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Viewing blog entries in category: His Dark Materials

  • Galo de Lion
    Father Gomez's rifle explodes a tualapis head, birds that somewhat resemble swans. Tualapi are somewhat swan-like in appearence (though not quite), so that's what we'll be going with. Dinghys are on average 2m long. This is the closest scaling to it's head that I have...

    827 pixels = 2m
    1 pixel = 2m/827 = 0.00241837969m
    0.00241837969m X 96 = 0.23216445m
    0.23216445m/2 = 0.116082225m
    0.00241837969m X 105 = 0.253929867m
    0.253929867m/2 = 0.126964933m

    Volume of it's head as an ellipsoid.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 0.116082225 X 0.116082225 X 0.126964933
    = 0.0071664462m^3

    Pulverization of flesh (from the human body, which is close enough) is 12.9 joules/cm^3, or 12900000 joules/m^3.

    E = 0.0071664462 X 12900000
    = 92447.156 joules

    Final Results
    Father Gomez's rifle power = 92447.156 joules
  • Galo de Lion
    Iorek Byrnison weighs almost 2 tons (2000kg) when in his armour.
    Iorek fights in this armour with little to no affect on his stamina.
    Iorek ran for a day in this armour.
    Polar bears can run at speeds of 40km/h, or 11.1111111m/s. Entering those values through the kinetic energy calculator and we get 123456.78987654322 joules.

    Final Results
    Iorek Byrnison's strength = >123456.79 joules
  • Galo de Lion
    Using an intention craft, Lord Asriel shoots a shell out of the sky before the sound can reach them, at max in under two seconds. Take note the the intention craft reacts as fast as the pilot can think.
    When I asked Iwandesu for help on how to solve this, he went an extra step and calced it for me. Thank you! :gar

    Final Results
    Lord Asriels reactions = Mach 2.5
  • Galo de Lion
    Live by the river!
    The greatest flood to hit England in centuries is predicted by the gyptians, due to things in the sky and the water being disturbed. This flood does hit, and it's power is immense.
    Southern England has an area of 62,042 km^2, or 6.2042e+10m^2. How high up did the flood reach?
    A floor on average is 10 feet (3.04800m) tall.

    V = 6.2042e+10 X 3.04800
    = 189104016000m^3

    Water has a mass of 1000kg per m^3.

    M = 189104016000 X 1000
    = 1.89104016e14kg

    Let's get our energy for the rainfall.

    E = 1.89104016e14 X 2.5 X 10^6
    = 4.7276004e20 joules
    = 112.992361377 gigatons

    Not sure who that scales to yet, but it is referenced to have been caused by things in the sky and water as above, and there 's a further reference to this later on as being the effects of the Secret Commonwealth.
    In anycase, there's a reference to Old Father Thames controlling the floodwaters.
    And this is no mere story; the heroes meet the guardian of a tributory guarded by a giant who was set there by Old Father Thames.
    So with that said, let's get the power of the flood on the ground itself.
    E = 3.04800 X 9.807 X 1.89104016e14
    = 5.65264732e15 joules
    = 1.35101513384 megatons

    Final Results
    Southern England gets flooded = 112.992 gigatons
    Old Father Thames control over the floods = 1.351 megatons
  • Galo de Lion
    The Authority created the Clouded Mountain long ago, and gathered clouds around it until it was hidden. It has since passed to Metatron, who not only rules it, but sustains it.
    The intensity of the clouds around the Clouded Mountain;
    The storms around the Clouded Mountain span the horizon in front of Lyra (though the sky is still clear behind her), and brings down intense rains at the whim of the one commanding it.
    Given that it creates a violent storm and is said to be miles high, it's pretty clearly a cumulonimbus sort, which on average are 11,000m tall. Standard distance to the horizon is 4.7km, or 4700m. Volume as a cylinder.

    V = πr2h
    = π X 4700^2 X 11,000
    = 7.63375599e11m^3

    Density of a cloud is 1.003kg/m^3.

    M = 7.63375599e11 X 1.003
    = 765665725797kg

    Looking at this storm scale, and the above descriptions of the clouds not parting for a second when high winds blow at them, and most aircrafts would get slammed to the ground instantly like a fly, then the storm would likely register as a violent storm, with wind speeds of 56 to 63 knots, or an average of 59 knots 30.3522222(m/s).

    E = (0.5) X 765665725797 X 30.3522222^2
    = 3.52687605e14 joules

    Next for the rain that fell. It soaks Lyra and will within a minute, and the fall of the drops is described to sting like the fall of tiny stones, as well as being hurtling, which sounds like heavy rain (which would fit in with the rest of the storm too). Heavy rain is on average between 10 mm to 40 mm an hour, which averages at 25mm, or 0.025m.

    A = πr^2
    = π X 4700^2
    = 69397781.7m^2

    V = 69397781.7 X 0.025
    = 1734944.54m^3

    Water weighs 1000kg/m^3.

    M = 1734944.54 X 1000
    = 1734944540kg

    Finally, for our energy. We'll add in the energy of the clouds being thrown around from earlier too.

    E = 1734944540 X 2.5 X 10^6
    = 4.33736135e15 + 3.52687605e14
    = 4.69004896e15 joules
    = 1.12094860421 megatons

    Final Results
    The Clouded Mountains storm system = 1.121 megatons

    And the Authority and later Metatron constantly sustained this for thousands of years.
  • Galo de Lion
    John Parry (or Stanislaus Grumman) summons a huge lightning storm. Earlier in the chapter, we see the bay covered by the storm was 30 to 40 miles across (48.28032km to 64.37376km), and from the descriptions above, the storm covers the whole bay.
    The rain hits Lees ballon as a squall and the rain is described as being intense. It creates waves on the sea and big winds.
    Going by the above description, it's very much a cumulonimbus storm cloud, which are on average 12,000km tall and heavy rain. Heavy rain is on average between 10 mm to 40 mm an hour, which averages at 25mm, or 0.025m. I'll be finding the energy with the method I used here.

    (Low end)

    R = 48.28032km (48280.32m)
    = 48280.32m/2
    = 24140.16m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 24140.16^2 X 0.025
    = 45768867.9m^3

    Weight of water is 1000kg/m^3.

    M = 45768867.9 X 1000
    = 45768867900kg

    Now to find the energy.

    E = 45768867900 X 2.5 X 10^6
    = 1.1442217e17 joules
    = 27.3475549713 megatons

    (High end)

    R = 64.37376km (64373.76m)
    = 64373.76m/2
    = 32186.88m

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 32186.88^2 X 0.025m
    = 81366876.2m^3

    M = 81366876.2 X 1000
    = 81366876200kg

    E = 81366876200 X 2.5 X 10^6
    = 2.0341719e17 joules
    = 48.617875239 megatons

    Final Results

    John Parry summons a storm (low end) = 27.348 megatons
    John Parry summons a storm (high end) = 48.618 megatons
  • Galo de Lion
    I remember in the past thinking of how Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials would be great as a comic. Now this is to be a thing. A comic book series of the trilogy (The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass) is in the works, and the first of which will be released on the 22nd of September this year (according to Amazon).

    The series will be adapted by St?phane Melchior-Durand and Cl?ment Oubrerie, and will be released in France before it is released in English (infact I believe it's already out in France, as it has won awards over there). The Northern Lights will be split into three books, according to Amazon. The rest of the series will no doubt be adapted in due time.

    It shall at least be better than that movie we will never talk about and doesn't exist.

    French cover

    English cover

  • Galo de Lion
    Just thought I'll bring this verse to light. I read the series years ago, and forget much of the details, so hopefully someone else will remember. In the meantime I looked up it's wikis to recall stuff. It's a great series, though towards the end it can get rather in your face with its messeges. I highly recommend it. The series has been compared to Narnia, though not as strong (Narnia has actual Gods where as His Dark Materials has false gods).

    • Exists across an infinite multiverse, though I don't recall any mutliverse or universe busters.
    • Beings called d?mons are the external embodiment of the soul. Adults have set daemons in the same shape, but the d?mons of children yet to go through puberty can change shape. D?mons can attack other d?mons and d?mons can attack people, but for a human to hurt a d?mon is taboo, and results in pain (unless they are lovers). A d?mon cannot stray too far from it's master, with a few exceptions, such as the witches, and Lyra at the end of the series. Everyone has a d?mon, in some worlds they are invisible. Other sentient races also have d?mons, but semi-sentient races do not (they're fine with this though). The bond between human and d?mon is strong, strong enough when severed to create colossal gates between worlds (and create a ridiculous amount of Spectres in the other Universe) and power a bomb that can kill anyone anywhere in the multiverse with only a piece of their DNA.
    • Has some impressive tech, with soulf**k and such. Armoured Zepplins, gyrocopters, the Intention Craft (a machine powered soley by intention), tiny mechanical spy insects. Our world is one of the multiverses, where all our tech levels exist, plus a machine that can talk to Angels.
    • A bomb that can kill someone anywhere in the multiverse, using the victims DNA and the seperation of human and D?mon. The explosion is so great that it opened a great Abyss into nothing. All the Dust would flow into this rip until all sentinal life in the multiverse (and perhaps all life in general) would cease to exist forever.
    • A knife that can cut through anything (that's not an NLF), including dimensions. It can however, be affected by the weilders emotions.
    • The Alethiometer, a device that tells the truth (there are 6 in existance).
    • A race of soul-eating wraiths called Spectres exist. They are non-corporial and can only be hurt by objects like the knife (and maybe some other stuff). They cannot hurt children, and children cannot even see them. They can be reasoned with though, as Ms Coultier and John Parry did. Originally landbased, they were taught to fly (because teaching the non-corporial soul eaters to fly wastotally a good idea at the time). They are made whenever a gate is formed between universes.
    • A race of angels exist who can travel between universes. They are made purely of dust, and can take the form of humans. They did not create the multiverse, but the Authority claims to have done so (the Authority is actually just the first Angel to have formed). The Authority and his Angels lived on the The Clouded Mountain. Despite being able to reach everywhere in the multiverse, the Angels are actually pretty weak. The Strongest Angel, Metatron, is over twice as strong as a peak human and the Authority was killed by the wind (Shin Megami Tensei, this is not). It is possible though that the ancient Authority was far stronger however, as it was said he created the afterlife, which contains all sentiel life from the entire multiverse (he may have lied about creating it though) and transfered what was left of his power to Metatron.
    • Several peak human fighters exist, such as Lord Asriel, Lee Scoresby, Father Gomez and John Parry (Lee took on a platoon of soldiers and an airship all by himself and won, but died from his wounds). Lord Asriel was said to have once outsmarted a would-be assassin and made him drink his own poison, Far Gomez made the swan-monsters do his bidding and John Parry is a powerful shaman (he destroyed an airship by getting all the birds in the forest to land on it, drag it down under their weight and crash it).
    • Other races with d?mons are the Mufula and fairy-like creatures with poisonous barbs in their feets with poison strong enough to kill a man. Semi-sentient races include gysts and armoured bears and perhaps the swan monsters.
    • Armoured Bears are described to be far bigger and stronger than normal bears. They have a weapon called a fire thrower that can destroy airships.
    • The strongest characters in the series would probably be Iorek, Metatron or John Parry.
    • Some may tell you that a movie exists of the first book in the series, The Northern Lights (or The Golden Compass, in America). This is a lie; no such movie exists.

    More things will no doubt be remembered later.