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Viewing blog entries in category: Gunbuster!

  • Galo de Lion

    The Excelio-Variable Gravity Well towed around a colosal black hole behind it, which it kept in check by altering the laws of physics, and draws power from said black hole. The fully grown Excelio Variable Gravity Well is 30,000km long.

    The show backs this up, with direct references to the schwarzschild radius (or schwarzschild field).

    So that's definately a black hole. A very, very big black hole.

    248 pixels = 30000km
    1 pixel = 30000km/248 = 120.967742km
    120.967742km X 161 = 19475.8065km
    19475.8065km/2 = 9737.90325km

    Enter that value through the schwarzschild radius calculator gets a mass of 0.6563010900015973 X 10^34kg, or 6.5630109e33kg. Now we need the mass energy of that for our final results.

    E = mc^2
    = 6.5630109e33 X 299792458^2
    = 5.89854003e50/10^44
    = 5.89854003 MEGAFOE

    Final Results
    Inazuma Double Kick splits Excelio Variable Gravity Well = 5.899 MEGAFOE
  • Galo de Lion
    Looking back through some of my old calcs (some of them were quite silly :skully) and I found this;

    Now I know what I'm doing, I can redo this properly. Hoehoe floats 1mm above the ground and weighs 100,000,000 tons, or 100,000,000,000kg.

    Centre of gravity = 1mm (0.001m)
    Earths Gravity Pull = 9.807m/s²
    Mass = 100,000,000,000kg

    E = 100,000,000,000 X 0.001m X 9.807
    = 980700000 joules
    = 0.23439292543 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Hoehoe floats = 0.234 tons of TNT
  • Galo de Lion
    Yet another Gunbuster! calc! Taking the info from here, we get us some handy infomation...

    It has a reactor power of 10^26 joules. That gives us 23.9005736138 petatons.

    Next is relativistic kinetic energy. At their best, they move at 91.2% of the speed of light, and they weigh 2900 tons. Putting that through the revlativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.731E+23 joules, or 89.173040153 teratons.

    Final Results
    Sizzlers Reactor Output = 23.9005 petatons
    Sizzlers Revativistic Kinetic Energy = 89.1730 teratons
  • Galo de Lion
    In the last episode of Diebuster!, they weaponize the Earth and launch it at 99% the speed of light at the Excellio Variable Gravity Well. I can't seem to find any videos of it, so have this instead.

    99% of the speed of light is 296794533m/s.

    Weight of the Earth is 5.97200e24kg.

    Feeding that through the KE calculator, we get 2.6302776652860265e+41 joules, or 6.28651449638151744e+31 tons of TNT. That's 62865144.9638 yottatons, or 62.8651449638 tenatons!

    Using the relativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.14900000000000017e+42 joules, or 7.52629063097514341e+32 tons of TNT, which translates to 752629063.097 yottatons, or 752.629063097 tenatons!

    Final Results
    Douze-Milles kinetic energy = 752.629063097 tenatons
  • Galo de Lion
    Who could ever forget Hoehoe, the psychic stuffed animal thingy. Wasn't he amazing? More amazing than you may think...

    100,000,000 tons = 100 megatons

    Even the mooks of this universe are overpowered!
  • Galo de Lion
    Here are some scans of the booklets that came with the Gunbuster 2! DVDs. They contain important information on the nature of the series.

    Diebusters Buster Beams are 12,000 times stronger than normal Buster Beams.

    The nature and size of the Excelio Variable Gravity Well. It re-wrote the laws of physics.

    Even standard Space Monsters have control over gravity.

    An interview that talks about how Nono "watches over time for eternity" after the final battle. She's not dead but alive in some other place.

    There's more. I might upload more scans later.