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Viewing blog entries in category: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure calcs

  • Tacocat

    I figure this would boost the figures for Dio's and Jotaro's time-stop Oras and Mudas?


    1.0929e11/1.6=68306250000 punches/s

    68306250000*25.8=1762301250000 tons/s

    Dio's TS is 11 seconds, so...

    1762301250000*11=19.4 teratons

    Jotaro's is 5 seconds, so...

    1762301250000*5=8.8 teratons

    Not the most spectacular boost in the world, but hey...
  • Tacocat
    And so continues my series of JJBA calcs.

    J. Geil's Hanged Man stand travels between reflective surfaces at the speed of light.

    The coin Kakyoin tosses is a British silver penny marked with the inscription Georgivs III Dei Gratia. Why he'd have such an old penny, I don't know, but Wikipedia tells me these guys are at most 14mm in diameter.

    Here we see Silver Chariot intercept the Hanged Man millimeters away from reaching the reflective surface of the coin.


    0.0048/299792458=.016 nanoseconds

    Mike's calc tells me that Silver Chariot's head is about .3180656161m. One's arm will generally be 3.5 times the length of his head, give or take.


    Now that swing looks to be a bit more than 90 degrees. I'll just use 90 because I'm lazy like that.



    or about 365c.

    This kinda low-balls Silver Chariot's actual movements, considering Polnareff was standing a fair distance away from the Indian dude, but good enough.
  • Tacocat
    Well, you guys asked for more JJBA :noworries

    Not really gonna go into detail explaining the eruption at the end of Battle Tendency. Just know that some badassery led Jojo II and big-bad birdy Cars to the Tobalchik Volcano.

    Kind of superfluous, but I'm gonna calc it anyway.

    Alright, so Tobalchik is apparently 3682m above sea level.




    According to a scientific looking table in my last TTGL calc that I might link later, density for run-of-the-mill lava is 2600kg/m^3.


    CoM is halfway up for a cylinder, I'd assume.


    or about 265 kilotons.

    Yeah, didn't satisfy me either :LOS

    Well, take notice that the scan says this eruption was unprecedented in energy. That'd have to mean that it was larger and more energetic than any documented eruption preceding it.

    In 1815, Mt. Tambora erupted with a VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index) of 7+.

    So yeah, the Stone of Aja produced an eruption >800 megatons. And it was said to be unable to actually kill Cars.

    Jojo's severed arm survived the eruption to skewer Cars :villa
  • Tacocat
    I've been coerced into this :maybe

    Lisa Lisa holds the Red Stone of Aja up to the sun, which magnifies the sun's rays so intensely that they burn through the hull of the ship she and her pupils are on. Jojo and Caesar avoid the ray, the former by jumping over it.

    Perspective is fucked up, but meh :distracted

    In my last blog, I got Jojo's head to be .232m.


    To have avoided the rays completely without any bodily harm, Jojo would have had to jump high enough for his crotch to be above the ray, lest the Joestar family jewels be vaporized. I realize the ray is on a slope, but Jojo probably cleared it with his legs too, so :noworries


  • Tacocat
    Dunno why I'm doing this. Maybe someone can make use of it.

    So Messina likes to show off. Just when Jojo learns how to keep water from falling out of an upside-down glass, this ^ (use bro) sticks his finger in the water and sends his ripple through it to have it keep its form. Jojo and Caesar are mesmerized and lean it, only to have Messina release the water which knocks Jojo and Caesar on their asses.

    Gonna calc that CoM.

    Jojo is 195cm tall.





    A little less than that, as the glass has a curved inner base, but good enough.


    Height of the panel is 557px.



    Eh, just gonna assume that they're at the peak of their arcs. This doubles the distance for a range. However, I'll use that later. Right now, angle.


    Treat this as a triangle to get the angle.

    A=13.8414 degrees

    Now we go back to doubling that 2.9766m for the range, which gives me 5.9532m.

    Plug that shit into the projectile motion calculator and we get initial velocity of about 11.2m/s.


    or about mach 9.1.

    Just a tiny bit under hypersonic+. Though, they weren't launched by the entire mass of water. Eh, whatever.