Building Height = 45 pixel = 14*3.5 = 49 meter

    Beam Traveling Distance = 591.557 pixel = 644.1401 meter

    Kikio shot that beam from her mouth so I have to substract her height to get how far it actually traveled.

    Actual Beam Traveling Distance = 644.1401-1.5 = 642.6401 meter

    Beam Speed = 642.6401/.5532 = 1161.5027 m/s

    Beam Speed = Mach 3.416

    3#-Kikio's Beam DC

    Its the DC from same feat.The crater it made was in mountain top so it has an odd shape.Kinda like quarter of a cylinder.

    Building Height = 43 pixel = 49 meter

    Crater Length = 89 pixel = 101.418 meter

    Crater Depth = 35 pixel = 39.883 meter

    Crater Width = 21 pixel = 23.930 meter

    Average Radius = 31.9065 meter

    Crater Volume = π?r??h⁄4

    Crater Volume = π*31.9065*(101.418/4)

    Crater Volume = 81089.2449 meter^3

    You can see black smoke coming from the crater so its vaporization.

    Vaporization of rock is 2.5 KJ/cm^3

    Beam DC = 81089.2449*1000000*2.5*1000

    Beam DC = 202723112348403.2963 Joules

    Beam DC = 48.4519 kilotons

    Lets be on safe side & add pulverization value along the way.Pulverization rock is 214.35 j/cc.

    Beam DC [Low End] = 81089.2449*1000000*214.35

    Beam DC [Low End] = 17381479644315 Joules

    Beam DC [Low End] = 4.1542 kilotons

    Final Tally

    Weight of Boulder = 225700.3018 kg

    Kinetic Energy of Boulder = 1.3058 kg of TNT

    Kikio's Beam Speed = Mach 3.416

    Kikio's Beam DC = 4.1542-48.4519 kilotons