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Viewing blog entries in category: Gunbuster!

  • Galo de Lion

    The Excelio Variable Gravity Well tows the colossal Excelio blackhole behind it.

    432 pixels = 30,000km
    1 pixel = 30,000km/432 = 69.4444444km
    69.4444444km X 309 = 21458.3333km
    21458.3333km/2 = 10729.1666km

    Entering that distance into the schwarzsnchild radius calculator, and the mass of the blackhole is 0.7231088206168746 X 10^34kg (or 7.23108821e33kg). The animation is a bit strange, in that the blackhole moves over but then drifts back, so we'll calc the furthest distance it travelled.

    940 pixels = 21458.3333km
    1 pixel = 21458.3333km/940 = 22.8280141km
    22.8280141km X 129 = 2944.81382km

    Timeframe is 3 seconds.

    22.8280141km X 249 = 5684.17551km
    5684.17551km - 2944.81382km = 2739.36169km

    T = 2739.36169km/3s
    = 913120.563m/s

    Finally, we can get that juicy kinetic energy.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 7.23108821e33 X 913120.563^2
    = 3.01460149e45/10^44
    = 30.1460149 FOE

    Final Results
    Excelio Variable Gravity Well's kinetic energy = 30.146 FOE

    Nono and Buster Machine No. 19 kick the Excelio Variable Gravity Well and kill it into the blackhole.
  • Galo de Lion

    Diebuster stomps fast.

    The timeframe is 1 frame.

    T = 1s/24
    = 41.6666667ms

    Diebuster has a height of 10,000km.

    586 pixels = 10,000km
    1 pixel = 10,000km/586 = 17.0648464km
    17.0648464km X 385 = 6569.96586km
    17.0648464km X 224 = 3822.52559km

    Low end stomp from the knee, high end stomp the whole leg.

    (Low end)
    T = 3822.52559km/41.6666667ms
    = 91740614.1/299792458 X 100
    = 30.6013749% C

    (High end)
    T = 6569.96586km/41.6666667ms
    = 157679181/299792458 X 100
    = 52.5961133% C

    Final Results
    Diebuster stomp (low end) = 30.601% C
    Diebuster stomp (high end) = 52.596% C
  • Galo de Lion
    A minor feat from the end of Diebuster!

    Lal'C on Earth talks to Tycho on Pluto. Looking at Endless Mike's Cowboy Bebop calc for a bit of directiong, but this should be pretty straight forward. From the time when Lal'C stops talking and Tycho begins talking.

    The timeframe is 11 frames.

    T = 1s/24
    = 41.6666667ms X 11
    = 0.458333334s

    The closest Pluto is to Earth is 4,280,000,000km, the furthest Pluto is from Earth is 7,500,000,000km, and on average is 5,187,000,000km away (information from here).

    (Low end)
    T = 4,280,000,000km/0.458333334s
    = 9.3381818e12/299792458
    = 31148.8216 C

    (Mid end)
    T = 5,187,000,000km/0.458333334s
    = 1.13170909e13/299792458
    = 37749.7519 C

    (High end)
    T = 7,500,000,000km/0.458333334s
    = 1.63636363e13/299792458
    = 54583.2154 C

    Final Results
    Lal'C communicates with Tycho on Pluto (low end) = 31148.822 C
    Lal'C communicates with Tycho on Pluto (mid end) = 37749.752 C
    Lal'C communicates with Tycho on Pluto (high end) = 54583.215 C
  • Galo de Lion
    Another feat I noticed during my Diebuster! rewatch. Quatre-Vingt-Dix's initial attack is -10^12 degrees, which is below absolute zero and therefore can't be calced (both the show and the DVD booklets even say that said attack was because physics was broken), but the part afterwards can be;

    Quatre-Vingt-Dix shatters the giant ice structure containing the frozen space monsters into fine dust, which falls on the Jupiter station as snow. This will take some scaling, which we can do by paying careful to the surrounding stars and gas in the Red Milky Way. The Jupiter Station is around 70km long.


    70km = 228 pixels
    1 pixel = 70km/228 = 0.307017544km
    0.307017544km X 1968 = 604.210527km
    0.307017544km X 191 = 58.6403509km
    58.6403509km/2 = 29.3201755km

    0.307017544km X 989 = 303.640351km

    0.307017544km X 1020 = 313.157895km

    0.307017544km X 859 = 263.72807km

    0.307017544km X 2256 = 692.631579km

    0.307017544km X 865 = 265.570176km
    604.210527km + 303.640351km + 313.157895km + 263.72807km + 692.631579km + 265.570176km = 2442.9386km

    Volume is roughly a cylinder (really it's more curvy, but given we see most of it after it's destroyed it's hard to scale).

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 29.3201755^2 X 2442.9386
    = 6597745.44km^3
    = 6.59774544e+15m^3
    = 6.59774544e+21cm^3

    Pulverization of ice is 4.3919 joules/cm^3.

    E = 6.59774544e+21 X 4.3919
    = 2.89766382e22 joules
    = 6.9255827437858510365 teratons

    Come to think of it, you could also get the KE for this too. Ice weighs 919kg/m^3.

    M = 6.59774544e+15 X 919
    = 6.06332806e18kg

    First for the expansion of the ice particles, and the distance they travelled from the ice formation...

    0.307017544km X 298 = 91.4912281km

    Then for the timeframe...

    The timeframe is 3 seconds and 17 frames.

    T = 1s/24
    = 41.6666667ms X 17
    = 0.708333334s + 3s
    = 91.4912281km/3.70833333s
    = 24671.7919m/s

    Finally for the kinetic energy.

    KE = (0.5)mv^2
    = (0.5) X 6.06332806e18 X 24671.7919^2
    = 1.84536576e27 joules

    Then we add on the above shattering for our final results.

    E = 1.84536576e27 + 2.89766382e22
    = 1.84539474e27 joules
    = 441.05992829827920332 petatons

    Final Results
    Quatre-Vingt-Dix shatters giant ice formation (low end) = 6.926 teratons
    Quatre-Vingt-Dix shatters giant ice formation (high end) = 441.0599 petatons
  • Galo de Lion
    First, the scene itself. Splitting the blackhole causes the swartzenchild radius to fall apart and expose the naked singularity, which could lead to a second Big Bang. Nono then takes the naked singularity away to the multi-dimensional space

    In an interview from the DVD booklet, it mentions that they tried to depict the cosmic censorship hypothesis (and have an endnote to the scientific description of such), says that Nono seems to have already experienced her and Lal'C seeing the skylarks, so that she and Lal'C may indeed see the skylarks together at some point in the future.

    Later on the same page, for another question, Kazuya Tsurumaki says that Nono watches over time for eternity.
    This would mean that Nono exists outside and beyond time, and can seemingly perceive events in a non-linear manner, as well as the scientific concepts of the naked singularity and cosmic censorship being researched.
    Earlier from this same booklet, it points out the singularity has infinite mass and zero volume.

    Nono holds the naked singularity in her hands, and even just one hand.

    This is not new information; it's been around for a few years. But I looked for Diebuster! interviews, and found this;
    I'm going to try get this properly translated by a human and not just a machine, but from what I can see of it? "Multi-dimensional space" is a mistranslation of "multiverse" (this happens quite a bit with translation; "multi-dimensional labyrinth" in Gurren Lagann really translates to "Multiversal Labyrinth"). So Nono has taken the naked singularity from the universe into the further multiverse.

    A previous interview (or part of this interview), says that the last episode is developed on the universe scale, but is concentrated on Lal'C's story (once again, I'll need to get a proper translation of this).
    So to sum up, Nono and Buster Machine #19 splitting the Excelio Variable Gravity Well's blackhole caused the blackhole to fall apart and expose the naked singularity, which would have lead to another Big Bang. Nono censors the singularity, holds the infinite mass singularity in her hands, and takes it beyond the universe into the further multiverse, where she transcends time and watches over it for eternity.

    And for the cherry on top, Nono seems to have some kind of intangibility in this form too.
  • Galo de Lion

    The Excelio-Variable Gravity Well towed around a colosal black hole behind it, which it kept in check by altering the laws of physics, and draws power from said black hole. The fully grown Excelio Variable Gravity Well is 30,000km long.

    The show backs this up, with direct references to the schwarzschild radius (or schwarzschild field).

    So that's definately a black hole. A very, very big black hole.

    248 pixels = 30000km
    1 pixel = 30000km/248 = 120.967742km
    120.967742km X 161 = 19475.8065km
    19475.8065km/2 = 9737.90325km

    Enter that value through the schwarzschild radius calculator gets a mass of 0.6563010900015973 X 10^34kg, or 6.5630109e33kg. Now we need the mass energy of that for our final results.

    E = mc^2
    = 6.5630109e33 X 299792458^2
    = 5.89854003e50/10^44
    = 5.89854003 MEGAFOE

    Final Results
    Inazuma Double Kick splits Excelio Variable Gravity Well = 5.899 MEGAFOE
  • Galo de Lion
    Looking back through some of my old calcs (some of them were quite silly :skully) and I found this;

    Now I know what I'm doing, I can redo this properly. Hoehoe floats 1mm above the ground and weighs 100,000,000 tons, or 100,000,000,000kg.

    Centre of gravity = 1mm (0.001m)
    Earths Gravity Pull = 9.807m/s²
    Mass = 100,000,000,000kg

    E = 100,000,000,000 X 0.001m X 9.807
    = 980700000 joules
    = 0.23439292543 tons of TNT

    Final Results
    Hoehoe floats = 0.234 tons of TNT
  • Galo de Lion
    Yet another Gunbuster! calc! Taking the info from here, we get us some handy infomation...

    It has a reactor power of 10^26 joules. That gives us 23.9005736138 petatons.

    Next is relativistic kinetic energy. At their best, they move at 91.2% of the speed of light, and they weigh 2900 tons. Putting that through the revlativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.731E+23 joules, or 89.173040153 teratons.

    Final Results
    Sizzlers Reactor Output = 23.9005 petatons
    Sizzlers Revativistic Kinetic Energy = 89.1730 teratons
  • Galo de Lion
    In the last episode of Diebuster!, they weaponize the Earth and launch it at 99% the speed of light at the Excellio Variable Gravity Well. I can't seem to find any videos of it, so have this instead.

    99% of the speed of light is 296794533m/s.

    Weight of the Earth is 5.97200e24kg.

    Feeding that through the KE calculator, we get 2.6302776652860265e+41 joules, or 6.28651449638151744e+31 tons of TNT. That's 62865144.9638 yottatons, or 62.8651449638 tenatons!

    Using the relativistic kinetic energy calculator, we get 3.14900000000000017e+42 joules, or 7.52629063097514341e+32 tons of TNT, which translates to 752629063.097 yottatons, or 752.629063097 tenatons!

    Final Results
    Douze-Milles kinetic energy = 752.629063097 tenatons
  • Galo de Lion
    Who could ever forget Hoehoe, the psychic stuffed animal thingy. Wasn't he amazing? More amazing than you may think...

    100,000,000 tons = 100 megatons

    Even the mooks of this universe are overpowered!
  • Galo de Lion
    Here are some scans of the booklets that came with the Gunbuster 2! DVDs. They contain important information on the nature of the series.
    Here are all the scans from the Diebuster! DVD booklets. The first booklet, covering episodes 1 & 2.

    The second booklet, covering episodes 4 & 5.

    The 3rd Diebuster! DVD booklet, covering episodes 5 & 6.