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Viewing blog entries in category: Jodoverse

  • Galo de Lion

    Aghora goes to the edge of the Universe, to where the gateway between universes allows the pachydermic jellyfish to invade. The impressive thing about this?
    Basically, at the edge of the universe there's a zone that so dense that even the smallest atom. The pachydermic jellyfish can survive here (and Aghora destroys at least one, blasting her way through it) and Aghora herself may have survived here too, so we'll just use the number of atoms in the human body. There are 7 X 10^27 atoms in the human body, and the gravitational binding energy (AKA the absolute minimum amount of energy required to destroy a celestial body) of the Earth is around 2 X 10^32 Joules joules.

    E = (7 X 10^27) X (2 X 10^32)
    = 1.4e60/10^44
    = 14 PETAFOE

    Final Results
    Pachydermic jellyfish durability = 14 PETAFOE
  • Galo de Lion

    Honorata creates a time fissure where 5 minutes flows by like 20 years. She passed this technique onto her son and through him to the other Metabarons.

    First let's find how fast Honorata is within this time fracture (thank you to Iwandesu).
    Even outside time fissures, the Metabarons can move at lightspeed.

    From what I've seen, lightspeed reactions are about 1 nanoseconds from the OBD page (1e-9th of a second). 5 minutes contains 300 seconds. I year contains 31556926 seconds.

    T = 31556926 X 20
    = 1e-9/631138520
    = 1m/1.58443823e-18s
    = 6.3113852e17/299792458
    = 2105251490 C

    Final Results
    Honorata's time accelerated reactions = 2.807% C
    Metabarons time accelerated reactions = 2105251490 C

    Steelhead, Aghora & No Name would be capable of replicating this, as they decended from Honorata and would have been taught this in their intense childhood training. Albino also knows this technique.

  • Galo de Lion

    A Shadow Eggs of the Technopriests atomizes an entire space fleet in nanoseconds. A nanosecond is 1e-9th of a second. Using red dwarfs as our value. By getting the average of a red dwarf stars sizes (highest and lowest here) we get a size of 539800km in diameter.

    = 2*atan(245/(253/tan(70/2)))
    = 0.860349319 rad
    = 49.2943848857768074 degrees

    The distance to the dying star is 588230km. As it says nanoseconds, that means it took multiple nanoseconds. We'll go with a low end of 30 and a high end of 2.

    (Low end)

    T = 1e-9 X 30
    = 588230km/3.0e-8
    = 1.96076667e16/299792458
    = 65404136 C

    (High end)

    T = 1e-9 X 2
    = 588230km/2.0e-9s
    = 2.94115e17/299792458
    = 981062039 C

    Final Results

    Shadow Egg atomizes space fleet (low end) = 65404136 C
    Shadow Egg atomizes space fleet (high end) = 981062039 C
  • Galo de Lion
    No one will suspect a thing. :cat

    Albino turns himself into a sun in order to trick Zombra into consuming him, upon which he attacks her from the inside. As he unleashes the pent up energy in his cells to transform into a sun, it seems that he converted said energy to matter. The mass of the Sun is 1.989 X 10^30kg.

    E = mc^2
    = 1.98900e30 X 299792458^2
    = 1.78762405e47/10^44
    = 1787.62405
    = 1.78762405 KILOFOE

    Final Results
    Albino turns into a sun = 1.788 KILOFOE

    Given Zombra is an entity that can consume all light in the universe by attacking through every atom and Saint Severo can create entire universes, this is far from his best.
  • Galo de Lion

    Steelhead self destructs and destroys a galaxy-sized super evolved space parasite. It was stated here and here that a Metabaron contains enough weapons to destroy an entire galaxy. Let's go with the Milky Way, which is 100000 lightyears in diameter (9.46073e+20m).

    1068 pixels = 9.46073e+20m
    9.46073e+20m/2 = 4.730365e20m
    1 pixel = 9.46073e+20m/1068 = 8.85836142e17m
    8.85836142e17m X 423 = 3.74708688e20m
    3.74708688e20m/2 = 1.87354344e20m
    8.85836142e17m X 300 = 2.65750843e20m
    2.65750843e20m/2 = 1.32875421e20m
    8.85836142e17m X 227 = 2.01084804e20m
    8.85836142e17m X 246 = 2.17915691e20m
    8.85836142e17m X 46 = 4.07484625e19m
    4.07484625e19m/2 = 2.03742312e19m

    The interior of the supra-louse seems kinda fleshy (as seen here and here) so we'll be using the pulverization of flesh as our value for the legs (which is 12.9 joules/cm^3, or 12900000 joules/m^3) and vaporization of flesh for the body (which is 72416.33 joules/cm^3s, or 72416330000 joules/m^3). Volume of the central body as an ellipsoid.

    V = 4/3πabc
    = 4/3 X π X 1.87354344e20 X 1.87354344e20 X 1.32875421e20
    = 1.95371314e61m^3

    E = 1.95371314e61 X 72416330000
    = 1.41480735e72 joules

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 2.03742312e19^2 X 2.01084804e20
    = 2.62235561e59m^3

    V = πr^2h
    = π X 2.03742312e19^2 X 2.17915691e20
    = 2.84184794e59m^3

    V = 2.62235561e59 + 2.84184794e59
    = 5.46420355e59 X 8
    = 4.37136284e60m^3

    E = 4.37136284e60 X 12900000
    = 5.63905806e67 joules

    E = 1.41480735e72 + 5.63905806e67
    = 1.41486374e72/10^44
    = 1.41486374e28
    = 14.1486374 YOTTAFOE

    Final Results

    Steelhead self destructs = 14.149 YOTTAFOE